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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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"How much is the franchise tag this season for a LT??"


It's a joke. A bad joke.

"....Because Long's salary-cap number this season is higher than the franchise number for offensive linemen, the Dolphins would have to franchise him at 120 percent of this year's salary. Thus, his franchise tag would be $15,365,952, according to league sources."

Rob in OC,

Seems we're seeing a lot of things alike these days (be afraid)....LOL.

No to Sean Smith. I've come to Ireland defense on more than one occasion, but I'd fire him on the spot if he tried to franchise either Smith or Long. Gonzo! I like Lweis from Pitt (as you've mentioned) and the two kids at CB you mentioned in the draft. I'm also really high on Michael Johnson from Cinci but I'd be shocked if Cinci let him walk. Maybe they even franchise him. Who knows.


I'm one of the biggest Jake Long fans on here but NO WAY is the team franchising him at $15mil+. I'm just not buying it. That would be just plain dumb. Only way something like that is happening is an agreement under the table with Long that it'll lead to a long-term deal for $5-6 mil a year, kind of thing. I'm just not buying the whole thing.

Craig M, again, idk how true it is, just reporting what was said

$15 million for Long?? Seems like a no brainer to me. No wonder he is playing hardball. It's no wonder Ireland wants let him to test the market.

Best case scenario is if we resign him for under 10 and stays healthy and he returns to his pro bowl form.

I don't have the luxury of talking to him or his doctors but it looks like we'll have to let him go.


I'm not calling you a liar per se--but how come I don't see that being reported by anywhere or from anyone but from you??? The truth is that I hope you're lying b/c if it's true then Ireland just destroyed any chances of this team improving from last year. If you can't protect the QB you might as well mail it in...

$15 million for Long?? Seems like a no brainer to me. "No wonder he is playing hardball. It's no wonder Ireland wants let him to test the market.

Best case scenario is if we resign him for under 10 and stays healthy and he returns to his pro bowl form.

I don't have the luxury of talking to him or his doctors but it looks like we'll have to let him go."


Long is considered by some at NFL.com to be the riskiest player in FA. Interesting that some of the other names are Bush & Jennings.

Personally I think Long is a WAY riskier signing than Bush or Jennings. I guess the Million dollar question is would Ireland really use the franchise tag that would cost over $15 Million & cut a third off of our available cap space??? He did use the franchise tag for Soliai BUT I actually give Ireland a pass on that b/c Soliai was coming off his best season & Soliai has continued to play well for us.

C'mon WNP,

He said he heard it on the radio. Just because some of these guys are allowed to be on a radio show it doesn't mean they know what their talking about.

On the other hand as YG said earlier, I wouldn't put it past Ireland either.

It seems like he would be crucified by the rest of the league though, for setting the market that high.


WNP, I don't lie about things. That's what the guy said on 790. That's all I can tell you bro.

You do realize if Ireland franchises anyone, it also that Philbin is on board with it?

Or don't you?

I know the drill. Everything bad is all on Ireland and everything good is all on Philbin.

Is Philbin a leader of men? I'm not so sure.

Can he motivate men and keep them together, on board? I'm not so sure.

The jury is still out. He needs to show more this season or we will be looking at an entire new FO and rebuild.


Ireland has been with the Dolphins 5 years. Philbin 1.

Ireland has final say on personnel decisions. None of us know enough about Philbin as a head coach yet to give him grief or praise.

Ireland has final say. It is a mistake though to think he works in a closed room with no input from the coaching staff. Ireland knows as well as anyone that for success the GM and HC have to be on the same page and working together. Fans forget that or don't realize it.

Ireland does not draft Tannehill without Philbin and his ex coach Sherman on board. No way, no how.

So temper your flares towards Ireland and realize the FO is a team operation too, even if he does make the final call.

let long walk, guy is declining at a rapid pace. not worth the money. go get brandon alberts from kc if u want to pay a left tackle


Noone said he was in a locked room. We are aware of how it works. While there are a few FIRE IRELAND knuckeheads on here,most of us are pulling for him to succeed.

The fact is we are tired of losing and the team is beginning to have big time trouble selling tickets. Ireland is in the last year of his contract and the feeling is he has to win if he's to be resigned.

If he is not resigned chances are a new GM wouldn't resign Philbin either. Thus the reason for "tempor flared" towards Ireland.

Saw that Greg Jennings is flirting with the Dolphins in FA (as probably other teams). At first I thought, sure he's probably an upgrade, then i looked at his stas for the last few years. Not all that impressive.

Don't get me wrong, I think most anybody in the top 5 rounds of this year's draft beats every sole we have on our roster as a WR. However, the FA market is strange. Folks try to market stats, but stats never speak of how well a FA WR will flourish in a new team.

At least jennings has plyed in Philbin's system before.
Tough call. He's not young, but he has 9X more TDS than any WR on roster.
But yards? Receptions? 1st downs? Not all that differetn from Hartline.

Worth it?

I simply have no idea.

My first thought is to say pass, and focus on finding guys in the draft that will grow into your system.


You realize they waited until the 7th rd to draft a WR last year don't you?

The fact is we are tired of losing and the team is beginning to have big time trouble selling tickets.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 16, 2013 at 05:48 PM

The Dolphins could win the next 5 SB's and still not sell enough seats. Most of the locals here are from other countries and have no interest in football, nor could they afford a ticket. Most of the NFL fans here are transplants from the north and are not fin fans, they just go when there team is in town.

I wouldn't be outraged if Long was franchised. I just believe it's a mistake and could ultimately cost Ireland his job by limiting the options to upgrade in FA. I'd much rather potentially make a mistake on a good guy, team player and leader than a diva.

Austin Collie Is A Better White Receiver Than Hartline!

And Will Cost Less To Sign!

My Bad.

Wide Receiver!


You Guys Don't Want Jake To Get Franchised! No, Seriously!! Cause Dashi Has Been Saying It From Day 1! Franchising Jake Is Not A Bad Idea!! We Need To Make Sure Dashi Is Wrong!!

If they franchised Jake they could always remove the tag as well. I say if he's so valuable try and trade the guy. I just don't think we need to spend 15 mil on the guy. I'd only spend that on a franchise QB.

Dashi, I think Collie is way too big of an injury risk with concussions. He might be one more concussion away from being done.

I think every other teams trash will be solid gold players on our team.

Well taking a look then at this franchising scenario.

$15 million for Long and $11 for Smith. This leaves a grand total of $20 million for rookies and our own free agents.

I believe we need $13 million for rookies which leaves us down to $7 million.

If were even able to get Clemons and Hartline signed for that, that would pretty much dry us up.

Say goodbye to Starks, Fasano, and so much for Wallace,Jennings, Averil or anybody else.

So what would be the sense of announcing you have 46 million to spend on free agents?

I don't think theres going to be any franchise tagging going on.

I posted last year that JI will waste 60% to 70% on their own F/A ....I just don't understand the infatuation with Jeff Ireland With some of you loyal Dolpfans. What has he done what great team talent wise playmakers wise has he build! Wait a minute
I tell you NONE!! he will screw up the salary cap space and picking in the draft.
You see, I just hope to God that my PHINS finally gets a break and luck turns their way
I'm tired of losing and missing the playoffs!

If he franchise Long that alone is 35% of the salary cap space wasted. I live in Florida and I keep hearing on the sports talk shows that the PHINS will tag Long! That's the reason teams that are losers. Because they keep losers on their team. Well let's see what happens I just hope this team can win next year and make the playoffs. How I don't know just wishful thinking!

Ray, Ireland is one of God's children. You should love him.

Why some of you babble all day about the cap and how to spend the money is beyond me. Nothing could be more meaningless.

You just have to let FA playout. The aucton will dictate the prices and that will dictate the decisions. You can't just talk about it like it was a stagnant situation.

Whatcha wanna talk about Richard?

Ireland is Satan's Spawn.

Before everyone goes off the deep end, Dolphins can be working on a sign and trade or need to franchise him to work out a long term deal. Either one of these cases is better then letting him walk in FA, especially if you can get him down off his 10 million dollar per year demands.

Long term deal with Long would be the best scenario at a decent number

bobby @7:53pm,

That's a VERY good point. We don't know how any of this is going to play out. All I'll say is if Ireland franchises Long for $15mil with the intention of keeping him I'll officially be off the Ireland bandwagon and be calling for his dismissal. And this is coming from one of the biggest Long fans on here.

And ray, I think it's YOU who is the 'loser'. Long's done EVERYTHING he was supposed to do coming into the league, including being the top pick in the draft, signing a $50mil plus contract and made 4 Pro Bowls. I'll bet it's an accomplishment when you can get out of bed in the morning, brush your teeth and figure out how to boil an egg. Careful who you call a 'loser'.

Maybe just maybe the strategy is to THREATEN to tag Long with the idea of getting him to agree to a long term deal at a lower number. I don't know the strategy. I think we have to see how this all plays out first before we all blow up (as bobby has said).

Craig M, I agree. Till something happens, it's dumb to get upset but it certainly gives everyone something to talk about. Till I read more into it, there might be more to it. I also hope they don't franchise him.

The could franchise him knowing another team might pay up to get him, get some more picks.

What if they had good reason to believe Long was physically back in top form?

Yar. I do I love my enemy's and my neighbors. And all dolpfan nation dude. It's that JI is really bad at his job nothing personnel toward JI he just a bad GM. I'm sure he is a great dad and husband family man. I'm sure one time in everyone life you was bad at something, well JI is a bad GM. That's all.


How many GM's have 5 picks in the top three rounds and are as far under the salary cap as us? I'll bet Ireland is the only one. Ireland has put the team in a golden position.

Why don't you give credit where credit is due instead of hating so much?

By all accounts, every pundit I read, gave Ireland high marks for his last draft. The lowest mark I saw was A-. Now he has got high picks stacked up and plenty of room to work with.

Some of you should learn to recognize improvement and progress. Ireland is getting better at his job. He has to keep it up, but you can't complain about the past without acknowledging the current.


Just Making A Joke.

Wasn't serious on The Collie Thing.

It Was A White Receiver Joke.


Now Dashi Definitely Wants Ireland To Resign Jake!! After Hearing The Ignorance Of Some People!!

Some People Not To Get Their Feelings Hurt!! Say The Stupidest Thing!!

Not a loser in life or in general. Just in sports. Yes he made the pro bowl, but pro bowl make you a player when the game is on the line you make plays. There are lots of players that make the pro bowl but when it's time to win when the game is on the line or to win a playoff game they disappear..thats why everyone has a opinion Long to me was a great player his first two years after that just average or slightly above average, but if that's who you feel about me without know me that's ok, I've been call worst. Smile Jesus loves you dude.

Some of you would have bashed Thomas Edison for failing on his first attempt at inventing the light bulb. I'll bet your the same ones that whine the most during a power failure!

What has all those great moves picks draft salary cap etc etc etc proven in wins. I will be glad to answer that for you. NOTHING! Only four straight losing season that's all, hey but I'm pulling for my PHINS to do great. I'm not sure JI is the guy to turn this around. But if you and the rest of the guys think he can great I wish you and JI all the luck in the world. GO PHINS. YEAH. CAN'T WAIT TO PRESEASON GAMES. TO SEE WHAT KIND OF TEAM WE MIGHT HAVE THIS YEAR.


You must put things in context. Ireland was stuck between Parcells and Sparano for his first 4 years as a GM. Nobody could have succeeded under those conditions. He has gradually been getting better since being on his own. Nobody can deny that.


For such a religious fellow, you sure do have a way of looking at the negative and not seeing the positive. Is that what they teach you at your church?


The guy made FOUR Pro Bowls in 4 years. HARDLY a loser. If we'd had 52 other players that should up every Sunday and did their jobs we wouldn't have had four losing seasons. Jake Long WASN'T the problem with this team. I'm assuming you're saying all is going to be great if he's gone. We'll see...

Lets just move forward from past mistakes and reload for the future !!!!!M! New talent new logo new unis and a winning team so sign me up I'm all in


I thought religious people were supposed to be happy and optimistic from the power of their faith. You seem bitter, negative and more irritated with every post here.

How many GM's pick a player that goes to 4 pro bowls in their first 4 years? Pouncey in his second year is already one of the top centers in the league and some are saying now that he is better than his brother. Learn to see the light my friend.

Dude jake long is way overrated so wake up with this probowl none sense he is done

Jake who ? That's what I thought

Jonathan Martin is our new guy

Ehm Marc.....thanks for chirping.

I was commenting on ray's calling Long a 'loser'. Nobody knows if Long is done or not but most people would agree he doesn't deserve to be paid $15mil. Doesn't take away from his accomplishments in a Dolphins uniform.

Yeah Ok, Marc. And you KNOW that how? The same Martin who got thrown around like a rag doll against the Pats? Even the guys on here that used to back Martin were running for the hills after that game.

It's sports we are talking about my friend.
In life in general there are going to be positive 's and negative's. No Jesus himself said that in life we will have afflictions. That's a negative and so yes our christian doctrine shows us that we need to be positive but as long as we in this sinful body we will have negative moments and positive ones too, that's why we all not perfect. I hope I answer your question. But everyone has opinions some positive some negative. That's the whole purpose of this app to have a conversation, but it can't always go the way you like to hear sir. Ok thanks for your response, and have a civil conversation.


Speak for yourself. My body is not sinful. It's a temple of paradise and pleasure.

The conversation doesn't have to go the way I want to hear, but you also might think twice about avoiding reality.

Jonathan Martin is a project at RT. At LT he's a friggin turnstyle. I feel sorry for Tannehill if they cheap out on Long.

Guys, Martin was not competent at LT like some of you think. He needed LOTS of help and the offense suffered. Can he be a good LT? I don't know, but he is not there yet, he is not even average.

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