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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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So much for Titus Young and his fine career with the Rams. That lasted what, 10 days? Brilliant!!

How long before the Einsteins are back on here telling us, 'we must sign Titus Young'?

Time proves time and again the bloggers are completely clueless about football:

They thought Eric Green was the missing piece for Marino to get to the next SB.

They thought JJ would get us back to the big game.

They thought Saban would get us back to the big game.

They thought Parcells would get us back to the big game.

They thought Brady Quinn was the answer at QB.

They thought Marshall would make us dangerous in the red zone.

They said Pouncey wasn't really a center.(In his second year he is already in the top 5!)


Remember when JT was on the last legs of his career? He was in the same age neighborhood Freeney's now in at this stage of his career. JT didnt get a huge contract with the Jets. ere's an excerpt fromthat deal:

"ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the two sides agreed on a deal that will pay Taylor $3.75 million the first season of the two-year deal, with his base salary situated a $1.75 million."

This is probably a "blueprint" of signing a Dwight Freeney too.


So, I believe Freeney's value should be about 2yrs @ $4.5 million a year. No higher.


If it's a pass rush specialist you seek I would MUCH rather have Cliff Avril. He has put up very decent numbers and is 26 compared with Freeney being 32.

I liked Avril since college and posted him as part of many a mock leading into that draft. Alas...he went to Detroit.

I feel he would be as good as any pass rusher coming out this year and has 5 years of NFL experience! He is nearly the exact copy size wise as Wake.

Talk about some pincher action!


Signing Freeney does 2 great things:

1. Insurance against Vernon not having a breakout sack season. He would be the situational pass rusher.

2. We dont have to use a premium draft pick on pass rush this offseason. Between Vernon and Freeney our pass rush situation should be well in hand.

Yeah Craig M... LOL at the "must sign Titus Young" folks.

I believe he has mental issues far surpassing what the general public knows about him.

I think all the teams have the inside scoop but the Rams decided to take a flyer...a really short flyer...like a 10 day thanks for stopping by flyer.


DD, YG and Craig M,

Put me down for Cliff Avril as a FA pass rush generator instead of Freeney.

He is younger and can do more full time duty than Freeney at this stage.


Freeney is no part of a rebuild. He'll just take snaps away from the younger guys and will be gone when we're ready to compete. No one over 30 should be acquired.

Watch NE pick up Titus Young and watch him catch touchdowns and keep us out of the playoffs.

Rob OC,

$46 million available seems like a lot, but it really isnt. Signing Avril greatly depends on what who we go after and actually who really wants to play in Miami. Plus there are huge decisions to be made on our own fa's.

It will take a much larger slice of the pie to sign Avril. However, everyone wanting to go big(fa or draft) on pass rush, are impatient to see what Vernon can become in his 2nd season.

That's where Freeney(much cheaper solution) makes the most sense. He's insurance on Vernon's 2nd season. If Vernon's a flop at pass rush in year two, Freeney should be able to get 7-8 sacks as a designated pass rusher alone.

Freeney also buys time to draft another pass rusher high in 2014 if its seeming Vernon is too slow to develop.

Also ask yourselves, if we go big(fa or draft) at pass rush this offseason, what if Vernon catches fire in 2013 and bests that guy out? I have a strange feeling Vernon will catch fire in 2013 and prove you all wrong.

So YG,

You Don't Want OV To Have A Breakout Season?

That Is How It Reads. I Know What You Are Trying To Say! It Just Reads Different.

Insurance In Case Vernon Does Not Have A Breakout Year. Agreed.

But If We Get A Real LB! Or 2! Ellerbe and A Draft Pick!

We Can Move Misi To DE! And Let OV Develop And Get His Snaps On 3rd Down!!


Anybody Over 30 Is Super Old In The NFL In My Book!! To Much Of A Risk!!

C.Avril Would Be Nice! But The Guy Is In That $8-9Mil Range!

For That Resign Starks and CC!! And Keep The Top 10 Defense Intact!!

I Would Resign Starks And Let Soliai Walk, Next Year!!

Titus Young!!


Seriously!! Character Is NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!! But It Definitely Should Be A Top 3 When Looking At An Athlete!! Specially In A Game Like Football!! Where Players Have To Be Disciplined At Their Job!!



Youre seeing it all wrong. Freeney wold basically be a 2013 insurance policy. You sign him at about $4.5 million, but in actuallity you're only signing him for 1yrs in case Vernon does not have a breakout season as a pass rusher.

If Vernon is having a breakout season, then you use Freeney as a pass rush specialist blitzing from the olb position, instead of the DE(Vernon) position on passing downs. Then you have Wake, Vernon, and Freeney coming at the qb on passing downs.

I believe that trio would easily make us a top 5 nfl sack defense. Think outside of the box coach, you can do it.

We all agree we need players that get into the endzone...

I like my chances with my 2 top choices as WR's go...

#1 WR Markus Wheaton 91 receptions for 1244 yards. 11 TDs receiving 2 TDs rushing.

#2 WR Quinton Patton 104 receptions for 1392 yards. 13 TDs receiving.

The best thing is that both of these playmakers are probably 3rd rounders or later. That means you can fill other holes first while still addressing TD making WR needs.



Stfu already. I can lead you to water and you still would not believe or understand water's wet.

If Football Is Like War!

And Coaches Are Generals!

You Want Good Disciplined Soldiers That Follow Orders!!

Not Some Black water Mercenaries That Will Kill You For Money!! With No Sense Of Leadership!!

YG, Freeney would just take snaps away from the younger guys. We dont need band aids for one year.

Most great WR's are divas. If Ireland/Philbin want choir boys they should start a church.

YG @12:19!!

At Least You Are Not Hiding Today!!

And Buddy!! For You Being The Main One Dishing It Out!! On Everybody!! You Sure Can't Take It!!

Difference Between Being A Clown! And Joking About Everything!! And Being A Bully!!

Grow Up Fool!!

New Day! New Page!!

For A Guy Named "Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!!" You Certainly Can HOLD A GRUDGE!!


I don't think there is going to be some big discount on Freeney vs Avril as Freeney has the much more recognizable and bigger name.

I don't believe the gap in actual $$ will be as big as you are thinking.

I say, if they are going to chase a pass rusher...go younger with Avril.

I also don't believe Vernon will "Catch Fire". I hope he continues to grow and come on but he seems a little stiff to be that knarly 13+ sack guy.

I do like him and am not down on him but I would say anything over 6-7 sacks and he would be surprising me.


Rob OC,

Im done with Ireland and wr's. This is one thing I believe Ireland will find a way to f u c k up this offseason.

Ive been reading artcle's KC will press hard to resign Bowe. Also, I believe if another teams even comes close to offering as much as Miami, Wallace will turn down our slightly higher offer not to come here and play for Ireland. Irelands racist "perception again comes back to hunt.

Then Ireland probably lowballs Jennings and pisses him off. Ireland gets none of the fa wr's, resigns Hartline, and drafts a wr 3rd rd or further. Hartline gains comes into the season as our #1 wr.

Im already preparig myself for this reality from Ireland. So if you guys are having "visions of sugar plumbs dancing in your heads", dont be surprised of your rude awakening come 2013's offseason end.

Is it just me or is that sign in per every post thing freakin annoying??

Gotta go grag some grub. Be back later.

Cheers Y'all!

One thing you can bet on in 2013, the Tannehill, Hennehillers will be out in force. Why? Jeff Ireland will not significantly upgrade the our recieving corps.

He will sell us Hartline is a top 5 #1 wr waiting to happen and draft another Clyde Gates. Tannehill, Hennehillers, dinner is about to be served. Grab your napkins and aim your forks.

YG @ 12:30,

LOL...Unfortunately it could go down exactly like that.

Ireland better HUGELY prosper from his knowledge gained through watching Safety Clark get away and his always good for a laugh "Prostite" comment.

Maybe some will stay away. I am sure Clark will get into Wallace's head about Ireland. At the end of the day...Wallace will be a paid mercenary.

The ONLY way he doesn't just go to the highest bidder is if he goes to a team like NE, Denver, GB or other serious contender with a nifty QB.

Also he will be reminded that with No State Tax in FL it will net him even more money on a higher off from the Fins.


* higher offering

YG, sorry but totally disagree. Ireland is in the hot seat, no doubt. He either needs to improve this team and bring them to the playoffs or he is toast. I believe Ireland gets it done with some big moves. I know his track record says otherwise but he knows what he needs to do.


I disagree with you because "every single offseason" your gm's in the hotseat. If Ireland is just realizing he's in the hotseat this offseason. Then may the football gods help us all. LOL...

bobby12, since when did Ireland "knowing what he needs to do" help anything? LMAO!!

Rob OC,

Knowing Ireland, he probably bringd Wallace in and takes him to reakfast for pancakes and Aunt Jemimah syrup, watermelo lunch, and a fried chicken/collard green dinner. Then use a "yo' hommie" slang during their interview.

He'll also probably forget to remove the "Redman Chewing Tobacco" poster from his wall and the toy Jonh Deere tractor from his desk.

After this he will be totally clueless why Wallace wouldnt sign with him. LOL...

I can see it now, Ireland brings Wallace to theDavy practice faciolity and has a tractor trailer filled with watermelons to impress Wallace. LOL...

Ireland brings Wallace to Davey practice facility. Shows Wallace tractor trailer filled with watermelons. Then says:

"This can be all yours if you just sign with us homie."

Ireland will ask Greg Jennings:

"Did your great grand parents ever pick cotton?"

Who Says Hartline Isn't A Bigger Prick Than Wallace?

The Fins Have Extended Contract Offers To Hartline. Multiple Times! And Wallace At Least Scores TD's! And Opens Up! The Field!

Again, Señor Philbin Has Stated Many Times! HE WANTS FOOTBALL PLAYERS!


The Guy Basically Has The Defensive Players Calling Egnew A P'ssy!! To See What He Is Made Of!!

Well, I don't know how people can live their life's being miserable and biatching all the time. Some of you will never be happy

Many of you are so enamored with some names that you inflate their abilities. I don't see any of these FA receivers being a difference maker - Wallace one dimensional, you don't over pay for that, Jennings is on the down side of his career and oft injured, lets not pretend otherwise, Bowe is another Marshall.

I don't see any elite #1 receivers in the draft. Bad timing to have so many picks but in a weak draft. They will find a way to sign Hartline because he'll be far better than any of these rookies in 2013.

Posted by: Soren | February 16, 2013 at 09:42 AM

I hate to agree with this but it's the truth. Wallace is good but not 10 million dollars good. Bill Cale explained why. Jennings? Only if you can get him cheap which ain't gonna happen. Bowe? As somebody said, another Marshall.

So, that brings us to the draft. Pretty weak this year for skill positions. Damned if we do, damned if we don't. That's why you do what you have to do when say, a Gronk comes along. Ireland has never understood that every draft is different and if you snooze, you lose.

Im already preparig myself for this reality from Ireland. So if you guys are having "visions of sugar plumbs dancing in your heads", dont be surprised of your rude awakening come 2013's offseason end.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Thanks for pissing on our parade dude..lol. If that is how it turns out and we end up 6-10,7-9,8-8 please remember to remind me. Then you and I both can get us one of those FIRE IRELAND signs and head to Davie.

The Combine Is Before Free Agency.

If 1 Of Those 6'3" Wr's Can Run A 4.3!!

Don't Expect Us To Go After Wallace!!

The Way I See It!

Starks And CC! Are A Must For Defensive Continuity! And It Will Cost The Fins About $10 Mil To Keep Both! (S.Smith Is Not A Defensive Need)

On OV. Dashi Is Not/Has Never Claimed! OV Will Be A 15+ Sack Guy! But If He Was Playing Full Time! Or Splitting Time With Misi At DE!! Dash Can See Vernon Get 8-10 Sacks!1-2 INTS! 1 Block! 1-2 FF!! Vernon Is Only 22! And Is A lot Younger Than Some 1st Rd Picks!! This Year!!

Plus, All The REAL GOOD DE's! ARE COMING OUT NEXT YEAR! Clowney, Chickillo, That 6'6" OLB From Alabama!!

The Guys This Year! Either underachieved Or overachieved!! No Sure Fire Prospect!

Like The WR Position.

Soren and cocoajoe,

The current WR line-up is Bess, Binns, and Rishard Matthews. They damn well better do something and Hartline isn't enough IMHO.

As a Miamian, I thank God for the Miami Heat. In the 80's-90's, UM football. Then in the 2000's for sprinkling in the "Florida Marlins."

Thank goodness, over these treacherous sports times, the Miami Dolphins werent the only game in town.

In 2013, the most vociferous cry in Miami will be:


Dolfan Rick @ 1:21 PM,

We'll exchange email addresses and hook up at Davey with Fireland signs in hand. LOL...


Geesh, wake up man. If one of those 6'3 wr's runs a 4.3 at the combine they'll become a top 5 pick. LOL...

$10 Mil On Starks And Clemmons!

Leaves $36 Mil To Spend On The Offense!

$10 Mil On Jake or Equivalent!

Leaves $26 Mil! To Go After A Wr and A CB!! Plus Maybe Even A OG!

Leaving The Draft To Go After

1- WR
2- TE
2- RB
3- LB
3- WR

With The First 5 Picks!


Who is happy about losing? You?

Fans like cocoajoe and soren are what keep the dolphins lousy and ireland in business to this day

ABSOLUTLY CLUELESS on how to build a winner

If Bowe gets locked down by the Chefs then that will further squeeze the funds out of teams for Wallace or Jennings.

I only hope some bonkers owner doesn't go banana's and drive the WR FA market to kingdom come.

Time will tell. The NFL is a young mans game. Just knowing that we have the 2nd youngest roster in the NFL and will probably get younger (if they don't sign like Jennings and Woodson etc) serves up hope for better days ahead.

I still say snagging Wallace or Jennings would allow us to draft a couple more talented WR's a little later in the draft...like oh I dunno WHEATON and PATTON! Steadman Bailey I would throw into that mix too. Hell, even though his stats aren't much WR Marquise Goodwin from Texas can be later round flyer.

I would do all this INCLUDING signing Hartline. I want dynamic transformation at WR not a slow upward tick.

To recap that's sign Hartline, sign Wallace or Jennings, draft Wheaton and Patton. Team them with Bess.

Binns and Mathews would be gone at this point.



Only C.Patterson Might Become A Top 5¡ If He Runs That. The Other 2-3 2nd Round Wr's Might Become Top 15 Players!!

Just Saying. The Combine Can Give Us A Little Preview! Where The Fins Will Look! In Free Agency!!

On Wallace! Ireland Doesn't Have To Feed Him Watermelons! Just Take Wallace To Tootsies! And Invite Rick Ross!! Doesn't He Own A Part Of The Team?

They Can Even Stage A Shootout For Wallace's Street Cred!! Shoot A Music Video For His Rap Career!!

Philbin Doesn't Want Choir Boys!! But I Bet He Doesn't Like Rappers Either!!

Rob OC,

KC will resign Bowe, I would bet my last bottom dollar on it. Too much familiarity between Ryan Clark and Wallace(teammates). I believe this will be the ultimate difference maker why he wont sign with Miami.

At 30yrs old, I believe Ireland lowballs Jennings. It will be easy for him to sell this to the fans being Jennings will be 30 this season. He'll also be selling us that he gave Wallace his best shot, but Wallace just chose not to sign here.

I see a more likely scenario of Ireland resigning Hartline and drafting a wr 3rd rd or further. He probably draft the best available wr 3rd rd. Depending on the combine, it may not be Wheaton, Patton, nor Bailey. With great combines, any or all 3 could move into the bottom 2nd rd at the least.

So Ireland could be pressed into drafting yet another "Clyde Gates". Im taking nothing for granted with Ireland concerning bringing in a much needed wr. In 5 seasons this fo has a D grade at best in this department. That's only because Bess and Hartline are doable at best.


Agreed. I Hope The Owners Stick Together! And Don't Overspend On A Certain Player!! Or Position! I Believe That Is What Ireland Is Waiting For! For Other Teams To Set The Market! And Then Go For Value!

Clady Is Being Franchised! For $9 Mil! If The Chiefs Sign Bowe! They Won't Be Able To Offer Albert More Than $9 Mil, Themselves!! Meaning Jake Getting More Than $10 mil, real Difficult!! Plus, The Fins Can Go After Volmer Or S.Baker For $5-6 Mil!

On The Wr's! Wallace Shouldn't Get More Than $10 Mil A Year! Jennings More Than $7!! And Hartline More Than $5!! Anything More Than That Is Overpaying!

Ireland Needs To Sign At Least 1 Good Veteran Wr! And Draft A WR With 1 Of The First 3 Picks! Doesn't Have To Be In 1st! Unless, Again 1 Of The 6'3" Guys Runs A 4.3!!

The Fins Have 10+ Picks! At Least 6 Better Be Offense!!

I'm gonna go ahead and be greedy and say I want Wallace, Jennings, and Hartline! If were going to make a splash let's make one!.

Failing that I could live with 2 of the 3 in any form. Anything would be an upgrade short of only resigning Hartline. Actually that would be an upgrade as well if we happen to hit on a stud reciever in the draft. Thats a big risk though.

I could also live with Dashi's scenario @ 1:34 although I'm not all about giving Long $10 million and I believe Fasano will be back.

Dolfan Rick @ 1:21 PM,

We'll exchange email addresses and hook up at Davey with Fireland signs in hand. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 01:30 PM


I believe what Ireland will totally miss the boat on is that Tannehill's td total needs to at least hit 25 tds to even be a wildcard playoff team. That aint gonna happen with Hartline and Bess as the starting wr's.

Tannehill improving to 25 tds means 17-20 tds from the wr corps. Then 5-8 tds in the passing game from the Te's and rb's. We cant eve be sure Ireland will even take a TE in the 1st 2 rds.

Instead Of S.Bailey! Dashi Will Draft D.Robinson In The 3rd!! As A WR/KR/QB!

Plus, It Let's Us Know If We Can be In The Running For Johnny Football In The 3rd Round Of The Next Draft!!

Robinson Is Bigger, Stronger And Faster Than Bailey! Plus, He Played Qb! In A Pro Offense!! Meaning He Can Pick Up The Playbook A lot Faster!

I Can See The Fins Going After D.Hopkins Or R.Woods In The 2nd! And Drafting D.Robinson In The 3rd!

YG nice post @ 1:52

You bring some some sound logic to the Ireland's potential plan and circumstances. Like I originally brought up to you in my post @ 12:38...I feel even with Clark spitting all the bad stuff in Wallace's ear, I believe he will be a hired gun in the end.

Thus if Miami offers the most...he will jump ship. Say goodbye to shoveling snow and state taxes in Pitt and say hello to some long distance bombs after Tannehill runs around a tick...a little fun in the sun (Life stadium) :)

IF Wheaton, Patton or Bailey show to be 2nd round talents then I WOULD pull the trigger with our second 2nd rounder. We need sizzle AND TDs that bad.

Wheaton reminds me of DeSean Jackson quite a bit.


Dashi @ 1:55. Good post!

Nodding in agreement. Ireland seems like he's dead set on not overpaying...not for Bush, nor a FA's etc.

He is balancing that with how much pressure he has to nail down some exciting players per Boss Ross' orders. I know it must kill him to have a "Fire Ireland" sign dragging over the stadium as well as picketers outside the stadium. He can say that doesn't affect him all he wants but it is still pressure through negative press.

Let's see what comes about. I was shocked when they went for and reeled in Brandon Marshall so I reckon anything is possible?


Rob in OC,

LOVE Cliff Avril for this team too. I brought up that fact this week. I think ulimately he's going to get too expensive for us (to the tune of a Julius Pepper type contract). That's my guess. Who's going to be interested? No clue really.....but I think some surprise team will nab him, like the Saints or Chiefs or Browns. GREAT player and there are a lot of teams who would love having this guy but ulimately I think YG's plan to add Freeney isn't bad idea. I still think I'd rather have a kid in the first round, who'll be younger and probably cheaper but Freeney should be part of the consideration.

LOVE some of the WR names you've brought up in your mock. I've been looking at a couple of those guys too. Good value getting those guys in the third round.

I said this week, with the Bengals having $50+mil in cap space and in need of someone opposite Green and also the fact that they play in the same division as the Steelers, that I believe we'll be outbid by the Bengals for Wallace's services. He'd be the perfect guy for that team and I think it would be a more attractive opportunity for him. We'll see what happens...

Rob OC,

Thing is, instead of giving this fo an overall D grade o bringing in wr's, I would have given it a B- had Marshall worked out ad were still on the team.

Marshall not fully working out and eventually being traded for 2 3rd rd picks is a huge drop in their wr grade.

Rob OC,

If Ireland is to "over focused" on babysitting his cap issues. Then we'll ever become a sb contending team. You can rarely have the best of both worlds.

Look at some of the most recent sb winners. Most all sb contenders and winners eventually approach salary cap pergutory. Seems to only be "the nature of the beast".

If at somepoint you dont approach salary cap pergutory. You're just not trying hard enough to produce a sb contending team. You just have to be very wise in how you end up there(salary cap pergutory).

What I pray DOES NOT happen is for Ireland to fall in love with WR Terrance Williams JUST cause he is from his alma mater Baylor!

Williams has some talent but he seems to have longer stride build up speed to me. Those guys rarely pan out as awesome in the NFL as everything is about separation, cutting and getting in and out of breaks.

At 6'2" 205 WR T. Williams is no bigger than my choice Patton and Patton will not go near as early.

Also Williams drops catchable balls...Brandon Marshall anyone?


There is a report that seems to indicate that the fins are willing to place the franchise tag on Sean Smith. It looks like he is now in the driver's seat with the negotiations as he may be the top CB in FA. Also, there is no top end talent at CB in the draft this year except for Milliner but he will be gone before we pick.

It may not be a bad idea to just franchise Smith and pay him the 10.6 million for one year. That will enable us to let him walk next year. The fins can take a CB in the 1st or 2nd round this year and then draft one again next year with the first round pick. Allow Smith to be a 1 year stop gap for this year and then let him walk next year. We are too thin at CB this year to go into the draft needing two starting CBs.

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