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Sean Smith has suitors but will he stay hungry?

Yes, there is tampering at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. What else does one expect when you gather agents of looming NFL free agent players and team personnel department people in one town for several days?

And that is assuredly at the root of a report out of csnphilly.com stating that the Eagles "would like to address their shaky secondary by considering Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith, according to a person with knowledge of the team’s free-agent strategy."

So, if the report is accurate, Smith will have at least one suitor unless he re-signs with the Dolphins when free agency begins March 12.

But ...

The key issue in the report is price. The report states the Eagles will be "leery of engaging in a bidding war that inflates the price tag."

Well, that puts them in the same position as the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have always been eager to keep Smith. That is not the issue. He's a solid player. But price is the issue.

As I've reported since December, Smith wants $8-$10 million per season and he wants considerable guaranteed money. The Dolphins and I dare say many teams, but primarily the Dolphins because they know Smith best, are wary of paying Smith major guaranteed money because they aren't 100 percent certain how he'll react to that boon.

Will he continue to push to improve?

Will he continue to be inconsistent?

Or will he get comfortable or complacent and feel a sense of entitlement.

I assume Smith would dispel that concern. But it doesn't mean it would go away. Remember that after starting all the games his rookie season, Smith showed serious signs of entitlement his second season (2010) and was actually benched for parts of that season in favor of Jason Allen.

It wasn't until that benching snapped him out of that feeling that he'd arrived did he return to his previous work ethic and level of play. Then he regained his job.

So the issue here is not what teams will be interested in Sean Smith. I assume many will, including the Dolphins.

The issue is which will be willing to pay him major guaranteed money without fear he'll stay hungry.


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I would take Tyler Eifert with the # 12 pick. We need playmakers, and this guy can be our Eric Gronkowski. He has really seperated himself from the rest of the TE at the combine. What is a young QB's best friend his TE. That is why the Falcons went and got Tony Gonzalez when he was a rookie, so he could have that security blanket while he developed.

I think egnew might be a hooker

jeffy will beg Philbin not to cut Egnew to save jeffy more embarrassment.

egnew will get the hook a

If we are not going to re-sign Jake Long, then drafting Lane Johnson at #12 would also be a good fit. If we are running a zone-blocking scheme and we need athletic lineman then why not the most athletic OT at the combine. He ran a 4.72 40 37" vertical, and jumped over 9' in the broadjump.

...I know a lot of people don't mind getting rid of Starks but not me...I'm a big Starks fan...As a matter a fact, he's the best free agent pickup we had in the last 5 years...Not counting Wake of course...I love to see Starks and Soliai in the middle of our "D"...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | February 22, 2013 at 08:36 AM

The Middle of our Defense was PROBABLY our ONLY team strength. Including our depth, we could go toe to toe with anyone in the league in my opinion.

So I have to ask, WHY.........WHY try to "Fix" something that isn't broke?

If you REALLY want to do ANYTHING involving the middle of our defense, try getting us a TRUE MIDDLE LINEBACKER(and move Dansby back outside((two birds~).

That would solidify the Middle and catapult it to the TOP!

Before you EVEN THINK about Odrick, Mcdaniels or Kheeston Randall, get Randy Starks signed, sealed and delivered. The rest of these guys are ALL secondary concerns compared to Starks and Solia. Lets not loose sight of the Prize!

PS: Nice Post Montreal!!!!

We don't want or need jake long to return or reggie bush they are done in miami it's time to move forward or Sean smith either

That is right Odin

Manti teo has pulled out of the combine with a swollen bung hole

Here are my choices for the # 12 pick. Based on who I think will still be available at the time of the pick.
1. Tyler Eifert
2. Lane Johnson
3. Jonathan Cooper
4. Tavon Austin

I believe dee milliner slides to us at 12 teams will reach for the quarter backs and tackles

If they let Long and Bush walk they mine as well give up.

Dashi Has Figured It Out!!

Oscar and Odin?(Some Of The Old School Regulars)

You Guys Are Responsible For YG's Current Mental State!!

You Guys Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves!!

YG, Suffers From Stockholm Syndrome!

He Will Never Leave! Because He Feels That He Is A Part Of Something! That Someone Needs Him!

YG, Go See A Doctor! A Real One!!

There are no qb's in this draft, one at most.

Isn't it about time for you guys to start using terms like 'hip pivot' and 'initial burst' and 'field awareness' in a desperate (and comical) attempt to actually sound as if you havethe slightest idea what you are talking about?
C'mon. Humor me.

Posted by: God, This Blog is Awful | February 24, 2013 at 02:19 PM

Is this Monkey Bu-oy or his "Sidekick(boy-toy)Mario?"

You Sir are what makes this blog so awful. And don't even TRY to deny it, we all know. We all see you post this same exact thing, EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the PAST 5-ROTFLMAO!

This place is so God Awful, but these Two DipWads are STILL here, year in and year out........24/7. Sure thing Buddy......."We ALL Know" - LOL!

If we could cut you two(and all your boring, dumb, repetitive muliti-names), the blog would be instantly fixed!

Matter of FACT, if this were a Blog "Team", and I were the General Manager, all I would have to do is replace you two. I'm sure I could sign SOMEBODY cheaper(less headaches, no fake names, no ignorantly repetitive "One Liner" Blog Hit posts).

Yep, we get rid of you two and were instantly competing for the SuperBowl of Blogs!!!!

PS: Armando, PLEASE don't resign the Twin Tards! I have an EMPTY Beer Can sitting on an old tree stump in my backyard. They could replace the "Twin Tards" NO PROBLEM! Think how much better "The Blog Team" could be.

C'Mon Armando, Lets Win One For The Gipper(by cutting the Twin Tards)!

Yeah Baaaaaay-BEEEE!!!!

Odin leaves and Dashi shows up? TOO FUNNY!!

Odin, from Earlier.

No Linemen At The Combine Showed Any Strength!!

You Had RB's Out lifting O-Linemen!! Seriously! More RB's Had More Than 25+ Reps!!

This is A Weak O-Line Draft!

Maybe 2! Lifted The Bar More Than 30 Times! Jake Benched Something Like 39 Times!! Real Strength!!


Yet, You Run And Hide!!

Give It A Break FOOL!!

A little shocking. My guy R. Swope ran a 4.34 40 as fast as T. Austin. He had some pretty darn good workout numbers for a guy supposedly going in the 3rd or 4th round. Give me that guy in the second round.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | February 24, 2013 at 02:44 PM

Swope was a Good Prospect last year. The ONLY knock on him was, he would have to play the slot in the NFL because he wasn't fast enough-LOL.

I hate nepotism! I hated all the old Dallas retreads after the Trifecta came over from Dallas. I didn't even like the idea of Tannehill, the WR or the Fullback when Sherman came here.

Swopes just might be the exception to the rule. If we could get him **AT THE RIGHT SPOT**, I would be estatic!

Screw these over priced FA's. Take Patterson at 12.


There is only one question to ask about our first pick:

Which player will help us score the most points?

It is that simple.

If This Blog Was A Team?

Dashi= Dan Marino
Odin= Don Shula
YG= Reggie Bush
Oscar= D.Underwood
Mark= Sam Madison
Craig= Dansby
Kris= Spo (Both Of Them)

And The List Goes On And On! Feel Free To Add Yourself To Your Dolphin Counterpart!

Which player will help us score the most points?

Posted by: Wes | February 24, 2013 at 08:47 PM


The last thing I want to say about Sean Smith.....

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah....Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah....Hey, Hey, Hey.....Goodbye!!!


Dashi's Top 3 Wr's For The Fins This Year!


On The Retreads! Agreed! Don't Like It When It Is With A Guy With NFL Experience! Love It With A Rookie!!

If The Guy sucked In The NFL!! What Would Make You Think He Will Get Better? Look At Reggie!! You Are What You Are After 3-4 Years In The NFL!! (Same Way We Judge Qbs!)

Now, With A Rookie Or A Draft Pick! It's Different!! Guys Are Still Young And Developing!! Getting Better!! Guys Still Haven't Peaked!! Plus, They Already Know Your System!! Win-Win!!

Reggie Is Leaving His Prime! And Hartline Is In His Prime!! Meaning They Are Playing The Best Football In Their Career!!

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Irescum has made zero progress in 6 years. When will Ross wake up from his coma?

Fed up

Um, does it really matter? It's only a game played for entertainment purposes and has no purpose beyond selling commercials. No different than a sitcom.

Sitcom? Nah. The Dolphins are an embarrassment to S Florida.


Why Are Dashi And Odin At The Top Of All Your List! Followed by Oscar, Craig, And Kris.

You Forgot Your Boy Mark! Or Phins78!

And Your Lack Of Creativity! Is Astonishing! What Are You A Janitor!

And Stop With All The H O M O References!

Dashi you are the king of the h o m o references. HYPOCRITE!

And You Know My Repertoire Is More Than Me Putting It In Your Mouth!! And 1 Of You Spitting, While The Other One Swallows!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM

You are not going to find 53 players without entitlement issues. Be a man and not an ass and appreciate playing in this league. Smith is not that great. Let him have a big head elsewhere if they are stupid enough to pay him. Other wise, pay him the 4 or 5 he is really worth and make him work for a living. This guy is getting treated better than Bush, who has some serious work ethic. Ridiculous. Ireland still isn't showing me anything.

Dashe = SFR (SickFukRetard)

Watching my Show here. Probably Argo(which I did not find that great) will win my Top Award.

Somekind of Bookend Lane Johnson would be for Us, wouldn't he?

And You Know My Repertoire Is More Than Me Putting It In Your Mouth!! And 1 Of You Spitting, While The Other One Swallows!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Dashi SMOOCH!!!!!

Yes Oscar but no one better complain

We really need a cb more than a tackle

Dashi SMOOCH!!!!!

Posted by: Odin | February 24, 2013 at 09:44 PM

With mouth wide open, Odin!!!!!

Lane Johnson is the pick. Bank on it if Jake Long isn't re-signed! He is the BPA and a need at at 12. South Florida might not like it on draft day but when Tanny looks like an all pro with him at LT they will forget why they were mad.

Sure, right, uh-huh.

Jeff, you should have never shared your first pick with those Woodies, they are all gossip queens. Every last one uh dem!

I'll bet Kate Hudson is an extremely powerful, gyrating and long lasting fukkk.

Lane Johnson huh ok sounds good and he's the bpa and a left tackle

I'll bet Kate Hudson is an extremely powerful, gyrating and long lasting fukkk.

Posted by: Works for me | February 24, 2013 at 10:38 PM

I don't know if she is long lasting but probably good enough IMO.

Dear Mr. Salguero,

As the New General Manager of the Blog, I've realized quite quickly what the first order of business has to be.

They say that cuts are never fun and I understand that. But I have a clip for you, See if you aren't going to Love making this guy the First Cut.

Check it out!

He Will Never Leave! Because He Feels That He Is A Part Of Something! That Someone Needs Him!

YG, Go See A Doctor! A Real One!!

Posted by: Dashi™ | February 24, 2013 at 08:36 PM

C'Mon Armando, Lets Win One For The Gipper(by cutting the Twin Tards)!

Yeah Baaaaaay-BEEEE!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | February 24, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Odin leaves and Dashi shows up? TOO FUNNY!!

Posted by: We All Know | February 24, 2013 at 08:39 PM

ROTFLMAO! Talk about Hoof & Mouth Diease. This guy has TWO left feet and he stuck them both in his mouth!

Check the Time Stamps-lol. This guy has NO TIMING! I just can't have STUPID and Uncoordinated on the Squad Mando. This guy was so quick to talk Shyt, he stuck it right in his own Mouth-LMAO.

EASILY the First Cut!

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All this draftnik talk used to be fun, until it became obvious that Ireland will EFF-up the draft & FA.


The Linemen Didn't Impress Me! All Of Them Were Weak Girly Men! J.Martin Is Strong Compared To This Class!! You Can Count The Guys That Hit 30! And I Think Only 1 Guy Passed 35!

The Rb's Didn't Impress Me! I Take It Back Kris. Only 3 RB's This Year! Better Than Bush! Lacy and Lattimore! And The Fins Can Draft Mike James Late! Pair Him Up With His Old Running Mate! L.Miller! M.James Tore Up The Combine! As A RB! He Had 28 Or 30 Reps on The Bar! And Ran A 4.5! For A Power Back!! Better Than M.Ball!! Or S.Taylor! Also, Maybe A Couple Acorns! The UNC kid Looked Liked MJD!

The Qb's Didn't Impress Me! Except Eugene The Kid Can Play! Oh, And Barkley Is A 6th Rd Pick! Statement Still Holds True!! Matt Moore Is A Backup!!

The Te's Were OK! Nothing Special! Really!! Last Years Draft, Guys Were More Athletic!! None Of These Guys Are Faster Or Stronger Than Egnew! Specially Not No C.Fleener! Or Gronkowski! FOR A TE TO BE A FIRST ROUND PICK!! HE HAS TO RUN AT LEAST A 4.5! TOP 10 PICK TE's!! Usually Run 4.4 Or Faster!! NONE IN THIS DRAFT!!

Sorry Dashi, I have to disagree about O-line. Bench Press is really a poor measure for strength period! A fast 10 yd split and a good broad jump are better indicators of what an O-lineman can do. I think this is especially true in a pass happy football league like the NFL!

Now The Best And Deepest Position In The Draft So Far!!

The WR's!!


Dashi Only Wanted 1 Guy To Run A 4.3!! C.Patterson Just Played Himself Into The Top 10!! The Need For A Mike Wallace Has Gone Significantly Down! Hartline Should Not Come Back!! To Many Guys In The Draft!

The Fins Should Address Most Needs! In Free Agency! And Leave The Wr Position For The Draft!

Hopefully The Defensive Players Check Out!! We Need C.Patterson To Fall! The Cb's Need To Check Out Well! Hopefully The DE's Checkout OK! From What I'm Hearing Those Guys Might Be As Weak As The O-Line!!

Fins Need To Draft 3 Wr's! And 1 CB Or Safety! Depending How Those Positions Check Out at The Combine!!

I don't see any difference maker in the Combine up to now that could give us 3-6 points/Game. Do you?

Ang Lee always good director. For you guys that like wife-swapping catch his Ice Storm.

Dashi Isn't Saying It Is The Most Important Thing! (Bench Press)

But It Is One Of The Top Attributes For A Linemen! Defense Or Offense!

It's Like A Qb And Arm Strength! Important! But Not Most Important! But Highly Required! To Be Considered A Top Prospect! Reason Matt Barkley Is A 6th Rounder To Dashi!! Penny Had/has A Stronger Arm Than Barkley!! Mark Sanchez Has A Stronger Arm!!

Most Top 5 Pick! O-Linemen! Usually Lift 35+! Top 10! 30+ Times!

Most These Guys Aren't Even As Talented As J.Martin Physically! A 2nd Rounder!

Specially Not As Experienced! Not No J.Long Or J.Thomas Experience!

The O-Line Class Is Very Weak! C.Womack Looks Like A Late 1st Rounder! Possibly Early 2nd!

Nothing Special!

Jake Long's Salary Just Went Up With The Combine!! Franchise The Man!

What a bunch of derailed droppings...

See, I told you. Oscar is dissapointed. Were more universal films than that one.

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