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Sean Smith worth $10.7 million guaranteed for one year?

I don't want to beat a dead horse here but the idea of the Dolphins using a franchise tag on Sean Smith got new life recently when CBSSports.com either reported or suggested the Dolphins were preparing to do exactly that this offseason.

The Palm Beach Post did the same in January.

I have been told it will not happen by a well-placed team source, who even mocked the suggestion to my face.

We'll see who's right.

But aside from being told it's not happening I like my chances because we're starting to see exactly what placing a franchise tag on Smith, or any cormerback for that matter, will cost. NFL.com's Albert Breer did excellent work Wednesday uncovering projections for the 2013 franchise tag numbers.

The report sates that cornerback franchise tags are expected to be the third most expensive behind only quarterback and defensive end projections. And that cornerback number is projected at a whopping $10.7 million.






For one year.

Believe whatever you wish about Sean Smith. I already shared with you my take on his ability and future prospects relative to a new contract. But is there any one of you that believes paying Smith $10.7 million guaranteed in 2013 is a good deal for the Dolphins?


(Not counting you, agent David Canter. I know you think that he's worth that much. I'm speaking to unbiased people, here.)

There is simply no way that is a good transaction for the Dolphins spending nearly one-quarter of the salary cap space the front office has worked diligently to accumulate over time on a player who is a starter, yes, but a playmaker and difference maker? No.

Franchise numbers are meant to keep top tier talent from fleeing smaller market teams for bigger market teams. It protects teams against losing the best and brightest on its roster, at least for a year or two. Players don't love the tag because it prevents them from going onto the free agent market and getting what is typically a bigger chunk of guaranteed money, albeit for more years of service.

But the problem with administering the franchise tag is it all counts toward the cap in one large Brink's truck delivery. All of it. It is a salary cap gobbler. It is a 12-cylinder engine at the gas pump. It is that Asian guy at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. It is Salguero at a buffet.

It consumes!

That makes it unwise to use for a team trying to maximize its cap space. And it makes it borderline personnel department malpractice to use on a player whose level of play does not suggest he should be paid among the top 10 players at his position.

Is Sean Smith a top 10 cornerback in the NFL?

Maybe that other newspaper and the website think so. I don't. I've been told the Dolphins don't think so either.

What do you think?

By the way, if I'm wrong and the club does use the franchise tag on Smith, it would have repercussions. Do that, rather than signing him to a long-term deal if he's in their plans, would mean the cap hit. And that would mean less flexibility in free agency. And that would mean less talent coming to the team.

Thankfully, I'm not wrong.


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The flip side of the situation is that letting Smith and Long walk opens up two HUGE holes. How do you fill them adequately and get some long overdue offensive weapons at the same time? Once again we have too many open slots to fill and not enough pegs. It never ends. We are always another draft away from having a complete team.

Here's hoping your not wrong Mando. This would be as bad of a mistake as when they franchised Solia for 12.5 million for 1 year or something crazy. Hopefully the Dolphins learned from their mistakes.

No football player is worth that much! No one is worth more than the president of the USA!

"Here's hoping your not wrong Mando. This would be as bad of a mistake as when they franchised Solia for 12.5 million for 1 year or something crazy. Hopefully the Dolphins learned from their mistakes.

No credit for resigning solia on the cheap after the tag?Nobody predicted that one, everyone said he was a goner.I think Bush also stays. People are nutz for wanting to let him walk but are talking of paying Long or Smith or even a fa wr double what we would pay bush for the same production

Thats true corners, I was very pleased when they got Solia for 2 years/12 mil the year after the tag ran out.

I would have to go with the "well placed team source" Armando.

Sean Smith and 10.7 Million should never.......**EVER**........appear in the same sentence. The Headline reminds of one of those jokes you hear down at corner bar.

Having said all that, if I were Ireland, I would be tempted to let Smith test the waters. All contingent upon the plan to address the position. All contingent upon many things.

Will Marshall fully recover? Can Patterson REALLY play? Are you going to sign a Free Agent and draft a corner in the first two rounds?

I would like to keep Smith at the right price. Because of the market, If we did re-sign him, I get the feeling he'll still get quite a bit more than he's worth. It's a tough call, but I would be leaning towards letting him go.

Back to the Headline:

Sean Smith Worth 10.7 Million Guaranteed For One Year?

If you're **REALLY** asking, my answer would be an unmitigated:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

The Palm Beach Post barely even covers the Dolphins...

No way is he worth it. There was games I thought they should bench him last year.

it's possible the Dolphins can get 2 good free agent cornerbacks for that price..ss24 is NOT worth 10.7mil..maybe over 3 or 4 seasons but NOT for 1 year

sean smith is a bum ask santonio holmes and andre johnson everytime he plays against a true #1 receiver he gets torched for over a 100 yards and multiple touchdowns he is not worth the money unless it is a bargain

No, let him go. And for Long the max is $5million. However, Hartline, Bush and Starks are must stays at a reasonable price. Thomas can go too, not an NFL power running back.

10.7 million...Really? If Ireland ponnies up that much dough for SS, ESPN's "C'mon Man" has it's first segment before the season even starts.

Still tryin to wrap my brain around the 10.7 mill. I'm not positive, but wouldn't that make him the highest paid player on the team?

If Smith can squeeze that deal out of the Fin's, he has the best agent EVER! And Jeff Ireland should be shot on site.


the guy is average, but he has leverage, because there is no depth behind him, with Patterson and Marshall being big question marks.
He will end up being overpaid somewhere (perhaps in Miami), but there is no way he gets the franchise tag or gets paid in the 10.7m range


Not worth half that amount. Average (if he even qualifies at that level) corners are a dime a dozen. Weak in zone coverage. Poor technique - now 4 years in - closing on receivers. Doesn't possess the speed or quickness to stay with either quicker or faster receivers in man coverage (his 'rumored' strength?). Has NO desire to play physical & is absolutely non-existent in run support. He's a $2.5-3 million corner at best & should be a nickel, not any team's top 2 starter. Let somebody else pay for non-production.

hes softer than christina bosh what good is his size if he doesnt want to smack anybody
at this point he aint getting any better and his whole body of work is below average
nice kid but its time to rebuild secondary and an add olb and another pass rusher and on and on weve been saying this long enough here gets old this rebuilding mr ireland this is it your time please help us jeffrey


The Dolphins should let Smith go to what ever team wants him and hope that his new team plays his old team. Smith is not worth even $5M. He plays soft because of his inability to stay with the receivers after their breaks.

I would be very disappointed if Miami franchised Sean Smith. They'be better off letting him walk a signing a free agent. The only way I see this working is if Miami's plan is to franchise smith and then trade him.

Armando writes:

The report sates that cornerback franchise tags are expected to be the third most expensive behind only quarterback and defensive end projections. And that cornerback number is projected at a whopping $10.7 million.
This is a great reason to draft two CB's in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Pay the rookie wage scale to a player with more ability and skill than Smith.

Is he worth a little over a quarter of your available cap money??? In a word: Hell No!!!

Not even worth half that. Gotta pick off a half dozen passes a season to earn that....

Armando, good insight. That $10.7M turns into a 10.7M lb anchor on the salary cap. Sean Smith's lack of maturation in the position has stagnated the secondary's growth. It would be utterly reprehensible to allow any of the team's major cash to flow in this guy's direction- particularly at the expense of getting better players. Jeff Ireland hurt himself enough when he made Smith a 2nd round pick. I can't believe he would be so incredibly stupid as to complicate his life any further with this guy. Smith has been mostly sizzle and no steak- time to dump him from the pan.

I might say here too, this is why I have been a reader- a fan!- of your columns and blog for years. Crazy, insane stories develop in the media continuously but your work has been the most reliable and steady source of definitive news on the Dolphins. Keep it up!

So,if not franchised, what are the alternatives if they want to keep him?

Cut him loose.

But when we replace Smith with someone worse, while Smith shines on a playoff bound team, you same crankers will be bashing Ireland for not keeping him.


That was a brilliant move that Ireland pulled with Soliai. Although, I don't think this is the same case, I don't see any upside in SS anymore, I'm sure the Irish Man will come up with something good.

11 million for Smith?
Give me a break.
That's not far from what Revis Revis will get coming from his ACL injury.

Oscar, there is probably 25 free agent corners from which to choose. They are mostly just as average as hime for about 1 million a year. We also have 5 draft picks in the top 100. Does this answer your question?

He CAN cover the Megatrons and the tendency now is for Teams to acquire big, fast receivers. They could even put him on Gronkowsky if need be. Many variables here.

My f.agent wish list Cox-Db-Avril-De-Ravens-Olb then get Wr's in the draft keep accumulating cap space for future needs !!

Sean Smith has not earned big money- by NFL standards- in his time with the team. If his FA suitors reject him at his price, Miami may benefit from a low-to-moderate salary/high incentive deal. Make him earn most of his money with forced fumbles, interceptions, passes defensed and tackles.

Have you ever seen a rookie CB come in and dominate the League? Me neither. So, the best available FA that can cover Megatrons.

See how easy it is if you follow the reasoning and cover the variables to arrive at a plausible conclusion?

Do you or anyone else edit? My god...

Nothing you can do but consider the source and laugh. The questions I ask myself when reading any article is who wrote it and are they knowledgeable. It is ridiculous at best and these kind of BS articles just inspire more ridiculous BS articles. Not going to happen.

Armando, I hate to tell you but some bloggers here will tell you Sean Smith is an excellent corner...Just like one particular blogger, the biggest bonehead of this blog, will tell you Ireland is a great GM...So don't be surprised what some bloggers here will tell you...LOL!!! Is Sean Smith worth 10mil? I wouldn't spend 3 bucks on him...LOL!!!!

Let go smith,long,resign,bush,hartline,starks and sign or jennings or wallace,then draft cb,ss,wr,te,ol,ilb.

Save that 10 million and use that $$$ to extend Reshad Jones...Think about that Mr.Ireland...

Cut him. For 10.7 Mil we can get a play maker that makes a difference in the secondary and a reliable nickle or dime CB. We are trying to get BETTER and he cannot make us better.

Like OK...from the other rag. His columns are utter BS. I'd rather read anyone else.

My walk list is McDaniel, Long, Bush and Smith. The keep list is Clemmons, Starks, Fasano, Garner and Hartline but not any price and with conditions. Fasano must be the blocking TE he's being used as a #1 and just can't get open deep.

There seems to exist a rift between these SoFla columnists.

Simple, NO! Hell No! I like Sean, but that is stupid money for a guy who has not established his own island....

lmao. f'ing clutz.


To The Clowns! That Think Smith Is Worth The Franchise Tag!! (Looking At You Omar Kelly!!)

You Guys Must Be Crazy!!

The Only Player The Fins Should Franchise!! If They Are! Which They Are Not!! Is Jake long!!


Why Waste Money!! On Making Sure You Keep Smith? The Guy Has ZERO Impact On The Field!!

Oh, And The Fins Already Replaced Smith!! The Guys Name Is D.Patterson!

You Were Talking About it Yesterday! Some teams React Slow! Others React Fast!!

The Fins Signed Marsha2 And Got Rid Of Vontae! The Fins Signed DP and Will Get Rid Of SS!!

Simple Math! R.Marshall and DP! COMBINED!! Will Make Less Than Smith!!

So NO On Smith!!

Plus, Remember What Philbin Said!! He Wants Players That CREATE IMPACT PLAYS!!

Smith Doesn't Fit The Profile!! Clemons Had A Better Year!! Way Better!! And You Don't See Us Or The FO!! Crying For Clemons!! And Keeping Your Safety's Together! Is More Important Than Resigning A CB!! Who Can't Make INT's!!

A Good CB!! Should Get More Than 6 INT's A Season!! Smith Has Never Had 1 GOOD YEAR!!

Oh, and Dansby Sucks!!! Saw That A Couple Days Ago Craig Was Still Trying To Defend Dansby!! 130 Tackles And What Else??!!!! And Nothing!! Zero Impact Plays!!

And Kris From Yesterday! Teams That Stop The Option Is Because You Have Great LB Play!!

The D-Line Goes After The Inside Guy! And The LB's Get The Pitch!!

If You Watched A UM Game! You Would Notice This Was The First Year! In A While The Option Was Successful!! Because Of The Inexperience Of The UM Linebackers!!

Option Football! Is Assignment Football!! Each Defensive Player Needs To Take Care Of His Job!! And Not Try And Play Hero!!

Smith is a big body (for a CB) and that's it!. Draft T. Mathieu with the second pick of the 3rd and watch Dolfans cheer Smith's departure!

Say good night to Sean later dude

Does anyone know if NFL teams still do signing bonuses? You always used to hear, so and so player signs a 5 year 40 million contract with a 15 million signing bonus. Now all you hear is 5 year 47 million, with no mention of signing bonuses. The reason I ask , doesnt that keep the players cap number low for the first couple of seasons?

We will have 2 new corners and 2 new receivers and a new tight end

Ray Lewis is my hero

How many Pro Bowls has Sean Smith made? That will tell you right there he is not top 10. I would rather the Dolphins bite the bullet and franchise Jake Long rather than Smith. At least Long was a top three LT until injuries.

Yes, Dubs.

Team Still Do Signing Bonuses. But Most Teams Don't Want To Back load Contracts Because That Means Cutting The Player In Year 4 or 5 Is Almost Impossible!!

Look At Dansby!!

If The Fins Would've Done The Deal! The Way Ireland Is Doing It Now!! It Wouldn't Hurt The Fins! If They Cut That Scrub!! But Since His Cap Number Was Low The First 2 Seasons!! We Are Stuck With A DUD! The Last 2 Years!!

The Signing Bonus Is A Double Edge Sword!

Plus, Signing Bonus Has Been Replaced By A New Thing! Guaranteed Money!!

It Almost Works Like A Signing Bonus!! But Doesn't Affect The Cap As Bad!!

Remember that time Dansby burst through the OL and tackled the QB or RB for a huge loss? Ok what about the time he picked off that pass at a crucial point in the game? Me either talk about hype and getting over paid.

JLR...Good point about Long but he wants even more.

Did you lose a bet Dashi?

I say he is worth round 6 million. Anymore and I'd let him walk. Draft 2 new guys with our early picks

Montreal, are you talking about me and my affinity for Sean Smith? I like the guy but not at that amount. I'd give him $25-30mill - if it was over five years. I think he's a very capable corner just not a $10M a year guy then again, there are maybe 30-40 players in the NFL that I think are worth $10M a year that don't play corner and SS is not one of them ...

Let Smith walk. He's had long enough to show he's elite, and he's not. Ten million??? Are you kidding me?

If Smith had caught all those dropped interceptions than it'd be a different story

C ya later dolphins!!! I'm gonna go ALMOST intercept a bunch of passes and not learn how to tackle somewhere else...

(key word: ALMOST)

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