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Reggie Bush to Lions a possibility

Last week the Dolphins reached out to Reggie Bush about contract talks for the first time -- including the 2012 season -- but while both parties were talking, they both might have been glancing at other possibilities as well.

You know the Dolphins have options what with free agency, the draft, and, of course, the fact Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Marcus Thigpen and Jonas Gray are still on the team. And Miller is a favorite of the personnel department.

But Bush apparently has options as well.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Lions have interest in Bush as a potential free agent and that interest is "real."

The report acknowledges that Bush will be looking to at least match his 2012 salary or be close to it -- in the $5 million range. But that might not be an issue because the team's stated philosophy is, according to the paper, surrounding quarterback Matthew Stafford with talent.

"... the Lions' M.O. in recent years has been to try to surround Matthew Stafford with as much talent as possible (drafting Jahvid Best, Titus Young, Mikel Leshoure, Riley Reiff and Ryan Broyles, etc.), and that's not about to change."

I don't want to be a smartaleck, but check that list again. Seems to me the Lions philosophy has actually been to add as many weapons that don't actually contribute all that much.

Bush, meanwhile, may have other suitors as well, I'm told.

He'd like to play in New York so that opens a couple of avenues. He'd like to play for a winner, which might include the Falcons in the mix.

But at $5 million a year? His agent Joel Segal is a genius if he gets it.


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1st Tavon Austin WR WVU
2nd Jonathon Franklin RB UCLA
2nd Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M
3rd John Simon DE Ohio State
3rd David Amerson CB NC State
4th Xavier Nixon OT Florida
5th Zeke Motta FS Notre Dame
6th Kwame Geathers DT Georgia
7th Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt

I like Reggie but he is delirious if he still thinks he is a 3 down RB. He can definitely do some unreal things with the football in his hands but he dances way too much. Also everyone talks about how much of a threat he is catching out of the backfield but I seem to remember us abandoning screens early in the season because he couldn't catch them well. Actually, Daniel Thomas has better hands IMO.

Good luck Reggie because you aren't worth what you are asking for!





Bush is far from the best player on the team. Hell, he ain't even the best RB on the team!



BUSH............6 TD

THE ENTIRE OL .................. 2 TD

BUSH ,PLAYED.....16 GAMES.......

MILLER................. 13 GAMES......AND ONE LOUSY TD.........

Lamar Miller a better running back and tannerhill will be a top 10 QB next season

Let him walk. He's nothing special. RB's are a dime a dozen now.

Aloco...even if bush is the best offensive player on the team, that's not saying much. Did you watch this offense last year? It was putrid. And Bush didn't even go over 1,000 yds. Even Shonn Greene went over 1,000 and he sucks. Bush is easily replaced.

For all you Reggie Bush haters to say that he is not the best player on the team is stupid. He is the only playmaker we have.
Lamar miller is not even close, he showed some flashes but was inconsistent.... his time will come though
Daniel thomas is another hard hit away from becoming the next jahvid best.... enough said

So do think we need to resign him... absolutely
Do we break the bank on him..... no but we should try to bring him back
5 mill a year doesnt even rank in the top 15 paid RB's in the league.... just saying

From a contractual standpoint, Bush is in a good position here. None of the other 4 runners here are proven good while Bush is so, even if not a Star. He could be substituded in FA by Michael Johnson but that's it. I'd hate to go into the Season with unproven RBs.

Some unmedicated People in the last entry.

Bye Reggie. Hope you enjoy Detroit. The weather up there is great. I know they'll appreciate it when you don't show up for half of the games, fumble the football and dance in the hole. Look for the team to grab another RB after the second round.

An under-1,000 yard RB can be found anywhere. Reggie will never be a 1,500+ yd RB. He's a good guy to have on the team and can make some plays but absolutely no way he is worth $5m a year. And all the Reggie lovers love him because he is our only "playmaker". All that does is speak volumes to the ineptitude of our offense when a guy who rushes for 980 yards is our "best playmaker". You don't pay him simply because he is the best playmaker on the Dolphins. He's an average talent.

I believe there is a RB on the roster behind Miller and Thomas that they fins got cheap because he was injured. If I recall he ran for a ton of yards in NCAA. I believe that makes Bush lower as they have 3 guys they want to get on the field . WR, TE, OG, RT on offesnse are hiigher priorities. At WR they will target a top flight FA if HArtline walks they can easily replace him in 2nd rouund. Wallace. Draft pick as #2 and Bess would be big improvement. Not signing HArt and Bush saves 11-13M. Take that and sign top flight CB. OSI if he gets cut from Philly or someone else. Smith had 4 years to prove something. How many 1st downs and TDs did he give up that killed the fins ? Answer the most in the NFL. HE was the absolute wosrt as a starter. Not my eyes and yours which was enough for me but the stats bear it out he has to go. CB is also another spot they can get in draft with #1 pick then honey badger late. Like Wilson he makes plays! and he can likely be picked up in 5th rd. Then rest of cap and draft solidify D line ( Starks / Draft ?) Solidify Oline. NOT LONG _HAS BEEN WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! Start Martin on Left drafat RT. Sign Vertran RG Or RT or Both.
Find some LB's with speed in 2-3 rds with extra picks.

Reggie Bush- talented player. Hope he returns to the Dolphins bc he can impact games. He is not, however, a $5 million per year player. Some team will pay him the $5 million he seeks and what they will get is a part time running back.

cant pay him 5 mill/yr, no way.....he's been healthier here than in recent years (so odds are against him staying that way) and all speed backs lose a step at his age, or close--keep him for a more reasonable number, but let him walk if not-RBs are nearly disposable unfortunately, especially as they approach 30

Detroit rb's haven't lasted long the last few seasons . Goodluck to reggie but the fumbling at crucial times got old last year. Detroits Oline sucks so he will be able too dance behind it all he wants.

Remember the dolphins made Reggie bush if he don't get over 900 then the lions mess up and I beloved Lamar miller well do good that why am not worried about Reggie leaving

call me crazy but i think Jonas Gray steps in here some how. they must of really liked him to stash him on IR instead of cutting him with a settlement. the guy is a beast 5 foot 9 or 10 and 225 lbs. my feeling is Thomas's work load gets cut.. i would hate to loose Reggie the guy came here and played pretty well with a decent attitude. at a time when no one wanted to be a dolphin.. you don't really see that, and in fact two players we might try to bring in here, Mr Wallace and My Bowe both expressed a good amount of distaste for there teams though out the season.. while Mr Bush suited up and showed up..... just some thing to think about

plus if the idea is to add playmakers at WR and TE (we'll see, but thats the supposed plan) then losing a playmaker at RB shouldnt be a huge issue......especially if Miller can step into that role, as they feel he can

Reggie is a very good player , and Lamar Miller is unproven, if you think our offense struggled last year wait and see what happens when they get rid of Bush, Bush's numbers could have been way better if they used him more and differently than just between the tackles. I am sure Ireland will screw this up : again we will be an under 500 team. BUSH IS THE ONLY PLAYMAKER ALL THE LONG TD RUNS HE HAD WHO IS GONNA DO THAT. If we were smart and we are not we would keep bush and add talent around him and Tanny, if Miller does develop great but it is up in the air right now and how many picks of Ireland's have been home run hitters NONE

I go to work every day and punch a card to earn a pay check by doing the best I can and contribute to the success of the company, NOT to be loved. That being said, I would rather have a bunch of no name players win us a SB than players I like give us another 7-9 season. Under Sparano and company Bush rushed for 1,000 yards, Last year his performance dropped. What would make us believe that he will be better than 1,000 yards this year and pay him his $5 Mil. I do not hate Bush but if there is someone out there that the coaches feel would be better, I'm for it.

and btw, Fin fans here and elsewhere better not be screaming when they overpay for Wallace and/or Jennings.......because thats what they're most likely gonna have to do, assuming those 2 have other suitors (Wallace certainly will)--expect it now, dont flip out/complain later......they will have to overpay these guys to bring them here--cost of doing business and attracting top talent.

give Bush A 2 YEAR CONTRACT AGAIN if he leaves we will be sorry just like when Marshall left, we struggled .

It is not brain surgery the guys that produce you keep and build around, unless your a genesis like Ireland , he gets rid of talent and replaces them with an acorn, who is cheaper, this is just history.

I'm kind of mixed on the post here. I think Reggie could be worth $5 milllion to a team like Detroit that thinks a healthy rb is what they need to get to the next level.

Of course I remember way back when the Vikings thought that Hershal Walker was all they needed to make a sb run. That didn't work out so well.

For the Dolphins though, we are just trying to become a contender period and we have alot of holes to fill. Paying big money for someone who could end of being partime in this offense just may not be in the cards right now. The focus is on wr's. We need 4 or 5 good ones. A TE wouldn't hurt either.

I think a verteran rb in $1-2 million range should be considered though.

I'd give him $5m a year over two or three years easily but I surely wouldn't use him like we did the last two years. He'd be a more electric Terry Kirby. 75 catches and 100 rushes is what I would have in mind for Reggie. GET HIM IN SPACE!!!

I am not a Daniel Thomas fan. Didn't see where he contributed that much last year. I wonder why nobody is talking about Eddie Lacy? He is a bull and would be a great compliment to Lamar Miller if he turns out to be the #1 RB

Beerphin, that was a joke drafting Austin with the 12th pick right. He's a very late 1st or high 2nd round pick. He's just too should to fin in the field, averaged 11.4 yards a reception for his career, and he's a slot receiver at that. He may be a play maker in college, but that doesn't always translate to the NFL.

I know people will disagree, but I would take Gio Bernard in the 2nd if he is still available. I dont see alot of college games and their players, but I live in North Carolina and saw this kid play. This kid is a big play waiting to happen and would instantly make everyone forget about Bush. Bush has been great for us, I dont want people to think I am piling on

The one RB I would draft this year is marcus Lattimore in the 4th. He probably won't play next year but you may be getting the best first year RB for 2014 at a big discount if he recovers form his injury as expected.

rtd, what do you know about Gray.......nothing except his height and weight. I'll tell you a little bit about him, he only started his senior season at ND, and at that shared starts with Cierre Wood, he had 114 carries, and then he got hurt, his jr year he had all of 20 carries, his soph year he had 5 carried. Yes sounds like a real beast. There's a reason why he didn't start or even play much at ND. Maybe skill could be the issue. It's nice saying that an unknown may have the skills to start, but do a little homework to buttress your reasons.

Dude Jonathan Franklin will make reggie easy to forget


SWOOPE,hartline,amandola,collie,Eric decker, how's that sound mace ,,,,,,,,only kidding man

Cont. Edelman , weaker, wood head should I go on please don't make me

Swope is as fast as they come. I take him in a second with one of those 3rd round picks.

Admittedly, Da'Rick Rogers seems like the best deal of any WR this year. He's a little weak but tall and super athletic. Nice big target. And he would've been the starter at Tennessee over Cordarelle. If you think he can keep his head on straight, jump all over that talent.

Another year, and another beerphin request to use a high-round draft pick on a RB. Ha ha ha, just like Trent Richardson last year, keep dreaming bro.

I guess you missed the Redskins getting their 1,000 yd RB in the 6th round, better than anything on our team. And you didn't even consider our greatest offensive need other than WR (a seam-catching TE).

Back to the drawing board for you.

From a Ben Volin column in the Palm Beach Post:
"Bills nose tackle Marcell Dareus had an interesting quote about Bush on Dec. 23 after Bush rushed for 65 yards on 3.4 yards per carry in the Dolphins’ 24-10 win:

'Reggie really doesn’t hit the holes he’s supposed to hit,' Dareus said. 'He just makes whatever happen, happen.'"

Same game Miller ran for more yardage on half the carries. Lamar seems to find the holes in the zone blocking scheme but Reggie doesn't. Hard to justify resigning Bush at his desired amount if he can't fit into the Dolphins running scheme.

DC, I'm with you. I hated using a 2nd on Daniel Thomas. Not because I knew Thomas wouldn't factor but everyone else it seems is using mid round picks on backs. If he isn't Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders, I'm not interested on using a real draft pick on the guy.


If they lose Bush and Long they mine as well forfeit next season.

we already knew bush was gone, good. DO NOT sign long either. lets get some players in here who actually play every week and arent declining and overpaid

Jonathon Franklin reminds me of Westbrook in his prime and a mix of Bush. We'd have a nice three headed monster at RB with Franklin/ Miller and Thomas.

bush is awful between the tackles. solid third down back. would be a good fit for lions since they are dumb and throw every down anyways

rb isnt a pressing need. we got miller last year. dont waste picks on rbs which are easy to replace. sign a cheap vet if u want to backup miller

SPEED. Gotta take a chance on Tavon Austin and then Swope. Resign Hartline too. WR core next year T. Austin, B. Hartline, D. Bess, R. Swope, R. Matthews, M. Moore

Imagine Reed, a former Hurricanes standout, next to Reshad Jones hawking down passes in Miami's secondary. He'd instantly help Ryan Tannehill get better practicing against him daily, and could teach Jones the tricks of his craft in the meeting rooms.

Can you envision Freeney or Umenyiora, or both, finishing out their careers in Miami, put on the opposite side of Pro Bowler Cameron Wake, hunting down the Tom Brady's of the league?.

nike !

reed not gonna leave balt. freeney no thanks. osi id def take

What??? 2 Watt sharing a thought?? I like the first paragraph but the 2nd??? Both Freeney and Osi are washed up. Olivier Vernon will be a better player than both in 2013.

vernon has shown nothing at all

Sign Reggie. Miller is an unknown factor. He has maybe 20 or 30 carries in the NFL. Thomas is a constant in the disable list. All the others are recycled or 3rd and 4th rounders who have hung around to carry the ball a few times. Reggie is a proven entity that can run outside, inside and can catch out of the backfield. Plus he is a fan favorite.Offer three years at $4.25 per year with incentives. Reggie has a lot of running left to do still.

Heres hoping Jeffery doesn't use any scouting reports from the above idiots.

2 watt is gonna be pizzed that someone is using his handle.

RB isn't a hole, I'd like Bush back but we need to allocate that money elsewhere. Maybe on OL...?

Disagree Vernon played well ,has a nice burst , good leverage , still learning the game .Corner should be the top priority ,then WR , Then pass rush specialist.If the Phins would throw Reggie the ball more that would easly justify 5 Million a year .He will go to Detriot and catch 80 balls .

So Miller is inconsistent? That makes Bush what? Seriously now. I'd MUCH rather have them put the $5 Reggie wants towards Jackson if RB is that much of an issue. I think Miller and a FA/low draft pick would be fine. THere are other issues.

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