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Jeff Ireland: Use of franchise tag 'a likelihood'

There's been much talk of the Dolphins potentially using their franchise tag designation on one of their own unrestricted free agents. Well, this morning Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said that potential is quite real.

"There's certainly a likelihood we could use it," Ireland said in talking about the issue at the NFL Combine.

The Dolphins have several candidates to use it on -- Randy Starks and Jake Long among them. Several media outlets have reported Sean Smith would be tagged. I've reported he will not be tagged. Ireland addressed tagging several players as possibilities in only general terms and gave no indication which specific player he would tag if necessary.

(Understand, it makes sense for Ireland to threaten every player with the tag to induce them to sign a multi-year deal, which is more cap friendly for the Dolphins. He has no intetion on using the tag on certain players but if they are convinced it is a possibility, they might be willing to do a deal that gets them more guaranteed money but also gives the team a lower cap number. Ireland would be dumb to tip his hand and eliminate anyone from the possibility.)

Ireland was asked about the apparent slow pace of negotiations between the Dolphins and their own players. Well, Ireland says he's not been in a hurry to get deals done because he has a deadline in his head for doing that and that time is not yet.

"The date that I have in my head is March 9," Ireland said.

March 9 is the first day free agents can begin talking to teams other than the ones they played for last season. Until then, there is supposed to be no "tampering" or communication between teams and the potential free agents from other teams.

(Yeah, right.)

Anyway, Ireland says the Dolphins have formulated a plan for re-sign certain players and chasing others starting March 12 when free agency kicks off. 

"We know the guys we want back and we know the guys we will potentially go after," he said. "It's a strong plan to do a little bit of both."

The Dolphins want Jake Long back. As I've reported previously, they have made at least two contract offers. Ireland confirmed the club wants Long back after his presser.

The Dolphins are clearly moving toward Lamar Miller as their lead back next year. But Ireland suggested Reggie Bush could return (sources say only for the "right" price) and play more of a role in the passing game.

The idea is to help the Dolphins get better because they've posted records of 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, and 7-9 the past three seasons while the New England Patriots have been to two Super Bowls and the playoffs each year. The idea is to close that gap.

"There's a gap," Ireland said. "We've got to close that gap and we plan to do our best job getting that done."

The draft will follow free agency and that is perhaps more important to Miami -- a team with five picks in the first three rounds and nine picks overall.

Ireland quipped that the team brought every person in the organization to Indianapolis to get "eyes on every single player at the Combine." That's upwards of 50-plus Dolphins people in Indianapolis.

 "I think there are some difference-makers," Ireland said of the draft talent before adding he likes several offensive and defensive linemen and thinks there are good safeties available as well.



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Players On Offense Better Than Smith


Yes, 3 Of Them Are Linemen, But Even They Had More Responsibility In The Outcome! Than S.Smith!

Players On Defense Better Than S.Smith


And Yes! Even K.Dansby!!

Special Teams Player With More Value Than Smith

And Carpenter The Second Half Of The Season!!

S.Smith Is Not That Good!! Even On A Mediocre Team!!

hey Noodles,

Sounds like your missing some noodles. The NBA is the crem of the crem.

There are players from all around the globe that play in the NBA. So technically they do play the world.
All professional basketball players would love to play in the NBA, thats why the Rubio's, Ming's, Novitski's, and Gasol's(just to name a few come to America to play in the NBA) Silly foreigner

The NBA Is The Premier Basketball League In The World By A Long Shot!

This Isn't Soccer.


Are The Best Leagues in Their Sport!! So If You Are The Champ Of The Best League Aren't You The Best Team In The World!

Aren't The Ravens The Best Football Team In The World?

Let Me Guess They're Not Because They Didn't Play The Winner of The Grey Cup!!

Arrogant American?

OK! Corny Canadian!!


I just wanna see the Canes come down to earth before the tournament. I've seen too many great teams lose after a huge win streak but rejuvenate after a loss.

Gotta love the fire Ireland crowd. Team only has more picks in the top 100 and 3rd most cap money to spend, but obviously he is a terrible GM. I mean this crap team went 7-9 with a rookie QB and now only has 5 picks in the top 100 to upgrade? Pathetic..

CommonSense, whats really pathetic is 4 consecutive losing seasons....and counting!!

Heck, the USA's college players win the Olympics at will.

Fin 77,
Hopefully the Canes get knocked down next saturday when they come to Cameron Indoor to play my Blue Devils. They sure bent us over the first go round.

i guess (missing) Noodles thinks a CFL team could beat the Ravens too! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!


Agreed. Just Out Of Superstition 1 Loss Before The Tournament Will Be Nice! The Win Streak Is Unheard Of For A UM Team!

But Destiny Shouldn't Change Because We Are Undefeated Going Into The Tourney!

UM Swag! Even In Basketball!! Love IT!!

I Believe This Isn't A 1 Year Fluke Either!! This Is Just The Beginning! The Best Thing Is No More NCAA Sanctions!!

Yeah 4 losing season sucks, but you can't put it all on the GM. But to each his own.

These Canadians are IDIOTS!!


If The U Loses 1 Game Before The Tourney! Dashi Will Like It To Be A Close Game At Duke!!

You can post crappola about Jeff Ireland all you want...I STILL don't think he knows his A$S from his BRAINS!


I'm a big Cane fan but will be rooting for them to lose ONE MEASLEY GAME! If its against Duke thats fine with me. We'll get you in the rubber match. haha

Anyone objective knows Ireland is incompetent. He's blazed new territory for most draft busts ever by a GM....not to mention alienating many players, fans and media. Who the heck wants a GM like that?

Ireland is talking in circles he is not letting anyone know what he's thinking tick tock tick the draft is indeed coming I hear the team brought 55 employees to the combine they are engaged in talks with everyone


I hope Ireland takes a page from Marvin Lewis of the Bengals. Cincinnatti has more cap space than the Dolphins. Yet Coach Lewis stated today that the Cap space available will be used to sign their own players first. The Dolphins should follow the lead and sign as many of their own as possible then maybe bring in a veteral WR (Jennings) and veteran TE (Keller) Then go after other needs in the Draft.

Who the hell would want jake long back or even worse Sean touchdown smith

The idea is very Clear. Ireland has it, I have it.

These players like Sean smith are not winners , they don't care they just want there paycheck I wonder if smith can hold onto his paycheck without dropping it

What is it Oscar please share

Anyone objective knows Ireland is incompetent. He's blazed new territory for most draft busts ever by a GM....not to mention alienating many players, fans and media. Who the heck wants a GM like that?

Posted by: Monte | February 21, 2013 at 02:15 PM

^^Anyone else think made up facts are the best?

As a UVA basketball fan ( my local team) I have to say that Miami is impressive but they are slipping. My Cavs have not played we'll on the road this year and were missing our 7 footer because of illness and almost won that game. No doubt Miami had the superior talent but they seemed to coast at times. A loss would be good for them before things go to a serious level.

Monte= Butt hurt Jets fan

I can see Starks and hartline and Clemmons maybe even reggie but I draw the line right there


Ireland didn't even say theres a likelyhood they will use it. He said the likelyhood is there they COULD use it.

It's a threat to the FA's they want to resign to sway them to taking a long term deal rather than being tagged. It's a COMMON negotiation ploy.

Anyone who thinks the fins would tag & guarantee 14mil to a guy who hasn't finished the last 2 years & has had major injuries 3 consectuive years needs a mental health examination.

That means YOU Dashi.

If Ireland is DUMB enough to franchise Long after his decline & inuuries the last 2 years, Jake will sign it in a heartbeat! Miami would ONLY tag him in an effort to get him signed longer term for less money per season. Long would eat up a 1 year guarantee at $14 mil.

If Ireland franchises Long, he will have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he has no business running a franchise.

I mean, if you don't know who that Franchise tag is destined for, then you haven't been paying attention here for the past week. See, I told you you wouldn't like it.

I have faith in Ireland I really do , let's just hope he has his ducks in a row

Let me guess Jake Long

I want Jeff to draft his ARSS OFF that's what I want

All this "Cane" talk, I must put in my 2 cents...

HOO HOO HOO Hoosiers!!!

Only a JESTS fan would support Irescum.

Dashi and Fin 77,
It will prob be a close game at Cameron. Plumlee has found his kryptonite in big centers lol.
When you guys get the #1 seed in the Duke Invitational (aka ACC tourney) I dont have a problem losing to a better team though.. Kelly is missed right now.

matty don't forget all the Canadians that play in the NBA draft including two time MVP Steve Nash and 2014 1st overall pick will be right from Toronto ... the Canadians are coming!!!

I am a Shula guy always was .

We are in great shape with the cap and draft picks just saying zonk

Dashi @1:49, a canadian would not have made that comment because we ARE In the NBA... you forget????

If Craig is representative then Canadiens are MORONS!

Posted by: Cofo | February 21, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Love it but TE isn't a strong position in the WCO offense (prototypical WCO) 1ST PICK should be DB, Pass rusher, (yawn) OL *guard*, maybe a flier on Tavon Auston kid is a play-maker. Love the Cyp pick would be a great Safety with our team (Miami isn't smart enough) as I was calling for T.Y Hilton last year.

Canadiens in the NBA? Huh?

Dumbo, looks like you also forgot Canada is in the NBA. It wasn't us that made that comment ...

(Officially speaking for all Canadians)

Don't be surprised if it was an American just to get you guys all riled up ...

Canada oh Canada our friends to the north

Irescum isnt going to turn the cap position into wins so what difference does it make. The guy is just pathetic. Entering Irescums 6th year we're a glorified expansion team.

I still hate those damn blue jays

I think Jeff had two very good drafts in a row, lets make it three

We should sell Canada to pay off our deficit.

If you listened to Ireland Today, you'll see that he considers a "difference-maker" any position, an OL, a DE, a Safety, and those are exactly who he will go for in the Draft, not exactly in that order. See, I told you you would not like it.

Yes, YG, a two time NBA MVP is Canadian. We had two teams until the dumb NBA took one form a great city like Vancouver to put in Memphis?? Tristan Thompson was a top 5 pick from my area last year by Cleveland. Several of our boys are in the NCAA at big programs and the best high school player in the USA is actually from my home city. The seeds that Vince Carter's Raptors teams planted years ago are now growing and many kids that watched him are grown and thriving. We also have the Raptors - unfortunately their best player is Gay - Rudy Gay.

marc is another out of touch out of towner MORON....

Oscar in Jeff we trust , what else can we say he knows what we need wink wink,,,,playmakers shhhhhhh

If you listened to Ireland Today, you'll see that he considers a "difference-maker" any position, an OL, a DE, a Safety, and those are exactly who he will go for in the Draft, not exactly in that order. See, I told you you would not like it.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 21, 2013 at 02:57 PM

We don't hate what ireland has to say. We hate you, early man.

Mark is GAY too!

USA in case you haven't noticed, we've been buying up your country's financial system for a while. Where do the Dolphins play? SunLife. SunLife is a Canadian Insurance company from 20 mins down the road from me. Celtics and Bruins play where? TD something or other. TD stands for Toronto Dominion. Our banks are solid as fukkk. we never fell for the same greedy trap that some idiots let happen down there.

Marc, Blue jays this year... watch out....

You are a moron I practically grew up in margate

Dude your jays are stacked very very scary

Hello Home (Tradition). Nice of you to drop your banned arse in for a visit.

Irescum has more BUSTS then Dolly Parton!!!

What is your TRADTION picking your nose

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