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Jake Long: Return up to the Dolphins

Jake Long's wife Jackie has been tweeting about the couple's desire to find out where they're going to be living in the coming years because they want to find out where the offensive tackle is going to be playing.

Yes, they want to stay in South Florida and Long wants to play for the Dolphins.

But they also want to get paid.

And so Long believes it is up to the Dolphins to come through. At least that's what he's saying in a phone interview with the NFL Network's Linday Rhodes.

"I'd be open to continue my career there, but it's essentially on them, see what they want to do and what direction they want to head in and go from there," Long said in the interview that will air on Total Access Tuesday evening. "That's the business side of it so we'll see what they want to do."

Obviously, the idea of Long returning to the Dolphins isn't totally on the Dolphins. The club wants Long to return. Long wants to return.

But Long wants to be paid a salary akin to the highest left tackle in football or close to it -- a status he's enjoyed most of his career. The Dolphins are not there right now. They see a player who's been injured each of the last two years and who is no longer as athletic as he was before. They are somewhat concerned he has started to break down and want to protect themselves.

The club has made Long multiple offers but no deal. I'm not getting the idea Long's side is really budging all that much, sensing it has leverage.

And so, barring a meeting of minds the next few weeks, it really is on the free agent market to determine Long's worth. The Dolphins don't love that, but will live with it. Long, meanwhile, is fine with that approach despite his recent performance and injury history.

"I'm not concerned," he said. "The last couple of years I've had some injuries I've had to work through, it hasn't been the ideal situation, but I've been working hard this offseason to get healthy and get strong. And this is the best my body has felt in a long time and I'm just excited to get a deal done and focus on football and get back to work for 2013."

For the record, Long said the same thing last year during training camp. And then he finished the year on injured reserve for the second consecutive year.


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Craig M for MORON is canadien.

Craig M is an idiot blabber mouth poop head.

Craig M was telling Jake Long what he needs to understand? ROFLMAO!

Craig, got any advice for the Queen?

DD, As for franchising Long, I think its easy to not see the forest for the trees.

Joes Thomas is the highest paid LT in the leage. He makes $12 million a year(7yrs $84 million). Meaning resigning Long cant exceed $11 million a year.

If Longtruely isnt the Long of old, it only cost $million to find out. It cost $4 million to sign the cb Patterson.

So youre saying it isnt worth $11 million(Long's max value on a resign) and throw in a "Dimittri Patterson" to make sure?

Hell, as a gm, I would cut Dimittri Patterson($4 million year) just to give Long that extra $4 million($11 million tops on a resign/ $4 million to reach $15 million franchise).


The new year hasn't started yet. That's why I said $15 mil NEXT year. Sorry for the confusion.

Steve Breaston was cut??? What the hell happened to him in KC???

15 Million for a Jake Long equals no playoffs for Miami Dolphins.

Craig M is a JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, God. The pathetic old drunk is here again.

Posted by: you know who I mean | February 19, 2013 at 10:32 PM

Craig M

The printer for cashier #3 is out of paper. Please scurry on over there and add a new roll.

Posted by: Wally Green | February 19, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Hey Armando, I think it's time to call the Orkin Man...........AGAIN!

..YG..Yeah, that is what I am saying. No way. Look we payed him over 11 mil the past 2 years. Part of his deal. But, he didn't play anywhere near that value. He wasn't worth 11 million dollars last year, even the year before. Since it was owed he got it. But looking at it that way. ..what was he really worth as far as his contribution? It certainly wasn't as a top tackle in the league, and it sertainly wasn't 11 million dollars. So we already know that for whatever reasons, injury, Tony Sparano virus..That he was being payed more then the value he had to the team. Now we are going to give him a raise on top of the bad contract number(again, this was set, nothing we could do. I am just looking at it from his performance compaired to what he was paid.) It makes no sense to me to give him the franchise tag. In my mind..It is really bad buisness. Find a way to do a deal, or cut ties. We have plenty that we can offer him a good deal that is fair. 15 million dollars for one year, after paying him eleven for last year??? I don't agree.

We will see. I may be way off base. You could be absolutley right. Just my opinion.


Breaston cut???

Again, youre totlly clueless. Im sure only you would choose to keep Breaston and let Bowe walk.

In the "real world" KC is beginning to make moves to keep both Bowe and Albert.

Youre probably wondering why the Chiefs cut Kevin Boss too. LOL...

Hard to know what to believe anymore...

'According to the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have made free agent LT Jake Long "multiple" contract offers.

There were reports in January the Dolphins made a "low-ball attempt" to lock Long up in-season, but this is the first we've heard of offseason offers. Clearly, none of them have been to Long's liking. Beat writer Armando Salguero is "getting the idea" Long's side isn't budging on its demands, and "sensing it has leverage." Long said Tuesday it was on the Dolphins to make a deal happen. They must believe it's on him to be more reasonable.'

Source: Miami Herald
Feb 19 - 6:24 PM


Part of the nature of the beast. Under the old cba, in 2008, the 1st overall pick was worth $11 million a year for 5yrs. Doesnt matter if "circumstances" wouldnt allow Jake Long to play up to the dollar numbers all 5yrs.

The "old rookie cba" itself dictated those dollar numbers. Not Long's play. Would have been nice to have a completely injury free Jake Long for all 5 seasons.

We would all probably be whistling a different tune right now. I never said "I liked" the current situation either.

We could have had Matt Ryan and not been in this mess.

..YG. I'm not blaming Long..Your right. It is the nature of the beast. That number was set. That it what I was getting at. A healthy Jake Long..And this would be much simpler in my eyes.

Steve Breaston?????? Come on, really? So he can play where, and do what? Has he had more then 40 catches in a season? Even with Kurt Warner. Maybe. This was a move I could have understood last year when we were stuck in the bargain basement. But isn't the idea of free ageny to find good players?

I wonder how Mr. Parcells is feeling about his "SAFE PICK" right now?

If Long was the safe pick, resigning him wouldnt be so argumentative, it would be a f u c k i n g lock right now! LOL...

...Alright fellas. Good posts today. Have a goodnight.

Oh...The jets released Bart Scott..We should get him too. Can't wait! ??????????

Long can thank Sparanblow for playing him in the 4th preseason game.

to Mika-Donna Wallace!


Hope you didnt think I was advocating Steve Breaston to Miami. I was making light at WNP because he seemed to have a joined a club to attack me when I wasnt attacking him a little while back.

I think he was actually trying to protect someone else, siding with them, w/o fully knowing wtf was going on. So now I jab at him whenever I feel like, because usually when youve been attacked by someone here, it will happen again. Just a sweet matter of time. LOL...


Wish I could be as mellow as you are most of the time. Im just not wired like that.

I never gave a f u c k whether someone likes me or not unless it came down to money. LOL...

You can be the nicest guy in the world and someone a'hole will still find reason to dislike you. Thats why I never cared. LOL...

Jakes probably wants more money because he still pissed off. I don't blame him.

What kind of retarded so-called Head Coach takes a Left Tackle that was **THE FIRST** pick of the draft and plays him in ameaningly FOURTH Pre Season game?

That's gotta be worth something!

Thinking back, I just can't believe SpOranus was THAT ignorant. From listening to him, I guess you could tell something was wrong, but I thought it was just a SPEECH impediment. At that time, I didn't realize he was retarded.

Parcell's knew him though, up close and personal. How could he not know he had scrambled eggs for brains?

And the Jets too-ROTFLMAO! WTF was Rex Ryan THINKING?

It was reported that Jake long was offered 6 mill. a yr.
I think that's all hes worth. there is no way u can franchise a guy that really hasn't been that valuable the last 2 yrs. what have u done for me lately? let him test free agency and if he goes u just cashed in to buy a better product. of course that's just my opinion i could be wrong.

Dont get Odin started. He takes Zoloft. He doesnt bath nor douche. No logical thinking from that guy..


As a very young child, I grew believing the Brady Bunch, Father Knows Best, and The Cleavers really existed. Then I grew up and found it far from true.

Just when I thought it was safe to believe these imaginary families werent true. Then I met you. You seem like a throwback to the times when tv was "pure and clean". LOL...


I just had neck/spinal surgery FeeAgg Boy.........

Try MS Contin and Oxy-Codone for a "Break Through"!

Zoloft? ROTFLMAO...........Psssssssfpt!


Just when I thought it was safe to believe these imaginary families werent true. Then I met you. You seem like a throwback to the times when tv was "pure and clean". LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 19, 2013 at 11:54 PM

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!


C'Mon Man-LOL!

So we know the Dolphins "Low-Balled" Long late in the year. Now we know they've made multiple offers.

We don't know Jack! I would KILL to know what numbers they're throwing around.

Obviously the best case scenario is too get him signed to a decent 4 year deal that favors BOTH sides. We need Long healthy and protecting Tannehill's blind side.

I'm just trembling at the thought of Belichek getting him and turning into the Jake-Inator!

Everytime I think of Ireland and these player contract negotiations, I picture him as Dr. Evil!

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!!!!

If Joe Thomas gets $12 million a year. A LT of Jake Long's current standing is any number between $10 million and $11 million. With $11 million as the absolute max.

So a low ball offer would be anywhere between $7.5 million and $8.5 million a year. To me that suggest the real number that the Dolphins would like to sign Jake Long at is probably $9.5 to $10 million max.

But it seems Long and his agent are holding out for $11 million high, and $10.5 million low. Then the issue of how many years begins.

Can you SERIOUSLY see us starting out next season with this line up?

LT Martin.

LG Cogs

c Pouncey

RG Samuda

RT Jerry

With the most inexperienced 2nd year QB to have ever played in the NFL?

This line up reminds of the Bucs during their expansion seasons - ROTFLMAO!

Thats what you're going to be looking at. Another throw away season. The only positive will be finding out how good Pat Devlin is. Because Tannehill won't make it further than game two or three.

Thats exactly whats going to happen too if Jake walks. We can't afford to spend big bucks on any lineman(even if they were available)in Free Agency. And we can't afford to use a first or either of the 2nds on lineman.

So go ahead, keep making those bold prouncements, Let Him Walk!

If you thought those 6-10 seasons were bad, stick around and see what happens with our young, patchwork offensive line!

Let Him Walk! ROTFLMAO!

Long and the Dolphins may be closer together on the money than the length of his contract. Fins may be offering 5yrs and Long and his agent may want 7yrs like what Thomas got.

Or it could be vice versa, The Fins could want more years and Long and his agent wats less.

Many times we think its money that holds up a contract, when its length of the contract thats the greatest snag.

Can SOMEONE actually engage poor odin in a conversation? He seems to think people here are interested and the only ones talking to him are actually making fun of him. Help the poor old thing out, fellas.

3 things go into negotiating a contract:

1. Money
2. Length
3. Language

All 3 are HUGELY important. They are not doing these things on the back of napkins while having lunch at Micky D's you know. It takes time for all parties to fully agree on all 3 things.

Yeah YG, I'd guess your numbers are pretty close. It's the not knowing(as usual)thats driving me Batshyt Crazy!

You have to objective in this situationand the prior injuries are making it difficult. But regardless, Jake Long is one of the better LT in the game. Not the best, maybe not even top 5. But he's still a damn good LT(when Healthy).

And God Forbid Martin starts at LT. He's still a project. He couldn't even bench press with the CB's and WR's atthe combine last year. And he's going to handle the best Pass Rushers in the league?

Yeah, OK......and I have a bridge for sale - LOL.

Can SOMEONE actually engage poor odin in a conversation? He seems to think people here are interested and the only ones talking to him are actually making fun of him. Help the poor old thing out, fellas.

Posted by: Concern For The Elderly | February 20, 2013 at 12:42 AM


I don't need any ignorant conversation from you or anyone else. All you have to do is read what I say and OBEY!


If Long is resigned or franchised, I see both him and Martin splitting reps at both LT and RT.

The message to Long will probably be that he's competing for the starting LT spot, not penciled in. Who's ever best in camp will be the opening day LT starter.

Loser starts RT opening day.

Oh yeah........

And THANKS for your cooperation........BeAtch!

Be a good dog and make some homocentric comments. C'mon, you KNOW you will.

Woof! Woof!

Woof Woof.........????

You bark like a FeeAggot Dog.

Armando, don't forget to call the Orkin Man in the morning.

Sweet Dreams my Little COCKroach

GOOD BOY!! You did just as you were told!!

I've always been able to count on your obedience. Good night, Fido. Bow Wow!

Good night Odin the gay blade.

what a bunch of BS that jake thinks its on miami's FO, frankly this is on him and what he values himself to be worth.....he has not come close the last two years of being elite worthy in terms of being payed.....

I truly feel sorry for THAT team out there that will be so desperate to have Long on theirs becuase of what he WAS, not IS anymore as a Great LT...good luck putting a 4-5 year deal in place in front of him with guaranteed $$$ attached....he'll be laughing his @ss to the bank and that team will broke poor kicking themselves over another player signed by reputation alone....

You have to make reasonably sure Jake Long is not what he was before and NEVER will be so again before letting him walk. Too talented to take that risk, he is.

And it will certainly will not be I or superPHIN the ones that will put Long thru all those extensive medical tests to find out his current and future physical condition.

Someone will overpay him and his worn down, beat up, cant stay healthy body. He obviously wont be giving any discounts to stay in Miami so time to cut bait seeing how he wants best in the game money. And, I dont blame him for not willing to take less to lose in Miami either.

I'm not going to be upset if Long talks himself out of town. Sometimes the answer has to be hell no to unreasonable demands. The team does have others options. In case the Longs forgot...We have this thing called the draft where players get replaced annually for cheaper more reasonable options.

Let someone else over pay this overhyped overpaid spoiled brat I have never seen this so called talent we chose number 1 overall NEVER he ain't all that .let pck this Fischer kid with out number 1 pick and move on!!!!!!!!!!!

That mean sell out out for Wallace and hartline and Dustin Keller

This isn't about Long being top 1 LT. Everyone knows he isn't #1.
This isn't about Martin being better than Long. Long's experience makes him the better player today.
This isn't about the Fin's ability to get a younger T in the Draft. They obviously can.

I think this comes down to how much and how long are you willing to pay him. Make no mistake, Philbin and Ireland would prefer not to create another hole on the OLINE and create instability for THILL. But they can't over pay him. They can't tie up big money for too long on a T that has been showing signs of injury.

Do I want Long on the team for the next 3-5 years? Yes. Do I feel comfortable paying my starting LT $5-6M per year? Yes. Do I think he will finish each of those 3 years without injury? No.

So, while it pains me to say it, I would move on. I would resign Garner to make sure I have an experienced T option to pair with Martin. I would look for a solid T in Free Agency that is cost effective and I would use one of my 2nd or 3rd round picks on a T.

If we end up paying a Free Agent T $2-3M or find a much lower cost T in the draft we can use the extra $4-7 million on playmakers who score TD's or create turnovers.

With the combine officially starting today. Expect the rumor mill to spinning on full. Today is the first day the Phins can talk to Wallace, Jennings and the other FA's from other teams. I expect to hear how Long, Bush and other guys have all these teams lined up to give them the moon and sky. In any case let the fun begin.

It is so refreshing knowing we are moving forward to our younger players I can't wait to see Lamar Miller toting the rock 250 times next year behind a young versatile line.Tannehill will really take the next step with receivers that can get open and make some yac should be fun to watch.God bless our Miami Dolphins

I think Steve Breaston would be a kid to check out also

$12 million per year. $12 million dollars to play football each year.

Who do you want to pay that ridiculous amount of money to?

Wallace or Long?

That is what this comes down to in my mind.

The Fins can't pay both of them that type of money. So, who do they pay it to?

My vote......Wallace!!!

My most expensive player better score TD's and put excitement in the stadium.

Period....the end.

Sorry Jake, huge fan but I am a numbers guy and your performance does not merit your desired contract. Good luck to you and your family.

Well said cuz,I agree WALLACE IS THE GUY!!!!!!!!!!

It seems to me like if the Dolphin didn't think Long was their best option at LT they would have already cut him loose.

We just gotta let it play out. If they can't get a deal done worst case scenario is Martin playing there.

Salary Cap management. Ireland did a nice job managing it to this point. Yes we have a lot of money available. IF, our existing Free Agents played at the highest levels Ireland would be paying them. But they didn't.

I say pay Wallace the $12million per year. If you can't get him then consider paying Jennings or Bowe $8-9 million to improve your receiving corp.

Then next year Ireland needs to look hard at Dansby. Is he worth the money he is making? I don't think so. I would rather go younger and free up the money to buy more CB's, DE's or WR's.

If we sign playmakers in free agency ,we can then add defensive playmaker in the draft , ball hawking defensive backs

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