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Sean Smith has suitors but will he stay hungry?

Yes, there is tampering at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. What else does one expect when you gather agents of looming NFL free agent players and team personnel department people in one town for several days?

And that is assuredly at the root of a report out of csnphilly.com stating that the Eagles "would like to address their shaky secondary by considering Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith, according to a person with knowledge of the team’s free-agent strategy."

So, if the report is accurate, Smith will have at least one suitor unless he re-signs with the Dolphins when free agency begins March 12.

But ...

The key issue in the report is price. The report states the Eagles will be "leery of engaging in a bidding war that inflates the price tag."

Well, that puts them in the same position as the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have always been eager to keep Smith. That is not the issue. He's a solid player. But price is the issue.

As I've reported since December, Smith wants $8-$10 million per season and he wants considerable guaranteed money. The Dolphins and I dare say many teams, but primarily the Dolphins because they know Smith best, are wary of paying Smith major guaranteed money because they aren't 100 percent certain how he'll react to that boon.

Will he continue to push to improve?

Will he continue to be inconsistent?

Or will he get comfortable or complacent and feel a sense of entitlement.

I assume Smith would dispel that concern. But it doesn't mean it would go away. Remember that after starting all the games his rookie season, Smith showed serious signs of entitlement his second season (2010) and was actually benched for parts of that season in favor of Jason Allen.

It wasn't until that benching snapped him out of that feeling that he'd arrived did he return to his previous work ethic and level of play. Then he regained his job.

So the issue here is not what teams will be interested in Sean Smith. I assume many will, including the Dolphins.

The issue is which will be willing to pay him major guaranteed money without fear he'll stay hungry.


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The Host Was Garbage!!

I Guess Oscar Is Another Name For Hot Garbage!

Or Is Oscar? Garbage In Spanish!

And, what are you, Dashi?

When We wish to lay our Wisdom on somebody, there are no arguments.


Of course Bench is important to some extent. It is a good barometer of upper body strength. Lower body strength is always more important however. How many times someone can squat 225 lbs will always be a better measure of overall strength than benching. But they don't check that for some reason but how far a 300lb guy can broad jump or how fast he gets out on those first 10 yds on a sprint are very strong indicators. With that said, this is a VERY strong O-line class.

I will agree with you on the WR's though. There should be a number of hits this year at WR. My sleeper is Rodney Smith from FSU. He could be a steal for someone if his mentals ever catch up with his physical abilities.

Too bad Ryan Swoop ran a 4.35 forty at the combine. ruins getting him in the 3rd rd. He may not be available with the 20th pick(our second 2nd rd pick) of the 2nd rd either.

But, Im siding with where mocksters have us taking Patterson at #12. A 2013 wr corps of:

Swoop(1st 2nd rd pick)

Would look pretty damn good.

Dashi you got any opionion on Lane Johnson the OT from Oklahoma at 12? He was able to do 28 in the bench press. He also ran a 4.72 40 with 1.61 10 yard spilt. He's 6' 6" 303.

Also I remember you saying something about pulling guards for Turner to coach up. How about Johnathan Cooper? He benched the 225 lbs 35 times and ran a 5.07 40.

You like either of these guys at 12 Dashi or are you sold on Patterson?


I don't see us front loading that much on WR. I think we will take at least 2 in rds 2-5 but I can't see us taking Patterson given Ireland and Philbins pasts. I'm anxious to see what we do in FA, that will better indicate how we pick on draft day.

Which is why Ireland will apply the tag on Smith. Yes we will seriously overpay him but for one year. That will also help with the motivation issue b/c he will still look or that long term deal. Ireland will still have to draft not one but two DBs. I doubt Rhodes will be there in round 2 but I sure hope he is. If not there are other ones like Logan Ryan, Jordan Poyer or even David Amerson who could be moved to S if CB does not work.

I also agree we have no better choice at LT than Jake Long. He could sign a multi year deal at $9m/yr, unless Philbin determines he just does not fit the new zone blocking scheme. I can tell you though that Martin is not the solution at LT either.
Martin sucked at RT but with the right RG, someone like Warmack, he will turn the corner. Warmack is my first choice for our 12th pick. If he's gone then we need a playmaker and the only one out there is Patterson. A new WR corps with Wallace, Patterson and Swope would be amazing, especially considering Swope's rapport with Tannehill. Forget Hartline, one TD does not cut it. BTW trade Solai and Bess, soon to be FAs anyway, we can get good draft day ammo for them.

Go to sleep, boy.

David Amerson is a guy that I would love for us to get in RD 2 or later as a Safety or a Zone corner. He is just too much of a ballhawk to pass up, especially in today's NFL.

I'll look him up. But all is not lost. Safeties can b Game Changers and still to come up. Of course, very hard to evaluate as they do their best work in pads.


He looked good at corner as a junior, leading DIV. 1 in picks but he was exposed this year by Clemson's WR's. He is long and lanky (Sean Smith type) but he actually catches everything near him unlike Smith. Should be interesting to see what he does at the combine in the 40 and the db drills.

I kind of feel a bad result at the combine can show alot more about a player than a good result can.

As I see nobody now that can give Us 3-6 points/Game, I go for Kenny Vaccaro at #12.

Careful, Darkoak. Some Players might go purposefully to the Combine out of shape and/or perform inadequately. On orders by the Team that wants them. I've seen some traces of that in the Past.

Oh geez...We're still talking about SEAN SMITH?!!!

What has he ever done except round out the bottom of the rankings for CB's? The guy has been TERRIBLE from the start. PLEASE let him walk. I'll take his place. You guys won't even notice a difference. WR's will still score at will!

Besides the ones that have "Medical" excuses.

Not to beat a dead horse here, but, if we kept Vontae, drafted Matt Ryan, and kept the Beast we'd be LIGHT YEARS ahead of where we are now. The thought of how bad this team will be even AFTER Jeff blows all of the money and picks is sickening.

Marc, I couldn't disagree more with anything you have said in your last two posts.

Yeah, this team is on the hamster wheel forever going nowhere. Ireland is a progress stopper for sure.

Not going to read into this yet, but Sean Smith has returned to Miami. Perhaps talks are moving? Who knows.

I would offer Smith exactly what the president said was a living wage. Nine bucks an hour! Maybe throw in a couple of bucks for disability pay as he has no hands. Then I would deduct a million dollars for every interception he drops during the season. If he would put up a bond to cover it, I would re sign him.

I agree let's sign starks and draft a corner later rounds but agree with John a TE is a QB best friend draft the best TE and than WR RT. Etc etc.

Not a frail receiver; plays tough, has some upper-body thickness, and bounces up quickly from hits.
This is NFL analysis. I been saying it this kid is a 1st round talent 12 is a little high but would consider it. I highly doubt he will be in the second, him and Wallace/Jennings on the same team... What I love most about him is he is a football player not just a track runner guy. I understand where you are coming from but don't get hung up on size "motion of the ocean my brother"

Armando, if Sean Smith is a solid player, why did he allow more TDs and first-downs combined than any other corner last year? The man does not know ANYTHING about being a CB.

The key fact is that other CB at roughly Smith's level of play are getting $7-8M. That is the way it is. If we can get a notably better player and pay more - even $10M a year, I am okay with that since we need two corners if we lose Smith. But there is no way you retain Smith or replace him with a better guy at <$8M.

Sean Smith can't cover, catch or tackle. Let's make him our franchise player.

I'd love to see them draft someone on the opposite side of Wake. So far J.O not getting it done. We need play makers on both sides of the ball. Like Deshon Goldston. Can't wait till free agency and the draft to start! No matter what happens, I'll be rooting for Miami for life!!!

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