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Patterson talked to media and Dolphins at Indy

And while we're on the topic of wide receivers, both coming out of college and in free agency, let me address Cordarrelle Patterson here.

While at the Indianapolis combine he met with the Dolphins. He's living in South Florida now.

The Dolphins need a big-play wide receiver. Patterson runs like a deer and has shown ability to get deep. General manager Jeff Ireland loves big wide receivers. Patterson is 6-2 and 215 pounds.

Do you get all the connections?

I get it, too. It kind of makes sense for a team with the No. 12 overall selection that perhaps Patterson is a fit in so many different ways.

But I cannot tell you I love the kid at No. 12. He's not Julio Jones, although he says that is who he patterns himself after. He's not A.J. Green, either. He reminds more of Darrius Heyward-Bey or Kenny Britt. He's also very raw.

There is another thing: Patterson went the junior college route before going to Tennessee in 2012. Why? Well, Patterson struggled to keep up academically at times. Thus there are questions about how quickly Patterson will recognize coverages and learn plays and adjustments in the NFL.

The Dolphins run a fairly complex offensive system and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman last year had no compunction about leaving behind young players that didn't learn quickly and play fast enough as a result of the uncertainty in their heads. Tight end Michael Egnew comes to mind.

Even veteran Jabar Gaffney struggled to pick up Miami's system.

Well, it could be argued, Patterson learned quickly enough at Tennessee to burst on the scene quickly. But that isn't completely correct. He was expected to be the Vols third WR but was actually thrust into greater playing time out of necessity when teammate Da'Rick Rogers was kicked off the team.

There are also questions about Patterson being a one-year flash rather than a consistent performer.

Anyway, Patterson spoke to the media at the combine. This is how it went:

(On path to Indy): "It was a good path, man. I had to go to junior college and ended up at Tennessee.
I wouldn’t change it for nothing. Everyplace I went, I enjoyed every second of it."

(On whether JUCO in Hutchinson, Kansas was tough): "Oh, yeah, there were a lot of times I doubted because I had to leave high school and go all the way to Hutchinson in Kansas. I would call my mom every day and ask her if she still thought I needed to do this and she said, ‘Yeah, it’s been your
dream for a long time so just make sure you stick with it."

(On the season at Tennessee): "I wanted to go in and try to be the best at my position and hope my dream would come true and be in the NFL."

(On whether he can help himself at the Combine): "Go in Saturday and Sunday and give it my best and make sure I do everything right so teams can look at me and say good things about myself."

(On whether you need a big week to go in the first round): "I know I can help myself a lot. I know what I can do. I’m going to go in and just give it my all."

(On whether he patterns himself after any receiver?): "Yeah, Julio Jones."

(On people saying you’re a one-year wonder): "I didn’t expect to be a one-year-and-done but we had the coaching change and everything was getting a little crazy, so I wanted to get out of there."

(Name three strengths): "Speed, catching and scoring."

(On expectations for NFL): "The things I did in college, I expect to come in as a rookie and be a good rookie and be a Pro Bowler."

(On experts saying he's raw): "I don’t listen to anything anyone says about my ability. God gave it to me and I go out every day and practice hard at practice, and in the games I expect big things out of myself."

(On going to the Dolphins): "I haven’t talked to them like that but I have a meeting set with them later on today. Miami is my home and I’ll do whatever I have to do."

(On being the No. 1 WR drafted): "I really didn’t even think like that. There’s rumors coming around that I can be and I hope this weekend I can show that I can be that No. 1 receiver."

(On possibly going to Carolina): "My mama, she talks about that all the time. If I could be that close to home, I know she’d be at every game possible. When I was little, I used to always think about playing for the Panthers. If that dream comes true, then it comes true."

(On what he must improve): "My route-running and learning coverages, just getting better at that."

(On expecting to be good as a junior at UT): "I didn’t, because when I went to Tennessee, I didn’t even think I was going to be a starter. But then I went in and some things happened at Tennessee and people started expecting big things from me, so I had to fill that role."

(On whether he's a top 10 player): "I say I’m a top-15 pick but I can’t control what coaches think and they’re the ones that make the decisions. If they see me in the top 15, top 10, then I respect that because I think I am."


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Love him or hate him Armando but if miami believes enuff in his abilities, it wont matter, but there's a lot of depth and talent in the reciever position this year so picking him up at 12 is a reach.....but if long is released and/or starks goes somewhere else, i dont see how miami picks up Patterson ,(especially if they sign Wallace), with their first pick and patterson will definately not be available come their 2nd pick this year..and thats okay too,Just sayin!!!!

His academic record has nothing to do with his football IQ. Most football players don't finish college, X's and O's don't imply you have to be smart.

Yeh that was out of bounds armando ae need playmakers not PHDs.

Get Wallace instead and draft Patton/ Woods or Hopkins in round 2

No way Patterson goes in round 1 or 2. He's too inexperienced. My guess is he'll fall to round 3. Miami would be better of with a CB, DE, or TE in round 1. Miami might attempt to trade down for more picks.

He sounds like a panther fan, a momma's boy, let them have him!

I love these posters. Guy says Patterson will fall to round three (hahahahahahaaa!) and is not good enough for #12 pick, but then says a tight end is good enough. Tight ends are never picked in the first round, much less that high. But I guess your posters know it all Armando.

Patterson is not going to fall to the third round. There are many teams out there looking for WR help. There is not going to be a perfect pick out there at 12. I'll take him or Moore, Milliner, L. Johnson or Eifert.

BTW..my man Damonster WTH? 11 reps on the bench? It didn't stop him from making tackles, Sacks or TFL's.

The kid is a moron and will never pan out as a pro.

It would be wonderful if he fell to the Dolphins at #12 ...because he is the best opportunity for the Dolphins to make the trade back into late in the round. A low round #1 and a high #2 would be just what the team needs for this year to continue to stockpile top draft picks toward a deep playoff run in 2014.

Yes, he seems to have great playmaking skills but he doesn't fit the developing mold for Dolphin WRs. And he has that- Uh-oh, sounds like another Vonte- feel to him that he's just not ready to stand on his own and needs time to grow up. Have a care, Jeff.

The fact is without us knowing what we do in FA, thinking about pick number 12 is a mood point.

There is a very good chance Jennings and Wallace don't make it here. Then what? We get a middle of the road WR in FA? Then Patterson becomes attractive at 12 if they think he is talented.

If Jakes walks and so does Starks, then this will change everything at 12. Hartline staying or going isn't changing anything.

If you watched a football life on Jimmy Johnson when he is the boat talking to Bill Belichick. He says the best thing he ever taught him was draft smart players because he can reason with a smart guy. A dumb person is a waste of breath.

Miami has to pick smart players and team captains. Those are leaders. That is all NE drafts.

Too many questions. Target a WR in 2nd and 3rd. Hedge since there is a lot of talent at WR in draft. Anyone of these 2 or 3's at Wr can replace Hartline and save the team 6M in cap because thats what he wants for 1 TD.
With #12 take a speedy athletic DB or LB. Use the other 2 and 3 for OG or OT and Best available, 4,5,6 etc ST and long shots. The injured RB from SC or a K for example. Use FA for Wallace at WR, a vertran TE , Resign Starks, Sign FA CB ( Osi if cut by Philly Or other), Sign older cheaper RB in case Miller, Thomas and Gray dont work out.

Douglas Winston, the more complex the offense is, the more intelligent the receiver must be, Charley Caserley said it, Steve Mariuchi said it, Mike Tannebaum said it, and Ireland said it. And you are who Douglas, let me know you know what your resume is.,

Oh and the Honey Badger 4 reps in the bench press. You may say not important, but that means he'll be over matched in press coverage.

I like where we are now at 12. Someone that wasn't supposed to fall out of the top 10 will and we'll be there waiting.

Since we don't have control over moving down I don't like our chances of being able to do so. Would I like to? Sure but can't count on it as if it were a sure thing.

nothing new to see here, move along......draft a CB or DE/OLB in Rd 1 (go where the talent is) and draft a WR in Rd 2 and/or 3--will be plenty solid options there to choose from--sign a good FA WR and TE, even if you overpay a little......sign Wallace and Cook as free agents and it opens up the draft options big time-unless Patterson can make an immediate impact (which sounds unlikely) then you cant take him at 12.....wont help our rookie QB or offense much for awhile.

IMO, he reminds me of Torrey Smith. And do you draft a Torrey Smith at No. 12? I don't think so.

"Speed, catching and scoring". Everything our receivers don't have.
Draft the Kid!! Plus Miami is his home. Finally we'll have a dynamic, home town receiver.

with the solid WR showing at the combine, one potential positive for Miami is that Hartline, or any mid pack FA WR, should become more affordable--the top tier FA WRs will make their money but teams will look at the rookie WR class as opposed to overpaying for 2s and 3s like Hartline--might even affect the contract some of a guly like Jennings

The Combine hype and drama machine at work again...I don't understand how Teo is such a bad player at .08 hundredths of second slower than expected. The pundits wanted to see a 4.75. Big deal. What is a big deal is his lousy game against Alabama. He was out of control over running plays, he didn't tackle well and seemed to shy away from contact on Lacy by side stepping to make arm tackles.

This bit was laughable. One person from the Combine said he's a rock star. Like that's important. I want middle LBer's that can tackle not sing.

Trade back trade back. You get what you pay for.you wanna be the best get the best.you wanna keep watching other teams in the playoffs keep trading back for second tier players. It doesn't matter about depth at a position why take the 4th or 5th best player to only get the 8th or 9th of another in the 2nd round.top teams get top talents all the time.

Jcb, really those 3 huh. He scored 5 TD's all season. And disappeared in many big SEC games. Akron 2 receptions 20 yards, SC 3 for 26, GA 2 for 31, MSU 2 for 25, Ala 1 for 25, Vandy 3 for 52. Disappeared.


He had over 150 all purpose yards in that SC game and scored on special teams and as a tail back in others.

Sometimes you have to look at everything not just the things to prove your points.

What if we don't have a trade partner to trade back with on draft day? Should the team trade back for less value just to make a deal? How far back? According to the draft value sheet you need to get back to 20 (which is a big difference)or later to get a second rounder. Do we settle for a third round pick just to move back? Are we going to miss a targeted BPA by moving back and lose the potential for guys to contribute sooner?

"you wanna be the best get the best"? And you acquire the best by moving back?

Tom Brady is my frocking hero oh we love home so ,,,,,,,,yeah right you all know how I feel about Brady flopping around on the turf wreeling in pain that's how

Well daddy if there is no trade partner there's no trade but there is always someone that wants to trade up and at 12 it should be a do

Ok sorry he had a total of 7 TD's, are we drafting a receiver or what. As a receiver he disappeared period. He had no yards rushing, the 2 other TD's were returns. I don't have to look under the stats. In the biggest game against Ala he disappeared as a receiver. He was 46 for 778. He is raw. Great speed, but against college teams with pro style defenses he disappears, because of lack of experience and lack of football IQ.

Patterson? Dont we have enough dumb players? Like Egnew?

Anyone else mad you have to pay to read Sun Sentinel articles now? This is so dumb, cuts my Dolphin reading in half!

Matt Barkley is a steal at #12.

We should stay put and get the bpa.

If we do trade back I want a 1st next year.

Rdubs, just order the paper and the online is included.

You Dolphin fans are so delusional, act so entitled its pathetic !! Do you really believe J.Ireland really going to give M.Wallace 60 mil ? Fitzgerald-A.Johnson-J.Jones-B.Marshall-C.Johnson-V.Jackson those guys deserve top dollars not the M.Wallace's G.Jennings of the world !! 40-45 mil yeah 60 mil nah !! Also it's no given Ireland will get any WR's in f.agency !! You idiots act like it's a given that Wallace&Jennings are already wearing aqua&orange, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you fools already bought their jerseys pathetic !! Also bet on Ireland drafting not 1 but 3 wideouts in this draft and spend his money on defensive side of the ball and trying to resign his own mediocre at best f.agents smart man that Ireland !! He's a man you dolphin fans can trust !!

The Herald should follow the Sun Sentinel and start charging the out of touch out of towners who arent supplying any revenue to the Herald or its advertisers. It would certainly weed out the blog of the out of town trash that ruins this blog daily.

He had tds rushing also.

Does mayock ever shut up

Jeffy is already talking value in free agency that means read between the lines he's not going to spend . In free agency there is no value if you want the player you must pay up , we are all going to be very angry

So that means legadu nanne all oner again!!!!!!!!!

But there was times you could say that. However he was also on a team with a 1000+ yard receiver.

a 6.2 junior college transfer doesn't seem that impressive to me with the #12 pick. We should grab the best value at 12, WR or not, or trade out of there.

Ross is too cheap to pay for good players. We should all know that by now. He just cares about the money. Winning is not his goal. He sucks!

We are not in a position to talk about value just sign the damn player

So the kid struggled in school and somehow that means he'll struggle picking up the Dolphins offence? HUH? How about he was probably like a lot of young kids when they started College. He was on his own for the first time and probably didn't work hard enough. It's a real stretch, Armando, that you would make a point like that. And interesting you would say he's 'REALLY raw', as in he's not a guy you want picked at 12. Can't you just say 'he's raw'. Why does a point have ti over-emphasized because you don't want him at 12. He's 'raw', we get it.

No perfect picks at 12. He should very much be part of the conversation at 12. Is he the right pick? Don't know yet. The 'Phins brass will need to figure that out. And for the record, I'd be happy to add a Kenny Britt to this team, minus all the off-field crap.

I would take him or Allen with the 12th pick. Or anyone else for that matter. I just don't wanna trade back.

Philbin doesn't like big receivers Mando. And Jeff Ireland won't pick a could miss guy at number 12. So you can forget Patterson or probably any other WR as they are too unpredicatable early in the draft.

I expect there will be a run on QB's at the top of round two meaning a plethora of WR's will be available when the Fish pick twice in that round.


NEWSFLASH Einstein: It's the 'out of towners' that keep the blog going. You local guys have already shown how you feel about the Dolphins. It shows up every Sunday as empty seats. F8cking disgraceful! But that's OK pal.....ban the out of towners, so you and your three pals can play patty cake on here all day. D8ck!

Steve Ross, save the Dolphns. SELL THE TEAM!!


A faster Kenny Britt.

I deleted the SS from my favorites. Bye Bye. I can get better coverage all over the internet for free. Not going to miss O.K. in any case.

My question is how low do we want to go just to move down? Who wants to pick at 20 or later? I don't want that at all. I want one of the 3 elite OTs, Patterson, Milliner, D. MOore or Eifert which are guys that should contribute from day 1.

Cant the Canadians find a Canadian blog?

Don't get the hate for Patterson. All we hear on here, 12 months of the year, is 'draft a playmaker'. We have a chance to take one at 12, a guy who can run and will actually go up and get the ball, and what do guys want to do?....cut him up and find reasons not to pick him. HILARIOUS actually! Nobody is asking this guy to come into the league and be a star right out of the gate. 'Too raw'?? Yeah, OK. Let's get him in the program and start him off as the 3rd or 4th option and let him grow. I thought Sherman and Philbin were about developing players? Great! Let's get some talent in here for them to develop. Is he the right pick? No idea. But let's be safe....let's never take a chance. Let's wait until the 4th round, so the risk is less. UNBELIEVABLE!

Not the kinda guy I want to draft, his answers show he isn't very intelligent

Especially when he said he's top 15 material. He doesn't sound arrogant (+). But his answer basically said "I'm not one of the best players, I'm (simply) good" (-). At #12 I don't want to take a big risk on a good player I'd rather take that risk on a great player


Nothing wrong with a guy with a little bit of humility. A 'great player' at 12? Like who?


I think you could trade down to about 20 or so and still get Eiffert or Ertz, if that's who you want. I think we could get another 2nd out of it. There are some guys I'd love to get in the 2nd, like Elam, maybe a guy like Fluker, some of the CBs and and some of the young WRs. I think we'd do well in this scenario. I think the real value picks will come in the second round and later. It's be great to have a third second round pick.

Lets draft Oj Simpson from his jail cell

You trade down if Patterson lands in your lap because he's not a good fit for the Dolphins and their developing WCO. He is a body catcher and inconsistent to poor route runner. While his RAC is good, he tries too hard, takes chances and more often than not at the NFL level, this translates to lost yardage and fumbles. His JC background may be a clue that he does not have either the aptitude nor attitude to learn the Dolphins scheme.

BUT... he may easily fit and be better value to a team needing his skills that can take the time to let him develop- a team better set at WR than the Dolphins. Therefore, he's worth much more to the team as a trade down prospect.

We will get a very good player in the first round ,lets leave it at that I happen to like a cb , or a de and there will be a handful of them to choose from , receiver can come in round 2 and 3

A healthy Kenny Britt without the off the field troubles at #12 - heck yeah I would take that in this draft - no doubt.

I'm not going to pretend I know who the best player is but someone with his skill set sounds like a good match. Is there a comparable WR sitting in round 2?? I don't know that either. But at the end of the day if we end up with a big deep threat who can put up 1,000 yard receiving seasons - that's a good pick.

And Craig, Traidition is Home. He talks out of towners but he's from NE. Fukkk him

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