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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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I agree....you can learn from a blog....and I have learned a lot....

both about people...and football...

Kris please share with the bloggers what you have learned about people and most importantly about yourself.


That was me....@ the time I felt i was right....

but I feel that OVER time...I have been proven wrong....

We will have probably one of the toughest schedules in the League this Season. If we win 10 or more, it will be clear that we are a good to a very good Team. Less than that, it might be somewhat confusing. Are we a good or a mediocre Team?

Now, I Know Most Will Ask. If Dashi has Such High Standards for Players and Coaches(Fire Spo)!! Why Does He Still Support Ireland?

Simple! Cause I've Been a Fin Fan For The Past 20+ Yrs! And Havent seen a more competent team builder running this team.


I see no possibility that Ireland messes up, Dashi. With the ammunition we have, even I could pick 3 great Players from this Draft.

It is good that Armando can keep on earning his $ uninterruptedly, from Us. GN.

I see no possiblity for any GM to have a good draft this year. It is weak on talent, lots of average players.

Ray, the bible also says the Lord kills and he makes alive. He wounds and he heals.

Oscar. 7-9 Or 9-7?

That is the Question?

Does The Offense Improve?

Philbin has Coached The #1 Offense!

And Sherman Has Had A Top 5 NFL Offense More Than 5 Times In The NFL!

Dashi Expects At Least A Top 10 Offense Next Year!!

Lets See How Much Importance The Offense Gets This Year?

2 Wrs (1 Veteran 1 Rookie)
1 TE (Rookie TE From What Mando Said)
1 OG (RG)
1 Jake Long? Or Similar.
1 Rookie RB!
1 Late Rd Project Qb (D.Robinson So He Can Play Wr/qb Or C.Klein From KSU as my Project Type)

On Defense As Long As We Resign Starks and CC! We Will Have A Top 10 D! Get 1 More Real CB! Maybe Top 5?

Ray, your buddy god made ireland. if you hate ireland you hate your buddy.

When you hate, you hate yourself, for it is only you that feels the hate. Book of me


Your posts remind me of toilets flushing. Most 10 year olds have more life experience than you. Many many many years from now, with luck, you will see how ignorant you are.

Take a break from blogging until you gain some maturity and wisdom, which of course may be never.

If the Fins Dont resign Starks.

Dont Expect Soliai To Be Back Next Year. Just Saying.

This Draft The Fins Need To Draft At Least 6 Players On Offense. 2Wrs 1 TE 2 OL 1 RB. And A Qb In The 5Th Or 6th Rd.

Next Years Draft Is All Defense!!

Get Irescum off my team!

Why Do You Hide?

O'yeah, and at RB it is LeVeon Bell. Projected into day three, I think the combine will boost his value when he he shows his skill set.

What do I have to do to fulch a pretty girl? It's been a long time, like never.

Seriously we need play makers? Hartline better than Bush. Hartline is not even a better receiver than Bush.
Ireland should let Philbin pick the receivers, that way we won't have to keep cutting draft picks.

So Titus Young just got waived. It must have been just after he opened his mouth that the Rams realized he wasn't a good fit. Dolphins should not check him out, total cancer.

You guys tell me how sweet it would be to sign Free Agents WR - Greg Jennings, DE - Dwight Freeney & RT - Godster Cherlilous. Then draft WR Cordaralle Patterson with the 1st round draft pick. Then Miami could shore up the CB & TE position in the draft. Those 3 Free Agents along with resigning Hartline, Smith & Clemons would allow us to just focus on shoring up the CB,OG,TE positions(Our only other weaknesses).

I would keep the 3 R.B's we currently have, Just tweek it a bit. Most teams are going with a 2 back system, & so should we. (actually we can use the 3). Bush is not an every down back, but still valuable. Rotate Bush and Miller & make Thomas your short yardage, Goal Line Guy.

Armando do you think if Miami is priced out of the Long market that there are other tackles that interest them? Baker? Vollmer? Bell? Bushrod? Do you see them signing a tackle in free agency, Long one of the others ext.....

Do you think Adam Jones could be a fit with his history with Coyle in Cincy? He was a top 10 cover corner by PFF stats. What about the often injured Derek Cox? Grimes? Do you think they will sign a free agent starting caliber CB if Sean Smith isn't resigned?

Last do you think Vernon showed enough for Miami to feel comfortable with him being a starting caliber DE, instead of just a rotation guy?

Also just want to thank you for your work you do, I know writers don't get paid a ton, but it shows your love for what you do in every article and the time you spend putting the chats together. So Thanks it is appreciated.

How will Miami look at the top 4 WRs in FA? Wallace's salary demands might be too big but his lack of consistent route running, failure to continue plays where he is not the target and lack of aggressiveness for a ball in the air also mean big negatives for a west coast offense.

Jennings' public comments about joining Joe Philbin in Miami and his assumed knowledge of the Fins offensive scheme are positives. However, he does have an injury history and will be 30 y/o this season. Salary and bonuses averaged more than $7M per season over the last 4 years and he may be looking for a raise.

Dwayne Bowe, if not for his temperamental antics, might be the man. But getting him into a Joe Philbin locker room is doubtful. Wes Welker has become an extension of Tom Brady's right arm in NE and many think the combination of his skills and salary requirements would be a poor fit in Miami.

Don't be surprised to see Miami resign Hartline plus an acorn or two and focus on the draft for top WR talent. The FA money is better spent on the superior selection of top CBs and TEs this year.

My guess is they resign Hartline and settle for Jennings. I like the fact that Jennings has been a #1 receiver, has a past with Philbin and appears to want to come to Miami. Jennings has had some injuries there's no denying it. The only thing to do is draft a WR to insure against that possibility. I'd be thrilled to have that guy honestly.

The reason I say settle is they target Wallace as well but the problem with FA's agents is they choose where they play and who knows how much another team is willing to throw at the guy. Unless the team is willing to overpay big. I just don't see it happening. I'd say 20% chance.

billcale @ 8:18,

I like that thinking bill BUT, for the same reason as Ireland "Broke his own rules" while drafting a QB with so few starts in Tannehill, I feel they will target one of the top free agent WRs AND still draft a WR or two.

I would be fine with it as it drastically reduces the percentage chance they miss. Injury, scheme fit, different play designs, aging, QB play etc can attribute to FA player decline. It's crazy that even after a player has played well in the NFL, he can go to a team and have much less success and be considered a miss/bust. The same goes for the NFL draft vs college results (i.e. Pat White who was terror in college and did nothing in the NFL).

If Ireland is seriously trying to get the most from his 2012 top 10 QB choice he will use much of his draft and FA firepower to get playmakers in Fins uni's.

My ideal recipe would be:

Sign any of the big 3 in this order: Wallace, Jennings, Bowe. They all have stud WR characteristics and anyone of these three would be an instant talent improvement over all of our current receivers.

MY favorite two WR's in the draft are Markus Wheaton and Quinton Patton. Both are very dangerous, shifty, playmaking types. The thing I would love about getting both of these guys would be we can chase other players with at least the first two draft picks (1st and 2a).

This would allow for picking up stud draft picks at other positions (OT,OG,S,DE) and STILL give the Fins a crazy boost in playmaking ability to it's WR corps.

What say ye fellow Fins fans?



Agreed that Wallace will be the most expensive. I believe he is the most dynamic with his speed and being younger. In seeing Tannehill break contain with his mobility only to overthrow our current WR's deep quite a few times this last season, I would love to see the Tannehill / Wallace deep connection. I believe it would be a killer combo.

That said, Jennings would make a great case in his own right for being the Fins WR upgrade for all the reasons you mentioned. The idea that players WANT to play in Miami and have stated that is awesome. Not so long ago , people were saying nobody wants to play for Miami. It seems Philbin has already sort of turned that culture.

I really hope that Ireland, Philbin and company do NOT underestimate nor overlook players with talent that actually want to be in Miami.

If Jennings AND Bush were signed I think both bring skills, set examples and are consumate Pro's.

If Lamar Miller were to get the bulk of the carries I know there would still be plenty of ways to get Reggie Bush numerous touches per game.


Correction* It seems Philbin has already sort of turned that corner.

Rob..great point about players wanting to come here. When weighing the intangibles I see Wallace as having as much potential or more to flop as Jennings injuries. And you are going to pay much more with not only Wallace but Bowe as well.

While I see a willingness from Ireland to sign guys like C. Johnson that are diva/attitude/me guys I don't sense the same from Philbin. I think Ireland has the Cowboys mindset about willing to deal with high maintenance players while Philbin would shy away from them like the Packers.

billcale says:

Don't be surprised to see Miami resign Hartline plus an acorn or two and focus on the draft for top WR talent. The FA money is better spent on the superior selection of top CBs and TEs this year.
You may be correct but that depends on the numbers that only the agents and GM are aware of. A good FA cornerback could be very expensive. Just look at the Dolphins Smith, with his body of work he wants $8M to $10M. The Dolphins need to go FA for an athletic down the seem TE.

Rob, are you overlooking that Ireland is already trying to resign Hartline as a priority? -or do you think he will sign another big $ guy in addition? I know I want to see him draft at least 1 WR in the 2nd round but, depending on the combine, maybe one in the 1st, also.

dad, your take on Ireland/Philbin is the same as mine. I think Philbin's will prevails in those situations, though.


I would tend to agree that in the brief time Philbin has been a Fin, he has shown that he will forego talent if it is attached to a negative attitude. I am with him on that as you have to have players "buying in" to the goal as much as possible coupled with the talent to compete in order to win.

Where you and I differ is I see more upside (especially for a longer period) in Wallace than in Jennings. If Jennings had played in more total games I would say he would be the absolute #1 guy as he has great skill and attitude.

In the seven years of his career Jennings has only played a full season 3 times...that's telling. I would still be willing to bring Jennings aboard as he has "ALL" the "OTHER" things going for him as well as history with Philbin.

That said...still feel like the Smiley FA pick up all over again...history of injuries and that continues after the Fins ink him.

Also, even though the price will be lower on Jennings, I don't think it's gonna be as big of a discount as some think. I would say about 3 million a year if I'm guessing? For the injury history as well as age difference that is money well spent imho.


Many of you are so enamored with some names that you inflate their abilities. I don't see any of these FA receivers being a difference maker - Wallace one dimensional, you don't over pay for that, Jennings is on the down side of his career and oft injured, lets not pretend otherwise, Bowe is another Marshall.

I don't see any elite #1 receivers in the draft. Bad timing to have so many picks but in a weak draft. They will find a way to sign Hartline because he'll be far better than any of these rookies in 2013.

billcale @ 9:28,

I believe that Ireland will resign Hartline, get or at least seriously try for one of the big 3 FA's and still draft a WR or two in the upcoming draft.

I believe that it will mean project guys like WR R. Matthews will be the ones exiting.

I don't think anyone in the NFL...both on the field as well as opposing coaches worry much at all about anyone one on the Fins except for Hartline and Bush. Hartline more for his chain moving ability than TD prowess. I say Hartline is a keeper simply because of the fact that Tannehill seems to find him easily and they play on the page most of the time.

If Philbin and Ireland are truly wanting to help Tannehill you have to have players that can make some guys miss and go the rest of the way to the house. Aside from Bush, no one we have on offense creates that anxiety for defenses we face.


Watching the title game the ND TE looked like he could catch any ball thrown his way but he didn't show any kind of play making ability or the fact that he would be a threat to LBs. yes he played the top defense in college and it showed and no I can't attest to college ball as I don't watch (except that game) but I don't find him being the answer. A younger Anthony Fasano (from the same school nonetheless).

Rob, it seems there is depth at WR from what you're saying but with the league revving up to such a passing league I'd expect CBs and WRs to get the QB treatment and be bumped up higher than they're worth. (CB more than WR cause WR is easier to find undrafted or in later rounds) I'm not sure either WR would be there especially if they have a nice combine

I don't know that missing 16 games out of 7 seasons is that bad. Some players miss that in a single year. Ray Lewis missed 15 games his first seven seasons. I'm off the Wallace bandwagon as my top choice. Give me Jennings for all the intangibles and proven track record of being a #1.

No fan of resigning Bush. Sorry, I think I'm as record many times saying it's time to move on.

...YO YO YO!!!! ROB in OC WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to disagree on Reggie Bush..Thats Kool and the Gang..Why we come here..To debate, listen, share...Anyway.

A lot of Bush supporters point to the idea he was the only guy defenses had to worry about last year. Maybe. but it didn't look like they were doing much worrying, or losing much sleep preparing to stop Bush, and this juggernaught that was the 2012 dolphin Offense. I totaly get it. Take Bush off that offense, and then what? it would have been even worse.

Well maybe not. I understand you cannot assume. But lets just look at Millers numbers and apply them to Bush. With about a quarter of the carries, he had almost a quarter of the production. Mt point is if given equal carries he would have exceeded Bush' totals for yards, been close in TD's at the least five. So, hypotheticaly. If you could have plugged the rookie into Bush role..You would have had the same guy.

What Bush represents is the Known. If we want to have a chance to get better at the position. He isnt the guy. I believe we have seen his ceiling. With Miller, we get the unknown..Well what if he fails? what if he can't do it? That is a posssibility. But what if he doesn't fail? We could be looking at much better production, we get younger, and we free some cash to spend at other positions that can contribute.

Wallace did not have a good season with Ben throwing to him, why would he have a good one here? Pitt didn't even make the playoffs. All you hear about Wallace is how he can pop the top, and nothing else. Not strong, not the greatest hands, not a great route runner. I'd say Hartline beats him in all categories with the exception of elite speed. IMHO, the media has inflated Wallace well beyond his worth.

Jennings head is well into his next career, acting. It makes more sense to spend for players on the upswing who have years to contribute and not a fading vet.

Bowe is not likely to become available anyway.

...I am suprised the blog isn't filled with requests to sign released free agents Freeney, and or Woodson. This morning. I was expecting at least some chatter about it. Here you go Armando. Ready made topics. How would each player fit into the defense. Would Woodson be an upgrade at saftey, or would the Dolphins use him to play nickel.(First off I know he isn't a saftey, but he is going to get moved there IMO, and he has played more slot then outside corner the last 2 years..Pretty much a nickel guy)

As far as Freeny. How do we plug in a situational pass rusher. One of the best for sure.

I'm sure we will hear the ole' battle cry "We will take eaither guy as long as the price is right" That is the mantra for the bloggers here..Better not overpay right? But my thought is both these guys are upgrades. I don't know if we could sign either of them, as Woodson is rumored to be lookinf toward a contender, not a rebuild. My point..Any free agent that makes this team better now, and in the long run is worth the money..Too bad we can't tell the future.

...@ 10:21 Any free agent that makes the team better now, and in the long run is worth the money..

Really??? No sh!$...I forgot to end my point.

With the cap space we have available. I don't see either of these guys as huge risks. Neither are going to require long term contracts(IMO)..So it would be wise to make a play. Too bad we can't tell the future.

No problem with people disagreeing here. It's seems much more civilized here in the AM. Much respect to you guys.

The ceiling for Bush is established and it's just not good enough to be the #1 RB. The guy is a workout warrior and a team guy. I just think we can do better. Like I've said you resign too many of these guys and you are the same sputtering offense you were last year. I don't want Fasano back for the exact same reasons. His best job is as the blocking TE that can catch some short passes.


In my opinion, both Quinton Patton and Markus Wheaton cannot or will not climb up higher than our 2nd pick in the 2nd round...even with a a nice combine.

Neither possess the "Megatron-ness" to climb up into the 1st or early 2nd imho.

The real question is how far down the draft board one could let them slide and get increasingly better value? I would say anything after the 3rd and you would be getting awesome value. I feel either or both players could go as early as very late 2nd (last 5 picks) to 3rd round.

Again, like all the "salt in the gamers" like to say...who the hell are we to offer up these best possible educated guesses? Answer: Nobody...just a Fins fan blogger that gets a kick out of taking a shot. Having fun trying to recognize college talent, predict it and then following said players transition from college to the Pro's. Keeping as much track as we can so we can all chide each other about misses or gloat about the hits.

MiamiD20 no implication meant that you are the "Salt in the game type" just happens to be in your post bud.



Also agree with your ND TE assessment. Seems like a good move the chains/red zone leap up and snatch the ball guy but he should not be confused with Gronk or Hernandez.


I read both TE's don't block that well and that does not bode well for TE's in a Sherman offense. But he'll sure as heck put a blocking TE out to catch passes and stretch the seam.

Kidding aside, I'm not convinced Ireland grabs one of those guys after saying he wants to see you know who this year at TE.

Whats up me brudda DD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always dig seeing you on and of course give the obligatory "SHOUT OUT!!" Always a pleasure...

That said...you and dadsmithwest are agin me on the Bush issue. I can see you gentlemen's points. I just believe that Bush is still very talented and instead of ushering him out to give unproven Miller ALL the load I would say invert the two roles. Have Miller be the lead RB and give Reggie the "Other touches".

I feel much more can be accomplished with both of these guys in year 2 of Miller's career. Bush is such a good receiver and that was not exploited as much last year. Also how about having both on the field in a variety of formations?

If Bush really wants to say as it seems by all accounts, if he is the team guy I think he is, he will accept a modified role. Also, you then have an instant back up plan if Miller goes down to injury.

The guy I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, (i.e. lot's of really's) is Thomas. He has been oft injured and isn't much of a threat while running. Doesn't create his own space, doesn't move piles as big as he is...it's sad.

The ONLY thing holding him on the roster is Ireland already overpaid for the guy so letting him go admits "I screwed that one up" of which he is loathe to do.

I see nothing but a waste of a roster spot. Other's say give him another 2-3 years to "wait and see" if he develops??? It's Henne 2.0 all over again...those that wait will end up saying two years from now..."well, we gave the lil feller a fair shake to try anyways??"


Nothing Ireland says in public means anything. No GM is going to give you the slightest hint at their true intentions. Fans never seem to learn this.

The single biggest factor this offseason will be what they do with Long. No single player will affect what we do in FA and in the draft more than he will.

Darryl D,

I am not talking about Freeney or Woodson as I don't want either as a Fin. Both are winding down and I am not really digging on the 2 year patch.

Both would command a ton of money and I would just prefer to chop up the pie for others is all.

I would resign Hartline, Bush and Starks.
FA's would be Wallace first or Jennings, CB Keenan Lewis first or Grimes, TE Cook first or TE F.Davis.

If they can cram in an Albert Bell or Levitre than by all means. If not draft at least one top level OL line such as OT Lane Johnson or G Larry Warford.



I Feel The Guys A Prick! But YG Is RIGHT On 1 Thing. Ireland Will Not Go After Old Players!! No FA Over 30!! The Fins Are Still Building! We Need To Make Sure Whoever We Sign! Can Play For The Fins At Least 2-3 Years!

Like DSW Said, Those Guys Have Already Reached Their Potential! And The Old Guys Are Past Their Prime!

On Reggie.

2 Things!! He Is Not That Good! And Reggie Has Always Said! If He Plays In Miami He Wants To Be A Feature Back!! And Nobody Wants A $5Mil Back Up!!

Reggie Is Not A Feature Back!! And $5Mil For A Backup Is Way To Much!

The Fins Have RB's! That They Are Unknown! Is Another Thing!! But The Talent Is There!! L.Miller, D.Thomas, M.Thigpen, J.Gray!

My Guess? Ireland Drafts Another One In The Mid Rounds! M.Ball From Wisc. Or M.Lattimore! Even The RB From Stanford? S.Taylor!

Guys That Run Hard And Don't Dance!!

...Rob. I think most of us that are for Giving Bush the see ya later. Are assuming that if he is resigned he will be as the feature guy. Now, we do not know this. But is seems silly to think that he would sign a llesser contract here to be told he would have a reduced role. I could see it if he had the same offer from a contender. But from a bottom feeder, or team pounding nails into the foundation??? Maybe you are right. Perhaps he would stay for less, in both role and contract.

As far as D. Thomas...Yeah. He is a bonafide waste of a pick. It would be easy to bang on Ireland for this one. At this point, it is best to move on. He blew it. Now time to fix it..I have been banging the bongos for 2 guys in this draft who would be great fits in this system because of their running styles. but they catch the ball, and more important. Can pass block.

Jon Franklin UCLA,
Mike Gillesee Florida. Now some have said Gillesee could be a second round pick..I don't know, maybe he will be. It is just as likely he won't, and could be had in round 3. Franklin has been mocked everywhere from 3rd round all the way to round 7..so who knows. Anyway..again we get younger with a chance to get bette with either of these guys in tandem with Miller.

Sorry Rob, I laughed at your post. You have some good thoughts and while they do help soften my stance on the guy. I don't know that he will accept that kind of role as a 3rd down back. And is that role really worth the millions he wants?

His agent parasite is on record as saying that last years salary is the starting point for negotiations for a new contract. I even read a ridiculous article where a guy was advocating paying him 10 mil a year.

As far as Thomas goes..this seems like a make or break year for that guy. I'm not completely ready to give up on him or label him a bust just yet.

We all have our scenarios for the Fins. I'm hoping the Fins come out of Free Agency with Wallace, Hartline and a Cornerback and OT signed. That leaves us 5 picks for a DE, TE, WR, RB and an extra

...Rob, Dashi...I think Woodson will command a bigger contract then Freeney. I really don't see him wasting his time here. He is out. I'm just saying he would be an upgrade..both guys would.

Freeney is interesting to me... He fills a need. Big time. it lets Vernon devlop, and frees up a possible draft pick for another area. I don't think he will be as expensive as you guys do. 5-6 mil a year, a 2 year deal.. It would be a great fit. Lets see what teams are interested in both players. It should speak volumes about whether or not the league thinks they are finished.

As fas ar signing old players. Freeney is 33, Woodson 38..Woodson fits the mold of old. Freeney? Not really. Look Freeney is going to get a bad wrap because his sack totals have fallen...Well last year they changed from a 4-3 to a 3-4..That is going to effect you when you are playing out of position, yet he still managaed to dominate a guy a lot of people think should be re-signed here.,.The greatest left tackle ever.

2...TheColts defense had always been know a as a defense that took risks rushing the passer because they could do so with the guy they had playing behind center n the other side. 2 years ago, the colts were playing from behind every game. They could not "pin their ears back" ..They were a defensive defense(if that makes sense) they weren't the agressive attacking, risk takers..Effect..lower sack totals.

Freeney to me makes more sense then almost any one freee agent out there..Could be knee jerk, could be wrong..Just my thought.

Fins are having secret talks with PAT WHITE to try him out at WR and ...


Sorry I had to laugh at your post..."Not completely ready to give up on Thomas"...touche` mon frer.

I could give a rats ass what Reggie's agent is saying...he won't sign for crazy money ANYWHERE and he won't get as fair of a shake as the Fins have already given him.

With the Fins he was able to get more workload then the Saints ever gave him and for the most part shake the injury label he was toting (although he was nicked he played through it albeit at a lower level).

I think anything North of 6 million and he should take it...even if it's the Tononto Argonauts calling!

Bush will end up in a 3.5 million to 5 million contract depending on where he goes and who is there, what scheme etc.

As DD has said, not to flog a dead horse but I am not so enamored with Bush that if he won't change his mindset of his role as starter AND his then lessened duty pay then he can head for greener "astro-turf" pastures.

Just trying to keep as many playmakers on the team while adding more.


Why bobbyd12,

Good ta see ya on man...you are an OG blogger. I can still recall you touting Gronkowski in the second round...good call.

I could very easily see Ireland filling through FA like your post @ 11:04.


There has been a PAT WHITE SIGHTING at Fins compound.

6 teams make the playoffs in each conference. 7 are better than us. I don't see that changing anytime soon, they all get draft picks too.



Couple weeks ago I kicked around the idea of signing Freeney as a situational pass rusher. Or he could be part of a "special pass rush package", depending on how Vernon takes off in 2013.

The special pass rush package would have Wake, Vernon and Freeney(from the olb position) rushing the passer on any long yardage situation where the opposing offense has to pass.

The special pass rush package is contingent upon Vernon having a breaklout 2013 year. If not, Freeney comes in and plays pass rush DE in passing situations.

No interest in Woodson and it's likel like Freeney won't actually be released until closer to March 1st. Some interest in him but he wouldn't be my first priority. I'd need to know what kind of money and term he's looking for.

That should have said, 'March 12th'.

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