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Jeff Ireland: Use of franchise tag 'a likelihood'

There's been much talk of the Dolphins potentially using their franchise tag designation on one of their own unrestricted free agents. Well, this morning Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said that potential is quite real.

"There's certainly a likelihood we could use it," Ireland said in talking about the issue at the NFL Combine.

The Dolphins have several candidates to use it on -- Randy Starks and Jake Long among them. Several media outlets have reported Sean Smith would be tagged. I've reported he will not be tagged. Ireland addressed tagging several players as possibilities in only general terms and gave no indication which specific player he would tag if necessary.

(Understand, it makes sense for Ireland to threaten every player with the tag to induce them to sign a multi-year deal, which is more cap friendly for the Dolphins. He has no intetion on using the tag on certain players but if they are convinced it is a possibility, they might be willing to do a deal that gets them more guaranteed money but also gives the team a lower cap number. Ireland would be dumb to tip his hand and eliminate anyone from the possibility.)

Ireland was asked about the apparent slow pace of negotiations between the Dolphins and their own players. Well, Ireland says he's not been in a hurry to get deals done because he has a deadline in his head for doing that and that time is not yet.

"The date that I have in my head is March 9," Ireland said.

March 9 is the first day free agents can begin talking to teams other than the ones they played for last season. Until then, there is supposed to be no "tampering" or communication between teams and the potential free agents from other teams.

(Yeah, right.)

Anyway, Ireland says the Dolphins have formulated a plan for re-sign certain players and chasing others starting March 12 when free agency kicks off. 

"We know the guys we want back and we know the guys we will potentially go after," he said. "It's a strong plan to do a little bit of both."

The Dolphins want Jake Long back. As I've reported previously, they have made at least two contract offers. Ireland confirmed the club wants Long back after his presser.

The Dolphins are clearly moving toward Lamar Miller as their lead back next year. But Ireland suggested Reggie Bush could return (sources say only for the "right" price) and play more of a role in the passing game.

The idea is to help the Dolphins get better because they've posted records of 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, and 7-9 the past three seasons while the New England Patriots have been to two Super Bowls and the playoffs each year. The idea is to close that gap.

"There's a gap," Ireland said. "We've got to close that gap and we plan to do our best job getting that done."

The draft will follow free agency and that is perhaps more important to Miami -- a team with five picks in the first three rounds and nine picks overall.

Ireland quipped that the team brought every person in the organization to Indianapolis to get "eyes on every single player at the Combine." That's upwards of 50-plus Dolphins people in Indianapolis.

 "I think there are some difference-makers," Ireland said of the draft talent before adding he likes several offensive and defensive linemen and thinks there are good safeties available as well.



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Marc, if they're healthy, all you guys better get used to watching them on Saturday afternoons on Fox this summer ...

Ricky Romero is a former all star and is their 5th starter. the offense was good last year and added the NL MVP front runner from last year and Jose Reyes.

Thank you Miami for that trade! I love Jeffrey Loria!!!

Nose picking is not a TRADITION is it ,,,,,,,,,MR TRADITION

retardomongul @ Marcia In Toronto,

I come here to see youre losing your marbles again. Calling somone "YG" that isnt even me.

Have any nice "conspiracy theories that you would also like to share with the rest of the blog mother's fool? LOL...


I am a huge Yankee fan , you guys are gonna have a super year should be fun

blue jays never win. dont expect them to either this year. dickey will get hammered in the al and that ballpark

Marcia? LMAO! perfect!!

Marc, as Yankee fan you've had your fair share of ruling the division. jays haven't been a threat since 1993. It would be nice to have even a year where baseball matters in September again. Been too long.


Ireland hasnt had 2 good drafts in a row. The 2011 draft looks like Pouncey will be the only one to stick.

Gats is already out of here, and depeding on this year's production Clay and Thomas will be soon to follow. Yes' Jimmy Wilson hugely regressed in 2012.

2012 looks like a pretty good draft, 2011? Not so good. Unless youre counting Pouncey has the entire draft.


Haha, YG, I know you're Canadien Bacon. Again, how do I know this??? because you're the only retard taht doesn't know how to spell Canadian.

And isnn't just co-incidental that I call you out and within 5 mins, you're here.... wow, my timing is impressive, ahhaaa

gates,lol there were people in here hyping him. they wont admit it now. prob same ones wanting to keep henne and sparano around

Wake is DEFINITELY a better overall player. The advantage of having Smith on your team instead of Wake is his age.
Posted by: We Need Playmakers | February 21, 2013 at 09:56 AM

Mark in Toronto (from the last blog),

That's the comment I had a problem with.

Busy day here....I'll try and catch up since this morning.

Dusty, you're mean!

One other thing you might not like. Jeff Ireland's self-confidence has grown immensely(at least before my Eyes) and he is in a position now where he can resist the flak from the Media and the Public. If he thinks that a particular Player's asking price is higher than what his ability and fit to the Scheme here warrant, he just won't sign them. No matter who they are.(You know who I mean, don't you).

Jake Long has passed him prime...period.

He gets poor grades on plays that require the LT to pull and his ability to thwart speedy DE's is diminished.

Jake...take the offer on the table and retire a Dolphin! Your name will most likely make it up onto the ring of fame and you can open a steakhouse in Miami just like Shula.

Leave for better money elsewhere and you'll retire a NOBODY with a broken body and zero marketability...think long term Jake...long term.

Ok so he had 1 great draft in a row lets make it 2

I think clay is real good, Daniel can still emerge, and pouncy will be a pro bowler,jimmy Wilson is a killer so that's pretty cool

Craig, well it's his opinion and I still think Wake had a better year - whether the stats back that out or not. It's an opinion - everyone's entitled. Doesn't mean you're wrong because there is no way to prove it other than an eyeball test and that is subjective. Two players in entirely different elements. It is not comparing apples to apples.

see ya jake. good luck wherever u go just glad it isnt here

Killers rock dude

Jake Long should be tagged, never be a question if he is good enough. Always a question of health. If he stay healthy he is one of the best linemen in the league. His worst year was last year and he only had to bad games. Tag him and draft a lineman in the third or fourth....he stays healthy pay him and move the rookie to one of the guard positions; if not see what the young kid can do at the left or right tackle position. You don't win but giving up players that are starters on most teams.

15 mill for jake,lol wake up odarris


For one thing, Im not even going to playt with you today. I already know that you're a flake and an idiot.

Number two, just like I posted to you yesterday, The daytime endless hours youre here should be the busiest for a so called "CPA". Dude no way youre working and posting here at the same tiome 8hrs on end.

Either youre the world's worst CPA, or one of this blog's bioggest liars. Seeming more like you you took a CPA course at "city college" and never finished. Yet spout youre a CPA in this blog.

No bonafide self respecting CPA, would spend endless daylight hours blogging away in here when mentally he should be dealing with numbers.

Dude, your "story" of being a CPA isnt adding up. Thats the truth, love it or not. It mostly adds up to retardomongul @ marcia in toronto. LOL...

I agree that Jake is a leader and a hard-nosed football player.
But...he's asking for too much money. He's already the highest paid player on the roster...now he wants even more?
Only Mike Wallace will make more once we sign him.

Think about that...our highest paid player never touches the ball or scores any points...so what's the point?

I got no problem with Ireland as an evaluator of talent he just has to pull the trigger, and build this farking team already

I would never ever tag jake it was bad enough we took him over Matt Ryan this would hurt even more

We've learned Jake Long will be back. I dont neccessarily like it, but I never liked Castor Oil either.

Seems the fo has oened it's eyes that it's foolish to allow "8 of its 2012 tds" walk out of the door. You read it fools, the plan for Bush is to "play a larger role int 2013 passing game. Can you say "Roger Craig-like?"

Ok, now we kow that the tag will not be used on Sean Smith or Brian Hartline. These two seem like "strong candidates to be allowed to walk."

No one in thier right mind places a franchise tag on Fasano. So this leaves Randy Starks as strongest candidate, because Long gets his money.

Per Jeff Ireland:

"It's very important to have Randy back if we can get it done," Ireland said.

"The fact of the matter is we have a very good defensive line, and keeping that intact is a focus of mine."

Starks is a prime candidate for the franchise tag, which would cost the Dolphins $8.306 million.

Chris Clemon? Dont bet on him being franchised. Resigned cheaply, or he walks, and a rookie safety is brought in.

Busiest time of the year??? You do know that accountants do other things besides tax right?? I am a corporate consultant. My work schedule has nothing to do with the tax season. Now go on being ignoramus retardus.

Yup sign Wallace with that money


Starks tag number is $8.3 million. Starks is more seeming to most likely be the franchised player if a deal isnt done.

You act like we don't have the money DUSTY and it's not a long term thing that handicaps the team. I say keep him and not 100 % sure it's 15 mil but Even I would consider that as Long isn't a bad player just health issues. Replace him with Marc Colombo (type) great way to turn our young QB into a paranoid David Carr. You have money to spend it. This of course is if you can't sign him for 3 years 10 mil/yr

Mark (from earlier),

I got a chuckle reading some of your comments from earlier. I'm a big watch and suit guy too. My goal is to buy an armani and Hugo Boss at some point in my life. I have a Movado, a Rolex and a Tag. Can never have enough watches (yeah I know, it's kind of shallow).

Also, a fan of Boardwalk Empire. Sharp-looking dudes in those suits. I would have fit in just fine back then....LOL.

I think we'd get along just fine. Couple of York grads who enjoy the entertainment at the 'downer.....LOL.

You know who I mean(that Ireland won't sign), NJMarc, don't you? wink,wink.


You dumbest ass. Go back and read my post. I said nothing about "busiest time of year retardomongul."

Daytime hours fool. Arent you supposed to be crunching nubers? You feed us the lie youre at work when you post here.

Yet you have endless post after endless post the entire time youre supposedly at work. Fool, no one with a brain believes you have time to do this when youre supposedly should be crunching numbers too.

Also from reading your posts, Im sure no one believe you have a genius capacity intellect that would allow you to post here and adequately do your work at the same time.

Like I said, you did 1 semester of CPA 101 at city college, dropped out, and now lie to the gullible here oure a real CPA. Dude your s h i t isnt adding up.

Youre sitting at home using your parents computer while their away at work. ou have to shut it down once they come home. LOL...

agree mark, they dont even pay taxes in canada, what was he thinking

We are gonna close the gap on The pats and they are scared as hell

Anyone objective knows Ireland is incompetent. He's blazed new territory for most draft busts ever by a GM....not to mention alienating many players, fans and media. Who the heck wants a GM like that?
Posted by: Monte | February 21, 2013 at 02:15 PM


Yup I know oscar


Youre nothing but a huge immature big baby here. You actyually expect that anyone in right minds here believe anyone would actually "consults you" about anything?

Fool, I wouldnt even consult you as to how to find my way to the nearest local Canadian Grocer store. Let alone something that could involve me losing tousands of dollar.

Youve supposedly been a Dolphins fan for years on end. Yet youre the last dolfan on earth I would consult about anything team related fool. LOL...

We are gonna light the league on fire dudes do you sun stroked idiots know what that means do you!!!!!!!!

we do have the money odarris, doesnt mean u waste it on him. u go get playmakers. long is way past his glory days

By the way, I don't believe Ireland will tag anybody at the end of the day. It's all posturing IMO. And i believe that's the right choice. Tired of being mediocre and there's nobody that deserves the money that comes with being tagged. Only guys I'd only consider tagging at this point (if they were FAs), would be Wake, Pouncey, Jones and possibly Fields. Nobody else worth it right now, I'm afraid.

Dusty, taxes are for suckers!

Craig, lover the downer. Actually thinking of going to Whiskey tonight for a drink. Yeah, we'd get on just fine ...

YG. A CPA isn't exactly just handed out. Unless you live in Illinois. The writers I knew who couldn't get their CA (CPA under the old Canadian structure - I did) got their CPA designation in Illinois. Mine is earned right here in Ontario thanks. And yes, I'm not challenged in my current position. Oh well, the money's good at least...

Only Oscar knows ,,,,,,,,we will win the division, that's what

You know I dont have an issue with Canadians bro.

We will score at will and knock the living hell out of Tom Brady


You see that YG we have harmony,,,,,,isn't it nice

matty, i was just yanking your chain and wanted to jump in that discussion.

I just want to see Brady flopping on the field like a fish out of water and our d-line just looking over him like mad dogs........is that too much to ask

Busy day here....I'll try and catch up since this morning.

Posted by: Craig M | February 21, 2013 at 03:11 PM



Starks will get the tag our d-line must be intact ,,,that's the plan then add a pass rusher ,,dig


Franchise Fields? WTF? A punter? Never!

They can be very instrumentl in field position. But they dont score points, make picks, force fumbles, get sacks.

You can draft a punter just like Fields, 5th rd or lower. Why would you ever want to draft a punter? Fields is not even as good as Reggie Roby. Close but not nearly close enough.

Maybe draft one it's a deep year for DE


I dont hate Marcia. He likes to prod and I like to prod back. LOL...

Are all canadians idiots?

Our team is gonna be nasty next year

our team has been nasty the last 12 years

Mark, please give Craig your email. You're the only 1 dopey enough to listen & respond to his mularky with any regularity. You guys can do this off the herald blog.

Taken 1 for the team, bro. We'd appreciate it.


I got myself into a frenzie I can only think of Tom Brady bleeding out everywhere after being pummeled by our D-line,,,,,,,sorry


As a fan, my goal isnt to see Brady flopping around like a fish after a big hit from one of our players. My goal is to see this team win a sb championship.

But, however, if fate has it that Brady's flopping around on the field like a fish, after big hit from one of our defenders. Then, sobeit, football gods. LOL...

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