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Mayock: Draft offer depth but few 'difference makers'

As you saw in the list of players that have been invited to the coming NFL Combine, there are dozens of juniors and they are responsible for making this draft class deep.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock agrees that is exactly what teams are likely to see out of this draft: Depth.

"Because of the juniors, we probably have better depth than in last 10 years," Mayock said today on a national conference call.

But ...

While that will create more value for later-round picks -- remember the Dolphins have two picks in the second round and two in the third - Mayock doesn't see stardom at the top of the draft.

"The top 10 picks, I don't see difference makers," Mayock said.

He went on to say that he sees the fifth pick and the 25th pick as having similar talent.

Wouldn't you know it? The Dolphins, a team that has plenty of solid players but few difference makers, are looking for that thing that Mayock says the top of the draft lacks. And with the No. 12 overall selection, the Dolphins are in that area where Mayock says difference makers are not evident.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback, wide receiver, defensive end and tight end. Yes, it would be good to add a pass-rusher to start opposite Cameron  Wake, but Mayock isn't sold on the players most gurus have atop that group.

"I don't think Bjoern Werner or Damontre Moore are top 10 players," he said.

The Dolphins need a running back, you say?

Mayock has only one -- Alabama's Eddie Lacy -- graded for the first round.

Mel Kiper has the Dolphins picking Tennessee wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson in the first round. Mayock likes him, too. He gives him a first-round grade, one of only two wide receivers he gives first-round grades to.

"You put hut him on tape, and he’s going to take your breath away. He’s a special talent," Mayock said. But then Mayock also adds Patterson comes with major upside but major risk as well due to his inexperience.

Mayock likes an offensive lineman for the Dolphins at No. 12. He says he has six offensive tackles with first round grades.

Meanwhile, Mayock said he sees Alabama OG Chance Warmack as the best player he's studied on tape this year.

And the former special teams player and safety called this year's safety class "one of the best safety classes in years."

Mayock only has one cornerback -- Alabama's Dee Milliner -- graded for the first round.

So what does all this mean?

I'd say that if a majority of teams share Mayock's opinion about the top of the round, it will be very difficult for teams at that height to trade down. And it would be easier and less expensive for teams wanting to get up there to trade up.

The lack of cornerback talent high in the draft is also good for pending Dolphins free agent Sean Smith and the multitude of free agent corners about to hit the market.



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The more I study the draft the more I believe we will trade back 10 spots or so and acquire even more picks most of the talent seems to be from the 20th spot to the 60th spot overall

If we trade back we don't have to reach for the players we need and we need alot

I agree about Wallace, he is going to want to much $ and I just don't think he is worth it. I know he is fast and that's sexy but I just can't see spending that much on him.

If a top corner isn't there at 12 we should trade back

Be careful, you're not allowed to speak against Wallace on this blog. It angers the natives. LOL

I must be losing my sight but I don't see Warmack going to the second level constantly like I saw DeCastro do at Stanford. Chance looks to me like a straight ahead mauler.

How can u rip tannehill with so little experience as a st
arter in nfl and college? Henne was a 4 yr guy in Michigan and moore had the same record last year with marshall did u think we were getting a 5000 yd passer out of the gates?

You know I don't see much difference from keenan Allen and steadman bailey

There ARE some "difference makers" in this Draft. There always are. You just have to find Them.

Yup you just have to make the right picks

There are playmakers throughout the draft I see a lot this year , I think we are in good shape

I will like to see Wallace in a Miami uniform with hartline. Hartline will have a break out season next year. Our team just need sum players with heart like jones#20 he comes to play ever game. Get Wallace over here keep hartline an keep Starks an bush everybody else can go. Ill like for use to look for a TE in FA. First round get a DE with size an speed there are plenty of the this years draft. Than draft the best corners an WR-TE on da board. Thn maybe we can play with done of these teams out here.

And In say again, there are recievers in this draft that can immediately help our offense. they my not put up megatron #'s but i bet tha tcan find the end zone more than once, a la hartline.

Is it just me or does Yesterday's Gone initials be the same as that amazing 1st round dolphin pick. YATIL GREEN?????

Just sayin

Pist fump. Goin for 3

Marc from NJ,

If we trade back as u suggested, were and who do u think we should take?

And why wouldn't Lamontre Moore go Top 10? The guy had 13 sacks AND 85 tackles against the best competition in the Nation. Watch him how quick and strong he is. The next Aldon Smith.

Looking at the draft order, i'm not so sure that any team would trade for our 12th. but I can't say that another 2nd rd pick wouldn't be beneficial. there will have to be the right player to fall for that to happen. most are saying tha tthe real value is inthe late first and through out the second.

I am beginnig to confirm my long held belief that Mike Mayock is FOS.

Sorry, Damontre.


Mayock is no better than Kiper or McShay. Mayock played I think 2 years in the NFL and has no personnel experience. He's just a talking head like the rest of them. If an NFL team thought he knew what his was talking about, he would have a job with them.

They are throwing smoke screens at you guys from every angle. There are great Players in the Top 15 in this Year's Draft. Joeckel, Lacy, Warmack, Damontre + several other DEs, 2 or 3 DTs, Vaccaro, Elam, etc. BS, man, you not going to fool me.

your right on this one oscar, moore is a top ten player, just wish he was a top 12 and fell to us, just dreaming i guess.

I like our chances to get players with no marquee QB's and big names in the top 5. That means players are going to fall in the first round and second round for that matter. With awful organizations like the Jets and Bills in front of us who knows who they'll pick.

I'd take Damonster in a second over mostly anyone the draft. 12.5 sacks, 21 TFL and 85 tackles in SEC. Mayock just has an opinion like everyone else but I think he's wrong in this case for sure.

We can always move up, frankie jr.

Pretty much what I said a week ago or so. Weak draft that's why you have to make bold decisions when the time is right.


Not necessarily a 'weak draft' just not loaded with slam dunk prospects. I still think there are a lot of good players in this draft but your scouts better have done their homework & better know what they're doing.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | February 18, 2013 at 02:22 PM

Good point, according to idiotic pundits like Mayock and Kiper, Brady and Marino would have made up a "weak" QB class.

I like Mayock a tad better than Kiper, but seriously, you can't put too much stock into anything they blather out!

The main point they're trying to make is that there are not many "Top Ten" prospects this year. When you consider that alot of the top 20 bust every year, this isn't saying much. As much as we all hate trading down, this in fact could be the best year to do it.

I wouldn't have any problems with Ireland trading down 5 to 10 spots provided the right guy wasn't there and we gained another 2nd.

I would rather **NOT TRADE DOWN AT ALL**. Certainly no lower than the 18 to 20 range. But this would give us a 1st, THREE - 2nd's and TWO - 3rd's. With this being a DEEP draft and NO Top Tier Slam Dunks, we would be "Sitting Pretty".

This isn't a WEAK draft, it's a DEEP draft. And believe me, despite what the "So-Called Experts" blabber on about, PLAYMAKERS will be had. They might be a little more difficult to sniff out, but they're "Out There".

(PS: Kris, if you're out there, lets talk Wallace/Jennings and your response to my post last night)

Does anyone think milliner will fall to us? he's the best CB in the draft, i'm an SEC fan and he was a shut down against some really good college recievers

We should try to trade at least one or two 2nd and 3rd picks for a pick next year. This draft is lame.

Ireland will use one of the 2nd rd picks to trade up a take an offensive lineman. Do not be surprised.

In 5 seasons we'll have to let him walk on fa too. LOL...

Our starting wr's for 2013 will be Brian Hartline, Danny Amendola, and Devon Bess. So enjoy!

Being a draft guru is like being a weatherman. You take no responsibility or accountability for being wrong and dumb. If these guys like Mayock and Kiper and the rest of the circus were good don't you think teams would be beating down their doors for jobs? Gil Brandt would be an exception of guy who has done it.

Posted by: Kris | February 18, 2013 at 02:09 PM

We should make both work together. Hartline for the medium routes, Wallace for the deep routes, Bess for the 5-10 yarders. Sounds plausible and possibly all we need.

Posted by: MiamiD20 | February 18, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Kris and D20,

I was thinking that Wallace and Hartline would compliment each other very well.

Hartline proved pretty effective running medium routes. But he also proved he can get deep occassionally.

With Wallace blowing the tops off of defenses and drawing all the safety help, Hartline could wreak havoc running deep on the opposite side.

As unlikely as it might seem on the face, this duo could do some damage. All it has to do is work once or twice and the days of 8 and 9 guys cheating up would be a thing of the past. It would also open things up for Miller(Bush?) and the shiny new Tight End that "Jeffy Claus" promised to bring me!

Sinatra, I would love if Milliner fell to 12, but I don't think he will.

If Percy Harvin came out this year, where would he be drafted? Just a lil disagreement me n my buddy r having....

we could, but is he worth giving up a 2nd with so many holes on our team.

don't be surprised if Ireland takes a OL with our 12th.


Who the hell is the #1 wr? Even as the supposed #1 wr last year Hartline only worked the sideline. #1's work the entire field.

Neither Hartline or Wallace are #1 wr's. Who the hell is the #1 wr, Devone Bess?

Percy Harvin is only a multiple all purpose players who do a lot of things well but does nothing great. That's exactly what he was at UF too.

He's kind of like the cowardly Ted Ginn recieving a heart from The Wizard. Still Harvins very good at many things but great at none.

Offer Flacco 20 mill and we'll contend for the SB.

Posted by: mike | February 18, 2013 at 02:49 PM

I suspect it's just a Troll that keeps mentioning Flacco coming to Miami.

Either way, the new CBA has what they're calling a "Restricted Tendered Free Agent". Sounds like a misnomer-oxy moron to me(and I'm not even sure if thats the proper wording).

But what it amounts to is this, Ozzy can tender Flacco and in addition to besting his contract offer, we would have to cough up **AT LEAST** TWO - First Round Picks. THEN......even if we did that, Ozzie still has the right of first refusal.

In other words, Flacco ain't going NOWHERE! No Matter What.

(Not sure what they call this new type of "restricted tender", but it's in an article in the Herald Today about the Ravens and their Cap Situation. It's a good read, The Ravens WILL have to part ways with at least a couple of their key players. Not good for them, HOPEFULLY GREAT for us).


Forget Wallace, Hartline/Amendola/Bess will be your 2013 starting wr's. No one else wants to come to Miami and Ireland will lowball Jennings away.

YG, Wallace is a 1. I dont know where the opinion of him being a number 2 came from. After his rookie year he was Pittsburgh's 1 for 3 years. He averaged 1000 + yards and 8 TD's for 4 years that number 1 production imo.

Get your popcorn and Danny Amendola jerseys ready for 2013. He will be your newest Miami Dolphins wr.

We should build from the draft and our #1 will be patterson. IMO he can produce like j.j in alanta did in his rookie season. Yes, he needs work on routes and thats what coaches are for. also, he can def. work the entire field.

YG, theres no way that scenario comes true. How about we add Welker with those 3 for our 4 WR's ? haha

Where would Percipherous be drafted tho if he was coming out this year? My buddy says 2nd rnd, i say prolly late 1st, 20-30ish. Either way, worth a late 2nd (the one we got from indy) imo. Vontae for Percy str8 up sounds good to me. He may not do anything great, but he'd be the best wr on our team with the group we currently have, including Fartline! more speed and playmaking (and miss matches) than we've seen from that position in awhile. Would be like using a stronger Reggie Bush, u know, the way we actually shoulda used Reggie Bush (in space).


64 rec and 850yds in 15 games isnt very #1 wr like, even though Wallace is listed as the #1 wr on the Steelers depth chart.

the only way we take welker is if brady comes with him. With out brady, he's davone bess.


-Who cares what is said by any analyst at this point! We all know that the whole thing changes after the combine and pro days.

-Bottom line, what is said about draft grades and depth means absolute shite at this point in time!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 18, 2013 at 03:23 PM

ROTFLMAO! I have to agree with you again. I think it's hilarious that Kiper and Mayock blabbers something, Armando reports it........and SUDDENLY........all the guys everybody was dreaming about just last night.......are instantly "Not Worthy-lol!

Regardless of what Kiper and Mayock "report"(or anybody else for that matter), this draft could be chocked full of Tom Brady's and Cameron Wakes!

The FACT is, nobody **REALLY KNOWS** until they suit up on Sundays.

(PS: I saw your reply to me about the possibility of "Tagging Long". Let me know if you're still out there, I have a reply if you're interested).

YG, that was just last year. Wallace's holdout and Roethlisberger being out hurt his stats. I'll still take the 8 TD's though. Look at the stats from 2010 and 2011 thats number 1 worthy.

Sinatra, that was just a joke for YG. Welker's time in Miami has come and gone.

Irescum could take a kicker in the 1st rd!

Watching the combine makes me horny.

Great idea, let's bring in Wallace so he can hold out on us too and have excuses for not playing well!

He is only worth half what he is asking. I won't be surprised at all if he gets no takers at his inflated ego rate.


I had no clue what Mayock's picks were but I absolutely agree with him. In fact I too had Warmack at 12th, and it would be a steal. With Long gone, he would solidify the line. We'd still need to pick a guy like Kyle Long or Menelik Watson to play RT but a line boosting Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Warmack and K. Long would be a formidable one, especially considering we want and athletic and young one for the zone blocking scheme we have now in place.

I too agree that the latter picks in the 1st round are golden, I would welcome the idea of Mr. Ireland for once being ahead of the game and trade Solai to Seattle for their 25th selection (remember he will be a FA next year and a year older too). Seattle desperately needs a DT and a heavy one for the matter to complement their undersized DEs. Since we could move Odrick inside with his new weight we could use the pick on a pass rusher like Margus Hunt.

As for CBs I'm not sold on ANY except for Milliner as Mayock pointed out. We could get great value picking someone like Xavier Rhodes in the 2nd and Jordan Poyer in the 3rd.

We also need to address WR and TE. This class is deep at WR but only so far. Last year there were a few ones for the taking -like Chris Givens and TY Hilton- but Mr. Ireland chose to wait way to long and we got what we paid for: crap. I'd double down on WRs in the 3rd and pick Da'Rick Rogers -who BTW was ahead of Patterson in the depth chart at Tennessee until he got into some trouble- and Ryan Swope. I'm not impressed with any TEs to be honest except for Ertz who would command a 2nd rd selection at worse, way too much IMO. I'd settle for guys with potential there and pick Gavin Escobar from SD State and Levine Toilolo from Stanford.

Why would Wallace join this cespool franchise?

As for FAs, the musts are Wallace (he addresses our biggest need, proven speed and efficiency at WR) or else we will all witness the Pats grabbing him, Derek Cox (forget Sean Smith for crissakes) and wait to see what Buffalo does with their franchise tag. If they are stupid enough not to tag Jairus Byrd, we should do everything in our power to get that guy. If that fails then sign Clemons.

Which leads me to our own FAs. Sign Starks like yesterday. Sign Bush, a no brainer if we indeed are heading to a read-option. I'd sign Fasano (and Bush) at a local discount. I'm not a Fasano fan at all, especially b/c he's been grossly overpaid but I hope he shows some gratitude back and signs a more palatable deal since he'd be the h-back and nothing more. He is a good blocker and with two rookie TEs his experience would be valuable.

1st- Chance Warmack, OG, Bama
1st- Margus Hunt, DE, SMU (via trade)
2nd- Xavier Rhodes, CB, FSU
2nd- Kyle Long, OT, Oregon (or Menelik Watson, OT, FSU)
3rd- Da'Rick Rogers, WR, TN Tech
3rd- Ryan Swope, WR, TX Tech
4th- Gavin Escobar, TE, SD State
5th- Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford
7th- Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond
7th- Quanterus Smith, DT, Western KY (Alex Hurst, OT, LSU)

Martin cant play LT. We all saw he's a turnstyle at LT.

TIger nobody here has the attention span to read more than 3 sentences. Keep your posts short and to the point if you want anyone to read them.

Martin needed tons of help at LT. If Long walks then we will have to draft LT first.

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