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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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You know several reporters including Armando again today, keep saying that Wallace is the Fins top target.

While I don't disagree with it, it still does't seem like a fit for Ireland's normal ctiteria or a fit for the kind WR Philbin and Sherman are looking for, as far as a system player.

Jenning's really makes more sense on both fronts. I'm not saying he's my favorite and I realize he's 30 and had some injury problems,I'm just saying thats the move that would surprise me the least.

So with all the enthusiasm they've shown about the off season and talking about making a big splash it got me to thinking about (or dreaming) that maybe their hoping to land both.

Enzo, I think you meant "posers" and I'm pretty sure it is one guy using multiple names. Just a clueless troll who should be watching women's tennis instead of talking football.

Dolphin Rick, if Hartline signs you don't sign both Wallace and Jennings. If you can't keep Hartline, then we would need Jennings to replace him


Lets hope Clowney is smart enough to get his tail on campus (as was Teo...don't let the media fool you)....

Here is to a drama free College season for Clowney....who doesn't have to drum up any hype to get the press to notice them....Clowney let's helmet jarring hits due his talking.....

I'm here to write my daily dont re-sign brian hartline blog. spend the money on someone else. one touchdown. one touchdown. do not spend 5-6 million a year on a guy who scores one touchdown.


Thats the one thing I thought of after I posted that comment. There have also been several reports they are negociating with Hartline and Clemons I believe.

When think about it though, it's not totally beyond the realm of possibilty.

Say you were to maybe get the two of them signed for 18 million per. That would still leave you 28 million to resign Clemmons and Fasano, and maybe consider a cb. Of course you still have the rookies to pay as well.

Say you were to maybe get the two of them signed for 18 million per. That would still leave you 28 million to resign Clemmons and Fasano, and maybe consider a cb. Of course you still have the rookies to pay as well.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 15, 2013 at 08:07 PM

And I forgot about Starks too.

Keep Pouncey, Soliai, Miller, Martin, Jones and trade or cut everyone else.

Ahhh, Missed The Live Blog!!

Would've Loved To Ask Mando Some Questions! Or Questions That He Can Ask The Front Office!!

Who Might The Fins Cut?

Will The Fins Franchise Jake Or S.Smith?

On The Wr's? Is Hartline Even In The Top 3 Of Wr's! The Fins Want To Get This Offseason!!

What Are The Chances Matt Moore Signs With The Jets! So Dashi Can Make Fun!! When Mark Sanchez Is Starting Over M&M!!

Are The Fins Even Interested In Resigning Starks?


Reggie Is Not A Play maker!! And He Is Not That Good!!

Do I Have To Break Reggie's Ineptness!! For You Guys!!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Lamar Smith Have More 1000yd Seasons Than Reggie!!

Reggie Did Not Go Over 10TD's!! Which Is A Standard For A Good RB!!

Reggie Ran For Over 100 TOTAL YDS!! 2 Games All Season!!

Less Than 15% Of His Games!


What About For His Career?

Without Really Looking! Dashi Bets Reggie Gains 100 YDS!! Less Than 5% Of The Time!!

Dashi Can Keep Going! But I Feel I've Said Enough!! On How Much!! Reggie Really Sucks!!

Reggie's Yard Per Carry


Arizona 3.9 YPC
Cincy 2.5 YPC
Bills 2.0 YPC
Bills 3.4 YPC
NE 3.3 YPC

Reggie Only Scored Td's In 5 Games!! Out Of 16!!

Dashi Could Keep Going! But I Will Stop Beating A Dead Horse!

Oh, Yeah!! Reggie Fumbled More Times (4) Than He Gained 100 Yds In A Game (2)!!

But Sure Reggie Is A Playmaker!! And K.Dansby Is A Great MLB!! That Makes An Impact In A Game!!

Trust Me!! Dashi Loves His Dolphins!! But Just Cause A Player Is With The Fins!! Doesn't Mean Dashi Has To Love The Player!!

Dolfan Rick, waay to high. Ultimately I believe Wallace gets 10-12, Hartline 6-8 and Jennings about the same. I think we go after Wallace and/or Jennings, Hartline and a 2nd rd draft pick at WR

These bloggers think the FO is going to tell Armando what they are up to? Too funny. You guys are really naive. Whatever they tell Armando or the media can only be bs.

Dolan Rick, Fasano is done. We can go after Dustin Keller in FA or draft Ertz in 2nd round. Same with Sean Smith, who I like. Starks IMO is also gone. Move Odrick down and he will be replaced with draft pick


Maybe you didn't follow, Hartline wasn't included in my scenario.

I realize their plan is one top free agent WR and hoping to resign Harltine. I was just spit balling.

Are you saying you would prefer Hartline over Jennings even if the price is the same?

Rey, Armando has the best comnnetions to the Dolphins brass. He's usually right on like he was last year.


Knowing nothing is knowing more than Armando who gets mislead. If Armando knows so much, how come he is ALWAYS dead last with every breaking fins story?

The Dolphins brass are not going to tell a newspaper what they are up to! The idea is to not show your cards. Wheeling and dealing 101. So they feed the media garbage, mis-direction.

Hartline is the only guy I'd let walk away. Long, Bush, and Smith should definitely be re-signed. There's plenty of cap space.

Dustin Keller has not been able to stay healthy for two years. Is that what you short term memory folks want? Another high priced Smiley and Grove? They came with a history of injuries and guess what? They were injured the whole time!

Rey again, Armando was right on last year. He's smart enough to realize they cant tell him everything. But he knows his stuff. Read and watch.

It all depends on HOW MUCH they are willing to sing for. I'm sure SS waould like to get 11MIL a year, who wouldn't. He won't get that I don't imagine but that is what it would cost to franchise him.

Ireland seems to like injured guys. Smiley, Grove, Odrick, D Thomas...

Hartline is the only guy I'd let walk away. Long, Bush, and Smith should definitely be re-signed. There's plenty of cap space.

Posted by: Jay | February 15, 2013 at 08:43 PM

What about Starks, Clemons, and Fasano?

But he knows his stuff. Read and watch.

Posted by: Jay | February 15, 2013 at 08:47 PM


Armando can rarely even write correct English! Armando knows what stuff? LOL. Armando predicted 10-6 the year we went 1-15. Even you can do better than that! LOL


Dashi Can Care Less!! If The FO Feeds Mando More Lies! Than A Republican Trying To Get Elected!! As Long As The FO Knows What The Fans Are Thinking!!

Which Dashi Gives Mando Credit For!! The Only Dolphin Beat Writer That Asks The Hard Questions!! Unlike The Other Cornballs!!

And Dashi Believes Mando Has Finally Fixed His Relationship With Ireland!! Where If Someone Is Getting A Acorn Of Info From The Fins!! It Is Mr. Salguero!!

Not James Walker!

Not Omar Kelly!

Not A.Beasley!!

Again, Not Saying The Fins, Or Basically Ireland!! Will Tell Mando Everything!!

But Mr. Ross Has Made It Clear!! That He Reads Mando's Stuff From Time To Time!!

Meaning Mr. Ross And Even Ireland Likes To Keep His Ear To The Streets! Per Say!

Yes, what better opinion than Armando's? Yes they are serious about it, No they are leading me on. But, no opinion.

Rick, I'd try hard to sign everyone to keep continuity. Hartline would be the only exception because I think he's easily replaced.

What tough questions does Armando ever ask? He asks the basic obvious questions. Never an astute question, never an original question. Never.

Every freakin time I go snowboarding you have a live blog! I had so many questions! Auuuugghhhhhhh. Oh well, it was fun reading back anyway. Goodnight all.

I find Armando writes better then the other Dolphin beat writers. The guy at the SS cant even complete a sentence.

Dolfan Rick, I like Jennings, but there is the age difference between him and Hartline and the injury issue. Tougher call then what it seems.

You want a guy who can ask TOUGH, ASTUTE questions? Bob Costas. Armando couldn't even wash that guys socks!

You can even stay true to your interests with the Dolphins and appease and satisfy your readers. You can even misinform. Lets say,"It could be Oscar, that they are throwing me a smoke screen". Then also, "Oscar, I think they are on the level". Either one you knowing it is false. But answer serious Questions for Us.

Saying Armando writes better than the other beat writers is like saying John Beck was a better qb than Cleo Lemon! Big deal. Armando's inept writing would not have been accepted in journalism 30 years ago and before. It's a reflection of the degradation of society, people becoming increasingly less educated, less literate, and more tolerable of inferiority.

Rey, the local writers CANT ask tough questions or the team wont talk to them. They have to use restraint.

You Top Dogs can do with the ordinary Man whatever you want on Actual World. But not on Internet. There, We can crucify you. I know you don't like Internet, precisely because of those reasons, and I assure you , you will like it even less before you go to furlough.

Jay, sorry but totally disagree. We have 46 million plus in cap space and 5 picks in the first 100. This is a great draft and now is the time to reload. Re signing all those guys blows all your cap space and doesn't make sense. Long? Injury prone last two years and can be replaced. Fasano??? Please, not a good seam tight end and average. Ertz would be a huge upgrade, and rookie salary. Sean Smith?? Can be replaced with someone with same skill sets much cheaper. Starks?? Love Randy but move Odrick down where he belongs and draft a DE, some good ones this year. Bush?? Love to have him re sign but not for what he wants.


Sad that you believe that. If you do than the whole thing is nothing but a circus sham and you should have even less faith in what Armando says.

The team MUST talk to them by league rules.

Jay Glazer and Peter King didn't get where they were being wimpy poossy beat writers.

I would love for a reporter to ask Ireland if his momma's a hooka but they cant do that. haha

Years ago Bob Costas had his own show, you may find repeats on the late night channels. That guy asked nuclear, poison dart questions and still had the top people in the business come on his show and face up to him.

That my friend is JOURNALISM, not this pipsqueak Armando nonsense.

You guys posting on this blog better start reading and do your homework. Jennings is 30 and injury prone. Remember Justin Smiley, Jake Grove? Wallace is the man, he's 25 and super fast. And if they could also go after Percey Harvin then I would let Hartline walk. But I know I'm dreaming. Also knowing these idiots and how they produce (Ireland), I'm not expecting anything mind blowing. Year after year its been nothing buy let downs. Heck rumor is they want to keep Sean Smith and pay him $ 10 mil? Are you freaking kiddin me? Oh and whats up with that new logo? I just hope its not!!!

This team cant afford to lose players. They need to keep what they have and add to it in order to build.


.Armando's blog is the most popular for a reason. HE'S THE MAN!!!!!


Interesting. Personally I was thinking I would be willing to pay Jennings a couple million more than Harltine although I don't really see Hartline getting 6-8 million.

The injury and age thing is definately a factor though and I'm obviously not privy to the info on Jennings that they can get.

I'm sure they have a good plan of attack though and Mr. Ireland certainly seems pretty confident.

I'm actually fairly confident that next years recieving corps will be better than what they ran out there last year, and thats a move in the right direction.

Jay, you can't keep what you have and build around when keeping what you have means blowing your entire salary cap!! The Pats are the perfect example of getting rid of players at just the right time before they start on the downhill. We cannot sign Wallace if you sign all these guys. We will continue to be mediocre if we do what you suggest. Fasano is mediocre. I'm tired of mediocre. The only guys the Fins are dealing with right now is Hartline and Clemons. Seems like good choices to me.

bobbyd12, I disagree. Relying on Ireland to replace starters is a losing proposition.

Is Rey?


Sure Sounds Like It.

.Armando's blog is the most popular for a reason. HE'S THE MAN!!!!!

Posted by: TGH | February 15, 2013 at 09:16 PM

The masses have always gravitated to mediocrity. Now its only worse, with no notion of what is quality or refined, they gravitate to ineptness and think it must be good because it is popular. Sad indeed.

Jay, Ireland is making the decisions either way, at least for one more year. Like it or not.

I'm hoping he gets it right. If not it's the good ol rebuild time all over again. Personally I've had about all I can stand of that.

Rey is....Rey.

I dont think the Dolphins have a real chance to land Bowe nor Wallace. Yes, we have the money, but realistically Id ont think either would want to come play for the Dolphins.

The Miami Heat has a better chance to sign either.

So I believe Hartline gets signed, Jennings if cheap(30yrs old), ad or a wr 2nd to 3rd rd.

I dont think Ireland will draft a te. At least not before rd 4, if any.

So, what do you think of my tirade against Armando, YG. You think it's fair?

So following the live-blog, we've agreed on the most important factor in FA: Ireland Must Go Now!

@9:36 and 9:37

Don't Make It So Obvious.

We Have Told You About Your Posting 1 Minute Later. Nobody Is Being Fooled!! FOOL!!

They are even trade-marking nicks here. Lord!


Its futile to tirade against Armando. He's just another clueless know it all, know nothing.

You would get quicker and better results putting your fist theu drywall.

Yesterday, you may be right...I remember a time when free agents always gave Miami a chance to sign them...Sometimes for less $$$$...Taxes, weather, a winning team, all attractive stuff...Now it's the complete opposite...We see it every offseason...Manning didn't even want to meet Ireland...(Marino finally made it work)...Ryan Clark... ...Players aren't in a rush to visit the Miami Dolphins anymore...Sad...

I really hope we sign Mike Wallace...Do I really think they're going to sign him? Nope.

These FA's, except the the elite of the elite, only have a few viable options each season. Not every team has a need at their position.

They will go in most cases anywhere that gives them the best offer, including Miami. There are a lot worse organizations.

Clark only used the fins for leverage. Nothing more. Who cares what a ghetto punk thinks. Are some of you that short sighted to think because Ryan Clark didn't want to sign here nobody will? You watch.

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