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Sean Smith has suitors but will he stay hungry?

Yes, there is tampering at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. What else does one expect when you gather agents of looming NFL free agent players and team personnel department people in one town for several days?

And that is assuredly at the root of a report out of csnphilly.com stating that the Eagles "would like to address their shaky secondary by considering Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith, according to a person with knowledge of the team’s free-agent strategy."

So, if the report is accurate, Smith will have at least one suitor unless he re-signs with the Dolphins when free agency begins March 12.

But ...

The key issue in the report is price. The report states the Eagles will be "leery of engaging in a bidding war that inflates the price tag."

Well, that puts them in the same position as the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have always been eager to keep Smith. That is not the issue. He's a solid player. But price is the issue.

As I've reported since December, Smith wants $8-$10 million per season and he wants considerable guaranteed money. The Dolphins and I dare say many teams, but primarily the Dolphins because they know Smith best, are wary of paying Smith major guaranteed money because they aren't 100 percent certain how he'll react to that boon.

Will he continue to push to improve?

Will he continue to be inconsistent?

Or will he get comfortable or complacent and feel a sense of entitlement.

I assume Smith would dispel that concern. But it doesn't mean it would go away. Remember that after starting all the games his rookie season, Smith showed serious signs of entitlement his second season (2010) and was actually benched for parts of that season in favor of Jason Allen.

It wasn't until that benching snapped him out of that feeling that he'd arrived did he return to his previous work ethic and level of play. Then he regained his job.

So the issue here is not what teams will be interested in Sean Smith. I assume many will, including the Dolphins.

The issue is which will be willing to pay him major guaranteed money without fear he'll stay hungry.


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Watching receiver drills on NFL Network...
They got the Dolphins # 1 need at WR, then Tackle, then CB
Receivers from USC and South Carolina look good.

There is a report saying the Pack may franchise Jennings. If they do that, Wallace's price tag will go even higher.

Let's find our own Wallace, or maybe even a better one, in the draft.

franchise jennings, lol that would be hilarious. packers always make smart moves so no way they do that. he is old and declining quickly

please let his test the market and go somewhere else

If they think Jennings is healthy enough, they may see him as being crucial to a SB run next season. If they don't think he is healthy enough, we shouldn't either.

The Dolphins went 7-9 with him - they can miss the playoffs without him. Go and make no big plays for another team. I'd rather go with someone - I've said it before here. Keenan Lewis from Pittsburgh is a free agent. He is better than Smith right now and will cost half as much. Sign him - draft another corner and we're in good shape. This team was terrible with Vontae David and Sean Smmith - they can terrible without them. Sean Smith hasn't made a game changing play since High School.

Hartline just had his best year! You are going to let the guy walk the moment all your efforts to develop him have come to fruition??? The guy could still have way more upside! Not even Cris Carter showed much until his 5th year! It takes time for some!

It makes no sense to let him walk now!!!!

NFL clubs are going to flood the blogs and have the Talking Heads babbling like freaking Coke Heads over the next two weeks or so.
There will be stories about this guy being franchised and that guy being cut, but all of it will either fizzle or get wrecked in negotiations.
Just like the Miles Austin story out of Dallas... that made its rounds for 24 or so hours, now Jerry Jones say's Austin isn't going anywhere... (which may be bullshiznit also)...
Point is.... all of the "Keyboard Badazzez" kicking off smack and fighting over bluffs seems a bit stupid... No... Not a "Bit stupid"... It makes those people look like Boneheaded Morons and azzzgrabbers....... Not that acting like a "Keyboard Badazzzz doesn't already do the trick or anything...
Fans should just chill and let things run they're course... This time last year EVERYONE KNEW Peyton Manning was coming to Miami... two weeks later everyone KNEW Matt Flynn was going to be under center in Miami....
No one knew from nothin'.... and still don't.

It looks like Ryan Swope could be a sleeper in this draft. I think if Swope is available with our 1st pick in the 3rd round we take him. He just ran a 4.34 in the 40s finishing tied with Tavon Austin for second place for receivers. He was also 8th in bench pressing.

He was also Tannehill's favorite receiver at Texas A&M and already knows the offense. This kid will be a steal in the draft and could be an immidiate impact for the fins.

A receiving unit that includes: Wallace, Hartline, Bess, and Swope would be impressive.

Darryl Dunphy,

I was writing hypothetical. IF he was asking $7M or $8M. You really need to read the posts. Every NFL player will try to get what the market will bear. The market will set Hartline's price. My opinion does not matter but I would estimate that he will be shy of $4M. So we are indicating the same thing.

hey its been a good day at the combine. we heard smith is wanted by the eagles, good let him go and that bush is now gone from miami for sure. both good news!

hey its been a good day at the combine. we heard smith is wanted by the eagles, good let him go and that bush is now gone from miami for sure. both good news!

Yes that is good news! It will free up more room to pay for a WR and or TE. Moreover the Dolphins can pick up CB's in the draft. Those that will have the skill to not play soft and run with the receiver making cuts.

Here are my 1st 5 picks for the fins:

1. Dee Millner CB (may drop to the fins because of injury. if not draft Banks or Rhodes)
2a. Zach Ertz TE
2b. Melenik Watson RT (was impressibe in the combine)
3a. Ryan Swope WR
3b. Justin Pugh Guard or Montee Ball RB

I hope we sign most of our FAs. Let Long and Bush walk. Put Sean Smith on a 1 year try out by franchising him. Big FA signing Mike Wallace (it looks like he is the fins top target in FA this year).

Agreed. Tannehills old receiver ran a 4.3, he would fit nicely.

like most of that orlando, love ertz. but no way should we franchise smith

NFL network reporting Dolphins no re sign Reggie Bush.

hey its been a good day at the combine. we heard smith is wanted by the eagles, good let him go and that bush is now gone from miami for sure. both good news!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 24, 2013 at 06:00 PM

Dont bet on it dusty,

Everbody will have interest in anybody in free agency, the problem is that they will not pay them the money they want and philly is already salery cap strained as it is and it would be awfully unintellegent to offer smith 8-10 million considering what happened with the Nnamdi Asomugha fiasco already....

Lets get rid of our best player every year.

You really need to read the posts.

Posted by: promichael | February 24, 2013 at 05:58 PM

What a condescending prick. This guy probably wears polyester shirts and works at the Target pro shop.

best player? wake isnt going anywhere

Entering Irescums 6th year the Dolphins are an expansion team.....without the draft choices....

What a condescending prick. This guy probably wears polyester shirts and works at the Target pro shop.
Posted by: procooljoe
Ok genius don't read the posts, just write what ever you want out of context.


I am not crazy about Smith either but I hate to sign him to a long term deal at this point. I rather pay 1 year 10M for him than 5 years 40 million.

We are just so thin at CB that we cannot go into the draft needing two corners. The FA crop for this year is not great either. CBs are expensive too, Marshall last year got 5.5 M to be a nickel corner. I would like the fins to take a CB in the 1st round this year and then another next year. That is why I say franchise him for this year and then let him walk next year. That is my thought process on Smith.

top 5 draft choices in my opinion

1. DB Xavier Rhodes(Millner i think will be gone)
2(1st)Tyler Eifert (Dont see ERTZ falling out of the 1st round)
2(2nd)DE Alex Okafor or possibly Dion Jordan,
3 (1ST) WR either Justin Hunter if there still, or guys like Terrance Williams or Robert Woods
3(2ND)J.J. Wilcox at safety or possibly T.J. McDonald,

Its unfair to judge Hartline on his time with Henne or Tannehill. He could explode if he gets a decent QB.


Thats one mans opinion King James, but your forgetting that tannehill will be around in a dolphins uniform for at least 2 more years and if hartline resigns, thats your QB...and I dont see anything from hartline in his four years here in miami that would prompt most GMS in the league to make him a big priority of a must add peice to their football team..

And i still truly believe that he will not become a dangerous scoring threat in the redzone that most on here have him pegged to be, and his numbers are going to be comparable once again to numbers he had when Brandon Marshall was here if we go out and sign a mike Wallace or Greg Jennings.....

to Mika-Donna Wallace!

The big question is what do we do at 12? I like Lane Johnson. He is an athletic freak at LT.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 24, 2013 at 11:57 AM

I still don't want to take Johnson, but you were right about him. He tore it up running at the combine.

I've seen everything except the Bench Press. If he's "NFL STRONG" as well, I might re-think my position on him.

PS: Have the lineman Bench Pressed yet? If not, anybody know when their scheduled too?



Not even Marshall was a scoring or redzone threat here. So how do you put that off on Hartline? If not even the great beast Marshall could score on this lame dead offense no other #1 would have either. The problem was the entire team.


Johnson estimated his body fat to be 15 percent, and he lifted the 225-pound bench press 28 times on Friday.

If Tanny plays anything like he did last season then he'll be gonzo after next season. No one wants a Henne repeat.



Marshall still managed back to back seasons of 1000 yards with henne as QB, and combined for 9 TDS in a sparano led offensive attack, and people considered him the only viable threat at WR in miamis offense then too, and talk was once again about miami needing another target besides marshall on the team after 2010 season to provide a good security blanket when double teams were flying marshalls way especially in the redzone.....

I'm sure Bush would prefer to go to a playoff team.

"he's a solid player."

And amazing statement.

Even more amazing is the idea that they believe they are set at running back, with Mr New Unproven Miami Guy and Daniel "my head hurts too much to play this Sunday" Thomas.

Watch them completely ignore this position in the draft, then wonder why they can't seem to run the ball next year.

Trading 3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!1

There is speculation that Ireland fav Michael Egnew wont even make next years roster.

ill agree on the barkley thing. i would draft him at 12. but we all know they wont. that would give u 2 top of the draft qbs and hope one of the 2 pans out

Egnew was Philbin's pick which is scary. I read somewhere where Philbin begged Ireland to draft Egnew. That was the only negative that I have on Philbin so far. That was a bone head pick for sure. As Armando mentioned on a previous post Egnew received the ultimate insult from his teammates for a football player, P---Y.

Egnew was Ireland's pick.

agree shula

If you watched hard knocks you know Phibin thinks (knows) Egnew stinks.

And Ireland praised Egnew as recently as 2 weeks ago....haha

Orlando says "I read somewhere". Hilarious.

It's obvious by the comments most of you never played football and were in the book club in high school. Different players require different motivation. Egnew was not prepared physically or mentally to play NFL football in his 1st year. He may get cut OR he maybe lifting weights this off season and getting better. To call a player a bust after year one is just plain dumb.

dusty are you in KC? Whats the story on Bowe?

bobby12, the people who make a living at it have called Egnew a bust. Sorry but I think I'll take their opinion over yours anyday.

Sean smith.
Sean smith wants 8 or 10 mil guarantee!! That is laughable. How many pro bowls has Sean been too, inconsistent and not a play maker, doesn't deserve the big money contract yet needs to prove himself.


Just because you cant judge a player doesnt mean that others cant.

It's obvious by the comments most of you never played football and were in the book club in high school.
Posted by: bobbyd12 | February 24, 2013 at 07:43 PM

Is being a member of a book club some kind of put down? What a sad sorry wipe you are. Those people who read those books learned a lot more than you ever had since.

bobby12 is not the sharpest tool in the shed. LMAO!!

bobby12, is that your age?

Sherman hates egnew the kid is way over his head will not be on the team for long can't even learn the play book hope he's renting

I think "bobby" is Michael Egnews mom, Roberta. lol

Is Roberta a hooka mom?

It's Oscar night and I don't mean Oscar canosa it's the wife's Super Bowl

Well well now. That makes two days in a row YesterJerk was exposed and thoroughly demoralized.

What a sad and arrogant clown that character is.

Any player that can't learn the play book in a year will not be around

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