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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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Jordan Reed is a late rounder. Doesn't have elite skill set but he runs a 4.6 so that is very good for a seam TE.


Yoyo, the Dolphins will be a contender as soon as the QB becomes a player.

He wasn't that good last year. He needs help. He has a long way to go.

If he makes the jump, the Dolphins jump right there with him.

Tom Brady on the Dolphins last year, they win 11 games, IMO. Dolphins defense plays for New Orleans, they win 12 games.

So for the Dolphins, the QB is still the biggest issue to think about.

I want to thank those of you who were here and talked with me.

Sorry I could not get to all the questions or comments. As always, I appreciate you making this blog so popular.

Have a great weekend.

Mando, do you see a trade up or trade back into the first round likely given our ammunition and the chance to get 1 big-time (hopefully) stud or 2 very good 1st round players? Or is there a better chance at Ireland using all 5 of those 1-3 round picks on 5 individual players in hopes that at least 3 of them become quality starters?

!$@& just missed

All good MiamiD20,

The tradeup/tradedown scenarios don't really come into focus until a week or so out from the draft.

If the Dolphins fill a lot of their needs before the draft, I would expect they'll be willing to trade up for players they covet. If they stink in free agency and need to fill a lot of holes in the draft, I expect they'll make their picks.

Thanks, buddy.

Haha me too MD20.

Wanted to ask if they had any interest in Goldson if he got set free.

Is it March/April yet??

For those who wanted to scoop up Titus Young:


I think I said Sharrif Floyd earlier when I meant Jordan Reed.

I don't think he's a project I see him potentially being an Aaron Hernandez type that will be picked somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Thanks for answering some questions Mando.

Armando, what do you mean Martin is not a big workout guy? Two of your blog readers have a better bench press than him ... haha, what a joke.

Haha, NeMo I was going to say, Floyd is a DT. Anyway, I see it was a mental fart ... we all have them. And then we have YG who is literally a mental fart.

Finesse Mark, it's all about finesse!

Yeah Mark I was reading so many questions and from Mando I guess thats how it happened haha.

"Harvin unhappy with Vikes passing game, not contract."

DO NOT come to Miami

Mark, Armando is no longer here. Your question will not be answered.

Thank you Armando. Kelce Travis looks much better than Reed on tape but he has serious character issues (lost an entire season for violating team rules). That's why I asked about him earlier. See you around!


In the draft, I know most people don't advocate trading down (out of the top 15) because that is where the superstars are. But this year I hope the Fins can do just that. I would love them to double down on WR and CB with a shot at one of the top two TE (Ertz or The Notre Dame). The only way that is happening is with a trade down. I don't buy the Fins taking either receiver at 12. Neither are good enough NOW nor do they present enough upside to get to the elite level. To be honest I like the kid Patterson better. He's got speed, runs good routes catches well with his hands, unlike the Tennessee kid (who by all reports disappeared when he faced top talent).

If the Dolphins stay at 12 they have to be thinking Safety, OG or DE, possibly CB (there are three with first round grade - Milner, Rhodes and Johnson?). Anyway what do you think

Tim, Armando is no longer here. Your question will not be answered.

Tim, Mando's answer was something like we have to see what happens in free agency first before knowing about the draft.

Just Saying is just retarded.

WOW, this live blog was about as plain as Retardomongul @ Marcia In Toronto is........ Well....you know...... Retardomongul. LOL....

For YG .... cricket chirping ....

Mark and YG beef is bigger than 2 pac and Biggie

Tim From England says:

In the draft, I know most people don't advocate trading down (out of the top 15) because that is where the superstars are. But this year I hope the Fins can do just that. I would love them to double down on WR and CB with a shot at one of the top two TE (Ertz or The Notre Dame).
Tim, This is not the year of the receiving TE in the draft. The Dolphins need to go free agency on this position and as Armando noted during the live blog. The Dolphins seem clueless as to their need for a down the seem tight end. Trading down should not happen this year with a need for more elete playmakers; WR, TE, CB's, pass rushers....


Jake Long is only rated as the 23rd best Left Tackle. He wants top LT $$$? Good luck!

I really don't know what people expected to hear from Armando!

He is not a coach or a front office guy. He is a journalist and might possibly have a few sources.

All he going to give is his football opinion, which I normally disagree with it 75% of the time.

I would of liked to hear about what players are at the facility working out. Zero on that.


Armando summed it up. We still dont have a QB.

Texas A&M became great right after Tannehill and Sherman left. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!

That is not what Armando said. He said Tannehill will need to show improvement. He never said that won't happen or offered any other opinion on it.

Huge difference from what you are implying. You are simply trying to twist words to suit your own agenda.

Not happening.

anyone think freeney is a good fit here?

Tanny wouldnt even be starting for his college team now!! He can start for the Dullfins but wouldnt start for Texas A&M!!


I disagree. We have a QB. What we did have was a head coach who didn't know what he had with these players. Now he knows. The offense should be a lot better this year.

anthony wake wouldnt start at south carolina either at the first de spot. whats ur point

heehee, YG, I got to Amondo.

Of course Wake would start. Dont be stupid dusty.

I asked a fair question. They told YOU that they would try to land Wallace. Do you feel they are on the level? YOU were there and saw who told you so you must have some thoughts about it. You did not deign to answer my question. So I got to you.

like i said yesterday sign pat watkins from the cfl argos!florida state grad,not sure why he ended up in canada,but he can play!6-5 210,cfl all-star as a rookie,hate to see him end up elsewhere!

I think we can all agree that Tannehill is a big dissapointment and a question mark at best. Thats why they need to draft a QB early or make Flacco an offer he cant refuse.

no he wouldnt shula, he wouldnt start over clowney

atlfin doesnt matter what offer u make flacco cause he will be franchised thill was up and down like most rookies are. has solid potential

dusty = very dumb

shula equals clueless. clowney would of been the number one pick at 19 years old. guy is a freak athlete that will have teams losing games on purpose this year just to get the first pick in draft. considered a once in a lifetime prospect. they compare him to lebron james as far as impact on league

dusty, if you think Klowney is better then Wake right now.....you've lost all credibility....and have earned my ignore list. bye bye dumbo

good anyone dumb as u has no right to respond to serious fans on here anyways. clowney will instantly be a top 5 def player in entire nfl. hilarious how clueless u are.

We heard how Henne had "solid potential" for years also.

yeah huge diff in them 2. henne didnt play as a rookie, i cant imagine how bad he would of been if he did. that guy is so awful

Tannehill had the advantage of knowing the playbook before day 1. It didnt help. What they should do is try Tanny at WR before he's as worthless as Henne became.

yeah great idea anthony, unreal,lol

I see a herd of Rtards are passing through.
Hello, Rtards.

Henne and Tannehill are polar opposites. If RT washes out in a few years then that would be there only similarity.

their, possession.

Some good solid players released today with more to come due to salary cap issues. I really like where the Dolphins are sitting right now.

And Anthony D, dumbest blog of the day goes to YOU

Some people are totally clueless!!!

Henne was a 4 year starter!!

Tannehill a one year starter!!

Why is everybody so high on Hartline? He is as mediocre as you can get. We need to sign a top notch WR in free agency and then hope Patterson falls to us at 12. As far as CB's go Talib would be huge if we can get and keep him focused because it will help us and hurt the pats.


Drafting a one year starter in the 1st rd was TOTALLY MORONIC!!

There's a reason Tannehill just started for 2 years. He stinks.

Don't be such gullible fools. These posters coming on out of the blue ripping Tannehill are just looking to irk someone.

I think its great they let him start the whole year - way better experience than holding a clipboard. Now with him having a full training camp as the #1, we should definitely see strides of improvement.

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