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Sean Smith worth $10.7 million guaranteed for one year?

I don't want to beat a dead horse here but the idea of the Dolphins using a franchise tag on Sean Smith got new life recently when CBSSports.com either reported or suggested the Dolphins were preparing to do exactly that this offseason.

The Palm Beach Post did the same in January.

I have been told it will not happen by a well-placed team source, who even mocked the suggestion to my face.

We'll see who's right.

But aside from being told it's not happening I like my chances because we're starting to see exactly what placing a franchise tag on Smith, or any cormerback for that matter, will cost. NFL.com's Albert Breer did excellent work Wednesday uncovering projections for the 2013 franchise tag numbers.

The report sates that cornerback franchise tags are expected to be the third most expensive behind only quarterback and defensive end projections. And that cornerback number is projected at a whopping $10.7 million.






For one year.

Believe whatever you wish about Sean Smith. I already shared with you my take on his ability and future prospects relative to a new contract. But is there any one of you that believes paying Smith $10.7 million guaranteed in 2013 is a good deal for the Dolphins?


(Not counting you, agent David Canter. I know you think that he's worth that much. I'm speaking to unbiased people, here.)

There is simply no way that is a good transaction for the Dolphins spending nearly one-quarter of the salary cap space the front office has worked diligently to accumulate over time on a player who is a starter, yes, but a playmaker and difference maker? No.

Franchise numbers are meant to keep top tier talent from fleeing smaller market teams for bigger market teams. It protects teams against losing the best and brightest on its roster, at least for a year or two. Players don't love the tag because it prevents them from going onto the free agent market and getting what is typically a bigger chunk of guaranteed money, albeit for more years of service.

But the problem with administering the franchise tag is it all counts toward the cap in one large Brink's truck delivery. All of it. It is a salary cap gobbler. It is a 12-cylinder engine at the gas pump. It is that Asian guy at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. It is Salguero at a buffet.

It consumes!

That makes it unwise to use for a team trying to maximize its cap space. And it makes it borderline personnel department malpractice to use on a player whose level of play does not suggest he should be paid among the top 10 players at his position.

Is Sean Smith a top 10 cornerback in the NFL?

Maybe that other newspaper and the website think so. I don't. I've been told the Dolphins don't think so either.

What do you think?

By the way, if I'm wrong and the club does use the franchise tag on Smith, it would have repercussions. Do that, rather than signing him to a long-term deal if he's in their plans, would mean the cap hit. And that would mean less flexibility in free agency. And that would mean less talent coming to the team.

Thankfully, I'm not wrong.


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AJ Green And M.Wallace Would Be Nice To Watch! Cincy Has Always Been A Franchise With 2 Good Wr's! Even Before CJ & TJ!!

Plus, Cincy Is 1 Of 3 Teams With $40+ In Cap!

Never Thought About That.

Come To Think About It. I Think Ireland Should Go With Value Over Trying To Get The Best Player In Free Agency!! Even On Jake!!

On The Wr's!

As Long As Ireland Gets 1 Of The Top 5 FA WR's!! Plus, A Veteran Acorn Wr!

Dashi Is OK.

And As Long As Ireland Gets 1 Of The Top 5 Rookie Wr's! Plus, A Rookie Acorn Wr! (4th Rd)

Dashi Will Be Great!!

That Will Make 4 New Wr's!! With Bess! The Only Sure Thing From Last Year! And Matthews Battling For A Roster Spot!!

A Major Upgrade!!

On Drafting A Wr! In The 1st! Not This Year!! No Surefire #1!!

Unless! 1 Of Those 6'3" 205+lbs Wr's Runs A 4.3!

If Not Draft 1 of The Top 5, With A 2nd Rd Pick!


Maybe Sean Smith just needs someone to kick his arse, literally. You know, those guys that just have never had the crap kicked out of them? MAybe it will help

Draft Matt Barkley. He is this years Andrew Luck!

Totally against drafting a QB with a high pick. It would be as bad as picking a OL with the first pick. It is time to give out young QB some weapons to work with. That means a few high tier WR's and a TE.

bill cale,

See you fail to research your post.

Fizgerald had 9 catches 114yds vs ATL
8 catches 92yds vs STL
8 catches 111yds vs CHI

8 catches 64yds vs Sean Smith

A J Green

9 catches 184yds vs WAS
9 catches 85yds vs SD
10 catches 116 yds vs PITT

9 catches only 65yds vs Sean Smith.

Both of these two wr's had games with fewer catches against other opponents but far more yardage than against Sean Smith. Aj Green had only 3 catches against OAK for 111 yds alone.


Exactly why Dan Marino and Omar dont hold gm jobs anywhere. Drafting a qb 1st or 2nd rd 1 short season after drafting a qb 1st rd is full admission you faild the previous year drafting your qb.

That isnt drafting a qb to compete, thats drafting a qb to replace.

Who cares about # of catches. Point is, when we played those WRs, did they do damage against us or not?? Don't need a stat sheet for that - just watch the game. Who cares if he got 9 catches if he just get 60 yards for example??

Omar is a DBAG

It seems to me that a Hopkins or a Wheaton is more suitable for a WC passing attack than a Cordarelle would be.

Marcia Retardomongul,

The post wasnt meant for you. It was to billcale. An A and B conversation that you need to C your retardomongul ass out of. You havent a clue of what the conversation was eve about.

I have a very hard time believing youre actually an accountant. I have a hard time believig youre actually an adult. I have a hard time believing youre actually a real huma being.

I do believe that you could be the worl's biggest compulsive liar though. LOL...

YG, I broke out the action with those 2 receivers vs Sean Smith in coverage. A complete game is not a valid comparison.

"YG, Omar at the SS and Dan Marino said they'd draft a QB in an early rd to compete with Tanny. A bunch of bloggers on here said the same thing. After one year Tannehill hasnt convinced anyone that he's the guy."

Hate to jump in here but,,,,well you know. First of all Omar Kelly is a know nothing idiot who constantly talks down to fans as if he is an expert on everything football. In reality he has never played one down of organized football, nor has he coached or even assisted. He worked in stadiums as a child and has only been covering the Dolphins since 2007, 6 years. I guess that makes him smarter than everyone else? HA,

The guy told everyone for three years to be patient with Henne, he had what it took. Tannehill comes around and he immediately hates him. Barely gives him a shot after defending Henne for years. And now he wants them to draft a QB early? WHAT A MORON. You know what, I have more faith that Tannehill will turn out good now, if Omar thinks he's no good than that's all the proof I need that this kid is going somewhere. He made racist comments about Lauren Tannehill after the draft and was totally bitter about Garrard being released. He took all of his frustrations out on the Tannehills.

Also Omar is the same guy who was mad about Johnson being cut, said another team would pick him up. NOPE. He sits in the corner with the big mouth primadonna players and makes fun of the coach and rest of the team.

Please, Omar should never be quoted in ANY forum. Friggin amateur.

YG, believe it, I'm every bit as great as I say I am. Tremble in my presence, minion!!!


I'm curious about what would it cost to franchise Hartline or Bush? They were pretty much the playmakers on this team last year.

"Dan Marino said they'd draft a QB in an early rd to compete with Tanny."

Also, this is a half truth and is taken out of context. It was a long discussion on everything Dolphins. The reporter asked Dan if they should get another qb in the draft to compete with Tanny and he said yes. He did not say anything about early rounds. And seeing how there are no worthy qbs to be taken in the early rounds the point is moot.

Not to mention, any QB coming out of the draft this year is going to be a project. How in the heck is it smart to draft a project who has NO chance of unseating Tannehill mostly due to Tannehills understanding of the offense? Would it not be smarter to trade for a young back up from a team that runs a similar offense? Or sign a veteran who can compete but if he loses can still be a tremendous asset to the team in terms of helping Tannehill with reads and all of the things a QB does to prepare for games, etc.? QBs coaches are great but there's nothing like having a player who has actually played in the NFL to help you with all of the little things.

Bottom line, any qb taken IF they do draft one won't be taken until the later rounds.

Do we really want to be trusting Dan Marino's judgement? Puhlease.

"A bunch of bloggers on here said the same thing."

Do I need to comment on this statement? I don't think so.

Tracey it would cost no less than the average of the top 5 salaries for their positions. Let me check on something and I will have an answer. I know you asked Mando but I'm bored and don't think Mando will answer this. Hold on a minute.

I be back from da salon.
My nails be pretty pink.
Gimme money.
Pay me now beeches.

Do we really want to be trusting Dan Marino's judgement? Puhlease

Haha, I guess at this time ... you can't really do that ...

No Cornerback is worth 10.7MM, unless you +10 inceptions a year cornerback.

Phins78, Yes or No??


I'm curious about what would it cost to franchise Hartline or Bush? They were pretty much the playmakers on this team last year.

Posted by: Tracy474 | February 14, 2013 at 03:16 PM

Where did you watch he 2012 Dolphin games, on satellite tv from the Peruvian rain forests?

Clearly you had very bad reception. Bush had 6 tds rushing 2 tds recieving. Bush' 2 recieving tds alone were more than Hartline's 1. @012: Bush 8 tds, Hartline 1 td.

Pretty much the same playmakers? I dont hink so. Unless you trily did watch the 2012 games on dish tv from the Peruvian rain forests.

Mark, yep. I love Danny, grew up watching him play. But when it comes to his judgement I have more faith in my own. If he thinks we need a QB I ignore it. Why? Because he went through 17 years without telling anyone including Shula, ' GET ME A DAMNED RUNNING BACK AND A GOOD DEFENSE'!

Not one story, not one complaint, thought he could do it on his own apparently. Again, bad judgement. It was his career, he should have known what he needed to be successful but not once did I ever hear him complain. The truly insane part is that the NFL was a power running league at the time so why he never lobbied for a great running back is confusing to say the least.


Bush 8 tds Hartline 1 td. I have a very difficult time distiguishing they were pretty much the same playmakers. Tracy474 plaes help with this?

YG it didn't say "same" play makers, it said THE play makers. I think she/he was pointing out that they were the ONLY play makers. Can't argue with that. ;)


I agree, Omar and Marino have both slipped and been fallen by the same bannana peel.

Marino, oh how sad to see how far the great has fallen. Both in stature and mentality.

Wish I knew what you were talking about lou. Wait, maybe I don't.

Samantha's mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), is the chief antagonist. Like all witches, she never reveals her surname, indicating to Darrin that he would be unable to pronounce it.

Endora loathes mortals, and disapproves of Darrin, as do many of Samantha's relatives. Endora refuses to even use Darrin's name, alternatively calling him "Durwood", "What's-his-name", "Darwin", "Dum-Dum", etc., all much to his annoyance. She refers to him as "Darrin" only eight times during the entire series.

Endora casts countless farcical spells on Darrin, but never attempts to destroy him outright. Endora's ploys to provoke a breakup always fail as Samantha's and Darrin's love overcomes every obstacle. Endora admits to High Priestess Hephzibah that Darrin cast his own spell as, "He loves my daughter."

Oh, yeah, guess I forgot that part Phins78, lol!


Cut and pasted, Tracy474 said:

"They were pretty much the playmakers on this team last year."

1 td vs 8tds and the rb had 2 of those tds recieving vs inly 1 td recieving for the wr.

"IS NOT" pretty much the same playmaker.

I think that letting Long and Smith go does not create huge holes. We were as good without Long as with him. You draft one of the Alabama linemen with the first or second pick and you probably would have a better line without him and cheaper also.

You let Smith walk then you take that money and throw it at Reed from Baltimore and maybe even Cromartie and you probably have a better D backfield. You could double down on Corner this draft and bring in Reed and still probably have a better and cheaper backfield.

You then spend a little money on DE say a Freeney or spend big money on say Krugger from Baltimore and your pass rush could possibly make even a rookie group of corners doable.

I would sign Boldin also. Hartline and Boldin would be better than Wallace. Boldin and Jennings would be my dream. Not going to happen.

I think we all are jumping on to many big names when we really need to expand our scope to a wider group.

Go Dolphins!!


Not sure if you're around or not but I thought the first half of the soccer game yesterday was the best. I just love the way Madrid throw the ball around. Great skill! They were the better team on the day but Man U did well to get a tie. I've come to really dislike Sir Alex and I'm Scottish, by birth. Just strikes me that he's become a REAL whiner and I think he think he's above eveyone in terms of rules and everything. I'm not his biggest fan. I was a Liverpool fan as a kid, back to the day of Keegan and then Dagleish. My brother is a die-hard Liverpool fan now. Like the Toronto Maple Leafs, I lost interest in both many years ago. Maybe that's eventually what will happen with my Dolphins, but I doubt it. Been a fan for about 25 years now and I just don't see it dying.

Uncle Arthur,

Go find one of the nice men in the nurse suits and ask them to put you back in your special padded room.

The only one of Samantha's relatives for whom Darrin regularly shows tolerance is the bumbling, elderly, absent-minded-but-lovable Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne).

Though well-intentioned, Clara's spells usually backfire, and her entrances and exits are often a grand fumble, such as entering via a chimney or colliding with a wall. She has a collection of over a thousand doorknobs (inspired by Lorne's real-life collection).

Rather than recast the role after Lorne's death in 1968, a similar witch, the anxiety-ridden and magically inept housekeeper Esmeralda (Alice Ghostley), was introduced in 1969.


Contrary to popular belief. Receptions and recieving yardage does not have as great an impact on the game as scoring tds.

Hartlie having 1 total td and Reggie Bush having 8 total tds, in no way fashion or form make them "pretty much the same playmaker".

I mean, where does his kind of well distorted logic come from? I also watched a little MSBC News lastnight and the topic was:

What The Hell Is Wrong With White People?

They were talking about how boneheaded republican politicians have become. But it ca also apply to some post like Tracy474's too. LOL...

My definition and I hope is also the the universal defintion of playmaker. Is an Offensive player that regularly gets the ball into the endzone.

On defense, a players that regularly thwarts an offense from getting the ball into the endzone.

Cut and pasted, Tracy474 said:

"They were pretty much the playmakers on this team last year."

1 td vs 8tds and the rb had 2 of those tds recieving vs inly 1 td recieving for the wr.

"IS NOT" pretty much the same playmaker.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 14, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Here is the difference,

When Bush isn't finding the end zone on a spectacular play he is getting hit for a loss on the play and then getting beat in pass protection.

Hartline on the other hand, is making those tough catches on 2nd,3rd and longs (where Bush is putting us) and keeping the chains moving long enough for Bush to make something happen. Sometimes that is.

Bess had 1 td recieving. Hartline 1 td recieving. So it would be all out blasphemy to call either, "PLAYMAKERS". LOL...

Guys could you make your way to the new blog so they stop deleting my posts? Thank you!

Woodshed Gang,

We only had 7 wins in 2012, 9 losses. Bush had 8 tds Hartline had 1 tds. Based on this alone, tell me, who would you say had the greater hand in wins or losses.

Bush with 8 tds or Hartline with only 1 td? Remember, this is ot a trick question. ONLY TDS win games, even in losses tds give greater chances to win.

I would offer him 7 bucks an hour to block a position on the defense where we really need a play maker, but only if he could get a doctor to certify that he does in fact, have hands.

You're kidding me right? If they franchise Smith, I'll be the first one in Davie violently protesting this year!

Don't get your pantys in a bunch people. There is no way in hell that Miami will franchise Sean Smith, matter of fact I would be shocked if they even gave him 8 mil a year. The source Armondo Salgeuro is speaking of is clearly Sean Smith's agent trying to drive up his value in free agency.

Hey salguero's. you could not cut it on radio, what makes you a good GM???

Sean smith sucks at 1 million a year and he sucks worst at 10 million. He drops 99% of could be interceptions and is good to give up a pass interference or get smoked for a touchdown when the game is on the line! He has to go!!!!! Please I don't want to ever see him in a dolphin uniform ever again. The funny part is he thinks he's great. He's the dolphins new Jason Allen.

Let Smith GO! DEF.!! I thought that Patterson played better anyways. Give him the shot, but still gotta get another corner or 2 because can't trust that Marshall. He looked terrible in his short stint. But, Smith: 10 MIL.? No Feakin' WAy!!

Sean Smith is the worst "#1 corner" on any team in the NFL. He constantly finds himself out of position, shys away from contact, and runs his mouth way to much. Let him go and utilize that money in free agency. Smith will be another former phin bust who gets paid in free agency by another team. If SS were on any other team he would be riding the bench.

What part of the final game of the season 28 to 0 blow out will be alleviated by making Smith the franchise player?

SS is not worth the money. Use that money to keep a true playmaker...Bush. He's a duel threat. He can run and catch. He can ignite an offense. Sean Smith...please!

Armando. Tell me what you think of this scenario:

Guaranteed $$$ aside..............

Free Agency --

Offer Mike Wallace 4 year, $37 Million Contract
Offer Brian Hartline 4 year, $28 Million Contract
Hartline refuses the offer,

Offer Greg Jennings 3 year $24 Million Contract

Wallace is the best player of the 3 WRs, OVER THE NEXT 4 YEARS!!!! That is why he should be made an offer first.

My goal would be to finish Free Agency with (2) of those gentlemen on my Dolphin roster!!!

That leaves the #12 pick in the draft to address either the best pass rusher available, or the best CB available, depending on value of the available player at that point and that day!!! For example, if Dee Milliner is available at #12 and we have addressed WR in Free Agency, then no brainer. If Johnthan Banks is available, AND Jarvis Jones AND Ezekiel Ansah, then we take one of the two pass rushers to help Cam Wake get to Brady, Sanchez and Fitzy.

No way for Sean smith nowhere even close worth the tag. NO WAY

Smith has proved one thing he is way too inconsistent he played well for a couple games then reverted back to his bad coverage!!! I think in the league he is the worst for stopping first downs. Every pass that comes his way is caught by the RECIEVER or dropped by him and not to mention his terrible taglimg ability

Tackling ability head and shoulder tackling he is NO WAY WORTH THE TAG!!!!! And I happen to think that they should keep Reggie bush!!!

i guess sean smith look at carlos dansby and say he's
getting paid like a francise player and is not so why
not sean smith. replace both players they are good but
not franchise players.

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