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Injury to Milliner might be lucky for Dolphins

Sometimes it's just good to be, well, lucky.

In 2011, for instance, the Indianapolis Colts were awful and their Patron Saint Manning was seemingly done as an NFL quarterback. So they stunk. A lot. And they earned the dubious distinction of the draft's first overall selectiion.

Luckily, that stinkage happened to precede a draft in which Andrew Luck was available as the first overall pick. Stinky Colts pick Luck. Stinky Colts stop stinking and go to the playoffs in 2012.

Luck. In more ways than one.

The Dolphins have not often been so, shall we say, lucky. They had the No. 1 overall pick in 2008. No Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in that draft. They had the second overall selection in 2005. Terrible draft. They took Ronnie Brown, who was serviceable but never a star.

Not lucky.

But on Thursday the Dolphins might have gotten a small, tiny slice of lucky.

The team that needs help at cornerback learned, as did the other 31 teams, that Dee Milliner, considered the best CB prospect in the coming draft has a torn labrum that will require surgery after the combine. The Alabama product will still work at the combine but will not participate in the Alabama Pro Day.

One of his reps told ESPN that Milliner should be ready to go for the start of training camp in July, which by the way, suggests he'll miss all the summer camps rookies typically participate in.

So why is that lucky?

Well, Milliner was expected to go in the top five picks of the draft based on his ability and team needs. But what if this injury/surgery red flag causes him to fall a bit to ... say .... to No. 12 and the Miami Dolphins?

No, there's no guarantee. Milliner runs well at the combine, team doctors suggest he can easily recover, his stock remains high. Indeed, the fact he played well with the injury last year might signal an added reason to like the kid.

Then the Dolphins will be looking at guys like Xavier Rhodes of FSU or John Banks of Mississippi State. But what if the stock slips and now Milliner is there at No. 12?

That would be lucky.

And aren't the Dolphins due for some of that?

[BLOG NOTE: GM Jeff Ireland will speak at the combine around 11:30ish today (and say nothing). But as it is the job of this blog to keep you atop the developments, circle back here to check the update on what he says.]


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Craig, who's being negative about Aldon Smith? Just saying that Cam Wake was better than him last year. Cam Wake was better than almost everyone

9-4 playoff record 54-26 reg season thats pretty damn good craig

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that an elite QB wouldnt fix. Flacco or Ryan would have us in the playoffs every year.

disagree mark, i love wake but aldon smith is a beast

Oh no Craig doesn't like Gil Brandt. We should all discount a football guru's insights and wait for Craig to shine light on all issues for us.

Please Craig...tell us...what's on your mind?????

Flacco already has more road playoff wins then any QB in NFL history!! Add in a Super Bowl victory and MVP and he's a sure fire HOFer barring injury.

TanneHenneReach will never sniff the P/O'S.Only as a back up where he belongs.


Craig M....

chalk up those comments about Aldon V. Wake to pure HOMERISM....(God love them)....

any GM would take Aldon Smith over Cam Wake EVERY DAY ofthe YEAR...and TWICE ON SUNDAY....when it counts....

Aldon SMith- 7th pick of the 1st RD...

Cam Wake...UNDRAFTED....

dusty, you're entitled to your opinion. It's a subjective argument anyway. Long run I'd take Aldon obviously. I just think Cam was better last year. Then again, Cam is in his peak years. That awesome age when strength, speed, and experience all intersect perfectly.

well not cause of where they were drafted kris. brady 6th rd, alex smith first pick of draft


Dashi can Care Less, Also.

But My Pal Oscar Loves To Talk About Racial Superiority. And No Subject Is Taboo, Right. This Ain't ....

Dashi Is God. So It Doesn't Matter Race, Color, Or Creed. Have at It.


They Would Never Be Peace In The Mid East. Those Are The Original Gang Wars. Those Wars Have Been Going On For Millenniums.

Now, Is There Money Involved. Always.

I Read Somewhere That The World Would Come To An End After 1000 Years Of Peace In The Mid East.

So Let The War Keep Going.

bruce writes some retarded comment, and then "lmao" at his own post?

Kris, Cam Wake was graded out as the best 4-3 DE in football last year which is what the discussion was. It's a far cry from Homerism. 1st team all pro. And as I pointed out earlier Aldon Smith doesn't even play the same position so it's not a true debate.

But last year, you would be hard pressed to find a unamimous GM vote that would say Aldon Smith was the better player between the two.

amith was the same 1st team all pro. 19.5 sacks 49 tackles and 1 int. wake 15 sacks 38 tackles. wake is a stud but smith might be the best at his pos period

flaco > manning.
how much did knucklehead offer broke back?

Milliner would be a great move with the #12 pick, but if he dosen't drop to us I would suggest trying to trade back anyway to take Desmond Trufant or Johnathan Banks. Any way you look at it Miami MUST TRY to aquire a #1WR & a #1CB in Free Agency & one of each in the Draft. Those are 2 MAIN REASONS why Miami struggled to win games since Marino, Clayton, Maddison Surtain retired.


Who does this grading.....

I love Cam Wake s much as the next FIN FAN....he is a STARTER on EVERY NFL TEAM....

but I think the feild of a Mr. Aldon Smith has out played that of Mr. Wake....

Smith has done EVERYTHING Wake has done....only faster....

revis ain't happy, flaco wallace revis and sb at the meadow lands.

c how simple it iz.
tree playas can get u there.

irecorn to hof then.if he can pull that out of his axx.

where's mr.roarke?

Here's my question...Is there a contract that you see Long eventually accepting that we'd be happy with?

My guess is 3Y/24M roughly 7M/8M/9M going forward with the ability to get out of it next year easily. That's banking on him bouncing back and establishing some consistent health.

Frankly I wouldn't care what the rest of the contract looked like if we can get him down around 7M this year and could easily get out of it next year.

..Mark in Toronto...That was a bit of an upset yesterday.. I found myself rooting for Milan just to hold on and not give up a goal at the end of the game. I thought for sure Barcelona would knick one. Those away goals are huge.

lonjg just isnt good anymore, why waste anymore time on him


Jake could be playing the same game as everyone else this time of year, so don't believe everything he said. Who WOULDN'T want to get paid? I'm not saying Jake would accept the incentive, backloaded contract I mentioned, but that's his decision. What I said was that's what I'd offer him.

But Jake can test the market, and then decide it's not worth the effort. Why go to a place like KC for just a little more money? They aren't Playoff bound any sooner than we are, and in a smaller market, and his wife won't like KC more than Miami.

So there are lots of issues he'll need to consider. But what we OWE ourselves (and the team) is the possibility of having an oline play together for more than 1 year without constantly changing. That's worth something (to the Dolphins). And Long might not return to 2008 days, but his 85% might be better than almost any other LT out there (not saying it is, just saying it's a consideration that should be made).

I'm in the "don't overspend for Long" camp, but I'm not in the "don't re-sign him at any cost" camp, I guess that's the difference between you and me.

Leave Millner alone!Alabama has NOT produced a game-changing pro aside from Julio Jones, in a long time! McClain bust, Richardson nothing special, the heiseman rb for the saints- poof! Alabama is a system team, that plays in a over-hyped SEC. Sign Wallace!, then look at the Pac 12 for that TE Erbz from Stanford for our first round pick.

Like it or not, the Pac 12 produces Game-changers!
Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, Steven Jackson, Andrew Luck, DeShaun Jackson, Reggie Bush, T Sizzle, Troy Paulamoulo, Tony Gonzalez and Clay Matthews, to name a few.
Other conferences have produced great talent as well. All I'm saying is the focus on SEC talent every year, has produced more thud than boom!


Buddy, you expressed an opinion about Brandy and so did I. Something wrong with that? Would you like me to jump all over you because you LOVE Gil Brandt. I'm missing your point, bud. You love the guy, I think he's a senile old fool. No point in getting upset about it. The world will continue on as it did before.

We all have opinions on free agents and the draft. I know i have mine but we're setting ourselves up for disapointment zeroing in one guy or they other.

Although I know that our recent past at player addition hasn't been spectacular for sure, I feel a little better this year with Philbin and Sherman in the mix and Ireland seeming to have a sense of urgency.

Jennings, Wallace, Cary Wiliiams, Patterson, Ansah, Milliner, Banks, and many many more all would likely be upgrades.

For us to say who they will be or which ones we should get as it's a sure fire fact is ridiculus. The are 31 other teams looking for upgrades as well and we aren't even completely privy to where exaclty our own free agents grade out.

I think our braintrust(i know that could be a lofty description)has a plan. Lets see how it plays out and keep our fingers crossed.

I'll echo Kris' comments at 11:13am.

When someone says, 'Wake is a WAY better player than Aldon Smith I just roll my eyes'. The comments are there guys, if you want to go back and read them. I'm a huge Wake fan too but no way is Wake 'WAY' better. Total nonsense!

...So should we not re-sign Smith. (looks like this is the case) and should we fail to sign a free agent at corner. By default, would we have to draft a orner in round 1? Take away Smith, I think he is gone. Look at our cornerbacks. We have absolutley nobody. Richard Marshall? Dimitri Patterson? The rest aren't even worth mentioning. You guys get the point. We are in huge trouble here..Big time.

Of course we have to wait and see. And I think corner is a position that will be filled in free agency.But if it isn't..

To Oscar.

Yeah, Ni**a Keep Telling Yourself That.

Times Are Changing. When People Get Complacent, They Stop Progressing. And You Guys Have Been Known To Settle and Procrastinate.

Stop Thinking Like A Republican. And Realize This Ain't The 70's Anymore! (Should've Won The Election But To Stubborn To Progress With The Times)

Diversity Exist. And When You Don't Progress With The Times. You To Will Become Obsolete. (Heck, We Even Give Nancy's Equal Rights! That Wasn't How I Grew Up!)

Intellectual Superiority? Let Me Guess You Are Athletically Inferior To Everyone Else! Cause Nobody Is Intellectually Superior To Someone Because Of Race. That Is Straight Ignorant!! The Brain Is The Brain! (Just Cause I Have A Bigger D'ck Doesn't Mean Anything!)

Greeks Were Great Intellectuals, China Has A Billion and One Geniuses, The Indians(From India) Are Some Of The Most Gifted People!!

But They Were All Great Warriors.

The Vikings, The Persians, And Many More.

The Whole I'm Smarter Than You Because I'm Cuban Is Asinine! Grow Up!

And What Is It Your Hiding? Is That Gallego Behind The Ears?

A Senior Citizen With The Mentality Of A 9 Year Old! Again, Stopped Progressing!! A Long Time Ago! Back In 1972!

Someone Else Said It Best Pop's, Stick To Football. Cause You Guys Can't Even Play Hardball That Good.

Craig, to take a page out of your book ...

Since you are using quotes, who said "Wake is a WAY better player than Aldon Smith"?

I don't think that was ever said.

And Kris, I beg to differ with your statement. in fact it is Wake who played both OLB and DE at a Pro Bowl level in this league. Smith has not done that. So Aldon has not done everything Wake can do ... it's probably Wake who can do everything Aldon has done. When Smith can be a one man band like Wake was last year then we can have this discussion. Of course it's all hypothetical debate anyway. I am not discounting Aldon at all .. in fact I like him. The way he used J. Martin as a projectile last year was awesome. Hopefully it well get that fat lardo in the gym.

But Dusty, they don't play the same position. And stas can be skewed. Does Wake have Ahmad Brooks on the other side AND Justin Smith up front? No, so the levels are not even and using stats to make your point isn't exactly a defining argument.

And Kris, the same grading system that is used to say Jake Long was the 47th best tackle or whatever it was and is widely used by the most reknown football journalists in the world is the same system that said Wake was the best 4-3 DE in football last year.

Again, Aldon Smith is a 3-4 OLB. Not the discussion...

DD, I hate Barcelona so I was glad to see that result. You're right about away goals and I still think those Catalans can turn it around at home. I hope not though and I never want to see those kits again. PUKE!!!

J.Ireland just said on NFL Radio to B.Murray&R.Gannon that the Dolphins will not overspend in f.agency. Thaonk-you Jesus Ireland finally sees the light. Gannon feels that philosophy will backfire on the Dolphins, Gannon believes yhe Dolphins needs to go all out and not build through the draft !!! I'm definitely supporting J.Ireland on this 1, set your price on every f.agent. And if the player meets your price sign him** if not go get a cheaper player and get your recievers in the draft. It's much cheaper and Coach Philbin can develop the kids his way. Besides they're not ready to challange the patriots anyway Ireland won me over today don't overpay for any f.agents congratulations Jeffrey Ireland !!!

You See What I Mean About Hedging My Comments?

Blasphemy! Wake Is Not The Best!!

Wake Is The Best 4-3 End!! Specially A lot Better Than Mario Williams!! Even betters Than J.Peppers!!

Yes, A.Smith Is A Beast! And Has The Draft Pedigree! So Does JPP!!

But Wake Is Exceptional At His Position! And The Best In His Conference!

And Wake Doesn't Have P.Willis Calling Plays! And A Secondary That Covers For 2-3 Seconds Longer!!

If Wake Would Get As Much Time As A.Smith Does To Get The Qb!! Wake Would Have 28+ Sacks!!

What a joke. Three questions. If we pick another CB this early will he be any good? Will we sign him when his first contract is up? Or will we let him play for someone else?(like V.Davis and S.Smith/both whom Ireland liked. This team needs people that can apply presure on defense besides C.Wake. And aside from play makers on offense we need to draft a bigtime left tackle (because Martin isn't it/move him back to the right side)

Guys, Hepl me out here, didnt we draft a coner with high potential in the Saban era that happened to come from one of his teams? LSU... Travis Daniels or something. He was that shutdown type of guy, and ne ended up being just a product of a good system? that scares me a little.

Draft defense round 1 or OT

We can afford Wallace, Hartline and Jennings in FA,
maybe even a TE and saftey too.

round 2 TE and corner

round 3 safty and LB

Their "luck" will change as soon as they s-can Fireland.

Not sure Milliner is a Revis clone. Should be a good player though.
And Mando, do you really think it was co-incidental that Indy stunk the year they got Luck? They threw it plain and simple. They did what we should've done. Instead we had MVP Matt Moore beat all the other stinko teams in the league and we end up with a maybe instead of RG3 or Luck....

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/02/injury-to-milliner-might-be-lucky-for-dolphins.html#storylink=cpy

Agreed. I don't want to hear how Indy was lucky. They are cheating scumbags.


I think you might be referring to Jason Allen. Daniels was drafted by Saban but mid round and I think he was just regarded as a solid but unspectacular corner prospect.

Hey Frank,

Completely agree getting another pass rusher at 12 would be a big win for us, but personally not sure anyone that might be available at #12 is worth the pick. I'm a Dion Jordan fan myself, but not sure if he could be a 4-3 end or not. And he's really raw. I'm not a big Mingo fan.

Ahhhhhhh DCDolfan , we still have no quarterback, Tannehill is not the answer ,we were doing better with Moore and if we lose him to free agency this year I guarantee you he shines for someone else, He won 7 of the last nine games with no more then Tannehill did , you can say he had Marshall , but Marshall had a bad case of the dropsies for 3 or 4 of them games, every receiver did , they finally all started catching late in the season, he should have been our QB this year and we should have gotten a reciever and a tight end instead of Tannebust, he`s very Hennelike

I dont believe I've ever seen a team draft, on purpose , a injured player. Specially if its a knee injury with torn ligaments. Mando, what are you smoking? So the injured player will be available for training camp. So What, He wont be able to run and hit in training camp, and probably not till the opening game,,,Mando, again, what are you smoking?

Originallyfrom Connecticut,then New York, Ive been followng th NFL for over 55 years & I have found NEVER better & more "real" coverage than the Miami Herald gives to the Miami Dolphins! While I've been a Dolphins fan on & off since the days of Don Shula, I'm now the most excited that I've been since 1972 about Miami! GO MIAMI HERALD! Just saying...

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