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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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How can taking a guy like Vernon in the THIRD round be considered a bad pick? He came out as a JUNIOR for God's sake. Are you ready to write him off already?


The most neglected facet of this team for well over a decade has been offense. Some of you are still talking defense first? At what point do you address turbo charging the offense? What our defense needs more than anything is an offense that can keep up with the high scoring offenses that make the playoffs.

Jennings and Wallace are the most over hyped players in FA and not worth half of what they will be asking. Wait and see.

I'm looking for big play guys. I don't know I've seen enough of O. Vernon to say he's the guy and the way lines rotate guys. I say let them compete and sort it out. I know who is probably not the guy at DE...Odrick. He just isn't quick enough to get around the corner consistently and be a big play guy at that position. This solves 2 problems and leaves the position stocked in case of injury.

Everyones talking about Patterson in the first round,we should go for DT,then pick Justin Hunter in the 2nd round.About the same size with speed great hands had more yards and TDS then Patterson.

Make a list of all the skills you need in a good WR. You will see that speed is the only area Wallace wins out on over Hartline, Hartline beats him in all the rest, hands, route running, blocking, toughness, smarts. Wallace will burn the d for a few long balls each season, but overall will not be a difference maker for any team.

So Bonfa,

On the one hand you are saying, 'don't pick defence, focus on offence' and then you say, 'Wallace and Jennings aren't going to be worth anything'. So what's your plan?

Bonfa@9:23 I can agree that offense has not done well for the last many years but it seems to me that it has had it's share of attention. The biggest problem has been HCs and GMs that had too little respect for the QB position. Hopefully Jeff has fixed that and will turn his attention to acquiring passing weapons.


Too little respect for the QB position and too many traded picks to try and fill holes. No more. FA and more importantly the draft.

I have changed up my wishlist order of FA WR's. Give me Jennings first and Wallace second. I'll take the proven #1 WR vet over the could be wannabe #1 WR.

What DT is a big play guy? I don't know that I've really seen a guy I want at 12.

Craig, I have been following your "traded picks" arguments lately but I'm still not *completely* convinced.

I know you have used Marshall as an example. Two-2s were not thought to be too high at the time for his talent. Additionally, the same argument going for Tannehill now- get him some big time WR help- was in play for Henne, then. No, it didn't work out but it seems like it was no worse than many other types of player acquisitions- crap shoot. (and, yes, I'd like those two-2s back, now) ;)


I didn't say two seconds were too high for Marshall but in hindsight I'd rather we would have used those picks who would be helping the team right now. Some good WRs taken second roound both years and good TEs too. We're thin at this positions because we keep trading picks and trying to 'fill holes'. Ill-advised.

Yeah, I know, Craig. I used the 2-2s and Henne as reasons the move was made for Marshall. Seemed like it had more upside than downside. But you're right, we ended up with 1 player not working out like we'd hoped and could have had 2 players that did.

It's history so why debate what was fair compensation for Marshall? It's not worked out well to this point. But he never helped us or Chicago over the hump so where's the great loss?


That's not what I'm debating. What I'm discussing is this idea that we need to stop giving up draft picks to fill holes. It NEVER works out. It's the EAST fix. That's why I'm deadset against trading for Percy Harvin. No more giving up draft picks. People only want to talk about missed picks but the giving up of picks has really hamstrung this organization for years.

go finssssssssss

well then craig u must agree with me the trading of marshall and davis for 3 picks was a nice job

Great job dusty,,,,,glad to see them both gone.


I said first off, it's a bad year to be in need of #1 wr's. I'm not impressed with the FA's out there and I don't see anyone in the draft that is a Julio Jones, AJ Green, Dez Bryant... Overpaying for an aging vet or one dimensional FA doesn't solve anything, it only sets you back. Get the best TE if not two of them. Pick up one WR in the draft but don't blow the #1 on Allen or Patterson.

This Egnew is a real head scratcher. We say well he only got on the field for a couple of plays late in the year and did nothing, so he is a bust. But is he? Heck if I know. We don't know what their real thoughts are about him. Maybe Armando can shed some light?

rocipoDOTcom, a new Dolphins blog is looking for writers (must know dick jokes)

Agreed the trades have not panned out but I'd rather do something than nothing. I'm deadset against Harvin because of what's between his ears. These egocentric divas are not needed on a young team.

yes he was a bust from day one and ireland should of known it. he missed on hilton among others and took a mu te which basically every decent fan knows nevers blocks ever ever in that garbage college system. all mu tes recently in that system have been awful in nfl. was a very very poor decision by our gm

harvins a huge playmaker. guy is amazing. but once i heard how much money he wanted i was out on him, san fran can have him

Harvin suffers from constant migraines. Just what you need, a receiver who can't play in big game because of a headache.

Bonfa says:

Wallace will burn the d for a few long balls each season, but overall will not be a difference maker for any team.
You are dead wrong. Receptions alone do not measure what speed and a deep threat can bring to a team. It will open up the running game, screens and make other receivers look better due to the attention given.

If we go by what OK has thought, that we should mainly draft D players, then Jonathan Jenkins, DT, seems pretty good. 6'3", 360 with speed, he could alleviate Soliai's big contract.

You are dead wrong. Receptions alone do not measure what speed and a deep threat can bring to a team. It will open up the running game, screens and make other receivers look better due to the attention given.

Posted by: promichael | February 17, 2013 at 10:41 AM

I guess this explains why Pittsburgh with one of the best QB's in the league didn't make the playoffs and don't even want to retain him?

Just who is dead wrong here?

agree pro, would love to have wallace

Migraine, I can help with. Attitude, only himself.

Why would some of you think Wallace will be the difference maker here when he wasn't in Pitt? Take a look at his stats last season, very average. So what are you saying, an aqua jersey will make him better? Or the Florida orange juice maybe?

Keep in mind he is asking for franchise receiver type money, he is no Fitzgerald yet he has already said he thinks he is worth as much.

Bonfa says:
I guess this explains why Pittsburgh with one of the best QB's in the league didn't make the playoffs and don't even want to retain him?
Your naive to blame Pitsburgh getting old as a team on Wallace who missed training camp with a new offense being implemented due to an attempted hold out.

Your naive to blame Pitsburgh getting old as a team on Wallace who missed training camp with a new offense being implemented due to an attempted hold out.

Posted by: promichael | February 17, 2013 at 10:54 AM


Haha, great, let's get a diva who will hold out on us too every season.

According to you I'm dead wrong and naive. Pittsburgh's GM would disagree with you, and he really is a pro, unlike you.

Most of you People follow the Mainstream. There are several WRs in this Draft that fit Philbin's O philosophy much better than those 6'4" 225lbs receivers that are also there.

If the Dolphins are lucky enough to get Wallace for $10M and then get another speed receiver in the draft; that should be a game changer for the offense. Getting a TE in FA is also important.

Heck we can solve all this debate if we just get Wallace and Jennings. LOL..I don't believe there is even a small chance that happens. It's likely going to be one or the other. I think there's less chance of a chance to get Wallace. In either case Ireland will feel some wrath. lol

There is even an Olympian there, that can run the 40 in about 4.0, if you really want to shave the top of the D's head. hehehe

Boy that speedy Ted Ginn sure opened up our offense.

Holding out and trying to make the most one can during a brief athletic career is part of the business. Every athlete that has an agent will do their best to get the most they can at the prime age of 26. Bonfa face the reality of the business and realize that each year under the system teams will change, get old, have to release FA etc....picking up a FA when there is a dire need can help. The Seahawks and Falcons picked up tight ends that helped their playoff cause.

picking up a FA when there is a dire need can help. The Seahawks and Falcons picked up tight ends that helped their playoff cause.

Posted by: promichael | February 17, 2013 at 11:07 AM


Picking up a FA when there is a need can hurt too, if you don't choose wisely (see Albert Haynesworth, Mario Williams).

My point is simple, Mike Wallace may be one fast dude, but he has not done nearly enough to justify the lofty salary he thinks he is worth. He doesn't even have the greatest hands, that alone is troublesome.

Well, Philbin has said that the #1 priority of a WR is to catch the ball. True.

Pro Football focus ranked Jennings the highest of the big 4 in FA with Wallace being last. I'm all over Jennings after hearing about guy openly talking about coming to the Phins and liking Philbin. I've also read his sister is in Miami too. I want this guy.

Bonga, So that brings us back to the value of one Mike Wallace who has intangible value to the Dolphnins beyond the receptions he makes. The Dolphins have been way to cautious on receivers which is why they do not have many playmakers. Ireland has to change the philosophy that has not worked in this era of offenses dominating the game. Look how many points were scored in the Super Bowl. The Dolphins need a game changer like Wallace.

If we go by what Philbin has said, our 1st WR pick in the Draft should be Steadman Bailey. A slot receiver with stickum hands and great YAC average, he could supplant Bess's salary.


I'd rather have a guy like Jennings that's proven with zero character concerns and can run any route on the tree and play any of the WR positions. He can get deep, he can go short, he'll go over the middle. Give me the guy that wants to be here for personal reasons (of course he'll want money) over the guy that mainly wants to be here for a payday anytime. I'll give you the injury concern but added up the intangibles and proven track record outweigh that concern.

I'm not convinced Wallace is a game changer and why do the Steelers believe he ends up with the Browns?

Wallace is no game changer.

He really has only one quality, speed. He is average at best in everything else. Don't take my word for it. Take GM Polians word for it. He said as much in a recent breakdown of the FA's.

Or is Polian dead wrong and naive too?

dads, Jennings age and injury concerns mean at best he has another two years of decent performance if and only if he doesn't get injured yet again. I don't see how that is a wise investment for the future. Our history with injury prone FA's has been...guess what? They get injured.

Go with a fresh legged youngster in the draft. We are on a youth movement.

Or is Polian dead wrong and naive too? -Bonfa

Don't think so. You also could cite the 3 1/2 games Roethlisberger was out in 2012. Looked like defenses were intent on stopping the Pitt running game, as woeful as it was this year. Nobody afraid of Wallace without Big Ben back there- and no TDs from him.


I disagree with some of the points you're making. Mike Wallace had 8 TDS and close to 1,000 yards receiving last year. He did that after holding out all training camp and with Big Ben missing 4 games. He's a VERY good reciever. I don't think this point can be debated. He INSTANTLY upgrades our receivers. Again, I don't believe this point can be debated.

Now whether he's worth $10 mil or so a year CAN be debated. I don't think anyone is saying he's in the same class as Fitzgerald but it's his time to hit FA and he will hit the mother load. The only reason Pitt won't re-sign him is because they chose to resign Antonio Brown to big money last offseason and Pitt has MANY other needs to take care of on an aging team. It's not in their nature to hand out big contracts to FA WRs.

I don't know if Wallace is the right fit for this team or not but to say he's not a good receiver and hae's a 'diva' and some of the other things you are saying isn't accurate.....sorry.

Oscar@11:23, I wonder about a scenario where Dolphins pick workmen-like receivers in the draft and pass on the potential early round explosive types. You know... getting Philbin kind of guys?

One guy the Dolphins PERHAPS could look at as a cheap replacement, should they sign Wallace or Jennings and let Hartline walk is Austin Collie. Word is he's going to be released from Indy and I see this guy as someone who can do some of the things that Hartline can do, at a much cheaper price. If the 'Phins decide to throw big money at Wallace or Jennings, Collie could be a nice replacement as the third option on this team, with a high rookie WR in the draft thrown in too. I know Collie had some health problems last year but Hartline has had some too. I think Collie would be a nice and cheap replacement for Hartline. Something to think about.

The NFL player personnel business is not an exact science no matter what comes out of the experts mouth for public consumption. Getting injured for a rookie WR is huge and a veteran also. So what to do; going with S. Bailey may work but he may take time to develop which is why going with a veteran is a better option. Risk is always a factor in the NFL as in any business. The Dolphins need to go veteran FA and rookie WR and retain Hartline then go FA TE to improve the offense by todays standards. Risk will be involved not matter what direction. Avoid risk and you become what the Dolphins have been the last two seasons.

Sorry guys but mike Wallace is a game changer and when he signs elsewhere and lights it up say 12 Tds 1400 yds you will be the first ones complaining ok. ,,,,,,,,that's all I got


A receiver that holds out and publicly states that he deserves Fitz money when he clearly doesn't - I call that an inflated ego driven diva. That's my take and nobody has to agree with me.

According to Polian's view, Wallace is very average route runner, has average hands and drops too many, has kind of a frail build and is not particularly tough. I call that an average receiver - again nobody has to agree with me.

I'm not one to believe anything every pundit in the media says, but it would be hard to find a more experienced and insightful opinion than that of a highly successful veteran GM like Polian.

Oh ya and to Miriam Webster

You my dear are a wanna be drag queen that should stick to modern dance

Guys mike Wallace scores Tds period isn't that what you want

Yeah I don't get this idea that Mike Wallace isn't a game changer. He ABSOLUTELY is! Now does he catch everything that's thrown his way? No he doesn't. Bu he's a VERY good WR.

The only question to be asked is, 'is he a $10 million a year player?' Some will say yes and some will say no. Only thing is, someone will pay it. My money is on the Bengals. Let's see.

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