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Mayock: Draft offer depth but few 'difference makers'

As you saw in the list of players that have been invited to the coming NFL Combine, there are dozens of juniors and they are responsible for making this draft class deep.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock agrees that is exactly what teams are likely to see out of this draft: Depth.

"Because of the juniors, we probably have better depth than in last 10 years," Mayock said today on a national conference call.

But ...

While that will create more value for later-round picks -- remember the Dolphins have two picks in the second round and two in the third - Mayock doesn't see stardom at the top of the draft.

"The top 10 picks, I don't see difference makers," Mayock said.

He went on to say that he sees the fifth pick and the 25th pick as having similar talent.

Wouldn't you know it? The Dolphins, a team that has plenty of solid players but few difference makers, are looking for that thing that Mayock says the top of the draft lacks. And with the No. 12 overall selection, the Dolphins are in that area where Mayock says difference makers are not evident.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback, wide receiver, defensive end and tight end. Yes, it would be good to add a pass-rusher to start opposite Cameron  Wake, but Mayock isn't sold on the players most gurus have atop that group.

"I don't think Bjoern Werner or Damontre Moore are top 10 players," he said.

The Dolphins need a running back, you say?

Mayock has only one -- Alabama's Eddie Lacy -- graded for the first round.

Mel Kiper has the Dolphins picking Tennessee wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson in the first round. Mayock likes him, too. He gives him a first-round grade, one of only two wide receivers he gives first-round grades to.

"You put hut him on tape, and he’s going to take your breath away. He’s a special talent," Mayock said. But then Mayock also adds Patterson comes with major upside but major risk as well due to his inexperience.

Mayock likes an offensive lineman for the Dolphins at No. 12. He says he has six offensive tackles with first round grades.

Meanwhile, Mayock said he sees Alabama OG Chance Warmack as the best player he's studied on tape this year.

And the former special teams player and safety called this year's safety class "one of the best safety classes in years."

Mayock only has one cornerback -- Alabama's Dee Milliner -- graded for the first round.

So what does all this mean?

I'd say that if a majority of teams share Mayock's opinion about the top of the round, it will be very difficult for teams at that height to trade down. And it would be easier and less expensive for teams wanting to get up there to trade up.

The lack of cornerback talent high in the draft is also good for pending Dolphins free agent Sean Smith and the multitude of free agent corners about to hit the market.



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I read a lot on here but don't post much.. but here goes.. Yes the offense needs to score more points, and it is mostly on T-hill and the rest of the guys on O. However, some people seem to think our D is "good enough" simply because they usually keep the score down... THIS IS FALSE.. The D HAS to create TOs in order for the O to score more points.. Bend don't break doesn't get it, and more often than not pins the O deep.. During our bad stretch in the middle of the season our D had 1 - ONE TO in 7 games... It is about field position to get scoring ops... NE was the best in the league at going 80+ yards for TDs... they did it 25% of the time.. just food for thought
Also, I agree we need a deep threat receiver, but what we need more is a reliable red zone threat.. the deep ball is low %.. But inside the 20? Gotta score TDs regularly, a big TE with some quickness and Good hands would be nice.. just saying

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 18, 2013 at 05:10 PM

I guess this means Ireland gets fired at the end of the year. Because then the Dolphins may start winning sb's when Lebron is gone.

It's an omen, I tell ya dusty. Its got to be an omen, my boy! LOL...

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Mike Mayock has a lot of very dated ideas.

Mike mayock is dated he's old school

Ross should hire Mayock to do the Dolfin draft.

You have to be cutting-edge now in order to be successful in the Draft. You have to realize that these young Men coming out are a different Breed, probably by eating all those hamburgers rolled in horse meat, they are some Minotaurs, man, some Minotaurs.

I don't know why you guys find the need to argue about WR's. It's pretty simple. We need some.

We need to resign Hartline if possible. We need to get one in free agency if possible, and we need to draft one, two if we don't land a free agent.

As far as Corradelle Patterson, Keenan Allen or whoever I guess that would depend on what we do in free agency and where they project to go when the draft is here. I personally wouldn't complain about them drafting one in the 1st rd even if we signed one in free agency.

Btw, I would take Jennings over Amendola any day of the week.

What is the skinny on Tavon Austin? I haven't seen him mentioned much on here and he was pretty productive in college.

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What good is a WR when we dont have a QB?

I like deandre Hopkins fron Clemson


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Posted by: Beautiful Cat Princess | February 18, 2013 at 05:31 PM

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Has anyone heard of Leon sandcastle I hear he's pretty good he can do it all

Posted by: Jackmeoff | February 18, 2013 at 05:33 PM

He is indeed! Tyrone Shoelaces is much better though!

Where are all the serious posters?

Tavon Austin is tiny he's a smurf a big play guy in space only

Posted by: Jackmeoff | February 18, 2013 at 05:29 PM

Kinda like Steve Smith huh?

Somebody got mad as hell here Today.


Not necessarily a 'weak draft' just not loaded with slam dunk prospects. I still think there are a lot of good players in this draft but your scouts better have done their homework & better know what they're doing.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | February 18, 2013 at 02:22 PM
Point taken WNP. No doubt there are some playmakers in this draft. The sheer number of players drafted make it likely. But identifying them will take luck as well as skill. Seems like we lack both.

Yup, all the Goodones are at the Combine.

i like tann. he really did progress as the season went on.i really cant say i saw chad henne make that much progress. plus this guy is very coachable. he has the drive and the will to do better.with a few weapons at hi disposal hey will be a top ten qb in a couple of years.

Heres a thought wait 3 weeks and we will all see who they can sign. Who they try to sign etc. Although debating failure after the fact is really a lot of wasted energy ala 10 days of bitching about Manning. He was never serious about signing in Miami. Then we can discuss draft strategy knowing where the holes still exist. The team had holes but was not without talent last year. Unfortunately the FIns have the most starters of any team as UFA's.

Back off of Ben Volin

You Wallace junkies love twist the comparisons in your favor. There is only one way to look at it.

If Hartline had been on the Steelers the last few years with Ben and one of the best OC's in the business, how would he have done? Likewise, if Wallace had been on the Sparano/Columbo/Henne offense the last few years, how would he have done?

Still think we should sign Jennings and trade the #2 we got from indy to minn for percy harvin (who unlike most of the wr's in this draft and especially brian fartline, has proven to be electric with the ball and most importantly, knows how to find the house)! That leaves us with our 1st, 2nd and (2) 3rds to address pass rusher, corner/safety, te, or o-line (pulling guard or tackle to rpl long).

I hate rain on everyone wish list parade. But, Wallace is not coming to the fins. Ryan Clark will see to that after he tells Wallace not to come to Miami for obvious reasons.....


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Speaking of ace I am real high on ace sanders from so. Carolina the guy can outright ball 5 '10 180 runs a 4.5 and returns punts and kickoffs he's a Devon bess clone with more speed

Well according to Mayock we should go OG or OT in the first round. I would agree as long as the Dolphins land a FA WR like Jennings or my choice Mike Wallace. The Dolphins can then draft a rookie WR in the 2nd round. It's most likely a forgone conclusion that Long will not be a Dolphin. So going OL may work as long as the Dolphins get one of the top FA receivers. Getting a FA TE is another priority.

Mike Wallace will chase the money and if where willing to pay him he will be a miami dolphins so get ready people


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If we don't re-sign Starks, Shariff Floyd will be very much in the mix if he's still on the board @ 12.

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Dude I'm a grown man and I'm sick of your crap can't we just get along and put this aside

Posted by: Jackmeoff | February 18, 2013 at 08:02 PM

With a name like that,um...No.....LOL

Alright man we cool

Finley and Jennings..........come on dooooown!! Warmac would give us a naaaasty o-line with him n pouncy just mauling people! Wont go over well with the peanut gallery though! Even tho he is to the guard position what Andrew Luck was to the qb position last year, a sure thing, cant miss prospect.

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Philly warmack is a little heavy he is like 360 lbs. he's a mualer but the scheme doesn't fit

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Well according to Mayock we should go OG or OT in the first round. I would agree as long as the Dolphins land a FA WR like Jennings or my choice Mike Wallace. The Dolphins can then draft a rookie WR in the 2nd round. It's most likely a forgone conclusion that Long will not be a Dolphin. So going OL may work as long as the Dolphins get one of the top FA receivers. Getting a FA TE is another priority.


I hope you're right about Long. We need to clear out the dead weight. Same goes for Sean Smith. I don't believe our coaches are as delusional as some of the fans on here who think these guys are top tier players. Their play in 2012 has earned them ZERO consideration as far I'm concerned.

I believe Eric Fisher will be a stud at the next level & there are a LOT of people who love Chance Warmack. Not sure I'd go that high for a Guard but it could happen. Would be a hell of a decision for Ireland if Shariff Floyd & Fisher were both on the board at 12....

Carl are you a dentist or something

When an NFL team hires Maycock to be a GM, only then will I consider him something more than a media talking head paid to create blog hits on the sports pages.

Maycock and Kiper are nothing more than internet fodder. They are in the blog hit business. Take away the internet and they'd be managers at your local Denny's.

One of the things I like the most about our coach is that he comes from an organization that has a great track record of building through the draft and developing young talent. It's hard to pass on Patterson, it's a position that puts points on the board and that's what we desperately need.

Anyway to the above, Is Wallace worth the millions that are being thrown out there. If Miami pays him 11 mill or above he will have to catch the ball more consistently. I love his speed and natural ability but we have had enough ball droppers on our team. Wallace would be an upgrde, just need to spend wisely. Regardless of what we do with Wallace, PLEASE draft a wr in the first two rds. D.Hopkins or C.Patterson are playmakers, despite mayocks so called expert opinion. maybe alittle raw but most making the transition to the pros are. Mistakes will be made but say that niether will help our offense is CRAZY. Of course thats just my opinion, i could be wrong.

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