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Reggie Bush to Lions a possibility

Last week the Dolphins reached out to Reggie Bush about contract talks for the first time -- including the 2012 season -- but while both parties were talking, they both might have been glancing at other possibilities as well.

You know the Dolphins have options what with free agency, the draft, and, of course, the fact Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Marcus Thigpen and Jonas Gray are still on the team. And Miller is a favorite of the personnel department.

But Bush apparently has options as well.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Lions have interest in Bush as a potential free agent and that interest is "real."

The report acknowledges that Bush will be looking to at least match his 2012 salary or be close to it -- in the $5 million range. But that might not be an issue because the team's stated philosophy is, according to the paper, surrounding quarterback Matthew Stafford with talent.

"... the Lions' M.O. in recent years has been to try to surround Matthew Stafford with as much talent as possible (drafting Jahvid Best, Titus Young, Mikel Leshoure, Riley Reiff and Ryan Broyles, etc.), and that's not about to change."

I don't want to be a smartaleck, but check that list again. Seems to me the Lions philosophy has actually been to add as many weapons that don't actually contribute all that much.

Bush, meanwhile, may have other suitors as well, I'm told.

He'd like to play in New York so that opens a couple of avenues. He'd like to play for a winner, which might include the Falcons in the mix.

But at $5 million a year? His agent Joel Segal is a genius if he gets it.


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I find myself wondering if both Jennings and Wallace could be options. Stick with me. I know Jennings sounds like he is asking for big dollars, but I wonder if he could be had for Hartline dollars. Although older, if he is healthy I think he is an ugrade there, and still target Wallace.

Bush is talented but dances too much and is often a bit better catching it. I hear a lot of positive things about what we have behind him and we can always pick up another mid round back in the draft. Let him go.

I think it's time to find out what we have in Miller and Bush. Lattimore in the 4th is worth a gamble but I don't think a must. I think we grab someone in FA for $2 mil or so to back these two guys up. I like Bush a lot but I'm not sure he's necessary. I'm all for playmakers on offence. Just not sure it has to be Bush at $5 mil a year.

I'm gonna make you guys laugh a litte now... I know most of us of have sort of written Daniel Thomas off but it's not totally beyond the realm of possibilty that he stays healthy and becomes a good 1-2 punch with Miller.

He has looked good at times when he's actually on the field.

Begin laughing hysterically now!!lol

Dolfan Rick,

I'm with you man. It's put up or shut up time for Daniel Thomas. He either comes to camp ready to show what he's truly capable of or it's game over for him in Miami. Either way, this season is going to be his last chance.

My earlier post should have said, 'it's time to see what we have in Miller and THOMAS'.....not Bush. Time to move on from him I think. We have an awful lot of holes to address and I think we'll be fine with Miller, Thomas and a vet. I don't know enough about Gray to even comment on him but maybe he's able to pitch in too.

All things considered, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Lane Johnson is our pick in the first and I wouldn't hate that. Martin goes back to RT and we add a WR in FA and hopefully we add a WR, safety and TE in the draft. I'm in the camp of Freeney or Canty for a year or two, if we're not able to add a pass rusher in the draft. Not great, but I'm looking for a rotational guy to go with Vernon at this point. I think that could work. Don't expect it to be popular but there's only so much we can do this offseason.

Forget Reggie!!

Hope He Does Go To Detroit!!

You Know The Scrutiny He Will Be Under!!

People Already Want To Compare Him To Barry!! No Comparison!! Barry Has Less Seasons Under 1000 Yds!! Than Reggie Does Gaining Over 1000!!!

Reggie Is Smarter Than That!! He Won't Take The Pressure!! Reggie Is Going To San Diego!! His Hometown! And Best Fit For Him!!

Thomas rushed for more than 200 yards the 1st 2 games he played, he may be able to do it again if healthy.

I hope nothing but the best for Reggie. One of the hardest working guys in football. I appreciate everything he did for the Fins. Think he would look great in NY Giants blue.

Rotoworld has us signing Wallace to a 4 year/$50 million contract, Sean Smith going to the Jaguars and Jake Long returning to the Dolphins on a 5 year $37.5mil contract. Greg Jennings going to the Vikings on a 4 year $25 million contract and Randy Starks being franchised. The also have Hartline coming back to the Dolphins on a 3 year/$18 mil contract. All specualtion of course, but interested to look at all the same.

Incidentally, Seam Smith gets a 4 year/$32million deal from the Jags. I'm sure he'll love practicing against Henne again. They have him ranked as the 19th ranked FA.

If there were to be how it all shakes out, I guess we'll be looking at CB in the draft.

Craig M,

Good plan as long as Starks is included in it. I would like to see that Odrick can hold up in the middle before letting Starks go.

well craig all that tells us is none of that will happen

also have a feeling that ireland will franchise smith before eagles an offer him ton of cash. if he leaves he def signs with philly

Best Player On The Fins

Starks & Soliai (Yes, They're A Package Deal)

Any Of These Guys Had A Bigger IMPACT Than Reggie!!

How Many Fumbles Did Reggie Lose?

How Many 100 Yd Games?

The Fins Running Game Will Be Better!!

We Can Say! Ireland Can't Scout Wr's And CB's!

But Ireland Can Scout RB's!!

lol. Who does rotoworld have playing cb for us. I could live with them being right though.

agree on starks, we ned to keep him. starks and hartline the 2 guys i want back

Starting to think Starks at $8.5 mil makes some sense. But do we do with Odrick at DE or is Armando right, do we look to move him? He's not ideal at DE IMO but maybe that's the plan for one more year.

Dolfan Rick,

They didn't have us doing anything in FA at CB, so I'm guessing maybe we do something there in the draft. Interesting to see they didn't have Carey Williams in there top 50 FAs and they had Keenan Lewis around 45, who I like.

Here's a theory if we franchise Starks and sign someone like Freeney. Rotate Starks and Odrick inside and rotate Freeney and Vernon at DE.

If Odrick plays well inside then Starks can walk next year if he wants a huge contract.

Dolfan Rick,

I think if they franchise Starks, they'll be done on the line. I'm not sure they'll allocate $8.5 mil for Starks and something like another $5mil a year on a guy like Freeney. I think you'll see the same cast of characters from last year and money will be allocated elsewhere, like WR.

"give Bush A 2 YEAR CONTRACT AGAIN if he leaves we will be sorry just like when Marshall left, we struggled ."

Well if we struggle the way we struggled when Marshall left we are assured to win AT LEAST 8 games next season. My point is, after Marshall left the teams record got better and the offense was stastistically similar. Here is how the offense looked with and without Marshall.

total yds 2011= 5078 // 2012 =4984
Pass yds 2011= 3091 // 2012 =3182
Per game 2011= 193.2// 2012= 198.9
pts per 2011= 20.6 // 2012= 18.0

So people need to look long and hard about why they are still infatuated with a "star" who really helped very little in actually WINNING games. He yelled at coaches, shunned teamaates, got in regular shouting matches with anyone who would oblige him, and dropped 7 catchable passes in the end zone during the season.

The Bears were in the championship game in 2011. In 2012 Brandon Marshall joined the team and they missed the playoffs. What a super star!!!

come on craig u know none of that means anything. all guessing just like we do

Craig, that would seem like a palatable offseason if it turned out that way, no?

Too much emphasis has been giving to Miami's unrestricted free agents. This team has 4 loosing, below 500 seasons in a row. Time for change. Let them ALL walk! As for the running backs, let Bush walk, trade or release Daniel Thomas (one of Ireland's draft bust), then most importantly-BRING IN STEVEN JACKSON FROM THE RAMS!!! Now you have a bull running back and a speedster in Miller. Get Wallace and maybe another good free agent receiver, and then go after Eifert in the draft with the first pick. Weapons, weapons, weapons. Tannehill will then have no excuses. The play book also has to change. Use player's talents to your advantage. The offense coordinator needs to change schemes within a game so the opposing team cannot adjust. Its time this team's personnel dept. changes strategy! Come on!

"They have him (Smith) ranked as the 19th ranked FA."

What in the hell are we missing? I can't speak for everyone but I watch every game. I have watched every game Smith has played in. I have not watched him on every play (obviously I don't have game film) but I have seen all of the important plays he has been involved in. I can not figure out how anyone has this guy ranked as the 19th best free agent. I can not figure out how anyone would pay this kid much more than he is making now. His football intelligence is astonshingly non existent.

..Mark in Toronto...Man did I feel dumb yesterday. I seriously had no idea what we were watching was a replay(good game though)..


I think I'd be OK with that. There will be good players in the draft for us to fill some of the other holes, such as CB, S, WR, TE and G. All in all, not bad. Probably overpaying for Wallace and Long but I think that's going to be the market on these guys. We do it or we let them walk. Now I realize some guys won't be happy with the Long contract but so be it.


Btw, they had the Chiefs franchising Bowe and letting Albert walk. I think they had him going to the Bears. Makes some sense when you think about it.

steven jackson??? lol

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 11:06 AM

Truly I'd be ok with that too. It seems like a lot to pay for Starks but clogging up the middle is a huge deal and he had several sacks as well.

We weren't terrible at rushing the passer last year either and Odrick and Vernon have room to improve. Of course we play Brady twice a year so being in the top 5 rushing the passer would be nice.

So I came across an article on Bleacher Report about 10 best free agent values and it made me think about a position we overlook, Fullback. I am not a Javorskie Lane fan. We talk about needing to improve our running game and I think a good fullback would help. They are cheap, I am not saying we have to SIGN THIS GUY, but he could be cheap I have attached the article

There is a clear pattern that follows fullback Mike Cox wherever he goes in the NFL: The rushing game dominates.

Cox is not one of the best-known commodities in the league, and the fullback position as a whole is often overlooked, but look at his track record.

Jamaal Charles' emergence with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009 and 2010 was spurred on by Cox, who helped lead the running back to back-to-back seasons of over 1,000 yards.

The same thing happened when Cox moved on to Atlanta in 2011 as Michael Turner rushed for 1,340 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Jerome Felton made a name for himself blocking for Adrian Peterson in Minnesota this season and will likely get the most free-agent money of any fullback on the market, but Cox can have a similar impact for a smaller price.


I feel the same way about Smith. He's a good physical talent but he seems to have brain cramps from time to time, where his coverage is poor, he gives too much room and obviously he doesn't catch the ball when he should. If we could be much more consistent and do what he's capable of, he'd be a great talent. But he doesn't do it nearly enough. I wouldn't pay him that kind of money, so let's let someone else make that mistake. Shame, cause he does have great physical skills and the size to play the position. That's what teams will overpay for.

...Craig M..The only thing that deosn't make sense is paying Hartline 6 million dollars a year in base salary. That is ubsurd. Considering that Calvin Johnson is only making 5 million this year. I wrote this last weekend. Hartline deserves and should get at max 3 million per year, and that IMO is high.

If you think the Wallace contract is high, 6 million to Hartline makes 11 milion to Wallace a deal.

craig that site is never right on anything. its basically like thinking kipers mock drafts are ever right. kiper had teo going one in late nov,lol

If We Resign Starks! Odrick Says He Will Lose 20lbs So He Can Play DE!!

I Don't Know About You Guys! But A 280lb Odrick Looks Interesting!! Specially If He Gets Quicker!! Odrick Could've Easily Had 4 More Sacks If He Was Lighter And Quicker!!

D-Line Is The 1 True Strength Of This Team!!

Wouldn't Want A Veteran DE!! Taking Snaps Away From OV!! For That Draft 1 High!! Which Dashi Wouldn't Recommend!! The Exception Being Magnus!! In The 2nd or 3rd!!

The Fins Need CB's And Wr's!! And This Draft Is Loaded!!

On Free Agency!! We Are Less Than 2 Weeks Away!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

dashi this draft def isnt loaded. free agency will be huge for us


I heard somewhere yesterday that the Brady signing will allow the Pats to get in on the Wallace chase. If it's true we better get ready to do some serious talking with the Jennings camp.

Good point rdubs. Full backs are huge for the short run game and get no love. No one is talking about the FB position. But I also read an article that said the FB was going the way of the dinosaur. The NFL will be moving toward more of an hback (like Clay) guy to man the position as the running game (running backs lining up behind a FB, NOT QB RUNS) is used less.

Goodie goodie Goodell has changed football. The game we grew up with is disappearing. Pretty soon they will do away with the kick off. Helmets will be taken away at some point to stop players from hitting eachother so hard. This is why the league is pass happy, why run when all of the rules protect the QB and the passing game? Bye bye football, hello family friendly sunday entertainment.


I saw that you had posted those numbers about Calvin Johnson and others. Where are you getting that info from because I had Johnson making a lot more than that. Can you help?

yeah rick gave them 12 mill more to spend

Yeah that's it Craig. Putting aside the missed interceptions the kid is just weak for his size and doesn't have a good football IQ. He gets by because of his speed and size combination. I'm sick of paying players who are simply good enough to get by.

calvin is the highest paid wr in the nfl


Great Post!!

What That Post Shows! Not Just How Marsha Wasn't Important!!

But How Bad Reggie Is!!

If Reggie Gained 100 More Yds Throughout The Season! This Offense Will Be More Potent Than Last Year!!

Rookie T-Hill With No Wr's!! Out preformed Henne And M&M!!

Get T-Hill Some Wr's!! At Least 3 New Ones!!

Dareus Said it Best!! Reggie Dances Out The Right Hole!! And Into The Wrong Hole!! In College That Was OK!! Not In The NFL!!

Just How People Say! Jake Doesn't Fit The System!! Reggie Doesn't Fit The System!!

Plus Miller Is Bigger, Stronger, and Faster!! Than Reggie!!

..RDubs.. Great post. I totaly agree with you about Lane. He has to go. That guy was a total liability in the backfield. He was perhaps one of the worst blocking fullbacks in the league last year. a lot of folks will have oppositie reactions because he had some early flashes. But he flat out stunk it up by the middle of the year.

As far as WCO(I don't even know what that is anymore...really. Did we resemble a WCO team last year?)If we are going to run the WCO, fullback is crucial. An under-rated position. Your right. fullbacks are even cheaper to come by then kickers. The problem is there just aren't many quality FB's in college anymore.

If those guys are even remotely close on that plan, I think it's imperative that Ireland get a deal done with Hartline before the 12th and I think he will. Myself, I like Hartline but I think that might be overpaying him. I'd be more tempted to let him walk and draft Swope in the third, someone I think would be a great replacement for Hartline. Problem is, I'm not sure he'd be able to do that right off the gun, so now you're relying on a guy like Wallace and who? Bess? The kid they drafted in the 7th round last year? Tough position to be in. Deal probably gets done with Hartline before the 12th or not at all.

calvin makes 5 mill in base salary in 2013, cap hit is 12.2 as he gets a ton of bonus money also

Dashi I'm sure you are making great points but I can't read your posts. I have read them in the past but it just takes longer to navigate the exclamations so I haven't read as much lately. The other problem is when reading your posts it is hard to get a sense of where you are coming from, what your emotions are saying from one post to the next because of all of the exclamations. It makes it seem as if we are reading a post written by a machine that has malfunctioned! :)

So it just becomes work to read one of your posts sometimes. I'm not asking you to change, do what you want. I'm just pointing out that you might get more responses if you make your posts easier to read. I know I for one would read them more.

...Craig M...Go to sportrac.com. You have to find base salaries. Not Total salaries..Remember these don't include bonuses(that also count against the cap)Check it out. I did every salary for every reciever not in free agency. It took awhile as you will see the format, you have to go team by team. They only list the top salaries at each position.


Where are you getting that from?

..Craig...If you don't go team by team then you will only get the top salaries at each position..That makes more sense.

darryl johnson makes 12.2 this year, base salary doesnt mean jack. 12.2 cap hit.

http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/detroit-lions/calvin-johnson/ .

You can have seven melons on your roster or you can have three cans of premium-grade salmon.

Think about it.

Dashi at 11:28, lol.

It's just so funny, I always read your posts like you're screamng everything. Like we are in a wind tunnell trying to discuss the Dolphins.




That's my problem with your point. Johnson's base salary might be $5mil but he'll get paid $12.2 and count $12.2 against the cap. Aren't we really comparing apples to oranges here? I don't think there's a person out there who thinks Hartline is as good as Johnson but do you really have a problem if Hartline makes $6mil against the cap, while Johnson is making $12.2? Sounds about right, no?

...That is because of bonuses..I made a post last week that said I would be fine with Giving Hartline a bone for last year. But you cannot pay him 6 million dollars a year in base salary..It is insane.

3 years 18 mill doesnt mean base salary only, thats the entire deal, usually back loaded to cut if they feel the need

Craig M is right on this one the bonuses have to be factored in for cap hit and amount of money the player is actually played.

Drew Brees for example got a 37 mil signing bonus and a 3 mil base salary last year. Matt Moore made 2.75 million in base salary. Did Brees really make only 250,000 more ?


Sorry man, you've lost me. One guy counts $12.2 mil against the cap, the other guy $6 mil against the cap. I'm not getting your point.

..Dusty..I get how it works. It could be any combination of ways to get to 18 million(in this scenario)..I understand bonuses are counted against the cap in those years too. The base salary does mean something. Not every year is a bonus year. So With Hartline, and I have already said this. I do not believe his base salary should be more then 2.5-3 million per year. If there is bonuses in there to raise the number..that would be fair..But only for this year..Those bonuses stay on the books. so if the player is cut, or traded. We still owe that money.

2.5 3 million per year is more then fair.


Hartline will get more than that on the open market. For sure. Pats would snap him up in a heartbeat at that price. Sounds maybe to me like you don't really want him back. Is that what you're saying?

point is dd he wouldnt be anywhere near johnson in salary

...Craig ..Hell yes I want him back. At a fair price. Look, his agent is asking 5-6 per year.(This is just from NE draft scout) He knows he isn't going to get it. Gotta ask high. 6 million per year for Brian Hartline isn't happening anywhere.

Now..why you offer him a base salary of what I thin he will get is that you throw a bonus on top..That is where Calvin is getting his 12 million, 5 million in base, 7 in bonuses. All count the same against the cap, I get it. With Hartline. You offer him a salary that also allows us to trade him down the road, or cut him without dead money. adding bonuses after this year puts dead money on the books if he is cut or traded.

Give him a bonus this year..I'm all for it. I have said it 4-5 times. But after that a base salary that is in the 2.5-3 million range is completley fair. No team is going to pay 6 million per year for Brian Hartline(his agents asing price..That is where that number comes from)

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