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Patterson talked to media and Dolphins at Indy

And while we're on the topic of wide receivers, both coming out of college and in free agency, let me address Cordarrelle Patterson here.

While at the Indianapolis combine he met with the Dolphins. He's living in South Florida now.

The Dolphins need a big-play wide receiver. Patterson runs like a deer and has shown ability to get deep. General manager Jeff Ireland loves big wide receivers. Patterson is 6-2 and 215 pounds.

Do you get all the connections?

I get it, too. It kind of makes sense for a team with the No. 12 overall selection that perhaps Patterson is a fit in so many different ways.

But I cannot tell you I love the kid at No. 12. He's not Julio Jones, although he says that is who he patterns himself after. He's not A.J. Green, either. He reminds more of Darrius Heyward-Bey or Kenny Britt. He's also very raw.

There is another thing: Patterson went the junior college route before going to Tennessee in 2012. Why? Well, Patterson struggled to keep up academically at times. Thus there are questions about how quickly Patterson will recognize coverages and learn plays and adjustments in the NFL.

The Dolphins run a fairly complex offensive system and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman last year had no compunction about leaving behind young players that didn't learn quickly and play fast enough as a result of the uncertainty in their heads. Tight end Michael Egnew comes to mind.

Even veteran Jabar Gaffney struggled to pick up Miami's system.

Well, it could be argued, Patterson learned quickly enough at Tennessee to burst on the scene quickly. But that isn't completely correct. He was expected to be the Vols third WR but was actually thrust into greater playing time out of necessity when teammate Da'Rick Rogers was kicked off the team.

There are also questions about Patterson being a one-year flash rather than a consistent performer.

Anyway, Patterson spoke to the media at the combine. This is how it went:

(On path to Indy): "It was a good path, man. I had to go to junior college and ended up at Tennessee.
I wouldn’t change it for nothing. Everyplace I went, I enjoyed every second of it."

(On whether JUCO in Hutchinson, Kansas was tough): "Oh, yeah, there were a lot of times I doubted because I had to leave high school and go all the way to Hutchinson in Kansas. I would call my mom every day and ask her if she still thought I needed to do this and she said, ‘Yeah, it’s been your
dream for a long time so just make sure you stick with it."

(On the season at Tennessee): "I wanted to go in and try to be the best at my position and hope my dream would come true and be in the NFL."

(On whether he can help himself at the Combine): "Go in Saturday and Sunday and give it my best and make sure I do everything right so teams can look at me and say good things about myself."

(On whether you need a big week to go in the first round): "I know I can help myself a lot. I know what I can do. I’m going to go in and just give it my all."

(On whether he patterns himself after any receiver?): "Yeah, Julio Jones."

(On people saying you’re a one-year wonder): "I didn’t expect to be a one-year-and-done but we had the coaching change and everything was getting a little crazy, so I wanted to get out of there."

(Name three strengths): "Speed, catching and scoring."

(On expectations for NFL): "The things I did in college, I expect to come in as a rookie and be a good rookie and be a Pro Bowler."

(On experts saying he's raw): "I don’t listen to anything anyone says about my ability. God gave it to me and I go out every day and practice hard at practice, and in the games I expect big things out of myself."

(On going to the Dolphins): "I haven’t talked to them like that but I have a meeting set with them later on today. Miami is my home and I’ll do whatever I have to do."

(On being the No. 1 WR drafted): "I really didn’t even think like that. There’s rumors coming around that I can be and I hope this weekend I can show that I can be that No. 1 receiver."

(On possibly going to Carolina): "My mama, she talks about that all the time. If I could be that close to home, I know she’d be at every game possible. When I was little, I used to always think about playing for the Panthers. If that dream comes true, then it comes true."

(On what he must improve): "My route-running and learning coverages, just getting better at that."

(On expecting to be good as a junior at UT): "I didn’t, because when I went to Tennessee, I didn’t even think I was going to be a starter. But then I went in and some things happened at Tennessee and people started expecting big things from me, so I had to fill that role."

(On whether he's a top 10 player): "I say I’m a top-15 pick but I can’t control what coaches think and they’re the ones that make the decisions. If they see me in the top 15, top 10, then I respect that because I think I am."


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He has physical skills that none of our guys bring to the table. He has excellent speed and will actually go and get the ball. He's a freak!

I think it's VERY unfair to label this guy because of his academics in Junior College. He's a KID. Did you never have friends that struggled in College? I had a ton of friends like that. They were having too much fun and weren't working hard enough. It's a weak argument....sorry.

Patterson = Egnew 2.0

My personal preference with that #12 pick is to trade up in the trade. Teams like the cowboys didn't have to give up the bank to go from 12 to 6 to get Claiborne last year. I'd like me a Claiborne or something of that nature. No, you probably aren't going to get a great player at #12 but a raw, risky WR talent at #12 is not desirable with all of our holes.

I would; however, NOT trade down. That's all we've done this decade and we have a below par team. We have more than enough picks. Unless you plan on trading down and using the extra picks to trade back into the first round, TWICE. I would disagree every other way. We have enough picks to trade up or to trade back into the first round and still keep at least a 2nd or 3rd rounder for quality players.

If you draft the right guys it doesn't matter about that extra 3rd rounder. Kudos to Washington last year getting RGIII, Cousins, and Morris with a total of 5 picks (I believe) in the entire draft

DBS are running 40s


I got into it with a Pats fan on the FAN this morning. He actually was trying to sell me on the function of the Combine and how it helped them find Brady. How they were able to find someone who 'fit their system late in the draft'. Hilarious conversation!! Like I'm sure his 40 time sealed it for them. Totally delusional, dude!

Well I'm not one to quote what the main stream media says, but they are reporting that Patterson has red flags due to his interviews. Well so did Dez Bryant who went to Dallas. Interviews are mostly subjective. With a complex system I guess the Dolphins will be the judge. I would just hope that Joe Philbin has more say in getting the rookie WR he wants.

How about just making your picks we worked hard to get these picks lets use them

What is becoming crystal clear is that we should never have traded Brandon Marshall. Egnew is useless and Ireland can not replace Marshall .

Free agency has a lot of productive WRs...I would prefer getting a defensive back like Vaccaro or Milliner if he falls...Coyle does wonders with DBs...A guy like Vaccaro could become a star learning from Coyle...Heck, Chris Crocker became a very good safety under Coyle and he really stank here in Miami...

I'd prefer re-sign Hartline, sign Wallace (Heyward-Bay as a backup option), use both second rounders or one 2nd and a 3rd on WRs: Keenan Allen, , Tavon Austin in 2nd Stedman Bailey 3rd, or whatever other options there are. There are quite a few good ones


Couldn't disagree with you more. There's nobody worth trading up for in my opinion. The value in this draft comes beyond the first round. If we were to trade, I'd much rather trade down. To get an extra second would be awesome. We have holes right now and if we let Long, Smith and Starks go, we're going to create more holes. Great that we have those extra picks but I'd love to have an extra second. Love this guy Elam and I think Reid's going to be a good player too. Would love to replace Clemmons.

We should've drafted Dez Bryant.

B Marshall is a cancer to a locker room just a bad guy we would have traded him for a bucket of chicken

Craig, it's a red flag. Doesn't mean he can't learn but increases the risk at #12- and it's already pretty risky. Plus, with the high picks you can get in a trade down, you can have 2 potential starters as opposed to 1, at the same price. I like it!

Mr B I like your thinking

To refute the JUCO argument: if you have enough talent as a football player a college, any college, will offer you a scholarship to play. Doesn't matter how dumb you are. Maybe the Notre Dame's and such won't but the Florida States and other schools that focus on football on academics would. His history shows he doesn't stand out talent wise. Good and dumb doesn't help make you great and would Ireland want to leave his fate in the hands of a guy that can't maintain a C average?

Matt Elam runs a 4.46 damn


I really like the tradedown option. I know a lot of people don't. Doesn't sound like there's great talent at the top of the draft and the general feeling is there's little difference between the 15th and 45th pick.

I think any player we pick at 12 is going to have questions or red flags. Hard pressed to name one who doesn't. So Patterson is no different than anybody we look at 12. There were red flags on Tannehill last year. We still don't know if he's going to work out but it was the right pick.

Some team will be drooling to get to 12 I say pull the trigger

And I'm not saying Patterson should be the pick. I'm simply saying I don't get how everyone dismisses the idea so easily. Huge need for us and the guy does have good physical skills.

There's risk everywhere. There's risk throwing $10 mil at Jennings or Wallace, which I'm also in favour of. It's a risky business.

Patterson wouldnt be able to learn the playbook. NUFF SAID

Honey Badger runs a 4.43 very very fast

Craig, people are dumb. Yeah, their combine approach led them to find Brady in the 6th but also led them to burn 6,000 2nd round picks on players that haven't been able to play since on defense.

The Pats are so blessed to have found a guy like Brady and to get him to play for half of his market rate is just not fair. I hope jake Long sees a bit of what Brady has done. Jake, you made your money, shave a bit of your market rate to help the team that made you rich. If Brady did it, surely you can.

Shermans offensive system requires intelligence. So I think Patterson would raise huge red flags from everything we're hearing about him.

The problem with trading down is: do we want our team to be made up of Merlings, Hennes, Whites, Becks, Thomas', Smiths? Or do we want to try and upgrade from the Pounceys, Davis', Odricks? Bottom of the first round for us has yielded solid talent but nothing that put us over the edge. 2nd round is a disaster area, and, thinking about it, top of the draft has yielded us Ginns, Browns, Longs, and Jason Allens.....

Mark you idiot!! Brady plays for a perennial playoff team!! Long plays for a cespool franchise!! You get the difference, DUMBO?

Ron, you can't make an argument without calling people names? If Long doesn't want to be here, then fine go. But he could be part of something here. Does he want to be part of the solution or part of the continuing problem. That's a choice he has to make.

Dee milliner is a 4.31 guy oh well we ain't getting him


Again, we'll disagree. I want our team to be made up of Ertzs', Elams', Hopkins', Armbroses' etc.....

I don't see the top tier talent that everyone is raving about.

One other point, I'm not married to taking Patterson. If the argument is we can get a top flight WR in the second or later, I'm all for that. I just don't get the dislike for Patterson. Seems to fit EXACTLY what we need on this team....a guy that can make big plays and make it to the endzone.

Idiot canadiens comparing Brady and the Pats (whose played in 5 SB's) with Jake Long and the Dullfins? HILARIOUS!!


Come on, man!! Sherman offence requires ATHLETES. Guys that can run and catch. We don't have enough of those guys. You take the smart team and I'll take the athletes and let's see who wins....'smart guys'....LOL.

If he can't come in and start right away then we'll pass. Ireland has only 1 year. He doesn't have time for projects. He wants a starter with the 12th pick.

Before you want to talk intelligence and related success in the NFL - Terry Bradshaw, Dan marino, and Jim Kelly all scored 16 or lower on the wonderlic test.

Before Super Bowl XIII, Cowboys linebacker Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson proclaimed that Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw couldn't "spell cat if you spotted him the 'c' and the 'a'."


How many WRs come in and have instant impact in the NFL? Not even Blackmon did that....everyone's 'can't miss' from last year. It usually take these guys a year or two to get there. That's why we need to add a Wallace or Jennings in FA.

Btwm love this Tavon Austin kid. Scares the sh*t out of me that he ends up with one of our division rivals.

YG, why don't you just come out and post under your real name already.

But if it did, then we are in good hands with Tannehill ..

Haven't seen these posted on here so I thought it would be a good discussion. I know that a good Wonderlic doesn't equal success. I didn't think Griffin would score that low.

Luck 37
Tannehill 34
Cousins 33
Wilson 28
Weeden 27
Moore 26
Osweiler 25
Griffin 24

no brain no gain.

Anybody think Dez Bryant is a smart guy? Shannon Sharpe? Ed Reed?

I do not think Patterson is a good pick at #12. He just did not show enough in college. He only had one year but to be chosen on performance @ 12 one has to show more. Austin showed a lot, not that he should be picked but on performance not potential Austin would be a better choice. The Dolphins are better off not signing Long, going OT @ #12 and getting Wallace signed (he's a long shot but worth pursuing).

I would do what ever it took to get Wallace signed. No more that $12M but going that high is ok. If giving his significant other a limo would get it done just do it. The point is he is a catalyst receiver. He sets up the running game, screens, short passing game etc...

bob 3 scores pts. that's what matters.
nuttin else.
win games.

Football is a game of X's and O's. You don't have to be smart. When the play starts, just go out and hit anything with an O on it!

The Dolphin Brain Trust was stupid enough to waste a high pick on Micheal Egnew, so they'll likely show stupidity again by selecting this low IQ, barely literate clown. A "one year wonder" is all this guy is and the Dolphins should pass big time. This guy will need all year just to learn our playbook.

The kid is a stud. Like Brandon Graham...ooops. Sorry, Mando

Rabblerouser (there's a name we see a lot on here),

A 'high' pick? Third round? Don't think so.

But you're right. Let's NEVER take a chance on a TE. Cause God knows we've had the best TEs for the last 5-10 years in the NFL.

Make sure you stick around, just in case Egnew ever makes it. Always good to write off 23 year old guys.

If this guy was randy moss like then grab him. But one year of big level exp isnt much.Wasnt yatil green pretty much this guys clone? Same school as well. No thanks.Grab the bpa and wait till round2. Guys fall all the time in the draft.

I would not take a chance on Patterson at 12. To be picked that high you have to be a can't miss guy. I still have nightmares about drafting Tedd Ginn Jr. at 9.

I would prefer to go the FA route to land the #1 WR. However, if that does not happen then here is what I would do in the draft: I would draft a CB with the first pick (Millner, Banks, Rhodes). With the 2a. I would pick Tavon Austin. To me Austin is the best playmaker in this draft. He is electric and would be an immidiate impact. Great route runner, 4.34 speed, and is a football player.

If Ryan Swope is available with the first pick in the 3rd round I would take him also. He was tied for the 2nd fastest time in the 40 at 4.34 with Austin and he was Tannehill's favorite receiver in college. He knows Sherman's offense already and thus should be an immidiate impact player.

Sammo, Randy Moss also bombed the Wonderlic for what it's worth. And Yatil Green went to U of Miami, not Tennessee ... unless they went to the same JUCO or High School .. or elementary school. Might have had the same kindergarten teacher???

Kinda sounds like a momma's boy....

those types usually come with some mental issues...and don't handle adversity well....

Posted by: 2 watt | February 26, 2013 at 09:51 AM

Dumbest poster that ever existed

Pssst! canadiens are football clueless.


Don't let FACTS get in the way of Sammo's argument. Tennessee/Miami.......same school!...LOL.

Orlando, I like your idea except for one thing .. we would have the smallest group of WRs in the NFL. Maybe the fastest mind you, but also the smallest. reminds me of the old Houston Oilers run n shoot WR corps.

Hey, Marino failed the wonderlic.


Milliner is the only one of those three that deserves a first round grade. I like Rhodes a lot but not sure about Banks. I think there will be some other good CBs available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Not sure Milliner is the right pick for us at 12 but he should be part of the conversation IF he makes it to us.

If Craig Momo fell off the face of the earth would any of you miss him insinuating you're dumb & he's smarter than you?

I know I wouldn't!

There's a story out there this morning saying the Panthers will be intersted in Wallace. One word.....HOW?

There'll already well over the cap and by all accounts are going to hang onto Williams and Stewart. So Wallace would choose the Panthers over us? Doubtful. I get that they have a need there and I get that it might be fun to play with Newton but this team is RIDDLED with holes and their HC is a dead man walking. I just don't see it. Keep dreaming....

My mistake . Wrong school . Not like I claimed to know the secret of life. Christ guys .

Pssst I keep talking about Canadiens because my limited intelligence leads me to believe this will get someone mad and they will fight with me. That is my only goal. I sign in, write a couple of posts that everyone ignores. At that point my feelings get hurt and I look for someone to lash out at. One time I said something about Canadiens and the board talked about it. Oh boy I was in heaven that day, all that attention and all for me! I was so excited I was shaking. So now when I have nothing else to do I try to recreate those great feelings by starting with strangers. It is my only excitement in life.

I think I take honey badger in 3rd or 4th round if there a no brainier

Craig M,

Other teams are experts at the cap. Ireland? Not so much. haha

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