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Injury to Milliner might be lucky for Dolphins

Sometimes it's just good to be, well, lucky.

In 2011, for instance, the Indianapolis Colts were awful and their Patron Saint Manning was seemingly done as an NFL quarterback. So they stunk. A lot. And they earned the dubious distinction of the draft's first overall selectiion.

Luckily, that stinkage happened to precede a draft in which Andrew Luck was available as the first overall pick. Stinky Colts pick Luck. Stinky Colts stop stinking and go to the playoffs in 2012.

Luck. In more ways than one.

The Dolphins have not often been so, shall we say, lucky. They had the No. 1 overall pick in 2008. No Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in that draft. They had the second overall selection in 2005. Terrible draft. They took Ronnie Brown, who was serviceable but never a star.

Not lucky.

But on Thursday the Dolphins might have gotten a small, tiny slice of lucky.

The team that needs help at cornerback learned, as did the other 31 teams, that Dee Milliner, considered the best CB prospect in the coming draft has a torn labrum that will require surgery after the combine. The Alabama product will still work at the combine but will not participate in the Alabama Pro Day.

One of his reps told ESPN that Milliner should be ready to go for the start of training camp in July, which by the way, suggests he'll miss all the summer camps rookies typically participate in.

So why is that lucky?

Well, Milliner was expected to go in the top five picks of the draft based on his ability and team needs. But what if this injury/surgery red flag causes him to fall a bit to ... say .... to No. 12 and the Miami Dolphins?

No, there's no guarantee. Milliner runs well at the combine, team doctors suggest he can easily recover, his stock remains high. Indeed, the fact he played well with the injury last year might signal an added reason to like the kid.

Then the Dolphins will be looking at guys like Xavier Rhodes of FSU or John Banks of Mississippi State. But what if the stock slips and now Milliner is there at No. 12?

That would be lucky.

And aren't the Dolphins due for some of that?

[BLOG NOTE: GM Jeff Ireland will speak at the combine around 11:30ish today (and say nothing). But as it is the job of this blog to keep you atop the developments, circle back here to check the update on what he says.]


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As someone who has actually been to Cuba, one thing that really stuck out in my mind is how educated the average Cuban is. The education is free there and those with the penchant for book learning actually come out well read especially when you consider how economically depressed the country is.

Sooo. Let me get this straight. You think its lucky to use up a 1st round pick on an injuried player.

I don't know what sounds worse, drafting Ted Ginn for Kick Returns 1st round, or rolling the dice on an injuried player.

You're right on the whole luck thing with the dolphins. We have been the most unluckiest team in history.

Not sure Aldon Smith is a better payer than Cam Wake. Sure I probably take him long term but just judging from last year, I think Wake was better. (and Aldon plays OLB by the way, not DE)

The dolphins will be back better than ever. With new uniform new log and best yet new players


And then there's Fluker who is a monster. Close to 340 but not fat & sloppy. I see him as more of bruiser @ RT but some team in the top ten could fall in love with him.

And JJ Watt is a 3-4 DE - so he's closer to being a DT than a traditional DE.

Cam is easily the best 4-3 DE in the league ... easily.

I would be ok with an OLmen but I would rather "pizz on an electric fence" than draft a DT. Quote from Mark in Toronto. :)

My preferences are known on here and that is even if we sign Jennings or Wallace. My preference there would be Jennings.

If we go OL, DE or OLB I would be fine and actually like all the guys we're talking about. BUT I would still be wanting a couple WR's in the 2nd and 3rd or both in the 2nd.

Priority number one at the WR position should be to add to what we already have.In Bess and Hartline we have two thirds of a great receiving corps.Adding another gifted player in the form of Mike Wallace in free agency or Keenan Allen in the draft would make this unit special.

Cuban Americans should feel very lucky to be here that was a real bad situation for them and still is

Sign your WR's(Hartline & Wallace), your TE, a safety & a Cb in FA. Those are the biggest holes right now & whoemever you sign should come in & start immediately.

Use the 1st 5 draft picks on antoher CB, T, G, another WR & a pass rusher. Miliner is the top prospect but from everything I read, and said this a few weeks ago, Banks is rising up many peoples draft boards & is looking like a mid 1st round pick.

I'm liking Patterson at 12. Go watch some hightlights of him. Amazing ball skills.

If we sign a top wr a top cb and resign hartline and Clemmons we are in great shape moving foward

I am a huge Gil Brandt fan. I love his longstanding knowledge and experience in the NFL. He really works to get to know the college players with his many contacts across the country. His top 100 has draft talents have been posted.

I understand most “draft experts” think this draft is deep with DT’s and DE’s. QB and RB is weak. Figures that our strongest unit (D-Line) is the strongest part of this draft…Oh well.

I combed through Gil’s top 100 list and came up with this prospect list for the Dolphins based upon my view of “positions of need” which are; CB, WR, DE, TE, OL, S, OLB and RB. Obviously with Free Agency up in the air a lot of this could change. Example – if Starks walks do we need a DT or DE with Odrick moving inside? Really too much to predict at this time.
But with 5 picks in rounds 1-3 I think there are some solid players to target.

The numbers for each player are Gil’s overall rankings 1-100. I put *’s next to players I would like to see as a Fin and could be in position to take them in rounds 1-3. The good news is that in the top 20 there are players that match the Dolphin’s needs.
Based upon Gil’s list it seems the “top talent” is set up so that Round #1 will be heavy with DE, DT, OL and WR. Round #2 will be primarily WR, DE, DT. Round #3 will be focused on CB, S, TE and RB.

So, if the Fins go this way in the draft I would trust that they were at least in line with Gil…..to me that is a good thing!!


Would Love Ogletree, and Even Dashi Is Off The Te'o Bandwagon!! After The Announcement!

And Dashi Has Been The Main/Only One Yelling For Dansby's Head!!

But Dashi Knows!! We Have Bigger Problems!! (WR's & CB's)

I've Seen The Light! But That Won't Stop Me From Criticizing The Biggest Problem! Dansby!!

We Can't Replace Our LB's This Year!! Cap and Other Needs!!

But Next Year!! After Letting Dansby And Burnett Walk!! The Fins Will Have About $15 Mil To Answer The LB Question!! Plus, Draft Picks!!


And Fixing The Pass Coverage!!

Now, If We Can Sign Ellerbe!! We Can Let Dansby Walk!! And Be Set For Years In The Middle!! We Have The Cap Room!!

51) Robert Woods, WR, USC*
52) Eric Reid, S, LSU
53) Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State
54) Menelik Watson, OT, Florida State
55) Vance McDonald, WR, Rice
56) Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State
58) Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas
60) Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina
61) Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama
62) Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson
63) Cornellius Carradine, DE, Florida State
65) Johnathan Cyprien, S, Florida International
66) Dallas Thomas, OT, Tennessee
67) Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State*
68) Kyle Long, OG, Oregon
69) Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati
70) Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State

WNP Yes Fluker will be first round but I'm not sure top ten. Watson would also be a first round talent to watch.

55) Vance McDonald, WR, Rice

JPAO - He's a TE.

Seahawks will win the Super Bowl in 2013-14 Wilson ss will win both NFL M.V.P. and Super Bowl M.V.P. Bobby Wagner will win defensive player of the. year !! The best defense in all of football !! And Dolphin fans, Pete Carroll and John Schneider know how to build a Championship football team. J.Ireland should try and follow that blueprint !!

HoHo! Prepare yourselves. NOBODY will be happy with the results of this FAency and the Draft. But be cool, trust Us. Everything will be alright.

"Marc/WNP, let's not go overboard. Jake Long was an elite player for us, and deserves some loyalty for that. I'm not saying we owe him anything (he's been paid rather handsomely). And though I'm fine with moving on, it's still true we need a LT that's worth a damn (whether Martin can be that or not). So giving Long a chance to prove himself still capable isn't the worst decision in the world.

The sticking point is the asking price. The only win-win I see is if Long signs an incentive-laden contract. One that will pay him the $8-10mil he wants IF he plays like an elite LT and IF he stays healthy. That means backloading the guaranteed money so that he can't be good for one more year and then drop like a stone. That means if he's hurt again at the end of 2013 his salary drops to mid-range levels (6mil or so).

That's fair (to Miami and also to the player IMO). That allows the team to try and do things that will give Long something money can't, titles/championships/rings. If he's in it for the game, that should be something he wants. If he's in it for enrichment of himself, then he'll move on and get paid by another team."


First of all Long is not going to sign a deal like that & if he wanted to be a Dolphin then he would have come out & said as much. Instead he said 'I know there's a great deal out there for me out either way.' He deserves loyalty from us??? F#ck him. I couldn't disagree more. He hasn't played like an ELITE LT in either of the last two years & I find it very unlikely--considering the litany of injuries he has suffered--that he can ever return to that level of play.

It's too risky to re-sign him & it's simply time to move on. If the coaches aren't sold on Martin then we use the pick @ 12 to take one of these dudes.

BTW--Soliai could have gotten paid more if he left Miami but b/c he wanted to stay here, he took less. Long--who's hiding behind his agent--is not willing to do that.

Thank you for illustrating my point Dashi.Jason Taylor wasnt the only one chasing Brady down.Remember Trace Armstrong?How about Adewale Ogunleye?They both made the pro-bowl and were,WITH Jason Taylor the main reason Brady had his worst numbers when playing against them.

Not sure Aldon Smith is a better payer than Cam Wake. Sure I probably take him long term but just judging from last year, I think Wake was better. (and Aldon plays OLB by the way, not DE)


Wake is DEFINITELY a better overall player. The advantage of having Smith on your team instead of Wake is his age.

Its sickening that Jake Long wants some sort of mega contract and he has sucked the last couple of years. Just remember before you pay Long the money he wants keep replaying the video of Merriman demolishing Long in the Buafflo game.

freeney destroyed long also. im glad hes gone. cant blame him for getting the money that some clueless team will pay him

"And JJ Watt is a 3-4 DE - so he's closer to being a DT than a traditional DE.

Cam is easily the best 4-3 DE in the league ... easily."


I concur. I know people just want to look at the number of sacks a guy has but the DE position is about more than that. Wake is consistently putting pressure on the QB, forcing fumbles, & he's a guy that other teams MUST game plan for.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?


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You Guys Lack The Warrior Or Revolutionary Instinct!!

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Why Can't You Guys Fight For Your Freedom?

Superior? Ha!! Not With That Slave Mentality!!

You Guys Are Just A Bunch Of Masochist!!

You Guys Didn't Even Liberate Yourselves Originally!! Maximo
Gomez!! A Real Warrior/General Had To Do It!!

We've Been Over This Oscar! Try Your High And Mighty Stuff With Someone Else!! Dashi Knows The Truth!!

@Jerry Troll alert

whoooooo the joooooos.

go finsssssssssss

The last time Ireland used a first round pick to draft a CB, we picked Vontae Davis.
And traded him for a second round pick two years later.

History is 0-1 on CB pickins so far.

There exists something called consistency. Cam Wake has been a high-level consistent pass rusher for the Miami Dolphins. Others of his Kind around the League, not so much.

dashi, in '67,syria was 24 hrs away from taking tel aviv. just 24 wee hrs,
'till the us got sukered into bombing their tanks from the air by israel.
imagine a peaceful mideast.
star of mohamed and no alqueda or mujahadeen or suicide bobers car truck or human.etc

"freeney destroyed long also. im glad hes gone. cant blame him for getting the money that some clueless team will pay him"


There's no doubt!!! And Freeney is coming off his worst season. So bad that Indy just cut him. Freeney had a total of 12 tackles (10 solo tackles) in 14 starts!!! Yes he had 5 sacks but come on...

I don't understand why any fan want Long back at ANY price??? The tape never lies.

oscar, wake be gettin old now.

v davis over h nicks, ouch

@Dashi&Oscar...I dont give a rats patoot what race,color or creed you are.Your ethnocentrism is amusing but not germaine to the issue here which is football.More specificaly,Miami Dolphins football....can we get back to it?

Agreed. Wake Is The Best 4-3 DE In The League! Just Hedging My Comment! Cause If I Don't Someone Will Call Blasphemy!!

My Point Was Dansby Sucks!! Even If We Are Only Rating By Position!!

Heck, S.Smith Is A Better CB! Than Dansby Is A MLB!! Well About The Same!! They Both Are Garbage!!

oscar,getting 3 sax while u'r gettin blown out at sf is useless.

Marc, I talked to a lot of Cubans who rather be where they are than in the USA.

perspective can be a b*t*h... not saying which way is right because there is no such thing but there's always a second face on a coin. Cubans also do get pumped full of information on how bad the Americans are and "what they did to their country".

Gil Brandt by the way called the Dolphins roster just a bunch of guys only Wake&Pouncey he considered good players on this very mediocre roster at best !! And facing the following QB's with this crap a** secondary let's see shall we ignorant Dolphins fans-Tom terrific 2x Brees Flacco Newton Ryan Freeman Big Ben Dalton Luck Rivers and a very improved Browns offense with N.Turner calling the plays you're realisticly looking at a 6-10-7-9 if you be lucky to get a Jennings or a Wallace in f.agency !! But with J.Ireland calling the shots with his track record, all I can say is God's speed ignorant Dolphin fans !!

no d day = zieg hiel usa.

I just wish Vontae Davis had his head on str8 hes 10x the corner Shawna Smith is when his head is on str8. Maybe is bigger brother Vernon could of talked to him. Smith is soft plain and simple.

I would rather we take a flyer on Cordelle Patterson the guy is an athletic freak with speed and hands. Imagine Patterson and Wallace and pick up the ND TE in the second. Wow now thoughs are real weapons, let Hartline go or sign him as a number 3.

Armando, who cares what Irescum says?

Trade a 1 and a 2 to move up and get him, and sign Wallace

Let's be bold already

WNP, I know people look at our sack numbers and don't think we need a DE/pass rusher. But those numbers are a house of cards. I'm pretty sure every sack went through Cam Wake. Either he sacked the QB or took up double teams or in the NE case, triple teams. We were a Wake injury away from having ZERO pass rush. The way he played this year was beyond incredible - didn't really get enough respect among the league either. he was every bit as good as JJ Watt this year but didn't have the same supporting cast.

Not terribly new to anyone, but here's Ireland's first round draft history:

2008 Jake Long
2009 Vontae Davis
2010 Jared Odrick
2011 Mike Pouncy
2012 Ryan Tannehill

Except for Jake, who everyone agreed was supposed to be awesome, seems a bit like a 2nd round draft history doesn't it?
1/2 good pros. 1/2 average players. None stars.

Milliner may be the best CB in the draft, but not long ago, the word was that he was the default best CB because he was the most consistent, but not special. Is he special now?
Well, he's injured, that's for certain.

Just doesn't seem like a 1st round pick to me.
But also not surprising given our history.

Make Flacco a great offer and lets jumpstart this team. We have the cap space to step up.

You are right Mark.If we decide to go defense in round one IMO then we should go after the best available pass rusher.

You don't understand, Dashi. Be you aware or not, expatriated Jews and Cubans own you, not because of any strong arm tactics on our part but simply because of Our higher Education. And for much that some of Us would like parity, it appears it will continue to be so, at least for the near Future.

fin 77 doesnt matter what offer u make him, all raven shave to do is franchise him

Parcells didn't even give M.Ryan an interview 5 yrs ago, he took a fat a** lineman over a franchise QB what a dumb a** m.f. and he made the hall of fame really ? A.Toomer is right you Dolphins fans are some of the dumbest a** fans in the NFL !! Most of you idiots didn't have any problem taking a fat a** lineman over a franchise QB ? And by the way Dolphins fan start lighting some candles if you really have complete confidence that Jeffrey Ireland is really going to land any of those receivers you fools keep dreaming about going to S.Beach good luck Jeff !!!

Totally knew this would be the topic this morning. Is Milliner the right guy for this team at 12? Not sure, but he should DEFINITELY be part of the conversation if he's there. I like this guy but even if he doesn't turn out to be the stud CB some people think, I think to subsitute Sean Smith for this guy, at a fraction of the money Smith is looking for is a good move. So I'm not sure this is the guy I want the most but he'd be one of a few.


It's funny, I can't STAND Gil Brandt. I think he's a senile old fool now. I've seen his latest mock and it's one of the most bizarre out there right now (check it out if guys haven't seen it yet). I think they game has passed him by and I'm not sure how he still has a job. I put zero stock into his evaluations and simply read him for comedy relief. Sorry.

Don't get all the dislike for Aldon Smith this morning. He's a Hell of a player and one of the guys I wanted us to draft the year he came out. Of course he was gone before we picked. Wasn't he the quickest to 30 sacks or something? LOVE this guy and just don't get the neagtive comments about him.

Yeah, I think we should try to fill the needs in free agency then in the draft simply go BPA every round. BPA is how the good teams become great.

good teams become great with a franchise qb, saw that with flacco stepping up into elite

Will Irescum ask Wallace if his momma's a hooka?

tanking games to get the 1st pick in the draft is not called lucky it's called cheating and Irsay knows this.


Let's not go there please. So f8cking sick of talking about Flacco and 'elite'. Ok if we give it a break for a while. I don't think anybody has a f8cking clue what the word means....so please.

well it worked for irsay, right back in the playoffs.

tanking games to get the 1st pick in the draft is not called lucky it's called cheating and Irsay knows this.

Posted by: BoulderPhinfan | February 21, 2013 at 10:39 AM

You're just jealous that we werent smart enough to do it.

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