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Mayock: Draft offer depth but few 'difference makers'

As you saw in the list of players that have been invited to the coming NFL Combine, there are dozens of juniors and they are responsible for making this draft class deep.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock agrees that is exactly what teams are likely to see out of this draft: Depth.

"Because of the juniors, we probably have better depth than in last 10 years," Mayock said today on a national conference call.

But ...

While that will create more value for later-round picks -- remember the Dolphins have two picks in the second round and two in the third - Mayock doesn't see stardom at the top of the draft.

"The top 10 picks, I don't see difference makers," Mayock said.

He went on to say that he sees the fifth pick and the 25th pick as having similar talent.

Wouldn't you know it? The Dolphins, a team that has plenty of solid players but few difference makers, are looking for that thing that Mayock says the top of the draft lacks. And with the No. 12 overall selection, the Dolphins are in that area where Mayock says difference makers are not evident.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback, wide receiver, defensive end and tight end. Yes, it would be good to add a pass-rusher to start opposite Cameron  Wake, but Mayock isn't sold on the players most gurus have atop that group.

"I don't think Bjoern Werner or Damontre Moore are top 10 players," he said.

The Dolphins need a running back, you say?

Mayock has only one -- Alabama's Eddie Lacy -- graded for the first round.

Mel Kiper has the Dolphins picking Tennessee wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson in the first round. Mayock likes him, too. He gives him a first-round grade, one of only two wide receivers he gives first-round grades to.

"You put hut him on tape, and he’s going to take your breath away. He’s a special talent," Mayock said. But then Mayock also adds Patterson comes with major upside but major risk as well due to his inexperience.

Mayock likes an offensive lineman for the Dolphins at No. 12. He says he has six offensive tackles with first round grades.

Meanwhile, Mayock said he sees Alabama OG Chance Warmack as the best player he's studied on tape this year.

And the former special teams player and safety called this year's safety class "one of the best safety classes in years."

Mayock only has one cornerback -- Alabama's Dee Milliner -- graded for the first round.

So what does all this mean?

I'd say that if a majority of teams share Mayock's opinion about the top of the round, it will be very difficult for teams at that height to trade down. And it would be easier and less expensive for teams wanting to get up there to trade up.

The lack of cornerback talent high in the draft is also good for pending Dolphins free agent Sean Smith and the multitude of free agent corners about to hit the market.



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Martin could play LT but Tanny would have to run for his life haha

It's absoluely pathetic that their are still Tannehill haters. Obviously their are very few real fans in Miami. As a subscriber from Cali its mind boggling to hear the BS from guys who call themselves "Dolphinthis" and "Dolphinthat". Why dont you go be Jets fans. Your football IQ doesnt qualify you to comment. You guys are killing the team. Spend some money and put your a#s in a seat and support the team or go away.

Now, tell me, realistically you dont expect that a rookie couldnt come in and put up Hartline type td numbers?

Hartline has 6 tds for his 4yr career. I believe at least 3, if not more, rookie wr's from this draft will have at least 6 tds their rookie season alone.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 18, 2013 at 04:04 PM

YG, don't get it twisted, THIS ISN'T an ATTACK and I'm SURELY NOT DEFENDING Hartlines lack of TD's.

If you understand the above, then keep reading, if not just skip my post. Continually debating Hartline is getting tiresome for me.

FIRST-the conversation about Hartline should be about MONEY!

SECOND-The real issue is, IF Hartline is retained, how well will he fit in with Wallace as opposed to Jennings.

THIRD-I'm not convinced a Rookie could come in and best Hartline's numbers. While he didn't score TD's, he was very productive and led the team in keeping drives alive.

As far as comparing Hartline to a Rookie, there's pretty BIG and interesting FACT that often gets overlooked. The real question and comparison should be, can a Rookie WR come in and produce while learning a COMPLETELY new offense every year he's here?

Can a Rookie come in and produce while playing for some of the WORSE Offensive Coordinators, and a DIFFENT one as well, each and every year?

I don't know what your VANDETTA against Hartline is all about, but it's getting a little crazy. Most of us know Hartline is a No.3 WR, a No.2 at best or in a pinch. Also, for the amount of money he's going to get from us(most likely around 4.5 million), he'd be an asset.

The **REAL** and **ONLY** issues with Hartline should be:

1. Money.

2. How well of a no.2 or 3 he'll be, while playing with some WR's as talented as Wallace and/or Jennings.

The Hartline Hate is getting to the ridiculous point. As it stands now, plain and simple, we'll need **SOMEBODY** to line up opposite Wallace and/or Jennings. We'll need that guy to play **UNTIL** the Rookie WR we draft this year gets up to speed. And I say, for now, Hartlines 74 catches for over a 1000 yards and his leading the team in 1st down conversions will be well worth the 4.5 he'll be getting paid.

I don't know how many more ways I can say it, with a truly talented WR and an improving QB that he's already developed some chemistry with, Hartline could be a GOOD DEAL and an integral **PART** of this offense. At least until the Kids we draft this year get up to speed.

It is still a team game.

What receiver would have thrived under the Sparano/Columbo/Henne offense? Hartline had 3 different QB's, three different OC's and two different HC's and an incomplete oline in his first 4 years! It takes years of consistency between players and coaches to develop.

How good was Larry Fitz last year without and elite QB?

You guys need to evaluate things with some perspective!

Tannehill couldnt even start for his college team Texas A&M today....but he starts for the Dolphins?? YIKES!

Put Harline on any of last years playoff teams and you'd see a much better receiver.


Who the hell is the #1 wr? Even as the supposed #1 wr last year Hartline only worked the sideline. #1's work the entire field.

Neither Hartline or Wallace are #1 wr's. Who the hell is the #1 wr, Devone Bess?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 18, 2013 at 09:57 PM

YG, if we had to line up with Wallace, Hartline and Bess as our Receivers, do you really need to ask **WHO** would be considered the No.1?

Would you REALLY slot Bess in(pun intended)as the No.1 with Wallace and Hartline on the Roster? Wow YG! To avoid any conflicts, I'm not even going to comment how absurd your reasoning is(oops-lol).

C'Mon Man! As you yourself stated above, our receiver corp was in such disarray, we had to play Hartline as our No. 1.

Come on YG, you're better than that. Are you just trying to start a fight? Regardless of which labels we put on whom, you know as well as I do, we're going to have to go with the BEST of whatever we have.

I don't see us getting lucky enough to draft a WR that will come in and tear it up right off rip. So **YOU** figure it out yourself from there.

Henning was awful. Dabol led the worst offense in the league at Cleveland, again at Miami, again at KC! Then you had Marshall in the qb's face every play insisting he is open! And you expect a young receiver to shine?

I repeat, look at Fitz's stats last year without an elite QB....do you think he have done much better here?

2012 Season

Fitz 71 798 11.2

Hartline 74 1083 14.6

Ronnie Brown part 2.

Wallace 64 836 13.1

Hmmm, looks to me like our Brian Hartline had a better season than Fitz and Wallace.

It is still a team game.

What receiver would have thrived under the Sparano/Columbo/Henne offense? Hartline had 3 different QB's, three different OC's and two different HC's and an incomplete oline in his first 4 years!

You guys need to evaluate things with some perspective!

Posted by: Carl | February 18, 2013 at 11:09 PM

Agreed Carl and much of this is what I was trying to convey to YG.

In addition to the chaos that Hartline stepped into called the Miami Dolphins, don't forget Henning and Daboll. Both of whom were "Old School" and had the "Run First" mentality embedded into their Psych-ee.

Combine THAT with the wisdom and leadership of one Tony SpOranus, I can see how easy it is for "SOME" to lose perspective. Any way you cut it, the whole "She-Bang" was just not very condusive to WR's(any WR's)putting up big, flashy stats.

I'm not a big Hartline Fan, never have been. I was impressed with last year and how fast he meshed with Tannehill. It was one of the few inspiring things I took away from the season.

Like you said above, it's team game. And I believe Hartline can play a role and be an integral PIECE of the TEAM.


Look up Hartline and Wallace on ESPN and compare their career stats. They have both been in the NFL since 2009. I posted it earlier. Please refer to the scoreboard.

The Scoreboard says:
Wallace 32 career TD's
Hartline 6 career TD's

The scoreboard has spoken! bwa ha ha ha

Hartline needs a QB who wont overthrow TD passes. One game this yr Hartline had the defense beat not onece but twice and was overthrown both times. Go whine about some other player, Dolphins had better resign Hartline, because NE will.

Responding to another poster Sharif Floyd will be long gone by our pick. I believe he will go in the top 5.

Someone else had a similar sense of humor, Chance Warmack?? LOL. He is way out of reach too and doesn't fit our zone blocking scheme.


You like others keep missing my point.

Wallace played on a SB offense with one of the top QB's and OC's in the NFL!

Hartline played on totally dysfunctional team!

No comparison.

Now, reverse it. How would Wallace of done here all those years and how would Hartline have done in Pittsburgh with Ben and Arians guiding him instead of Henne and Henning?

We can see in Hartlines first year with a better coach and a rookie QB he put up better numbers than Wallace and Fitz!

Give the guy a break! He is no Fitz, but he is no bum either! And Wallace is no Fitz! Not worth Fitz money!

Texas A&M improved dramatically when Tannehill and Sherman left.

I agree with Mayock. This appears to be one of the worst draft classes in many years.

Johnny football is not an elite passer. Not even close.

Omg, here comes the Welker/Hartline, the Pats will get him mania. Im so....... sure, Hartline will turn into the Calvinator if he goes to The Pats.

Im am soo......... shaking in my boots that Hartline may sign with the Pats. Why he could turn into another Wes Welker.

People, please, Hartline and Welker 360 degrees in difference. Its like comparing Water to fire. Please quit your god damn trembling.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 18, 2013 at 04:24 PM

WOW! OMG is RIGHT! YG, have you gone off your meds?

Not ONE SINGLE person has mentioned ANYTHING you allude too. NOBODY-LOL. Who the Fvck are talking too? Ghosts? The "Voices" you started hearing when you went off your meds. Every so-called point you attack in your post.......was "Made Up".........**BY YOU**.

ONE solitary person mentions the Pats might go after Hartline and you turn it into a "Mania" - (Cukoo-Cuckoo)LOL.

People are "Trembling".....over things **YOU** make up.

People are "Dreaming Dreams".......over things **YOU** make up.

I don't know how someone exhibits a narcissistic personality disorder, yet overeacts at times, with the gusto of an inferiority complex?

Talk to your Doctor about them Meds Bro, because you're certainly not communicating with anyone here. You continuously "Make Up" things and somehow pretend others have said it. Then, ALARMINGLY, you attack THEM for things you yourself "Made Up". That's scary Bro.

I've known you along time and I can tell somethings going on. ALL JOKING ASIDE, check on the Meds Man.

..I have defended Hartine in the past. I believe he could be a piece of the puzzle. I also have said that there are tons of different contrat scenarios that could keep him here that many of us just do not have enough cap knowledge to start to get into. It doesn't have to be so cut and dry..Many ways to structure a contract.

This said..We don't know what the corps of recievers is going to look like. Having one guy isn't going to be enough. You really need at least 2. Now this could come in the form of a tight end reciever combo, whatever gets it done. But nobody can convine me that Hartline could not play a role in a group here. You can sight the poor TD career td totals all you want. But go back and put your memory plugs in.

What was the Dolphin redzone offense under Sparano? Who got targeted? It certainly wasn't Hartline. Most of the time it was forced passes to Marshall, or poorly thrown passes out of the endzone from an inept redzone quarterback. Throw in the playcalling in the scoring area..And it sort of brings to light why Hartlines scoring totals could have suffered.

Rewind to last year..Again. We all agree Hartlines scoring numbers stink. But it wasn't like he was dropping passes in the endzone. How many redzone targets did he have? To take a step further. How many endzone targets did he have? Not many. Go ahead and argue that it was his fault that he didn't do a better job getting open. I'm sure this is partly his fault too. You could also say factualy that Tannehill missed some open opportunities.

We aren't debating whether Hartline should be our go to guy. We aren't going to pay him that, or anywhere near a top tier number 2 reciever. Nobody will. So what is the point of letting go of a player we drafted. A player that had the trust of our young quarterback? We are going to take that away why? It makes no sense if we can re-sign him.

The scoreboard has spoken! bwa ha ha ha

Posted by: dolfandave | February 18, 2013 at 11:48 PM

Excuse me Mr. dolfandave,

I regret to inform you that you are in violation of a copyright infringement laws.

I have a CURRENT Patent on the phrase you've used above. On a SLIGHTLY humorous note, you've managed to spell it incorrectly.

There's IS an "(H)"...as well as many more "(a's)". And you've seemed to have forgotten the all important, trademark exclamation points. 4 in all seems to work best"(!!!!)". In the spirit of brevity, I won't mention how you've failed to capitalize ALL of the "(H's)".

Just for the record, the proper phraseology would be:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While that MAY.....or MAY NOT.......be true, I would suggest you cease and desist. I would hate to have to take any legal actions. But I have to warn you, my Attorney(s) are EXCELLENT and they're ALWAYS itching for a fight.

Thanks In Advance for your co-operation Mr. Dave. It was so nice speaking with you.


One of those so called over thrown TD passes landed right on Hartlines finger tips.
And why does Hartline catch with his chest?
4 QB's threw fades to Hartline, none connected.
Hartline is a good 3 receiver. That's it.

Someone else had a similar sense of humor, Chance Warmack?? LOL. He is way out of reach too and doesn't fit our zone blocking scheme.

Posted by: dolfandave | February 18, 2013 at 11:49 PM

It's a safe bet Warmack will be gone by 12.

But I wouldn't go so far as to say he wouldn't fit our scheme or ANY scheme for that matter. When a talent as rare as Warmack comes along, you don't worry about trivial things like scheme.

In other words, in my opinion, Warmack is talented enough to excel in ANY scheme. I think he could even play Left Tackle if need be. But again, thats just my opinion.

Mayock and Kiper are pretty high on his talents as well though. Mayock, I believe, has him rated as THEE BEST PLAYER in the ENTIRE draft. Not the best Guard, not the best O-Lineman, but THEE BEST in the Draft!

Thats some Heady Stuff. I know we'll never land Warmack, but a man can dream........until draft day anyways.......



I hate defending Hartline, but that was damn FINE post @ 11:55.

Well Said, Hartline ain't a Bum-LOL!!!!

Darryl also gets a "KUDOS" for the 12:34 post!

Well said, I tried, but I think it took me 8 tries and I still didn't convey "THE POINT" as well as you did.

Hey, odin, has Odrick's first step improved?

Warmack isn't a quick movement guy. He is a GREAT player, but would fit more in the Jimmy Johnson/Sparano eras imo.

ValHalla back at ya!

PS Used to love to read Thor comics when I was a kid.

NOBODY will like the signings, goings and comings of FAs that will begin pretty soon.

It looks like it will be SS el que nos va a ensalchichar(put his sausage in Us) with his huge 3 yr contract.

Im bummed.

I read where my number 1 choice for TE FA Jared Cook is probably going to be franchised.

If that happens that sux.

Even coming off an injury Fred Davis would be my number 2 choice. The injury should mean he comes cheaper and Washington hasn't indicated they would tag him.

I think that Ertz and Eiffert will be good players in the NFL I just don't believe they will be stars.

I think they both get taken after our 1st at 12 but before our 2nd B pick. Not sure how it will shake out. I would rather tab TE Fred Davis and keep Fasano another year so we can use the 2nd round choices on other positions.


Gotta hit the hay!


I think we should draft warmack from Alabama. that would set up our offensive line for years to come. Pouncy (C), warmack (LG), martin (LT), jerry (RT) all relatively young players. The only position we would have to address is right guard.

I think we may consider N Carolina's Jonathan Cooper before we had any chance at Warmack. He has the movement skills Philbin will love


I get that about Wallace just fine but Hartline still can't do the dynamic things he can do. I do like Hartline and do want him back but at a reasonable price, not 6 million a year. It would be great if we had them both!

There we go making excuses for Ireland already! If we give him the OUT of weak draft, then when he flubs 3 out of those 5 premium picks he'll go right back to that! I would bet that for the PATS and the Steelers and the Ravens this likely isn't a "weak" draft? They will find gems in the 2nd and 3rd rounds like they do every year, WHY shouldn't the Dolphins be held to that same standard?

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