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Jake Long: Return up to the Dolphins

Jake Long's wife Jackie has been tweeting about the couple's desire to find out where they're going to be living in the coming years because they want to find out where the offensive tackle is going to be playing.

Yes, they want to stay in South Florida and Long wants to play for the Dolphins.

But they also want to get paid.

And so Long believes it is up to the Dolphins to come through. At least that's what he's saying in a phone interview with the NFL Network's Linday Rhodes.

"I'd be open to continue my career there, but it's essentially on them, see what they want to do and what direction they want to head in and go from there," Long said in the interview that will air on Total Access Tuesday evening. "That's the business side of it so we'll see what they want to do."

Obviously, the idea of Long returning to the Dolphins isn't totally on the Dolphins. The club wants Long to return. Long wants to return.

But Long wants to be paid a salary akin to the highest left tackle in football or close to it -- a status he's enjoyed most of his career. The Dolphins are not there right now. They see a player who's been injured each of the last two years and who is no longer as athletic as he was before. They are somewhat concerned he has started to break down and want to protect themselves.

The club has made Long multiple offers but no deal. I'm not getting the idea Long's side is really budging all that much, sensing it has leverage.

And so, barring a meeting of minds the next few weeks, it really is on the free agent market to determine Long's worth. The Dolphins don't love that, but will live with it. Long, meanwhile, is fine with that approach despite his recent performance and injury history.

"I'm not concerned," he said. "The last couple of years I've had some injuries I've had to work through, it hasn't been the ideal situation, but I've been working hard this offseason to get healthy and get strong. And this is the best my body has felt in a long time and I'm just excited to get a deal done and focus on football and get back to work for 2013."

For the record, Long said the same thing last year during training camp. And then he finished the year on injured reserve for the second consecutive year.


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Boo-hoo..... By franchising Long we're only giving him and extra $2-$3 million dollars more than we would have given him had we resigned him longterm instead.

Does anyone here realize Long made $11 million last year? What's another $4 million to hedge against possibly losing a top 3 nfl calibre LT, if he can prove in 2013 he's the Jake Long of old?

Hell, if Long were on another team besides the Dolphins and were available in fa, you same people would be ok with signing him for $14-$15 million a year in a longterm deal.

You know its it's true. LOL...

I just noticed that Corradelle Patterson is ranked #25 on Scout Inc's top 32 list. Still plenty of time to move up but that would be a pretty good reach at 12.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 19, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Such kiddies here. Don't you dinkle dolts realize no GM on earth gives a hoot where Scout Inc rates anybody? Scout Inc is a internet site operated, funded and designed for only one single reason, getting blog hits from fans. It has NOTHING to do with reality or where any GM would value anybody.

Most of you bloggers have no more life experience than a 14 year old. And if you are over 17 you are in serious trouble! LOL


I'm one of the biggest Jake Long fans on here. If he's not my favourite player, it's close. I wouldn't pay him $15 mil to play LT. If he decides to play somewhere else going forward, than that's up to him. I'd rather draft a LT at 12 and pay him $3-4 mil a year. That's the reality and Jake Long needs to understand that. The combination of his health concerns and the new economics in the NFL are what make me say that. We can't be tying up such a huge percentage of our cap on one guy. It's better served going other ways.

Who really cares who get's paid what??? It's not our money!

Just field a winning team!!!

If you think the franchise tag of $15 million is very high for Jake Long now. Wait until Martin hits fa in 3yrs.

Barring bust, that will probably be "very close to the going rate for any top 10 LT. Top 10 Right tackles will likely be commanding what Jake Long is commanding now($12-$13 million a year).

I can't name any LT from this years playoffs. We can get 2 really good players with that cash.

That's the reality and Jake Long needs to understand that.

Posted by: Craig M | February 19, 2013 at 09:14 PM

Listen to these low wage unskilled bloggers tell multi-millinaires what they need to understand! Puhlease!

Jake Long doesn't need to understand anything more than what he can get in the free market! Business is business.

Craig M,
There is no way the Fins get away with drafting another LT at 12 without a huge revolt. Maybe, just maybe we can get away with an OT with one of our second round picks but I would prefer getting a TE and WR with those picks. Add in I also agree with Dolfan Rick, I would rather pay Wallace the 12 million per year instead of Long 15 million. I think the ultimate solution is sign Jake longer term at a decent number.


I was watching football when you were probably still in your diapers. Thanks for the kind attempt at educating me though.

I was simply making an observation that I hadn't noticed until now. I wouldn't be at all surprised that most teams boards are fairly close. Hard to keep a secret anymore.


I didn't say I would draft an OT at 12. I said I would rather do that than pay Jake Long $15 mil a year. My preference is for a DE at 12.


Very, very chancie drafting a LT outside of the top 10. He may work out and he may not. One thing for sure, he isnt going to have the ceiling of a Jake Long coming out.

As dolfans, we'll all be kicking ourselves in the ass if Long walks and becomes the Jake Long of old. Except he'll be playing for another team.

Especially if we draft a LT #12 and Martin outplays him and wins the starting LT job. Then that #12 drafted LT has to be moved to RT.

Long is still te bird in the hand that can be better than 2 in the bush. Just saying, I dont like the idea of ranchising Long no better than anyone else here.

It only costs "ONE YEAR" $15 million to make sure we aren jimping straight from the frying pan and into the fire.

Like I posted earlier, Long's still a very good LT, just not Long of old. At worst we still have two very good bookend tackles, and Long actually signs a a more "manageaqble longterm deal" in 2014.

All because he was shown a little faith and respect. This fo owes "ITSELF" tat much respect after selecting Long 1st overall, 5 short offseasons ago.


'Low wage, unskilled bloggers'? You don't a thing about me, so why don't you shut the f8ck up! If you did know me you wouldn't be making a comment like that. So lose the condescending attitude.


The biggest issue I have with franchising Long is pissing away our free agent money. I assume we will still have to deal the Smith, Starks, and Clemon's contracts.

I would really love to see us get one of those veteran recievers and I'd like to see us bring back Starks as well.


I get what you're saying and I've giving this a lot of thought. Franchising Jake Long, even for one year is the wrong move. If Jake feels he can make more money going somewhere else, then the door is wide open for him to do that. Is their risk that he'll become better somewhere else? Yes there is. I believe we take that risk and don't pay the $15 mil for him. If Jake Long was with some other team as a FA and we had the chance to sign him, even for one year, would you spend $15 on him in FA, even for one year? I say no we shouldn't.

Just my take on it. I get what you're saying but it's not the way I would do things.


We have $46 million at cap. Franchising Long at $15 million leaves $31 million. Then signing Wallace at $12 million leaves $19 million.

That's enough to resign Hartline, Fasano, and Clemmons. Ireland could also create more cap money by "restructuring" Dansby, even if it means adding an extra year to his contract.

It's also possible to restructure both Wake and Dansby by adding an extra year to both contracts. At least another $5 millon in cap money can be added by restructuring.

A clever gm can work it out and come out smelling like a rose. LOL...

A clever gm can work it out and come out smelling like a rose. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 19, 2013 at 09:38 PM

Clever? Your gonna fall right into that one..lol

I'am I wrong or was Long looking like a turnstile before he got "Injured", Just saying his best playin days ae "LONG" gone...
See YA..
Or else contact a insurance company and get a life insuracance policy on Tennehill.

Whomever we cant resign by doing as I have posted. We address those positions with our 1st 5 picks. Easy as pie.

Seems you guys are confused that we will have a sb team in 2013. Far from it. No matter what we do, I dont see more than 9-7 and a possible but farfetched woldcard appearance. Then one and done.

Seems you guys are thinking this from an angle we would be 10-6 and higher this season. Not!.....

I dont see it being any closer than 2014's offseason that we can fianalize pieces to becoming "A SOLID" nfl playoff team. Those pieces cant be added until 2014 at the earliest.

Just because we have "visions of sugar plums, dancing in our heads", does not mean Santa's coming sliding down that our chimney in 2013.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 19, 2013 at 09:43 PM

ROTFLMAO................. That was a good one man! LOL...

YG, that I get. I much rather get Long signed to a deal though instead of franchising if we could. As far as Fasano goes, I really hope he is not a priority. I like him as the number 2 tight end on the opposite side, if that's our plan, just not as our feature. He is not a seam threat nor will he ever be.

It's such a tough call on Long. He is capable of so much but has been injured. He has been the face of the franchise. He is declining but still better than most. Giving him more than 10 million under any circumstance, tag or not, is too risky.

Living in Pa and seeing every Wallace game, its easy to see his speed and talent. He has done some big things. Unfortunately,he wants so much and disappears in games. There is a reason the Steelers aren't interested in signing him. They gave a big extension to Antonio Brown last year to stick it in his face.Any team could have signed him as a restricted last year and he got no offers. He had a bad year this year. Beware of this guy. Big Ben made him who he is.Better off signing Jennings, Hartline and drafting a young speed guy.


I'd like to have Long back. I believe we could do a deal with him that wouldn't pay him anywhere close to $15 mil a year. I saw some numbers thrown about on here today that seem more reasonable. If he doesn't want to do that then I say we should let him walk. It'll free up cap space, give us a compensatory pick and there are other tackles out there we can get for less money. And this is coming from a very big Jake Long fan. Mark in Toronto is too but he wouldn't pay Long $15 mil a year either. We need to be smarter than this.



$ 7 million a year tops for Long. Anything else is too much. The draft and FA are deep at the tackle position this year. I think Jake and his agent is in for a humbling March.

Long made 12 mil a year, Martin made maybe a Mil, was there an 11 mil difference in pay? NOPE

That Long money is worth a true #1 WR, or a starting CB & TE. It's a no brainer. Have a nice career in another NFL city Jake

When was the last time you heard of an offensive tackle score any points??? No one on this earth should be allowed to make that much money. One word GREED! He is deteriorating more and more every year. Let this greedy SOB walk and some other team take the risk. Wallace! Wallace! Wallace!

My UVA Cavs look poised for the upset against the #2 Hurricanes tonight.

Agree with your post Jon.

6 AND 10
6 AND 10



If Ryan Clady's going to get $9.8 mil as a result of being franchised this year by the Broncos, then Long doesn't deserve more than that. Clady has played better than Long, as evidenced by Clady's Pro Bowl appearance this year. I think Long needs to realize that. If he wants to play hardball and is stubborn to this fact then I think we move on. I believe there are other tackles in the league we can get for $7-8 mil a year. Long was lucky the economics worked in his favour as the first overall pick in 2008. Things have changed. He needs to deal with that or move on. Good luck in Arizona or Indy or Chicago.

I believe it would take about $11 million a year to resign Long to 7yr $77 million contract.

Joe Thomas resigned at 7yrs $84 million($12 million a year). No way can Long ask for as much or more than Thomas a year. So tops for Long shouldnt be higher than $11 milli9on a year, when Thomas(the top LT) is being paid $12 million a year.

It would all come down to how many years the fo would be willing to lock him up for. &yrs like Thomas, or in the 5-6yr range.

7yrs like Thomas....


Forget it. I'm not interested in paying Jake Long that kind of money. See ya later. Case closed. The other advantage here is if some other team decides to pay him that kind of money, it just ties up their cap space. I believe at the end of the day Jake Long will get nothing more than about $6-8 mil a year.

If Ireland were to sign Long to a contract like that I would fire him on the spot. As you said, 'he's not the Jake Long of old'. So no way does he get anything remotely close to what Joe Thomas makes. No chance.

I wonder what the combined win/loss record is on the top 5 highest paid LT's. My Guess is not much different than the bottom 5 starting LT's in this league.


If we had could have made Jake Long a 12th pick of the 1st rd like Clady was. His franchise number would actually be the same as Clady's.

Clady's acutually one being screwed by getting franchised because he wasnt drafted as high as Long and didnt recieve as big a contract.

In Clady's situation, the Bronco's actually come out cheaper franchising Clady when we dont. To resign Clady, he would probably be at about $11.5 to $11. 75 million a year to resign.

It does matter where you were initially drafted in your first contract. Especially under the old rookie cba. So you cat compare Long's situation to Clady's in terms of money. Especially when talking franchise tag.

Its all about where they were drafted, not who's worth more under the franchise tag. Dollar for dollar on a "resign", Clady's clearly worth slightly more. But neither deserves "Joe Thomas Money($12 million a year)."

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 19, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Those teams with bottom 5 LT's are probably looking for qb's too. LOL....

Ross is too cheap to build a winner. If he doesnt pay Long, Tannehill will get slaughtered!!


You arent going to get the worst LT in pro football for $5-$6 million a year, unless he's still on his "rookie contract". LOL...

Crag M I have see what you written and now I thnkt JAKE LONG wiil be pay not 10 millon dolles but only 5 millon doller from the Miami Dolphin or some frnt team in of NF. also you do not no if hemt to be INJURE any more orn will be helthy for ever so then it cold be vion less than that too!

I don't care if Dawn Aponte has to get down on her knees and..........um.........BEG........Jake to sign(yeah, I know what you were thinking).

Jake takes one for the team?

Two things probably gives Jake a LITTLE leverage.

1. Martin. If he's ready to start at left tackle then Jeffy's a genius. Getting a GOOD left tackle at 42 is a Coup! The problem is, I haven't seen anything that makes me think he can do it. I'm not even convinced he can be a GOOD - RIGHT tackle.

2. Replacing him. Even if Long stays we should be getting another Lineman through Free Agency or the draft. If he leaves, it becomes a priority and starts taking away from other areas that we really need to improve.

Dawn needs to give it up(The cash you perv's) and Jake needs to take one for the team!


Allowing Long to walk is admitting that drafting him was a blunder.

If I were a gm, and Jake Long accepted $5 million a year, I had better prepared to make a qb my 12th overall pick. Because Long would be intentionally planning to get Ryan Tannehill killed by Game 2.

Take that back, I would be spending all 9 of my 2013 draft picks at qb. I'll be needing them all. LOL...

The Dolphins have this nasty habit of treating their top players like shyt.


My point is the economics of the game have changed under the new CBA. We're working under a whole new structure now and when you consider you can draft a tackle at 12 and not have to pay him anywhere close to what Jake Long is making, you realize the rues have changed. The Dolphins actually have the leverage here, not Jake Long. He's coming off two injured plagued seasons, we have Martin in the fold and we're under a new pay structure. If Long doesn't want to accept that, there'e the door. It's that simple. And it won't just be us. There will be other teams that will realize they can get a good tackle in the draft and pay him a third of the kind of money Long wants. To me that's an easy decision.

If Ireland resigns Long at $5 million. He better use every 2013 draft pick at qb, resign Moore, keep Devlin, sign every cut qb, and get Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf's phone #'s.

He'll be needing every one of them. LOL

Oh, God. The pathetic old drunk is here again.

You're a businessman, I know you of all people can identify with that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 19, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Excellent post YG. Tagging Long would also allow us to focus on more dire needs.

Back on the meds, eh - LOL?

Craig M

Only a low wage, unskilled worker could possibly post as much as you do all day every day. Those with skills and a real salary actually have demands and a real job to do!


Craig M for MORON is a JACKASS!!


Even under the new cba, youre drafting a great LT top 5, They dont last any longer. Everyone isnt in position to get one of those even if they are now cheaper under the new cba.

Just because we have a new cba, it hasnt made drafting a great LT any less of a crapshoot than before the new cba. Cheaper, but no less a crapshoot.

A guy like Clady is the exception, not the norm. There's no guarantees, we draft a LT that would be even as good as Jake Long rightaway.

Then what if that guy gives up a vicious sack that puts Tannehill out for the year before we're even halfway thru the season? Remember, Matt Moore probably walks this year too.

Next batter up, Tom Devlin, come on down. Youre our next contestant on the price was right(drafting a new LT). LOL....

Funny guy, Marquez,

AGAIN, you know jack-shyte about me, but you ASS-UME. As a matter of fact, I work for myself and do vry well, thanks for asking. But you wouldn't know anything about that because you're probably too busy scrubbing pots and pans all day.


Craig M

The printer for cashier #3 is out of paper. Please scurry on over there and add a new roll.

Big coincidence that the army of trolls all come out at the same time. Nah, couldn't be the same guy. Not a chance....(wink!wink!).

There they are....right on cue.....hilarious!!

Is that the Craig M who thinks Irelands goal is only to win the division?

If let Jake Long walk, I would feel more comfortable trading our 2014 1st rd pick to try and move up to get Luke Joekel.

If Long walks, we'll need to use a 1st rd pick in search of a LT next year anyway. This way Joekel starts and Martin goes back to RT. No way Martin's as good as Joekel.

But it probably cost 2014's 1st rd and at least one of this year's 2nd rd picks to move up and get Joekel.


I hear what you're saying. I've considered all this. To me it's an easy decision. You don't pay Jake Long $15 million to be your LT next year. Even if he'd been a standout out this year I wouldn't pay him that next year. Like I said, the rules of the game have changed. Your way you're still paying him under the old CBA. That was 2-3 years ago. I'm not playing by those rules any more. Ryna Clady wasn't a top 5 pick, Sam Baker wasn't a top 5 pick, Branden Albert wasn't a top 5 pick, Beatty in NYG wasn't a top 5. All very CAPABLE LT's and those guys, as well as the guy in NO, should all be available in FA if we choose to go that route. Andre Smith is another guy who will likely be available, who you won't have to pay $15 mil too. Lastly, if I had to I'd rather take my chances on Eric Fischer in the draft than pay Long $15 mil or D J Fluker to play RT in the draft. They're all better options than playing Long $15 mil.

..YG..Good post earlier. You make good points. But from a buisness sense, and this is rule number one. You will get in trouble if you use the thinking I'll just add a little more to the base and qualify it as ok. The number is the number. It is like selling a bottle of liquor to go instead of per shot. Yes you stil cover your cost, but you lose any opportunity to make money off the reason you bought the bottle in the first place.

The worst fear is that Long goes off and perfoms like the Jake Long of old. I don't think the team has the time to worry about this. I don't think we should give him fifteen million dollars on an idea we have to see what we have. It needs to be a sure thing when investing that sort of cash. 15 miilion for 1 year, and we aren't sure he is going to be our best player? If the team knew Long was still a top 5 tackle. I would have less problem with the franchise tag. But it is almost like calling an all in hand in poker on a draw, when you know you are beat. It is a good way to go broke. Perhaps best to fold.

This is a compliated issue. I understand. It makes it even more difficult because of the timeline the team has to decide what to do. By choice, beause there isn't a contract in place. I think the team is going to have a hard time justifying so much salary to one player with so many question marks. We will see.


WTH are you talking about, paying Long $15 million next year? He only get that being franchised this year.

Are you aware that the top LT in the game, Joe Thomas, receved a 7yr $84 million dollar new contract? That's only $12 million a year.

So in what universe do you believe Jake Long will ask for $15 million a year on a longterm contract, when the game's best, Joe Thomas, only recieves $12 million a year?

I think that Jake Long would even have himself committed to "One Flew Over The Coo-koo's Nest" for that one. LOL...

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