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Jake Long: Return up to the Dolphins

Jake Long's wife Jackie has been tweeting about the couple's desire to find out where they're going to be living in the coming years because they want to find out where the offensive tackle is going to be playing.

Yes, they want to stay in South Florida and Long wants to play for the Dolphins.

But they also want to get paid.

And so Long believes it is up to the Dolphins to come through. At least that's what he's saying in a phone interview with the NFL Network's Linday Rhodes.

"I'd be open to continue my career there, but it's essentially on them, see what they want to do and what direction they want to head in and go from there," Long said in the interview that will air on Total Access Tuesday evening. "That's the business side of it so we'll see what they want to do."

Obviously, the idea of Long returning to the Dolphins isn't totally on the Dolphins. The club wants Long to return. Long wants to return.

But Long wants to be paid a salary akin to the highest left tackle in football or close to it -- a status he's enjoyed most of his career. The Dolphins are not there right now. They see a player who's been injured each of the last two years and who is no longer as athletic as he was before. They are somewhat concerned he has started to break down and want to protect themselves.

The club has made Long multiple offers but no deal. I'm not getting the idea Long's side is really budging all that much, sensing it has leverage.

And so, barring a meeting of minds the next few weeks, it really is on the free agent market to determine Long's worth. The Dolphins don't love that, but will live with it. Long, meanwhile, is fine with that approach despite his recent performance and injury history.

"I'm not concerned," he said. "The last couple of years I've had some injuries I've had to work through, it hasn't been the ideal situation, but I've been working hard this offseason to get healthy and get strong. And this is the best my body has felt in a long time and I'm just excited to get a deal done and focus on football and get back to work for 2013."

For the record, Long said the same thing last year during training camp. And then he finished the year on injured reserve for the second consecutive year.


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Would jake give the Dolphins a chance to match the best offer he gets on the market? You'd like to think so since he's already taken so much of the team's money already and is one of the leaders here.

would craig m do society a favor & take a vow of silence?

hes gonna get overpaid so let him leave. see ya jake. on to a new era

hit the road Jake...

Jake felt the best ever last year too! Let him go!

He is a mid-level LT, so offer him a mid-level LT salary. If he takes it great, if he doesn't you can get a different mid-level LT that is willing to accept a mid-level LT salary.

Didnt jake say last year was the best his body has felt in a long time? I know he wants to get paid but how much is enough and how badly does he want to win knowing this team needs to spend big to improve the offense? Is he giving tanne part of that check to make up for last year and getting the kid killed?

Poor guy, pass the cup, only made 55 million so far.

I've got no problem with anything Long said in that interview. Pro careers are short and more power to him in finding the best deal. I think any of us would probably want the same thing, wouldn't we?

I am NOT saying Miami should overpay or that Long's health isn't a concern (it certaunly is). The team needs to ascertain what is in their best interests.

But Long gets that same opportunity for himself, too.

Either way, he's been a solid guy and a good citizen in Miami. I'm in no mood to dump on him and wish him well wherever things take him--including staying home if that can be worked out.

Why do some of you dump in the guy so much? Because he's been injured? That's just weird to me.

That's the thing. We have broken the bank for this guy once, and he grossly underperformed. Not again.

Ross has to stop being so friggin cheap and pay for the good players if he wants to compete!

I have been a Jake Long fan from the start. With hindsight it's easy to say the Fins made a mistake taking him over Matt Ryan. But given how much the team had to pay the #1 pick then and the 50/50 flip of the coin first round QB's can be, I thought the safe pick of Long was a reasonable move.

I liked his first few years with the team. I liked his toughness and ability to pay through some nagging injuries.

BUT....Finishing the last two years on the IR is not good when he is your highest paid player. With the draft choices costing less the Fins are better off using the $10-$15 million to get a Free Agent who can score TD's or create sacks/turnovers. They could then go T in Round 1 or 2 and be fine with that player and Martin next year.

harmel keyword "good" long is avg at best anymore

The ego to believe you're worth that much when the Dolphins have posted a losing record the past 4 years. Obviously Jake Long your value to the team isn't that high when the Dolphins haven't been closer than within two games of .500 for 4 years.

This league is about winning and when you're paying your left tackle an insane amount of cash that has very little impact in the W column the decision seems easy when it comes to re-signing him to a similar figure.

Does anyone have a link to the Bills game where Jake Long got blown up by a washed up shawne merriman? To me, that was the "holy sh*t" moment that said Jake Long will never be elite again.

I wouldn't pay long anything near the highest LT in the league. Some poor team like the bills or the lions will pay long and regret it a year later. Bye Bye Long. You're about nothing but money. You got paid as the highest tackle in NFL the last couple of years by the dolphins and didn't play near that. Go rob someone else.

Seriously JAKE? Your return is up to the team that has given you so much money already! No Jake it is up to you and your delusional, greedy ass agent. Look dude if you think you deserve to rape a team again ($) like you have the Dolphins then have at it elsewhere! I have a no brainer to ask everyone....would you rather mike wallace or jake long? Same price tag minus the fact that we have someone that can do jake's job already. The greed inside people really piss me off.

This nonsense about Ross being "cheap" is a bunch of crap. Always a good barometer of which fans don't have a clue what they're talking about.

The fact is, he's spent whatever the personnell department has asked and the Dolphins were at (or near) the cap limit every year he's owned the team until now. And THAT is by design so the team finally has some salary flexibility!

Miami didn't get Fisher or Harbaugh? Well, that wasn't about money, either. In fact, I've seen multiple reports that Miami offered Fisher MORE than what he got with the Rams. Hey, both men decided they had BETTER opportunities elsewhere--and in Harbaugh's case he didn't even have to move and inherited a ready-to-win team. Can you blame him?

The funny thing is I don't even particularly LIKE Ross. His personality grates me a bit, truth be told. But I also believe in being fair. And he is NOT cheap. It's a stupid and uninformed thing to say.

Who is going to play LT? Martin was terrible there.

What do they do with Martin if they resign Jake? Martin isn't a good fit at RT. Why draft a kid who's a prototype LT at #42 and then retain the guy you drafted him to replace?

Harmel, do you really know how the NFL salary cap works. obviously not. Ross is one owner that is very willing to spend. And if you don't know that you're stupid

Harmel, I just can't believe any intelligent football fan would say that. Are you a little kid.

Long has been overpaid the last 2 year considering his production. It would be nice to keep him in Miami but not at what he wants. Let him walk

martin wasnt good there but long wasnt any better. so keep the young just drafted cheap guy and spend the money elsewhere

Jake signed the biggest contract ever for a LT(I think) when he was drafted. He should be paid around the $6M/year the team supposedly offered him.

Even if he's out there getting in shape so he can come back better this season, who's to say what he'll be in year 2-5 of his new contract?

Go young and best of luck to Jake and his family. I wouldn't make him a priority if he wants 8-10M/year.

?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!PUT ME IN THE FRONT OFFICE!??!?!?!?!

I don't understand.................... this is so rediculous... put me in the front office as a consultant! Or give me Ireland's job!! Mando, I emailed you a week ago and got no response....(very unappreciative)... Y the hell don't we just sign Long to whatever contract he wants then trade him before free agency even starts!?!?!?!?!?!?!? There is at least one team out there that would give up a second rounder for him... PUT ME IN THE FRONT OFFICE!!!!!!!

?!?!?!?!?!PUT ME IN THE FRONT OFFICE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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The apparently want him which means there not high on Martin at LT. Hopefully the can get him signed for under 8-10 million.

Jake Long's Pay has never matched his play. The first couple years he was paid as a top 5-10 of ALL PLAYERS. He now is a bottom 15 player at his position with health issues. I say hit the bricks.I believe they drafted Martin knowing this was in play. Martin will get better Long with get older and more beat up and it is more important what they lose by giving him 10-12M. Add a RT in Draft , go with Martin and you will have a good young group to grow with.

__ __
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"Sign him for whatever he wants" ?? That's just plain dumb.


They drafted Martin with the 42nd pick in the draft. That means they're "high" on him, and he was a LT in college. They put him at RT b/c Long was already playing LT, and we had a huge hole at RT.

I don't get why people think just b/c the team offered Jake a contract that they aren't high on Martin. Maybe they're just okay with resigning a veteran as insurance and give Martin more time to develop. OR, maybe they think they can sign and trade Jake. OR, maybe they see im as a RT going forward. There are lots of things that they might be thinking.

Until not they bring LONG back hasdnt niot before 10 millon dollar but bat 4 millon dollars it would be ok. If LONG say no thetn the DOlphins have say good by and wacht other player come mnom the line. i do not no who they have from gnast years or before the team.

play off team was what mntea to see

I think it's safe to say that Ross & Co will not over pay now.....but have a long term plan (probably 3 to 5 yrs) for a run deep into the playoffs, trying to match the competition that the Pats provide...and then hoping for a SB run...

.....with that as their blueprint..I would think they have set a figure for Long (and every other FA they have) above which they will not go...

.....they logically would target players who will still be effective 3 to 5 years from now..
...and adjusting their pay standards based on that, with an eye on what those extended salaries this year would do to the salary cap down the road...

....so probably we see one major FA aquisition from outside....a sensible signing of the present players whose salaries fit the blueprint...and the remainder of the "needs" are filled with draftees..with the hope that ove rthe next three years all the needs are filled with high performance players of playoff caliber

...dunno...maybe I'm way off on this...just my assessment......laymanese though it is...

You guys can actually sit there and act like this man didn't go to 4 straight pro bowls from his rookie year on and was 1st team all nfl in 2010. The only pro lem with jake is he got but and tried to play through it and then He got hurt even more and his play showed it. This guy is no scrub but I can understand not wanting to risk overpaying him but let me also ask this Sean smith played his best football so far this year but we won't pay him for his past years jake long played top football for many consecutive years but we won't pay him for his recent years. This is the nfl you can't just expect a hometown discount from every player these guys go out and work hard year round (at least I know jake does) from being a leader both on the field and off the field sure recently injuries have left much to be desired from his play but for All you fans that are screaming for the signing of Greg Jennings he been Hurt the last couple years his play has fallen off so why is it ok to give him #1 wr$?

This team is going young and building through the draft. Resigning Jake to a really big contract just doesn't seem to fit with what they've done so far.

I'm more concerned about how they address our huge need at RT in the draft.

Nobody is fooling nobody here. I'm certain the Dolphins have put Long thru any medical test imaginable and are certain about his present physical state and how much it will hold. What leverage does Long's side feel they have? We just Franchise him and he won't be able to even sniff the FA Market. True.

I don't remember seeing anyone on this blog wanting to give Greg Jennings #1 WR money. In fact, Jennings does not deserve #1 WR money because he has been hurt and getting older.

Randy, Martin did fine at RT. That is where he will stay.

Say what you want about Long, if we don't sign him there is no way we will have anyone nearly as good in that spot next season. No way.


I think Martin starts at LT for us within 2 years and probably next year. He was overmatched physically at RT and we ended up not even running behind him much b/c of it.

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You must have had your eyes closed. Martin needed tons of help at LT. It was terribly obvious. It stalled our whole offense. He was better at RT no question.

Mark, I would hope Jake gives the Dolphins a chance to match. First off, it seems like him and his wife like it in Miami. Second off, it seems like he wants money and would be getting a decent bit more of it with no state income tax in Florida.

African Nigeria Grant (born August 2, 1965 in New York, New York) is a former professional American football player who played defensive back for one season for the Miami Dolphins. His daughter Nia Grant is a middle blocker for Penn State Nittany Lions women's volleyball


I didn't say he wasn't better at RT than LT. I said he wasn't very good at RT. What do you expect from a guy who retrained his feet and brain to shift to RT and then, in a week, he was back playing LT...where he hadn't played in a year...and had never played in the NFL...and had no time to prepare?

He struggled at LT for sure, but what else would you expect given the situation? He'll be much better with an off season of training and repetition back where he belongs.

See, apparently somebody is paying attention to what we write in here and to what JJ said. They have added another "aptitude" test to the Wonderlic.

Hello Oscar!

Apparently, there are 2 Carls, one friendly and one, not so much.

Eh, bite me.

See, we solve nothing with bringing in a Cordarelle or a Vontae here, to later find out, they don't get it.

Jake...$55M in your pocket and you still want more?
You did not play as the #1 rated LT in the NFL so why do you expect to get paid as the #1?

In fact...many respected sites have you listed outside the top 10 tackles in the NFL.

Jake...either you believe in what coach Philbin is building in Miami or you don't...if you do, then sign a deal that pays you MILLION more dollars, and let's you play an integral part of the playoff run we're about to make.

Jake...are you listening?


It's a business, period. They are all in it for the money. Good businessmen sell their goods to the highest bidder. That is the way works.

It is only a game to the fans.

Wallace turned down an offer from Pittsburgh that trumped the five-year, $55.5 million deal Vincent Jackson got from Tampa Bay as an unrestricted free agent last offseason, expect a contract being placed on a table that pays Wallace in the range of $60 million or $12 million a season


Not true at all. He turned down a deal that would have paid him $7mil a year. Get your facts straight.

Get paid??? What did he do with the first $58 mil from his rookie contract. Ireland should make a collage dvd of all the plays he was burned on the past couple years. Also include his penalties. Make one for Ryan Clady & compare.

jets 7 mill under cap now after cutting pace and scott


Not only that but if you read Peter King's MMQB today you'll hear from one GM who said he 'won't pay Wallace the kind of money VJax got last year from the Bucs. Not even close'.

i wouldnt either. v jax a better all around wr, not to say wallace cant mature into that

Of course, Jake Long has to be franchised, his wife will be looking for new accomodations next year. No?

Jake and Jackie Long both need an attitude adjustment. Parcells who made Jake Long the number one overall pick in the draft made a huge mistake. Jake is a very good player when healthy but that overall pick has caused Long to forever be over priced. Dan Marino would restructure his contract for the team. It's a good thing that this years draft has a number of OT to take Jake's place. Jake you and Jackie can use your millions to buy some winter clothing and a fire place. Jake go back to the cold frigid midwest where you belong.

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