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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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As far as I know, all our FA's would like to be resigned here. They know the team best. What does that tell ya? Who do you believe, Ryan Clark or Reggie Bush?

Lookout, YG, not so. Armando is a columnist for one of the leading Publications in SoFla and, through his ability or not, he gets information that we are not privy to. I have seen evidence of that. Now, what does he(them) do with that information? Several possibilities the last of which is to share them with the Public. But, there are no Secrets anymore. What do we do? Tear that information out of them.

Has it occurred to you that maybe Ryan Clark walked in like a prima donna with an attitude?

Consider all sides, not just what the mass media force feeds down your throats.

Many still don't know how the media works.

Many don't realize that most writers have a job, and a deadline, to get an article out. Everyday. So the fish and scrape and use their imagination to find an angle for a story. But..in the end, it is only a story to satisfy their boss, and has no basis in reality.

The alternative of not yielding to Internet, is unthinkable.

Jay Glazer, Peter King, Adam Schefter, these are serious investigative journalists. The Armandos and Omar's of the world are merely hobbyists, 3rd stringers on the practice squad.

Rey, in life, there's always worse...Miami hasn't won a playoff game in over a decade...So the thought that "there are a lot worse organizations" out there doesn't make me feel better...Fact is when you win, players will want to play for you...It's not just about the money...These guys want to win....That doesn't help Miami in their search to get productive free agents...


Mario Williams, #1 overall pick, signed with lowly miserable Buffalo. That negates everything you just said.

Clark a ghetto punk? LOL!! Why? Cause he turned down the Dolphins? Please...Get real Rey...

Dashi must be the ONLY football fan in AMERICA who doesn't know...or UNDERSTAND that BUSH is a play maker....

Perhaps Dash could tell us again how Teo will be our savior with fist pick @ # 12....

Rey, a lot of free agents want to join winning teams to have a chance to win it all...Happens all the time...What have you been watching?? It doesn't mean ALL of them do...I don't know what Mario Williams was thinking but obviously he went for the $$$$...

Rey, Agreed.

But Mando Doesn't Write As Much! Or Daily!!

That Is Why They Have A.Beasley For. To Do All The Grunt Work!!

And Oscar, No Furlough This Year For Mando! Between You And YG! You Guys Have Managed To Keep Him Employed Year Round!!

Great Job Guys!!

The Snow burned. We ran to the limit of the Forest and tried to burrow deep into the Earth.


No one with a choice joins the hapless Fins. Manning, Flynn, Fischer, etc, etc....


When you have a point to make, come back and make it. Until then, you are just babbling nonsense.

Agents don't always have as many options as you think. Every single season good fa's sign with teams with a worse track record than Miami.

Some of you let your hatred and animosity cloud all of your objectivity, and therefore you can only communicate with those that agree with you.

DaShe, tells us a gain how Denver was going to win it all...and then SF...and then?

Do you have a percentage calculator?


Dashi Is Mostly Always Right!! About 95%!! Or Higher!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 29, 2012 at 10:37 PM

Fascinating stuff, uh, Paul? Just take the notes and We'll compare them afterwards.


Bush Is Not A Playmaker. Dashi Has Given His Reason. Now Please Explain Your Side!

On Te'o?

Been Off The Bandwagon! Since About Week 12!!

But Not To Pat Myself On The Back! We Still Might Be In Position For Te'o!

Even though My Pick Has Been Ogletree Since The Start Of December!!

And On Te'o! 7 INT's! Name 2 Players On Defense Combined That Produced! 7 INTs!!

Smith And Dansby Combined Dropped 7 INTS!!

If The Defense Would've Produced 7 More INT's/ Turnovers!! Bet The Fins Win At Least 3 More Games!!

Just Saying!

No one with a choice joins the hapless Fins. Manning, Flynn, Fischer, etc, etc....

Posted by: Ron Son | February 15, 2013 at 10:21 PM

Dansby, Marshall, Cogs, Bush has stated publicly he wants to resign....ect ect ect

Flynn? You mean 7th round weak armed Flynn that couldn't beat out a rookie? You need better ammo than that....


Some of you are so eager to hate and be bitter, that you go to the extremes of suggesting that Flynn, who hasn't been able to beat out ANYBODY for a starting position, was a loss.

Get real. He is a career back up. The facts say nothing different.

Rey, when did I insult you? You're pretty immature...Grow up pal...It is a fact that winning teams always have an easier time getting free agents...Who cares what Dansby, Marshall, Bush say...Free agents ALWAYS say that to make themselves look good...You didn't know that? LOL!!! What a fool you are...

Matt Flynn is far better then any QB on our roster.


my reason's are ALL thru this blog...

Mccarthy, Philbin and Pete Carroll did not see Flynn as a starter, so why would any of you? Their cumulative experience with elite athletes trumps your know nothing coach potato experience.

You do not calculate %s, you estimate them.


I Mean Hiram.

Since You Love To Cut And Paste!

Show Where The Day Of The Game! Or The Day Before! Dashi Predicted Victory!!

DASHI WILL GIVE YOU! The Peyton Thing! Peyton Is My Boy! I Always Want Him To Win! Except Against The Fins!

The 49ers Did Make The Superbowl Right? And They Almost Won It, Right?

Again! After The Weekend The Broncos Lost! Dashi Stopped Predicting!

Don't Want To Ruin My Percentage! Which You Keep Track Of!

What About Matt Moore?

I'm Going To Give You 2 For Free!!


THE FINS WILL NOT DRAFT The Midget From LSU!! Or The Little Dwarf From WVU!!

Montreal, you can't even have a realistic debate, You should go watch a sitcom. I showed you there is plenty of proof quality FA's don't always sign with winning teams. You chose to ignore it because it went against what you were saying, which was dead wrong.

If you just want to believe Miami is the pittstop to hell and Ireland is all things putrid, maybe you need to find a new team to route for?

A closed mind is a wasted mind, and that is unfortunately what you have.

Philbin wanted Flynn as his starter. And he knows him best.

I wish I could hear McCarthy's, Philbin's, Carroll's views on Football now and not this unconcionable drivel we All write here.

Bush has a good two or three years of play making ability in him. He is the sole offensive weapon we have to worry DC's. I say sign him to a two year deal if possible.

Man I try to post long sentences but it cuts me off. Of course I'm bad mouthing JI! I think JI has some type of control to what is said I this app!

RonSonMJFin77 has not made one remotely positive post in years. They just come on here to antagonize people.

Don't bite! The joke is on you if you can't see it!

There aint nothing positive about no playoff win in 12 years plus 4 consecutive losing seasons.

You do not calculate %s, you estimate them.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 15, 2013 at 10:35 PM


isn't that EXACTLY how you get PERCENTAGES ...by CALCULATING...

Cracker Jack called...they said they want their DIPLOMA back.....

JI worst in picking F/A. And below average on drafting players. So good luck guys. I hope this team wins. And that this loosing streak ends soon. But with JI hand picking players =

ray, shouldn't you be in bible study? Your posts are dumb and your English stinks!


Even Mando Told You. 250+ Carries 6 TD's!

Only 2 Games Over 100 YDS!

1- 1000yd Season In 8 Years!!

The Difference Is Dashi Has A Higher Standard!!

1200+ Yds! 10+TD's! Is A Playmaker RB!!


Not 900 Yds! 6 TD's!!

Again! Kareem Abdul Jabbar Is A Better Play maker Than Reggie Bush! Has ever Been!!

And Jabbar Wasn't A Play maker!!

Why Is Reggie Considered Great?

Or A Playmaker Doesn't Mean He Is Great?

The Word Playmaker Means X-Factor! The Guy Who Scores!

Reggie Only Scored In 5 Games!! All Year!!

If Reggie Is A Play maker!! The Fins Need A Better Play maker Out Of The RB Position!!

Rey, Craig M, another poster, always defends Ireland and often brings up Mario Williams...Hhmm...Are you the same dufus?? LOL!! Pittstop to hell?? I told you a FACT, Miami hasn't won a playoff game in over a decade, and some fans, many fans like myself, are fed up with it...And the stadium is FREAKIN empty, so I guess I'm not the ONLY one who feels this way...So don't tell me Ireland is perfect and players love to win 6-7 games every year and don't want to leave Miami...If you believe that you're a complete friggin moron...LOL!!!


Many bloggers are curious. Were you first a he and than a she or first a she and then a he?

Can you shed some light on that?

Yes. Sometimes I come up with new Words to achieve my meaning.


if you read that post from Armando to me...then you should have read my post to WNP....

Bush is not a running back...and therefore...should not be judged as one....

My Boy Philbin let us down this year....SHerman lacked creativity....we ALL expected Bush to be used more in SCAT BACK type roles,,,it didn't happen until the end of te season...thats on the coaches...not on bush....


I said absolutely none of what you intimated I said. Your reading and comprehension skills are less than zero and you are not fit for debate. Go back and read what I said and not your filtered and false interpretation.

You are not worthy of another response from me and won't get one.


Dashi Will Answer Your Question, With His Most Famous Quote!!

Which You Know By Heart!

.... .. ......

(Cut And Paste, You Know What To Do)

I've never coached, and never will. I just thought they sent Bush up the middle way too often. Yeah ok he can do it, and can burst some, but that isn't his forte. They really should have used him more like NO did.


I Would Agree With You.... EXCEPT!!!






FORGOT HE SAID 2000 Rushing Yds!! Not 2000 Total Yds!!

If Bush! Wanted To Be An All Around Back!! He Wouldn't Have Demanded!!

Yes. I was wrong, Kris. %s are fixed. Everybody knows that. Probabilities, by definition, are better called estimated than calculated.


"Not fit for debate??" LOL!!! Says who??? You??? A little nerd who thinks he's John Madden??? Give me a break...I told you Miami hasn't won a playoff game in over 10 years...That's a FACT, you little chit...I told you FAs will often say they would prefer staying with their teams because they look good doing so...FACT...Ireland's draft picks and free agent pick ups have been MEDIOCRE at best...That's the reason why we miss the playoffs year in and year out...That's another FACT...So that's my response to you, now shut your pie hole and go to bed...You don't know crap about football...LOL!!

Let it play out, Ireland has said.


over the past few months (maybe longer)....you have been a different blogger...talking MOSTLY football......even more civil if you will....

I shouldn't have taken that shot...it was out of line...


If you are a fan, worry less about that which you can do nothing about. Sit back and watch it all unfold. There is tension and suspense now. Ireland needs to play the FA and draft with aplomb. He needs last years draft to mature. He needs to have a winning season. It is his 4th and goal from the 10. For me that provides much entertainment. I won't invest much in all the little details, I prefer to view it all as reality theater.

I have the ability for self-criticism therefore, I can learn, Kris. What shot? If you refer to the % stuff, I was absolutely wrong in stating what I wanted to say in that fashion. In any case, recognition is good if only for your own self-work. Thankyou.

is oscar the biggest nerd on here?

Oh Kris, how I'd hoped you would have matured by now. But I see for heavens sake you are still walking around with that ever so large chip on your shoulder and taking cheap shots unnecessarily at people.

Please, mind your manners and try to behave!

Miss Manners....

I will do better...

Ah the truth hurts when I say the truth about your boy Jeffery. It's not your fault, you really believe he is doing a great job with four straight losing. But hang in there he just might get us to 8-8. Just keep believing
I wish at 11:00 pm there was bible study. But I see you're ignorant when it comes to knowing religion beliefs. But I don't hate you. In bible studies Jesus saids love your neighbor and your enemy's. As Jesus loves me and you and everyone.

YG has also grown a lot, Kris(except for his vocabulary). Who said there is nothing personal you can learn from a Blog? Most important Note, Paul. You don't take it down, I'll personally hang you from a Tree.


Agreed. I dont remember who it was. But they criticized Dashi for talking to OC.When Oscar wants he is very insightful.

On Reggie. My main problem is he is impeding progress.

Remember, Dashi is the one who said hartline sucks.

And has been begging for dansbys head!!

On dansby he is mediocre. All Zack did was Tackle!! But boy did he tackle!!

If P.Willis is R.Lewis!!

Dansby was suppose to Z.Thomas!!

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