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Live blog chat here at 2 p.m.

There's plenty to talk about the Dolphins as they prepare for the Combine next week.

So this is a good time for a live chat.

I'll be here at 2 p.m. and if you are here, we can discuss the team. If you cannot be here then, leave your questions or comments now and I'll address them. You can check back later to see my response to your comment.

Topics on the table:

All free agency -- Miami's own and those about to be cut loose by other teams.

The draft. Who fits. Who doesn't. Miami's needs.

Anything else that comes to your mind.

Before anyone asks: The team has said the new logo will be unveiled in April. So that's out of the way.



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What gets me the more I think about is Ireland calling this part of his "grand so called plan".

Was part of the plan Marshall not working out? Was Part of the plan to dump Vonte all along? Or was it part of the plan Hartline would have only 1 td recieving coming into his fa year?

Was part of the plan having fa's available that probably wouldnt want to sign with him because of the present perception of this once proud franchise which this present fo is partially responsible for.

Plan my ass! LOL...

Craig M,

We are both on the same page with Avril. He may get overpriced but we should be in that derby as he is that kind of stud DE.

Another FA I would take over Freeney is Michael Johnson from Cincy. He is 6'7" and hard to throw around. He had a beastly 11.5 sacks last year coupled with the fact that 5th year Pro has played in ALL games in his career.

Just like some are down on paying Bush a decent wage as a support player that threatens a DEF whenever he is on the field, I am not trying for a big name part-time DE. Freeney was in on 27 TOTAL combined tackles in the last 2 years...Michael Johnson 97!!! That's not a slight difference that a landslide different.

I want my DE/LBs in on the grunt work of tackling just as much as the flash and stardom of the sack.

I say let Freeney go to someone else and go after Avril OR Johnson. I just don't see many high impact outside pass rushers in this draft. Mingo Or Ansah can both be great prospects over time but I don't see them coming out of the gate with a bundle of sacks.


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 02:24 PM

Thanks for that post YG. I have to admit, some of of these post were starting to depress me today..lol

All this talabout value and not over paying the market etc etc.

I realize I was shooting for the moon talking about signing Wallace and Jennnings but I was trying to make a point.

This is not tiddlywinks this the NFL and either you want to win or you don't. I'm not suggesting that we should just be frivolous with our money but I thought there was supposed to be a sense of urgency here.

We keep carrying on about the extra draft picks we have but its not like we have 2 or 3 1st rders and the extra picks we have cost us 2 starters. The man needs to get something done in free agency or he better hope Philbin coaches his tail off.

YG @ 2:27.

Great point although I don't think you get ahead just by signing up to the cap (or over it). Washington found that out year after year.

Just so happens that they hit on a rad rookie QBIII and pulled Alfred Morris out of their collective arses.

Like you said, now is NOT the time to pinch pennies if a difference maker can be had.



After watching the Senior Bowl, D. Robinson has a loooooooooooooong way to go to be relevant. He seemed lost at WR.

He may have been thinking way too much or been nervous so I wouldn't write him off as a potential draft pick but I wouldn't take him unless it was late.


They should spend and spend as much as necessary but spend wisely.

Going back to the TE debate, Keller is a good TE, I've unfortunately liked him as a Jest. But with his nagging injury I don't see him being our high-priced answer. I feel he's going to go the Chris Cooley/Kellen Winslow route of getting injured and not living up to his potential again rather than be a great TE for us. He's a stop gap answer not long term.

Orlando Dolphan,

I know that most fans dont love it and neither do I. But that maube the best plan of all in what to do with Smith. Rather than sign him longterm for $7-$8 million a year. Let the $10 million farnchise tag be a "huge tester" in how he will perform after a big pay and to see if his int's rate improves.

If it doesnt, we're only stuck with him for 1yr. It it does, sign him to a longterm extension before he hits fa in 2014. At least this way it dertermines whether we cut bait after this seaso or if he can be a longterm solution.

If not, we've still saved a huge amount of "future dollars."

I don't know for certain but I'm pretty sure what they don't spend this year can be carried over to next season. So if they don't get good deals or see good enough players don't just spend for the sake of spending. Wait till next offseason. It's not like we're one player away from the Super Bowl anyway. It'll take 2-3 years

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 02:55 PM

If we franchise smith and he does worse we've wasted a lot of money. If we franchise him and he does better he'll ask for an even bigger contract and/or leave at the end of the year. Seems like a lose-lose situation

YG--But if Sean Smith decides to become a Latvian Cashew Vendor then the Dolphins will be saddled with that contract.

I suggest you observe photographs of flamingos and have a cheese sandwich.

Couldn't we get Rodgers Cromartie for about 6? Not sure if he's better and I'm not usely the guy that argues about not overpaying someone but 10 million for Smith?

I just don't see where he has earned it. We keep hoping he turns the corner (no pun intended) but has he really?

I know it is what it is but if ever a guy needed to come off his demands, this woul be a good time.


Exactly my point, spend "WISELY". IMO, spending wisely is spread out accross the "ENTIRE TEAM", Not just "1 OR 2 PLAYERS".

Unless that 1 player is your "FRANCHISE QB", a "CALVIN JOHNSON" tpye wr, or Pass rusher that easily gets you very near or above 15 sacks per season.

Only other variant is your team is only "1 Player" away to winning a sb. Then you can spend the moon on him too, if need be. Anything else is simple overpay. Especially if youre several players away to even being a serious 2nd rd playoff team and that players doesnt even make you this.

Ireland's Scouting Report Card By Master Dashi

QB- B-

Can Become An A! If T-Hill Turns Into Something! Since Marino! Ireland Has Brought In The Best Qb! On The Fins! And Has Done A Better Job! Than The Bills Or The Jets! In The Same Amount Of Time!

RB- B+

Ireland. Inherited! Ricky And Ronnie! So That Is Not A Bad Start! But He Managed To Let Them Go Just In Time!! With An Almost Seamless Transition! Without Wasting A First Round Pick!! Reggie Was Good In 2011! And Thomas! Was A Soprano Pick! But Ireland Knew That Wouldn't Work For 2012! And Beyond! Last Year! Brought In L.Miller, M.Thigpen! And Signed J.Grey To The Practice Squad! And Replaced Polite! The Best FB The Fins Had In A While! With J.Lane! A Better FB!! And Younger!! The Fins Need To Draft Another RB! But You Can Never Have Enough RB's!

Wr- B+

Yes! Dashi Said It! Ireland Deserves At Least A B+! Until He Does Something Better This Year! How Many Dolphin Wr's In History Gained Over 1000 yds Rec? How Many Of Those Were Picked By Ireland? Exactly! Marshall Didn't Work Out! But He Was Better Than I.Fryar! Hartline Has Had A Better Career! Than T.Ginn! Y.Green! And Probably Even Chris Chambers!! When It Is All Said And Done!! D.Bess is The Reincarnation! Of OJ Mcduffie! And The Fins Didn't Waste a 1st! The Fins Didn't Even Waste A PICK!! Again! We EXPECT! IRELAND! TO FIX THE WR POSITION!! Because The Standard He Had 2 Years Ago!! Was Probably The Best Trio In Fin History! Marshall, Hartline, Bess!!

TE- D-

Seriously! Dashi Can't Even Defend This One! I Know Soprano Needed Fasano! But Still! C.Clay Is A H-Back! And Egnew Is A Question Mark! We Already Might Know The Answer To!! (Egnew Is A P'ssy!!) On Top Of That The Missed Picks!! If Ireland Has A Weakness On Offense!! Is Defining What A TE Looks Like!! Wasn't Philbin A TE? Philbin Teach The Man What A TE Looks Like!!

Why don't you guys go out for a walk, see a movie, read a book, go to the gym, bang some tail...instead of pissing away your weekend on a blog?

My answer to the Sean Smith debate is I have seen quite enough thank you...

I would let him test free agency and go after Keenan Lewis or Grimes as both are better players. They also actually have tackling as part of the Corner Back job description! Sean Smith thinks he is Deon Sanders is his "they don't pay me to tackle" approach. News Flash hot rod...Sanders made a TON of "other" plays to make up for it!

Stop reading your own minds press clippings and staring at the tattoo on your arm (Greatness pfft)!!! Realize you are a BIG corner and act like it. If they keep you of course.


Posted by: MiamiD20 | February 16, 2013 at 02:57 PM

If we sign Smith to 4yrs $8 Million, that's $32 million over 4yrs. Franchising him $10 million we spend only $3 million $2 million more that first year to find out if he's deserved of a long term contract.

If he shows he is, then maybe he cuts us a $1 million a tear break and signs at $7 million a year instead of $8 million a year. That's a $4 million savings over what we would have signed him for.

So the $3 million dollars more we pay by franchising him, actually becomes $1 million dollars saved over 4years. If he doesnt work out after franchising him, we still save $22 million dollars over 4yrs had we signed him for $8 million 4yrs this year.

Because this is mathematics, I know some of you will be able to follow me and some of you will be lost as hell. LOL....

Looking it at corners in the draft . Which should it be guys?

Dee Milliner
Xavier Rhoades
Marcus Trufant
Jonathan Banks

Can we get Banks or Trufant in the 2nd?


For my part I hardly ever get to participate during the week. The job and family give me time constraints.

Since the wife is at work and I don't feel like watching a movie...this is some good entertainment value. Since I don't want to go over my own cap(lol)...this free entertainment value is killer.

What's your story? Why hang out and police other bloggers participating? Don't you have to be wasting your own time playing internet cop instead of just doing what you are preaching others to do?

Just sayin'...



Youre totally "out of your mind" if you think Ireland deserves a B+ at the wr position.

"Thousand yards?" I'll take a wr with 50 rec 800yds and 8-10 tds any day over a wr with 100 rec, 1,200yds, and 1-6 tds.

Even 100 rec, 1,200yds, and 6tds was Brandon Marshall. Remember the guy Ireland traded away for 2 3rd rd picks?

B+ grade? Dude you are completely out of your skull.

Why don't you guys go out for a walk, see a movie, read a book, go to the gym, bang some tail...instead of pissing away your weekend on a blog?

Posted by: Szabo | February 16, 2013 at 03:10 PM


Completely rational, sane advice but it will fall on deaf ears.

This blog IS the focal point of their lives and living a normal life/being productive, etc. just doesn't fit into their plans anymore.

Gee I wonder if Kind of Sad is Szabo?

That would be a tough popcorn trail, nay boulder trail to follow.


Posted by: Kind of Sad | February 16, 2013 at 03:23 PM

No, what's really sad is, unless you were spending your etire pathetic weekend on this blog yourself, you wouldnt know who else was spending their pathetic weekend on here too.



This Has A lot To Do With Jake! Being A Sure Thing! Also, With The Drafting Of Martin! Jake And Martin! Name 1 Other Dolphin GM! That Has Drafted 2 OT's! That Are That Good!! Martin Or Carey? R.Webb Or J.Long? Webb Was Great And Played Longer! But If Jake Manages To Resign! And Get/Stay Healthy! Get Back To Form!! Columbo Was A Spo Pick!! We All Know That!!


I Was Going To Go Even Lower! But At The End Of The Day I Like Incognito! And He Picked Him Up On The Waiver Wire!! As A Matter Of Fact! Ireland Deserves An F+!! Seriously If There Is 1 Position! Ireland Sucks At Worst Than TE's!! It Is OG's!! Maybe, Soprano Was Partly To Blame!! But Even Then! At Least Don't Overspend On Them!! J.Smiley Was A Horrible Decision!! Ireland Needs To Fix How He Evaluates Player! For This Position!! Hopefully! Philbn And His Staff! Will Sit With Ireland! And Have Sat With Ireland!! And Showed Them What They Are Looking For In A OG!!

C- B+

Yes, Drafting Pouncey Was A Great Decision! And The Only Center Ireland Has Drafted!! But Before Then! The Fins Had A Couple Suspect C's! And Letting Go Of Satele Without A Replacement Was Pretty Dumb! Because Parcells Said The Guy Didn't Fit His System!!

YG, I'm not a capologist nor do i play one on tv but that seems like an awful lot of ifs to me. It also seems like alot of worrying having the best cap situation in the league vs the best football team in the league.

Like i said before i don't want to be up to our ears in dead money and forced to release the few good players we have but my vote right now is the good football team. Damn the value.


Kind of...is not me, nope.

I pass by on my lunch break a couple of times a week and see the same people blogging all day everyday. Your name is not familiar, glad you have a life and the blog is only an occasional diversion or you.

I was just thinking....now its the weekend and maybe lots of these people need to enrich their lives just a wee bit.

But you are correct, who am I to say....

It always hits a nerve with those who know it's true about them.

Obsessive compulsive behavior is relatively common and CAN be beat, but the first step for you is recognizing that the problem is real.

Dolfan Rick,

I like all the Corners on that list for various reasons.

I would bet that Trufant and Banks both go in the 2nd round.

We all have to wait and see what Sean Smith's fate is...that will put more pressure on a high draft pick being a corner if Smith goes. With our need to improve in the secondary if they used a 2nd on either guy I would be fine with it.

All 4 will be early draft choices and should contribute right away.


Szabo actually just got done skydiving and thought he would play on his iphone a little before checking out pikes peak.

Dolfan Rick,

What you have to remember is that every team in the nfl is a "good team". The worst team in the nfl would beat Alabama at least 7 out of 10 games.

So you ave to be careful about wishing for a "good team", every nfl team is a good team. It all comes down to which teams are making the "wisest moves" in both the draft and free agency.

That's what determines the "winners from the losers" on this, the nfl level.


A "B"!!

Ireland Deserves a B Picking Wr's!

Who Would You Rather Have, Forget The Qb!! Marsha, Chambers, Y.Green, I.Fryar.

Name 3 Wr's! On The Same Dolphin Team! Better Than Marshall, Hartline, Bess.

In The Last 20 Years?

Yes, The Fins Need To Get Better Wr's!! But Ireland Has Found Decent Starters!! And ProBowlers!! At The Wr Position!

It's Not Like The TE Position! The OG Position! The LB Position!!

Ireland Has Done A Decent Job Finding Wr's!!

Let Smith test the FA waters and if someone wants to pay him big money then so be it. The secondary got burned bad a lot last season and he was part of the problem in many of the games. He's a loss just not a great loss. Meanwhile the team can look into other options in FA and the draft. If he's the best FA corner then the team needs to look at the draft.


If you are not Kind of Sad I stand corrected.

Just seemed like a square peg AND a square hole fit based on both of the posts.

I typically never respond to the posts like that. My bad.


Gotta go guys. Going to go do a little skydiving and I'll use my iphone to check back in with you guys on my way to do a little rock climbing at Pike's Peak. LOL...

We can talk more about Smith tomorrow. Can we now go back to the Long vs Ryan debate?

I say neither was worth a top 10 pick.

Dolfan Rick @ 3:34

That was a belly laugh... thnx.



Agree...let Sean Smith and his inflated self worth test the waters...if a fool hearty team wants him I say hit up the CB spot in FA and the draft and feel good about the improvement.


The worst team in the NFL would beat Alabama 10 times out of 10.

Years ago (when the Hurricanes were a top program) I once heard Jim Mandich address this very issue with a caller, who was insisting a great college team could beat an NFL squad. Mandich--who DID play on a great college team at Michigan--explained to him that not only would any NFL team absolutely destroy any college team, but that you would need ambuances and paramedics on the sidelines to deal with the physical carnage.

They are two entirely different levels of football, no different than the dfference between High School football and college. It is preposterous to think otherwise.

I'd take RT over Matt Ryan today. Tanne will have a better career. Matt Ryan has peaked at average. No other QB in the league has as much receiving talent to throw to and yet Matty still plays small in big games.

Who do you like more Ryan with our weapons or Tanne with Ryan's weapons?

No brainer.


Smith's the top rated corner in this fa class. That really isnt saying much for the other corners in this class.

So if Ireland allows Smith to walk, there's no other resort than to use a 1st or 2nd rd pick on cb. Problem with this is that the cb's in this draft dont have any great up ceilings. What's a gm to do? LOL...

Seriously YG, You think the Broncos were worried about value a whole lot while they were signing Manning.

If Ireland keeps trying to out value everyone he's going to lose his job. Simple as that.

I didn't mean i was wishing for a good team btw. I get parity. I meant I'm more concerend about winning right now than getting a guy at a bargain and Ireland should be too.

This morning I went marlin fishing in the keys. I am now freshening up for a matinee at Carnegie Hall to followed by a moonlit bungie jump off the Golden Gate bridge, and then a fine dinner at Chez Panisse.

I don't use an iphone.

Whats really funny is, because Smith is the top rated cb in this cb class, there are actually posters in other teams blogs saying their gm needs to go after Sean Smith.

One mans trash is another's treasure. You know, the exact same thig we do when another team's trash becomes available. LOL...

Dolfan Rick,

Gues you missed the part of my post on throwing caution to the wind on:


Anything else is simply overpaying. None of these types nor situations exists for us.

One mans trash is another's treasure. You know, the exact same thig we do when another team's trash becomes available. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 03:51 PM

You are right about that YG. We are all guilty of that. I think the folks in Chicago are pretty enamored with Jake Long as well.

Next week this is all going to heat up big time with FA's being able to talk to other teams at the Combine. Not that I am silly enough to believe none of that happened before but league rules have changed for this year.

Dolfan Rick,

Also being "wise" and value hunting are two entirely diffrent beast.

Ireland hasnt really proved to be "wise, nor a value hunter". Ireland only has proven an overwhelming need to "babysit his salary cap". That maybe the unwisest move of all.

He seems to fold at every hand to significanly improve this team. His nerves of jello and incalcualble need to babysit his salary cap will never allow him to field no better than a one and done playoff team at his very best.

790 reporting Fins gonna use Franchise Tag on Jake Long

Anything else is simply overpaying. None of these types nor situations exists for us.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 16, 2013 at 03:55 PM

Well Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings may not be Magatron's but their better than Davone Bess and Binns.

We were promised an exciting fast paced WFO. We don't have the personnel to execute it. I think throwing a little caution is in order. IMO

Of couse I meant WCO.

Not sure why ANYONE has Eifert ranked ahead of Ertz. Ertz has better speed & is the better athlete. While Eifert can certainly become a good TE at the next level he doesn't possess the rare athleticism that Ertz has in a 6'6"/250 pound body.

I know people think that 12 is a stretch for a TE BUT this is a pretty weak draft class at the top in terms of the skilled positions. Consider if you were getting a top 5 NFL TE you'd definitely say that he's worth it...No way of knowing if he will be but he's just a Junior & does have ELITE potential.

My favorite prospects in this draft are Eric Fisher & Dee Milliner who should be gone before we pick. After that I like Ertz, DeAndre Hopkins, Eddie Lacey, & Stepfan Taylor.

I've seen Hopkins play a lot this year so I feel comfortable with him. There are other WR's who MAY be better (like Patterson, Allen, Hunter, etc.) but I just haven't seen them play as much as Hopkins. Hopkins is another kid who is just a Junior that is a great athlete. He may not be as tall as some of the other prospects & I'm not sure how fast he's going to run at the Combine but he's a former basketball player with great leaping abilities to make BIG plays right on top of CB's. At 6'1" & 200 pounds he reminds me of more athletic Stevie Johnson--the kid has great hands & just make plays. Still don't know how Stevie Johnson fell all the way to the 7th round after the college career he had. Hopkins is a baller & CB's in the the NFL will struggle to defend him in one-on-one coverage.

I think Hopkins could slide into the top of the 2nd round b/c the GM's & scouts will be drooling over the prospects who have more of the prototypical 6'3/215-220 size & they'll also fall in love with the prospects who run the fastest 40 times BUT I believe that the team that gets him is going to be VERY pleased.

I'll say Long WAS worth a top ten pick but his body seems to be breaking down fast and he's in a decline. His first few years were very good but now he's just not the same player. He's a good team guy and leader but I don't know how you get over his price tag without lowering his price tag and a cap friendly incentive driven contract.

Maybe the Phins franchise the guy and trade him? That would be awfully smart with all these guys saying he's the best FA Left Tackle.

"790 reporting Fins gonna use Franchise Tag on Jake Long."


If that's true then Ireland already blew this off-season.

YG @4:10,

I get what your saying now. I misunderstood your previous post as you agreeing with Ireland's methods.

I'm pulling for the guy but it sure looks like he's a good capologist but not so much the personnel guy.

bobbyd12... Hmmmmmmm. Sure seems like a big number to give to a seemingly declining player.

Maybe it's a ruse/rumor?

While Jake has lots of ability, he hasn't shown well the past two years.

Being drafted from one of the last classes before the rookie salary cap it seems odd to continue the financial needle pointing north for Long??

Wait n see I suppose...


Ron in OC, all I can do is tell you guys what was said. I don't think we should do it


Franchsing Long is "old rehashed" news. The possibilty of this has been floating around since the Dolphins drafted J-Mart. I wouldnt place too much stok into the 790 report because we've been hearing of the possibilty of this, off ad on, for about a year now.

How much is the franchise tag this season for a LT??


I saw where you were only reporting it...no worries.


bobbyd12... Hmmmmmmm. Sure seems like a big number to give to a seemingly declining player.

Maybe it's a ruse/rumor?

While Jake has lots of ability, he hasn't shown well the past two years.

Being drafted from one of the last classes before the rookie salary cap it seems odd to continue the financial needle pointing north for Long??

Wait n see I suppose...


It sounds idiotic & it's a move that only Ireland would make. Over $15 Million for a player that had BY FAR his worst season as a pro???? Last time I checked the guy was on IR & missed a quarter of the season.

With all that said until I hear Ireland come out & say it like Elway just did with Clady--then I'm not buying it.


I'll put it this way. I wouldnt be surprised if Jake Long is franchised and the same if he isnt. I elieve it's a 50/50 propositio either way right now.

Cant put anything past Ireland.

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