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Jake Long: Return up to the Dolphins

Jake Long's wife Jackie has been tweeting about the couple's desire to find out where they're going to be living in the coming years because they want to find out where the offensive tackle is going to be playing.

Yes, they want to stay in South Florida and Long wants to play for the Dolphins.

But they also want to get paid.

And so Long believes it is up to the Dolphins to come through. At least that's what he's saying in a phone interview with the NFL Network's Linday Rhodes.

"I'd be open to continue my career there, but it's essentially on them, see what they want to do and what direction they want to head in and go from there," Long said in the interview that will air on Total Access Tuesday evening. "That's the business side of it so we'll see what they want to do."

Obviously, the idea of Long returning to the Dolphins isn't totally on the Dolphins. The club wants Long to return. Long wants to return.

But Long wants to be paid a salary akin to the highest left tackle in football or close to it -- a status he's enjoyed most of his career. The Dolphins are not there right now. They see a player who's been injured each of the last two years and who is no longer as athletic as he was before. They are somewhat concerned he has started to break down and want to protect themselves.

The club has made Long multiple offers but no deal. I'm not getting the idea Long's side is really budging all that much, sensing it has leverage.

And so, barring a meeting of minds the next few weeks, it really is on the free agent market to determine Long's worth. The Dolphins don't love that, but will live with it. Long, meanwhile, is fine with that approach despite his recent performance and injury history.

"I'm not concerned," he said. "The last couple of years I've had some injuries I've had to work through, it hasn't been the ideal situation, but I've been working hard this offseason to get healthy and get strong. And this is the best my body has felt in a long time and I'm just excited to get a deal done and focus on football and get back to work for 2013."

For the record, Long said the same thing last year during training camp. And then he finished the year on injured reserve for the second consecutive year.


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I'd take VJax hands down.

Not suitable for all viewers.

funny how clueless people who dont watch fin games are. here in kc today talk radio was ripping miami for not wanting to resign long at any price. still calling him the 2nd best lt in game. hilarious.

Not true at all. He turned down a deal that would have paid him $7mil a year. Get your facts straight.

Posted by: Craig M | February 19, 2013 at 07:34 PM

Why does this guy have to be such an azzwipe all the time?

Craig, that info comes straight out of today's SS. If it is not true blame them.

I'll believe them over some nobody on a blog.

course we all would, but v jax isnt available

Hate to disagree but looking at Wallace's numbers he is going to end up with 5 years at 60 million. I believe that's what it will take to sign him.

I honestly thought Ireland would blow it up by overpaying for Long. If Long & Smith are not re-signed I believe that Philbin & his coaching staff are the difference. If Sparano was still coach I believe Long would probably be back.

ill agree on the long thing, sparano would of wanted him back at any cost. sparano was plain awful

All those unbelievable millions high contracts paid to rookies before last year are backfiring now with the new rookie wage scale in place. Even Matt Ryan's is.


What's going to happen in KC? Talk is they'll franchise either Albert or Bowe. If they franchise Bowe and can't sign Albert should the 'Phins sign him to what he wants?

A glancing side boob.

Like dusty would know lol.

KC released Breaston and Boss today.


Who will be the Pats first 3 picks this year?

Who are you man? Do you hang around all day just making your 'smart ass' comments? Like why are you here? Get a job or something will ya....


They drafted Martin with the 42nd pick in the draft. That means they're "high" on him, and he was a LT in college. They put him at RT b/c Long was already playing LT, and we had a huge hole at RT.

I don't get why people think just b/c the team offered Jake a contract that they aren't high on Martin. Maybe they're just okay with resigning a veteran as insurance and give Martin more time to develop. OR, maybe they think they can sign and trade Jake. OR, maybe they see im as a RT going forward. There are lots of things that they might be thinking.

Posted by: Randy | February 19, 2013 at 05:42 PM


42nd pick is 2nd rd. Martin fell to the 2nd rd because he was projected as a RT. Sure he was drafted as insurance behind Long and he may very well end up playing there but franchise LT's are usually drafted in the first rd. ie Long, Webb, and this year Joeckle.

Doubtful Martin will ever be what Long was at his best. The question is what is Long's best now and how much is it worth.

Who are you man? Do you hang around all day just making your 'smart ass' comments?

Posted by: Craig M | February 19, 2013 at 08:04 PM

And what to you do preacher? You tell that guy out of the blue to get his facts straight when he just repeated what was being reported in the local paper.

This Craig dk know it all acts like he has his own inside sources. He ain't got jack sheezem!

...I just listened to Longs interview. Says he feels better then he has in years. Of course he does.
I don't think it makes one bit of sense to franchise Long. 15 mil for one year? He isn't a quarterback. The team could give him the Tag where other teams can offer him a contract, and we have right to match. But it is unlikely that any team would offer anything knowing they would have to throw in up to 2 first round picks. (this is also not likely, it could be a first and something else. I know the internet will tell you that in this tag you get 2 first round picks...It never happens) anyway.

The team either needs to get a deal done. Or cut it's ties with Long. We don't have to Franchise anyone to be frank. But paying 1/4 of the salary cap for one year is just dumb. Go ahead and say that we would still have 25 million availble. That isn't the point, in fact it is a lame point. The team went Kmart shopping the past 2 years to get to this point. We have enough to get a deal done with Long if we choose. Using the franchise tag on him would be a mistake.

Like I said, you're obviously not here to talking football. So why are you here? Kind of creepy!

I'm sure Jackie Long has NO job living off Jake's money.

She is drinking the Cool Aid more than him!!

We have the bread this year. If there is a sure as death guarantee that Mike Wallace can get us from 3 to 6 points a Game this Season, give him his 12 mill/yr.

Like I said, you're obviously not here to talking football. So why are you here? Kind of creepy!

Posted by: Craig M | February 19, 2013 at 08:12 PM

You call your posts football talk? Hahahahaha u be da creep heah boy. Now stop bein nasty and git on out da way!

At least Craig M post as Craig M. I think.

Jake long is greedy as hell he needs to get a grip,sure he is a top 10 tackle when healthy but come on .we paid him a boat load of cash already . At this point what is he really worth maybe 9 mil. A year tops . I say good riddance dude

Maybe we should take a tackle in the 2 nd round

We have the bread this year. If there is a sure as death guarantee that Mike Wallace can get us from 3 to 6 points a Game this Season, give him his 12 mill/yr.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 19, 2013 at 08:14 PM

If we're able to address our other needs as well, I can't say that would bother me too much.

I would rather give Wallace $12 million than Long $15 million.

Maybe just move John Jerry to tackle where he belongs

Say goodbye to our little friend

Tony Montana

I'm guessing the hang up with signing Jake is the length of a contract. Kind of a scary deal paying him 9/10 million 3 years from now.

Got Junk ? Thats what Jake Long is.

The 2 receiver moves should be 1WR and 1TE FA and/or trade. Long, Starks, Smith have a nice day. Resign Clemons, Hartline, Bush and Fasano. Draft OL/DE/CB WR/CB, fill in the blanks for the rest. More depth through FA. See what happens after that.

Martin,incognito , pouncy, samuda,j. Jerry ,,,,,sound pretty good to me

Jake Long is below average. Why overpay for Below average. Not going to happy with the spend thrift Ireland and Ross

...I think it is funny that some are calling Long greedy. He has every right to get whatever a team is willing to pay him. It may end up being us. Put yourself in his shoes. It is part of the buisness. It is a difficult decision. For both sides. But don't blame Long. If you want to be angry, blame the system that allows these huge salaries. He isn't doing anythin different then 99 perent of free agent in his position.

Marc from nj,

Jake Long is simply trying to get what he thinks he's worth. If he thinks he's worth $10-12 mil a yer on a long term deal then lets see him get it. It has nothing to do with being greedy. It's how the game is played. We'd all likely do the same. Is Wallace greedy for wanting $10-12 mil a year? Cliff Avril?

Sign Wallace sign Dustin Keller , resign hartline let bush Starks go draft Elam at safety draft 2 corners and reed at te the kid from fla. and a new tailback maybe staphon tayler and we are in the playoffs

I mean 15 mill for Long this year we can take. 12 mll/yr for Wallace x 5 years is a little steep to take on anybody's books.

Maybe just move John Jerry to tackle where he belongs

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 19, 2013 at 08:25 PM

Because the guys watching him play all day long missed this one thing. Damn it, how were we so blind!!!

Man I can't wait till march 12th, then the draft,,,,,,it will be legendary


Looks like great minds think alike....LOL.

Oscar are you out there bro

...Also we have no idea what the word may be as far as what other teams think Longs value is. Could it be possible that there aren't a whole lot of teams out there that are willing to offer Long a bigger contract then what we will? We can debate his "greed" or his value in the open market once we have an idea of what other teams are willing to offer. You don't think his agent already has an idea of what the buzz is, or isn't. It may come down to Miami being able to offer the most. Not only financialy, but just familairity with the team, and the city.

Like I said earlier ..for Long to stay.....4yrs @ 36 Mill with a 10 MIll Guarantee,fifth yr mutually optional, and incentive laden , and injury-free conditional....simple.....
...that still leaves 45 Mill or so under the cap...enough to get the rest accomplished...

What do you guys think of sharif floyd

I would give him 8 mil. A year but not much more

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 19, 2013 at 07:43 PM


They are no more clueless than dolfans here who dont see other teams players play 16 gms a year then want them as soon as they are cut or become fa's.

All teams fans watch their own trash play 16 gms a year and are lucky to see other teams players play once a year. So as it ends up, fans of other teams always see the grass as greener on the other side.

8 Mill...9 Mill...you're on the right track, cuz

I'd do that to keep Long. Skip OL until later grab a potential impact player in his spot. Whatever position that may be.

..Craig M..I just get irritated when people are calling out players for being greedy before the facts are available. Even then, so what. It would be Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory groovie if Long felt like he owed the team a debt of gratititude for drafting him first, giving him a huge deal. But it doesn't work like that. Teams if they have any doubt will cut you before you can blink..so get what you can while you can get it. This isn't a charity.

Yup I would rather have an impact player someone that runs a 4' 3 and scores 10 touchdowns a year ,,,,,oh yea someone like mike Wallace


Well said @8:43pm.

Armando wrote:
"Jake Long's wife Jackie has been tweeting about the couple's desire to find out where they're going to be living in the coming years because they want to find out where the offensive tackle is going to be playing"

Did he figure this out all by himself?.....Wow!

He never ceases to surprise....

Our roster is about to get even younger and more talented watch out nfl

With jake longs money 15 mil. We can sign Wallace and resign Brian hartline ,,,,,,,just sayin

Wouldn't bring back Jake Long at all. For over 8million a year I rather sign Jennings/Hartline and draft best available player with the 12th pick.

I just noticed that Corradelle Patterson is ranked #25 on Scout Inc's top 32 list. Still plenty of time to move up but that would be a pretty good reach at 12.


I made a post earlier as a strong argument as to why Long should be franchised. I dont like it, but there is a flip side to Franchising him.

1. Long isnt a bust. He's still as good as at least half of the LT's in this league.

2. A "1st Overall Pick" is invested in Jake Long. Franchising him gives chance to make 100% certain whether it's the nagging injuries that are slowing. Or is that he really is declining.

3. Of he's truly healthy this year, and returns to "Jake Long of old". It's better he does it as a dolfan, since we're the ones who invested a #1 overall pick into him.

4. I much rather see Ireland franchise him and he proves he's only as good as half the LT's in the league. Than run away like a coward from the decision this fo made 5yrs ago(Long).

5. At worst, Long will be a middle of the pack LT. So, giving the big money by franchising him, Long should be far more willing on 2014 to resign at far more reasonable money than he is willing to sign for this offseason.

Remember, Long is arguably declining, it isnt 100% confirmed its due to nagging injury or ability. Still, Long isnt a bust. Even not being the Jake Long of old, he's still a very good LT in this league.

Franchising him this year, could get us a far better deal signing him to longterm contract in 2014. He isnt a bust. Do I like giving him the franchise tag? Hell no. But sometimes you gotta do those things that you dont neccessarily like in life, in order to obtain a much sweeter ending.

You're a businessman, I know you of all people can identify with that.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!
Some valid points.

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