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Reggie Bush to Lions a possibility

Last week the Dolphins reached out to Reggie Bush about contract talks for the first time -- including the 2012 season -- but while both parties were talking, they both might have been glancing at other possibilities as well.

You know the Dolphins have options what with free agency, the draft, and, of course, the fact Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Marcus Thigpen and Jonas Gray are still on the team. And Miller is a favorite of the personnel department.

But Bush apparently has options as well.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Lions have interest in Bush as a potential free agent and that interest is "real."

The report acknowledges that Bush will be looking to at least match his 2012 salary or be close to it -- in the $5 million range. But that might not be an issue because the team's stated philosophy is, according to the paper, surrounding quarterback Matthew Stafford with talent.

"... the Lions' M.O. in recent years has been to try to surround Matthew Stafford with as much talent as possible (drafting Jahvid Best, Titus Young, Mikel Leshoure, Riley Reiff and Ryan Broyles, etc.), and that's not about to change."

I don't want to be a smartaleck, but check that list again. Seems to me the Lions philosophy has actually been to add as many weapons that don't actually contribute all that much.

Bush, meanwhile, may have other suitors as well, I'm told.

He'd like to play in New York so that opens a couple of avenues. He'd like to play for a winner, which might include the Falcons in the mix.

But at $5 million a year? His agent Joel Segal is a genius if he gets it.


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alex smith signing a 5 year ext with kc

I would love to see Belichick sign Hartline. It would be our best defense against Tom Brady in years.

It would be one less "SCORING" weapon our defense would worry about playing the Pats. Hartline will become our "BEST DEFENDER" when playing against the past. 1 td last year, I would absolutely love it! LOL...


I don't his agent would agree to that and I think he could more on the open market. So you're prepared to let him walk then?

yeah yesterday just like welker right, come on man

..Gotta roll. Piking up mi Madre from the airport. Have a good one fellas!

Also wouldnt be surprised if the Brady contract restructured is aimed at going after Wallace. The Pats havent had a guy that could blow the top off of a defense since Moss.

Wallace/Brady makes sense to me.

I'm sorry but if Hartline wants $6M a year,Ireland has to sign him up. Not sure what the debate is to be honest. The guy has great chemistry with Tannehill and the last thing we want to do is let him go.

BTW,let Bush go. How long will it be until people realise you can still win in todays NFL without running all over teams?!

Go with Miller...it's not we're replacing a legend is it!!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 27, 2013 at 12:09 PM

Just dont get why you guys keep comparing Welker and Hartline. Two totally different wr types. So it could also be two totally different wr situations if Hartline were a Pat.

Also, at no time was Welker a starter here in Miami. He was a total afterthought until arriving in New England. Hartline's not going to all of a suddenbecome a td machine because of Brady.

Hartline doesnt consistenlt enough separates from defenders and he has terrible YAC. Brady doesnt automatically fix that. Brady didnt automatically fix Brandon Loyd. and I would take Loyd over Hartline in a heartbeat.

Brandon Loyd only had 4 recieving tds with Brady last season. Yet many of you belive Brady would turn Hartline into a td beast.


Yeah you're right, because Brady and Tannehill were equals last year. Come on man....it's not even a fair comparison. So you're saying if Hartline goes to the Pats he'll have one TD next year? What's the bet? Who wants in?

Brandon Loyd was far better when he played in Denver.




when we talk about how much players are worth and how much they want to get paid(when they are already making good 48) the example that tom brady set with his deal where he is taking a pay cut to strenghen his team is testiment to the guy. Yes people can say he has earnt those deals, but look how selfish other QB's are going after huge $ . Regardless of what people think about the pats or brady that is 1 smart move from ALL parties. Although i bet the only person not happy is the agent who will of no doubt got less money :-)

Who said he's going to turn Hartline into a TD beast. And Lloyd wasn't even his top target least year. He's great at spreading the ball around.

So what you're saying is, that Hartline will have a worse year next year with Brady as his QB, than he did with Tannehill as his QB this year. Is that what you're saying?


Comparig to Tannehill, brilliant! Brandon Loyd was once a pro bowl calibre wr in Denver. Only 4tds under Brady?

You guys snatch crap out of your ass and want to make it gospel. Truth be told, you havent a clue what Hartline's stats would be with Brady. Brady doesnt all of a sudden make everyone he plays with great.

There has to be some greatness in that player too. Its a two way street. Welker is a totally diffrent wr type and skill level than Hartline. Not nearly as quick, and doesnt have nearly the ability to pick of YACS as Welker.

Im so tired of listenong to you guys guess and declare it a fact.


I'm not even going to try. You're so good at twisting what other people say to mean something complete different. We get it....YOU DON'T LIKE HARTLINE.

Have a good one...


Yeah you're right, because Brady and Tannehill were equals last year. Come on man....it's not even a fair comparison. So you're saying if Hartline goes to the Pats he'll have one TD next year? What's the bet? Who wants in?

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Okay, okay craig

Hartline has 4 TDS and breaks his biggest TD total since his first year...great, that still wont make him anymore dangerous than the pats having Gronk,Hernandez,welker(if he stays)....now would hartline help the pats, sure, with that much talent and a QB like brady, im sure hartline would be a good go to guy for short yardage and a chain mover for NE, you can say that pretty much about anybody that goes there...
But in no way does hartline become even close to sniffing the success of a superstar birth like welker found in NE...And ill lay the odds he wont on that bet!!!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 27, 2013 at 12:09 PM

You just answered your on bs in this post. Hartline wouldnt be a top target for Brady either. Loyd's been a pro bowler before, Hartline never.

Loyd 4 tds under Brady. Hartline wouldnt be a primary target so at best he gets 4 tds too.

Now try and argue Hartline's better than Brandon Loyd. I dare you. LOL...

yesterday ill take that bet. hartline solid wr, whats the bet he only scores one td lol sure u wont actually bet


Exactly what Im trying to tell these guys who are so afraid of Hartline going to the Pats. Hartline canty hold Brandon Loyd's jockstrap, yet Loyd only had 4 recieving tds with Brady last year.

CraigM's counter was Loyd wasnt a primary target. Loyd's better than Hartline, so if he wasnt a primary taget, wth makes CraigM think that Hartline would become a primary target in New England.

These guys are using dellusional fear to become their fact.


Agreed. I Do Go On a "!!!!!!" Rampage. My Bad.

Dashi Does It!! To Piss A Certain Someone Off!!!

And It Works!! Because The Clown Always Comes on Here!! And Complains!!

To The Clown Yesterday!! Dashi Doesn't Take Himself Serious!! Neither Should You!!

In Between The Name "Dashi" and The "!!!!" , Dashi Is All In Buddy's Head!! ALL DAY LONG!!

The Funny Part Is When The "!!" Sticks In Real Life. Dashi Has To Catch Himself.

Agreed. Dashi Will Tone It Down. For The Viewing Public. Just Like Dashi Changed His Name From "In Your Mouth". Dashi Will Make A Concerted Effort To Change His Writing Style.

Problem With That!! Is Simple Though. The Truth Will Be Easier To Understand. And That Isn't How God Does Things ;)

yesterday nobody said hartline would be his top tyarget. u just make up garbage and argue with yourself

Yeah big mouth, what's the bet? Back up your words. You're saying Hartline will be 'our best defence' next year. So let's go. What's the bet? Back it up? Otherwise it's just a stupid comment.

Nobody is saying he's going to be a superstar, 'TD beast' in NE but he's EXACTLY the kind of player they will add? Do you want to dispute that one too?

kc gave up a second rd pick for smith

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 27, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Talk to CraigM about that, something he made up, and I never said.

Brandon Loyd had only 4 tds with Brady last year, and I would take him over Hartline in a heartbeat. I just think itys totally illusional to think just because Hartline plays with Brady, that alone will make him a td huggernaut.

Ask Brandon Loyd how that works out. Ask Ocho-Nomo.

again nobody said td juggernaut so your still arguing with yourself. lloyd should be avail soon, u want him?


Where did I say Hartline would be a primary target in NE? Honest to God you're either an idiot or suffer from severe reading comprehension.

I'm done with this stupid argument....what don't you go on about it for the rest of the day.

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 12:37 PM

You sound like a crazy man. 1 td? There's no where to go but up. Plus, how do you bet on something not even possible to bet on. Hartline's not currently a Pat and there's no guarrantee Bellichick even wants him.

Its you guys who ghosting him as someone Bellichick wants. When reality maybe, Bellichick wouldnt touch Welker with a ten foot pole.


dusty, you're wasting your time with him. Makes up crap to try and make his point.

Yeah, Lloyd's going to be available soon. What don't you run out there and hitch your wagon to him, YG.

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 12:43 PM

You said the reason Loyd only had 4 tds was that he wasnt a primary target. Loyd's a better wr than Hartline, so if Hartline is going to be so scaryu in New England he has to be a primary target. Welker is.

If Loyd isnt a primary target, Hartline for damn sure wont be one.


Dashi Knows Brady Just Got Restructured.


The Pats Were Against The Cap. They Need The Cap Space To Sign Welker And Talib.I Don't Know How Wallace Takes Priority Over That. Without Talib The Pats Have A 30th Ranked Pass Defense.

How Much Is Talib Asking For?

I Would Rather Sign Talib, Instead Of S.Smith. They Both Will Be Worth About The Same. And Talib's Only Problem Is Standing Up For His Sister. He Shouldn't Have Pulled The Gun Out. Just Beat Up The Guy.

Pay Reggie!

By the way, just frittered some time away looking at the combine results for WRs and I also took into account personal production during their respective seasons and these are the 5 guys that I came away impressed with most...

1. Da'Rick Rogers. Tenn Tech

2. Josh Boyce, TCU.

3. Ryan Swope, T A&M

4. Markus Wheaton, oregon State

5. Justin Hunter, Tennessee

Interestingly enough, none of these guys have a first round grade.

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Making up as I go along? You havent listed one FACT to supporgt Bellichik even wants Hartline. Let alone introduce one FACT that all of a sudden would make Hartline this player we would all of a sudden have to fear.

CraigM, you get frustrated because you pull crap from your ass and get exposed. One FACT why Hartline will be so scary playing for the Pats. Im waiting?
I hope you know what a fact is.

yesterday i would disagree on u saying lloyd would be more of a target than hartline. not in that offense. short quick routes. hartline would be a much better fit than lloyd for pats. im hoping hartline resigns here

Posted by: Dashi™ | February 27, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Hell, I dont know wth Bellichik is really up to. No one knows but the hoodie himself. I only mentioned Wallace as a mere possibility.

Just because we want Wallace, it doesnt mean other teams arent positioning themselves to make a run at him too.

Why do dolfans so hate the possibility of reality?

Even if Miller stalls Thigpen and Thomas can pick up the slack. They may still add another rb in free agency or draft. Not an issue. I'll miss the occasional explosive plays but hopefully Miller will be working like a horse this off season to improve his already good athleticism. Hopefully he picked up some of the work ethic from Reggie.

How Come The Chiefs Didn't Go After Matt Moore?

Just Saying.

The Chiefs Made A Great Move. They Have a Good RB, Some Wr's, And A Young Strong Defense. No Qb's In This Draft. And Matt Barkley Is A 6th Rounder. The Guy Will Probably Get Drafted In The 2nd. But Barkley Has BUST!! Written All Over Him.

Recent Example Of Matt Barkley In The Draft.


And The Bad Part Is Barkley Is Worst Than Any Of These 4. Less Arm, Less Athletic, Shorter, And Has Less Football IQ.

Matt Moore Is A Better Pro Qb Than M.Barkley. Even When Barkley Reaches His Full Potential.

Actually, Barkley Reminds Me Of J.Clausen. And Clausen Had More Potential.

Mark,i'm glad you mentioned Justin Hunter. Cant understand why he is'nt getting more praise considering he ran fast at the combine (think he ran a 4.4),did everything else well at the combine and was highly productive at Tennessee and has also been compared to Randy Moss.

He could be everything we've been looking for in a NO1 Receiver and would love to see him in Miami next season...

Bush will leave as a FA
Miller will get hurt
Danny Thomas will suffer another concussion in between his 2 yards/carry and the Dolphins will be trolling the waiver wire for a RB by mid October.

great move? alex smith is far from great. 5 year ext is stupid, no teams even wanted him in free agency last year. and second pick of 2nd rd? didnt they learn from cassel. they should of gone and got foles for that price. barkley will go 7 to zona

Hell, if Bellichick saw Welker as some fgantastic gem in the making. He would have stolen him from underneath us a couple seasons ago, just like he did Wes Welker.

Has Hartline ever been a matchup nightmare when playing against the Pats? Hell, no, but Welker was. That's the primary reason Bellichik wanted Welker. He even stated as much.

If anything, Bellichick's probably rooting for us to resign Hartline. He's never really done jackshit anytime we played against them.

Mark in Toronto at 12:50,

There is a lot of great wide receiver depth in the 2nd and 3rd round of this draft. Personally I like Wheaton the most because he had the combine numbers to back up good production all year (including in the big games.)I like Hunter the second most and not Rogers as much as you, but hey to each his own.

This is why I wouldn't be worried too much about taking Patterson at 12. Those 5 guys you metioned and a few others will be good players. Ireland might even want to take 2 of them depending on how free agency goes. Good post and I like your thinking on the depth at WR in rounds 2 and 3.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 27, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Meant to say:

Hell, if Bellichick saw Hartline as some fgantastic gem in the making. He would have stolen him from underneath us a couple seasons ago, just like he did Wes Welker.


I'm Just Saying. Looking At The Pats With An Objective Eye.

Pat's Priority

Resign Welker
Resign Talib
Draft A Wr With The First Or Second Pick

The Pats Have The Luxury Of Actually Drafting BPA In Every Round. With An Emphasis On Wr's And CB's. Even Though BB Is Actually Worst Than Ireland Drafting Wr's And CB's High.

Wallace Is More Of A Smoke Screen. Or A Wet Dream For Pat Fans(ESPN).

Talib Was Traded For A Pick. (I Believe That Has Some Priority)

Look At The Pat Offense. Besides Brady. Everyone On That Roster Is Young. And BB Is Known For Pulling An Ireland. He Usually Signs 3-4 Veteran Wr Acorns, That Have Knowledge Of The Pats System.

Remember, BB Demands A lot Of His Wr's. He Wants Wr's With High Football IQ.

Remember What Happened To Chad In NE. BB Doesn't Like Wr's That Only Run 1 Route.

Like I said YG, keep ranting on against Hartline. Doesn't really matter what you think, we'll see it all too clearly should Hartline make FA.

You've been wrong many times before....you'll be wrong again.

I stick with my point, Hartline is the perfect fit for what BB likes to so with that offence and he won't come at a price anywhere close to the money that Jennings and Wallace will command. The Pats have shown they know EXACTLY how to get it do without having a top flight receiver in their midst.

pats arent drafting a wr in first. they will go defense

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 01:07 PM

You sound totally moronic acting like youre an expert on what Bellichik wants and thinking Hartline is a perfect fit for Bellichick.

If youre a god, youre falling into the same hell you created for the rest of us to fall into.

I'd rather keep him than lose him.Best Running Back on the roster..but nowhere near Ricky Williams.

Pats have FIVE picks right now in the draft. They'll try to make every one of those count. Someone else mentioned it but I could totally see them peddling Mallett for a pick and picking Cassell uip off the scrap heap. Would make a lot of sense.

I've got a question guys...Lets say we are very unsuccessful when Free Agency starts and we fail to sign any WR. Then Patterson is gone before we pick at #12. Would you guys be happy with Ireland grabbing another WR at #12 and if so,who?

Knowing how much we need WR help,do you think it would be wise to draft any other WR at #12 or take a chance and try to get someone in the 2nd,knowing alot of decent WR's might not be there?

Oh,and lets just say a trade up/down is not an option in the 1st.

id deal a 4th rounder for mallet

no mark, allen only other guy who maybe could go there. id take best player avail


You want the Dolphins to deal for Mallett? Come on! Never going to happen. Why would we do that? Tannehill's our guy for at least the next two years. Team needs to commit to him and get him more help.


Just my opinion but I don't believe Patterson goes before 12. Only other receiver who might come close at 12 is Allen but I think they'd waut until the second to grab a guy. Lots of good receivers out there.

craig i know 100 percent it wouldnt happen, from either side. just saying

BB Doesn't Like Wr's That Only Run 1 Route.
Posted by: Dashi™ | February 27, 2013 at 01:07 PM

Randy "9 Route" Moss?

I said it before but with Smith heading for KC, I could very easily see Moore playing in SF next year. He'd be the ideal guy if Keapernick should get hurt or really struggle. That's the guy I should target. Niners just keep getting better and better. They've got something like 11 or 12 picks this year now, I believe, once you work compensatory picks into the mix.

kc so dumb for giving them the 2nd pick of 2nd rd plus another mid rd cond pick next year

Doesn't matter now, I thought a good move for Smith would have been the Raiders. SF get Pyror and a pick to backup Kap and the Raiders get a decent QB. Cut Palmer.

KC makes a lot of sense as well. Though will Smith be the QB he was the last two years with Harbough or the guy that was labeled a bust?

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