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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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Ross is gonna have to start paying the good players if he wants to make the Dolphins respectable. No one goes to the games cause there are no stars on the team.

YAR=DB/TG/YG4E/LOL, AND About 100 alises
fliper stick with a name and stay with it..///
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to live
and let live.

I am a sinner until I die I'm not perfect or a saint in any stretch of my imagination. No get so offensive. I'm not judging you. I pointing the finger to my self. It's just my opinion and it's just conversation dude. GO PHINS. LET'S WIN THIS YEAR AND MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. I HOPE!

Martin will be arguably the worst starting LT in the league. Tanny would have to do a lot of runnin. lol

Last year there were a lot of running QB's that was very successful. So running QB is not so bad after all IMO of course.


Posted by: Kind of Sad | February 16, 2013 at 03:23 PM

No, what's really sad is, unless you were spending your etire pathetic weekend on this blog yourself, you wouldnt know who else was spending their pathetic weekend on here too.


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 03:27 PM

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This is a clown that posts for 15,18,23, 30 Hours stright.
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, unless you were spending your etire pathetic weekend on this blog yourself, you wouldnt know who else was spending their pathetic weekend on here too.


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 03:27 PM

Are you really that freakin stupid? Anyone can scroll back and see who has been posting all day. Get a clue.

KO, How Long has YG/LOL/DB/YG4E Been Posting, I dont have the time to look, Let me guess, Since around 11am?

I know all about declining players and Jake long is one of them. To pay him that money is blafsfomy it's insane

Like I said its time to move on

Yes you right also Griffin. But it looks like the running type QB that scrambles more are having a lot more success, well it seems like it right. It just kills defenses it drives them crazy.


You contribute nothing to the blog. Please go away.






YG, despite his pompous elite condescending attitude, may be as dumb as Kris and Phins78, which is really dumb.

Hard to know what to do with this fukkker. He can cover the Megatrons but not the minitrons. He's big and strong for his position but somewhat allergic to tackle. He wants many millions x 3-4 years. Almost impossible to get an = or better replacement for him. Franchising him makes sense this year and we'll see next year.

Oh really
Who the hell are you pope pipa never heard of you before , must be a troll

Just face it big jake is washed up !!!!! It's a fact

Marc from nj

You must be cockroach poop.

Oscar please tell them it's time to move forward from declining players

Troll boy

Sean smith sucks also

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it's time to move forward from declining players

They impersonating you, Marc?

I don't know what they are doing oscar

I know, Marc, I know.

All I know is its 2 weeks from free agency

What's the feeling down there about this stadium votel ?

Well, Marc. the Combine comes first and perhaps they can get a better perspective on what we can get in the Draft before FAgency.

I know nothing about Economics. I was a rich Kid.

marc, the feeling is that Ross is a jackass for asking for handouts..

From my perspective, I would move the Stadium. Right now It is situated in the middle of mostly affluent Jewish Northeners who care more about Baseball.


Nice Post Ringo. I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty too "Highlight" the last line.

It was so simply and nicely put, I thought it worth the emphasis.

.....i LOVE this kind of information. you used to do a segment in your blog called armando remembers or training camp memories or something like that and id love to see that return. and you dont have to limit it to training camp. telling stories like that one about jackson and clayton would be a good way to pass the offseason imho.........** thanks for all you do**

Posted by: ringo | February 15, 2013 at 01:32 PM

I'll "Second" and "Third" this notion Ringo, Kudos!

I think this is an excellent idea. Hopefully, some of you other guys weigh in and let Armando know how much you would enjoy these "Memory Lane Segments".

Whether you're a fan of Armando's or not, you can't deny the fact that he has some fantastic "Sources" when it comes to **OUR** Beloved Dolphins. Over the years he's been in a pretty unique position for getting us "The News".

Speak up you guys and let Armando know how appreciated he is and how much you'd like to hear his "War Stories". Like Ringo said, I absolutely love it when Armando starts telling us about some old conversations he's had with Shula, JJ and/or Marino.

Armando, give Ringo the credit for bringing it up, just allow me to Second It! I concur with his last sentence and I couldn't mean it MORE:


(PS: Ringo, did you ever know anybody by the name of John, Paul or George?)

I like War Stories, specially from Special Forces. Groovy.

Miami has morphed into a basketball city. The Dolphins heyday is long gone.

Nahh, you don't know Miami's mentality, pal. You put 2 continous SB Teams on the Field, that Stadium will be rocking as AA is doing now.

Groovin', on a Sunday afternoon...

Marc, you left your cockring in my car.

Etymology of names.

Mark with a k, usually a stable, average citizen

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EDIT: From Page 1.

Do you think the phins will address the rb position?

.....I feel rb is weaker than we think with or without bush.

Bush isn't that #1 back I would like to see in the backfield. Thomas has the size, but not the production and miller is unproven. Your thoughts.

Posted by: mmh7713 | February 15, 2013 at 01:33 PM

I wouldn't go overboard with concern about the RB position this off season. Not that I don't think it should/could be addressed. I just see alot more pressing needs, enough so that RB pales in comparison.

Having said that, I feel that if Reggie walks, suddenly the priorities CHANGE! There's **NO WAY** we can start the season depending upon Miller and Thomas.

Ireland needs to take a LONG HARD LOOK at the **BIG PICTURE**. A Serious-Honest look at Thomas' contributions to date and his durability concerns. More importantly he has to decide whether or not Thomas has any more upside as opposed to having reached his ceiling(I think he has).

**I'm NOT GOING TO CALL Thomas A BUST.........**YET**.

But Ireland has to see the "Writing On The Wall" SOONER or LATER! Unfortunately, when we consider the 3 picks, the total investment, it could easily be LATER! All we can do is hope the "Philbin Factor" intervenes and lends some perspective.

Granted, two of the picks Ireland used on Thomas were late rounders. With the third though, it totals "One PREMIUM Pick". In these situations, GM's are ALWAYS reluctant to face the inevitable.

The point being, Thomas hasn't lived up to his billing and certainly hasn't justified the investment(s).

BE HONEST, having watched Thomas for TWO years, would be willing to give up a late 2nd rounder?
- - - - - - - - -

Sooo....if Bush STAYS, we can focus on other areas while keeping an eye on sleeper/steal of the draft types in later rounds.

If Bush WALKS........we have problems. We would instantly have another area in dire need of help.

I personally would try to get Bush signed to a "REASONABLE" incentive laden 3 year deal. Thus allowing us to focus on WR's and TE's. Maybe even another lineman if the right option presents itself(Chance Warmack for instance. I would be hard pressed to pass on this Monster were he still on the board at 12).



The Giants released Ahmad Bradshaw. Anticipating Bush's possible departure, I've been doing some reading.

It doesn't mean anything, but I thought it interesting enough to post

From Wiki:

In 2004, Bradshaw was dismissed from the football team at the University of Virginia after an incident with the law. He pleaded guilty to underage drinking and resisting arrest. After police attempted to break up a party, he fled the scene in an effort to avoid police. The results were two misdemeanor convictions and a probationary sentence. Bradshaw never played a down for the Virginia Cavaliers.[13]

During his junior year at Marshall University, Bradshaw was sentenced to two years probation for petty larceny. He stole a PlayStation from another student's dormitory room. Two years later in June 2008, he was sentenced to 60-days in Abingdon Regional Jail for violating probation for a sealed juvenile charge.[14] Bradshaw cut a deal in which he was able to serve his time in the off-season. In 2008, he served 29 days and reported to training camp on time. On February 15, 2009, he surrendered himself to Virginia authorities in order to finish the final 31 days of his sentence.[15]

Bradshaw happened to be at the party when Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh. Bradshaw was not aware Burress had a gun.[16]

Carolina should sign both Bradshaw and Burress. I'm sure they'd have some instant "Chemistry" with Cam "Sticky Fingers" Newton ;)


If they let Moore walk, they had better sign a quarterback in the draft to compete.

What can a Team do to score more points than it tradionally has? In detail, please.

Pretty good article by Omar where he considers the possibility, based only on the huge disparment of salaries in favor of our D over the O, that the FO will concentrate this year on upgrading the O mainly by spending in FA while leaving the Draft to mostly acquire very talented rookie D players to replace our huge salaries on D. From a financial standpoint, makes a lot of sense. We'll se.

not like they are letting moore walk, hes a free agent and free to go anywhere. sure zona will be his first stop

If the rumors are true, the only 2 FAs they are negotiating with and therefore interested in keeping, dusty, are Hartline and Clemons. The rest, they will probably let walk and shop around. Seems a smart move.

i like hearing that oscar, i would like starks back also. but the others can leave, no biggie

I noticed this AM that Cordarelle Patterson was moving up on NFL Draft Tracker:
-- http://www.nfl.com/draft/2013/tracker
He is now rated as the 10th highest prospect in the 2013 draft. The combine next week should cause some additional shuffling of the ratings but today it shows 4 WRs that are NFL projected starters.

But Patterson is the guy that should make all Dolphin fans forget about spending the big cash in FA on a WR and hope Ireland has his sights glued to him for the 1st round. He's only had 1 year of big time college ball, but he looks like a great talent. Tennessee used him as a WR, punt and kick returner, RB, Wildcat back and virtually anything else they thought where he might score. He's fast and big (6-3, 205); has good hands and running instincts; is hard to bring down and whoever he can't outrun gets a shoulder as he moves forward. This is Mr. EXCITEMENT. The biggest knock on him is he tries to do too much.

If you haven't seen him perform yet, take a look at a highlight clip here:

Patterson is definitely trending up. I would not mind taking that guy in the first round no matter what happens in FA. I am looking forward to seeing his 40 times.

D. Moore..aka.."DaMonster"is also guy I am watching trend down. I've seen a couple of mocks where he slides down to 12 or lower. I can see a scenario where he plugs in right away opposite Cam and you move Odrick to DT. I'd love to see that d-line of Cam, Solai, Odrick and Moore.

I don't think Patterson or Allen will look nearly as good against NFL defenses. I do not think either will be a difference maker.

I don't think any of the FA wr's will be a difference maker either.

It is a bad year to be in need of a #1 WR.

great year to need wrs, no clue what your watching bonfa

What about us trying to get Rayhim Moore from Denver,he will probably be available to trade for and he is only in second year and 23 yrs old.

Yeah, dad, Patterson looks like he has good speed and may get into 4.3s at the combine. I'm sure he will get a lot of attention then, if he does.

But the big talk has been about DT/DEs for the draft. I like your pick of Damontre and, if the Dolphins can't get Patterson, would not mind welcoming another "Moore" to Miami.

Anyone who hasn't seen Patterson's video needs to check the guy out on bleacher report. Watch his video and tell me we don't need what he brings to a team. He is electric. He looks for YAC everytime. This is a guy defenses respect and he can hurt you deep or short. He can take it to the house in the passing game, on reverses, punt returns and kick returns. And he played in the SEC.

patterson has been known, u arent surprising anyone with this. many mock drafts have us taking him. if they take a wr which in dont think they will, id take patterson over allen

dad, lost my train of thought...

What are your thoughts on Olivier Vernon, though? He'll be a second year guy. Can the team justify picking Moore while Vernon might be the man? I know pass rushers can always be used and I'd like to see Wake mentor Moore the way he has Vernon, but we have soooo many holes.

vernon was another bad pick in a long line of them

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