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Chase for Wallace begins in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Combine begins today. General Manager Jeff Ireland will speak to the media Thursday per the schedule. And so let me tell you what's about to happen:

As I reported Feb. 12 the Dolphins will get about the business of talking to Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings. As Indianapolis is the site where team personnel and agents gather, I expect the Dolphins will touch base with the representatives for both players in the coming days.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins will sign both players. It doesn't mean they'll sign either because, well, stuff happens. As I said, they'll work it with both. But it means they have a plan and both players are part of that plan. The plan has Wallace as the priority but also includes Jennings -- perhaps as a fallback position, perhaps in addition to Wallace.

It is not possible to know exactly what Ireland has in mind with Wallace and Jennings because he doesn't share that with anyone in the media. But it is certain the Dolphins will chase Wallace first. He is the priority. Then Jennings will come soon afterward.

And that brings us to this:

The story is not whether the Dolphins want or are interested in or will speak with top target Mike Wallace or his agent.

The story is whether the Dolphins can actually land Mike Wallace.

Wallace, you see, is the second biggest free agent name this Dolphins administration has chased. The biggest was last year and his name is Peyton Manning. But as the Dolphins haven't exactly been nails landing the guys they want, it is fair to wonder if they can be successful this time.

(A note here: If you're thinking back to last year and say the Dolphins chased and failed to land quarterbacks Matt Flynn or Alex Smith, I reject that idea. The team placed no "must-have" priority on either of those players. The contract offered to Flynn was only borderline starter money, more than suggesting Miami could take or leave Flynn. So Flynn took the more sure thing in Seattle. As for Smith, I'm not even sure the Dolphins offered him a contract and if they did, it definitely was not for the $8 million per year he was seeking. So again, the team wasn't all in on getting Smith. I don't see that as failures of any sort. Indeed, hindsight has shown Ireland was wise to steer clear of both.)

Now, the Dolphins did fail on Manning. They not only didn't land the biggest free agent they'e ever chased, they even failed to be among his finalists. Yes, the club managed a meeting with Manning but if you remember they had to fly to see him. Manning, meanwhile, went to Denver and other places he was truly interested in to speak with those teams. The Dolphins were in the hunt, but they were the hound way back in the pack gasping for breath and watching the lead dogs tree the game and get the big pat on the head.

(Where the heck did I come up with that analogy?)

Miami has also failed in other free agent attempts, to be sure, but one that should worry is the failed effort to land Ryan Clark. You remember Clark? He came to South Florida via Pittsburgh, apparently ready to sign a deal that would take him away from the Steelers.

He never signed. He returned to Pittsburgh.

Clark's story is that the Dolphins offended him. They told him how he was flawed and not worth a ton of money and made him feel unwanted, etc ...

The Dolphins have a different version but that version does not matter now.

The Clark version matters because he is Mike Wallace's teammate in Pittsburgh and if the wide receiver asks, that's the version he's going to hear. Facts be damned, Wallace will likely hear the Dolphins painted in a negative light. And so Miami could be swimming against that tide to convince Wallace this is the team for him.

There's also this little matter of competition. I seriously doubt the Dolphins will be the only team chasing Mike Wallace. Although his asking price will likely start around $11-$12 million, as I first reported on January 25, Wallace is likely to have other suitors.

His agent's job the next week will be to drum up interest in his client so that Wallace can have teams bid against each other. I have no idea what teams will target Wallace aside from the Dolphins. The Dolphins are projected to have the third-most salary cap space in the NFL when the league year opens March 12.

So they can afford Wallace.

But there have been rumors Cleveland and even Cincinnati might also have interest. And they happen to be the two teams with more cap space than Miami.

It must be said the Dolphins have not been inept at landing their man. In 2010, Karlos Dansby was considered the prize defensive player in free agency and the Dolphins got him straight away.

They got Jason Taylor away from the New York Jets in 2011.

(Yes, they lost Calvin Pace to the Jets in 2008 but thank God!)

So there have been hits and misses once the Dolphins have identified their targets. They identifed Wallace weeks ago.

The chase begins now.


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It gives me pause that all Pittsburgh fans are more than willing for Wallace to leave. The majority of them seem to hate the guy.

Paul Brown not likey to overpay for Mike Wallace especially when AJ Green is head over shoulders a better playmaker than Wallace is and making less..

One last thought about Paris and the whole "rudeness" thing. I think a LOT of it is simply cultural ignorance on the part of a lot of people, and I'll give you an example.

My aunt and uncle went a few years back. They loved Paris but when they returned they both commented that they were treated 'rudely' at a restaurant. When I asked what happened, they said everything was fine until they were finished and had to wait 'forever' to be approached about the check.

Well, I didn't want to embarrass them but the truth of the matter is that in France (and elsewhere in Europe) you are paying a bit extra to have a seat in a restaurant/cafe--with the assumption that little extra means you can stay at your leisure--and they would consider it VERY rude, EXTREMELY rude to approach you first about payment.

So what they misinterpreted as rudeness was actually quite the opposite.

Learning just a BIT about other cultures (and especially trying to be polite and using a phrase or two in their language) goes a LONG way.

Posted by: just stfu already! | February 20, 2013 at 12:03 PM




When guys say that we dont have a "STATE TAX" in Fla. it makes me laugh.

Yes the hell we do. Its caled a "SALES TAX" here in the State of FLa. 8% or 8 cents of every dollar on almost every sale goes to the state capitol.

If you spend $1,000,000 on merchandise in the State of Fla. Chances are extremely high you also paid $80,000 in "State taxes". Or as we choose to call it "Sales tax".

States with state taxes dont have sales taxes. Is the "same beast" under a "diffrent name". LOL...

TJ, that is very true, I'm of a European background and going to a nice restaurant is something you block off three or four hours for. You eat, you drink, in the old days you would smoke, just have general conversation and if there is some soft playing backround music or live band, you take that in too.

How about we resign hartline get wallace and draft a tightend. We need to build through the draft. We need a big tight end that can do it all!!

YG, you should learn what a state tax is. What you talked about is a sales tax. A state tax is a garnishing of earnings that is reconciled on your annual income tax filing. Many, in fact most jusridictions have both a sales tax and state/provincial tax. In Ontario here for example, we have a 14% sales tax and a provincial tax of about 50% of what your federal tax amounts to.

So yeah, haha, go on complaining about your 8% sales tax.

damn, I always thought State Tax = Home Insurance in Florida..Just sayin


It will be interesting to see how this plays out and weather the Dolphins will finally be able to land a high caliber free agent. My guess is that ( I hope it's not so) Ireland might be a liability or considered infamous by free agents. The MO used by Parcells was wrong and Ireland was implementing dinosaur Bill's methods. There is no way to tell for sure with so many reasons why FA decide not to sign with a particular team.

Karlos Dansby!

Yes!! Please, Repeat That Mando!!

Karlos F'ing Dansby!!

I'm About To Jump Off The Ireland Bandwagon!! Over That!! (Well The Horse! Because I'm The Only 1 Riding For Ireland!)

The Only thing Dansby's Purpose Is That He Is Better Than Channing Crowder!! That Is About It!! Other Than That! Dansby Sucks!!

Best FA! Yeah! Right! How Many Pro bowls? For Dansby?

Incognito Has More PBowls!! Starks!! Soliai!! If Dashi Is Not Mistaken! Even Hartline Has More Pro bowl Appearances! Well At Least Hartline Was An Alternate!!

YG4E @ 3:33,
Before his injury last year Jennings had been very consistent in his performance. There was no decline since 2006. His last game of the season against MIN was his best game of last year after his injury 8/120 and 2 TD with a 45 Long.

Word is that Jeff Ireland is asking Wallace's mother to attend the negotiations with him, to get a feeling for her moral character. Thank goodness Mr. Ireland is watching the details and protecting the purity of the Dolphin roster.

"WNP, things are pretty good here ... as long as you don't build cars ..."

You realize that most Americans like myself have NO IDEA what goes on in your country aside from hockey & national health care. It's actually sad. The only news we get from outside the country are about murders, riots, & revolutions. That leaves Canada out. Must be nice to live in a country that never sends troops into other countries for ridiculous reasons & then never leaves.

Cars??? You build cars in Canada??? I honestly didn't know that. What about the Keystone pipeline??? I think it would be crazy if Obama caves in to the environmentalists. As long as we're dependent on energy from the Middle East, we're f#cked. Now with that said obviously I'd rather we didn't rely on oil at all. The idea of continuing to destroy the Earth doesn't make a whole lot of sense since it's the only planet we have access to but until solar, wind, & other alternative energies are financially sustainable--this U.S. is not changing.

Mike Brom owner of Bengals is well known to be the cheapest man in the nfl and no way will he spend what is necessary to get Wallace.


Were you kidding that you didn't know they build cares in Canada? REALLY? You WERE kidding, right? Hope so anyways.

Yeah it's pretty obvious to me that most Americans don't know much about any other country other than their own. You're ahead of some of the ignoramus' on here who make the comments about ice fishing and bowling....LOL.

And a lot of our troops are still in the Middle East too, although if I'm wrong on that, Mark will correct me.

Paul Brown not likey to overpay for Mike Wallace especially when AJ Green is head over shoulders a better playmaker than Wallace is and making less..

Posted by: superPHIN | February 20, 2013 at 03:45 PM


The Bengals were 10-6, and for the 2nd season in a row, one and done in the playoff.

Its no a matter of if the Bengals are a playoff team. It's now only about "getting over the hump."

If there's ever a time for a gm to pay more than what may sound sensible to add a player. Its when thats the player that can "get his team over the hump".

They've fully proven that they can get to the playoffs. But have also fully proven that they can not win once they get there. One and done two years in a row fully proves that.

Something is missing. Could it be Mike Wallace? Definitely a question the Bengals gm at least has to ask himself.

Plus it very questiionable, Mike Wallace, alone even makes us a legit wildcard playoff team. So who does he makes more sense for, Miami or Cincy?

So the guys who are saying Mike Brown is the cheapest owner in the NFL and won't sign Wallace, can you tell me please what will happen with Andre Smith and Michael Johnson. Curious to know. They also have $52 million to spend in cap space. Are you telling me they won't spend the majority of that cap space?

WNP, you do know that all the major car manufacturers have plants in Ontario right? haha, obviously not. Actually one of my cars is built in Canada - Lexus RX350.

I did some consulting for a company that was involved in the keystone pipeline . big friggin' dollars involved there.

Lastly, Canadians are all too aware about the way that the media keeps Americans in the dark about world events. I bet not too many of you know an Asteroid hit in Kazakstan that injured 400 poeple. Luckily it hit in Kazakstan. if it was in say ... new York City ... it would've killed a bunch of people and people would've been calling for the apocalypse.

By the way, conspiracy theorists like me think the lack of exposure to world events to Americans is not exactly accidental ...


Well to add on to that Jennings production has declined since 2010...and in back to back years his average per catch has also seen a steady dive not to mention yardage..and my biggest concern with jennings is his overall health, sure he might be fine in his first year, but what about his 2nd or third year when he's 32-33 yrs old...his production isnt going to go up and if they bring jennings to miami, it will be most likely a 3-4 year deal worth possibly 40-45 million...thats something miami should be very worried about

Craig, they are still there. Actually WNP, you should know that the Americans pretty much force Canada to send troops everywhere the US decides to make a stance. Part of being a "good neighbour" I guess ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 20, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Again youre clueless and can not read and comprehend at the same time. I said they are both the same beast. Never complained.

Jackass, you file two separate income reportings in State tax states. you may get something back, then you may not. Depending on your situation.

Still, if you were literate enough to comprehend my post. You would understand I basically saying there is a state tax in Florida called a "slaes tax".

Idiots like you were posting Wallace should come to Fla because there's no state tax here. Of course not in the traditional sense of speaking. But there is a tax here that will collect 8 cent from every dollar that Wallace spends here.

So there isnt that great a difference in the two. How in the hell can a retardomongul like you who isnt even of US decent think that you have the know it all of how taxes operate in the US. I careless how it operates in Canada and never will.

Only if I decided to have a business venture there. Rest assured if that ever hapens I wont be calling you. LOL...


As a Nation we're too NICE. Every time we get asked we jump to attention. We should have the balls to 'make our won decisions', but ultimately I think we rely on the US too much to drive our economy. Don't want to make it a political debate but I'm mystified why the US feels the need to stick their noses in every war that takes place around the world. That's been their history.


State "INCOME" Tax!!

Sales Tax! Is Not Just Florida! Sales Tax Is County Related!!

Commerce! And Personal Income Are 2 Different Things!!

Every City! And Every State Has A Sales Tax!!

Miami Sales Tax 7%

Broward Sales Tax 8%

WPB 7.5%

This Has Nothing To Do With "Income", Everything To Do With Business!! (Sales)

What Should Be Said Is That! You Have To Be A Florida Resident!! To Get No State Tax!! Doesn't Matter Where You Play!! What Matters Is Your Primary Residence!!

Just Ask D.Jeter!


How Many Tax Returns Do You Fill Out In Florida? 1

Take That Into Account Compared To NYC! Where You Fill Out 3!! Federal, State, and City!!

Or Most States! Where You Fill Out 2! Federal and State!!

You Don't Fill Out A Sales Tax!! In Florida!! Or Any State!! UNLESS YOU OWN THE BUSINESS!!

Corporations Worry About Sales Tax!! Every Quarter!!

Employees Worry About Federal Tax! Once A Year!!

So Unless M.Wallace Is A Corporation Selling A Product Or Service!! He Won't Be Paying Sales Tax!! In Florida!! Or The Continental USA!!

Before his injury last year Jennings had been very consistent in his performance. There was no decline since 2006. His last game of the season against MIN was his best game of last year after his injury 8/120 and 2 TD with a 45 Long.


Jennings is going to get a nice contract from someone. If he didn't finish the season strong (which he did) then there might be more GM's & personnel people with concerns.

I realize I'm not the GM & it's not my @ss on the line BUT this is a very good player & a good locker room guy who I believe still has a few good years left in the tank. I see Long as being a riskier signing b/c his play was sub-par before he got injured this year. In addition to more money Long is also going to sign a deal with more years which means more guaranteed money. Not sure why Ireland & Philbin aren't afraid that Long won't play even worse next year.

I agree the bengals would definatly fit the bill as for wallaces services YG especially how close they are to potentially a championship compared to miami, I just dont think that they will overpay for him as much as I fear miami might..

Sign Jennings

How good is Wallace inside the Redzone?

His speed won't be as definitive inside the twenty. If he only runs deep routes, does he disapear inside the twenty?

If so, that leaves us Hartline, who YG has informed us.....Sucks the Big WahZoo(We can leave Bess out of any TD talk)!

I think Jennings is better in the Redzone. He's also 4 years older than Wallace. So, do you add your speed demon/deep threat for this kind of money? Or do you sign the temporary fix that is the better all around player?

I would be happy with either or both. But I think I would go for the cheaper more complete player in Jennings and like Phibin says, look for the next Wallace in the draft.

As a Nation we're too NICE. Every time we get asked we jump to attention. We should have the balls to 'make our won decisions', but ultimately I think we rely on the US too much to drive our economy. Don't want to make it a political debate but I'm mystified why the US feels the need to stick their noses in every war that takes place around the world. That's been their history.


It drives me nuts. We have enough problems in this country that we don't need to get involved with everyone elses. It costs too much money & no matter what we do--good or bad--people are always going to hate/resent us.

YG, first of all, I'm a CPA, take your time, look it up. Figure out what it means in relation to tax.

Regarding Canada v the US, there are differences in rules but not concept and approach. I may not be aware of certain state filings but I understand how it works.

Dashi gets it, you obviously don't.

You just resort to name calling when all you do is exhibit your ignorance.


I'm not sure where the evidence is to suggest that Jennings will get a 3-4 offer for $40-45 mil. So you're suggesting what, a deal at $10-12 mil a year? I don't see it getting that rich. VJax got 5 years and $55 mil last year from the Bucs and I don't believe Jennings, with his injury history is that player.


Sales tax isnt created and regulated by county in Fla. Its created and regulated by the state.

Are you nuts? People living within 5 miles of their counties line would just drve over to the "cheapest county" to do their commerce shopping.

Boy do you g to great lengths to prove your ineptitisms. LOL...

"Craig, they are still there. Actually WNP, you should know that the Americans pretty much force Canada to send troops everywhere the US decides to make a stance. Part of being a "good neighbour" I guess ..."


I didn't know that actually. I didn't even know Canada had a military. I wasn't kidding when I said that I didn't know very much about what goes on in your country. All I know is that our government is VERY dysfunctional & very quick to stick there noses into everyone elses business.

Craig, you remember when Cretien said no to lending military aid to the US?? Cause a big stinko in the pinko. Like you said, we are expected to play nice and lend support to the US and it's probably the right thing to do.


three things miami has preeched in most of Irefiends interviews on recievers


if you were to compare wallace and jennings side by side on those accounts, it seems pretty clear which way they're leaning in terms of FA WRs...just sayin

WNPs @4:!9p,

Very good points. You guys have enough problems in your own back yard you should be taking care of and throwing money at correcting them. I don't get this NEED to have to fight other people's battles all the time. It's not your job to try and make peace in the world. It's totally a losing battle.

Haha, WNP, every country has a military - some just don't take it as seriously as the USA. And as far as your opinion of govt. That's every country's govt man. Coruption is rampant in every country my friend.


Guess youve lost track of the countless times youve rammed it down posters throats that you are a cpa. I mean really, who gives a f u c k besides you?

Secondly, exactly why I posted to you that if I were looking to do a business venmture in Canada, I absolutely would not call you. Ive witnessed your overall mentality by the "state" of your posts here. ROTFLMAO..............

ROTFLMAO - Thats all I'm going to say, I'll leave it at that.


Don't you think there's something VERY wrong when the typical American has no clue that Canada has a military? You seem like a bright guy and there's been 24/7 news programs for many years now. How is it the Canadians are risking their lives on a daily basis and a great many Americans have no clue about it? Just completely baffles me (and understand, this isn't directed at you but rather the whole information system).


Since Canada Has No Cows?

Do You Guys Go Moose Tipping? Instead.

Craig M

I dont think jennings is going to settle for being the second or third best reciever out there in FA either meaning I think he will explore every avenue he can to bank as much money he can get...dont be surprised if welker is indeed cut loose in NE if that dictates how jennings approaches his stance on contract negotiations and I can tell you for sure that there are reports of teams out there willing to spend alot just to have welker on their team....

Lardo, wtf are you even going on about? I mentioned my profession because you were trying to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about when I'm obvioulsy well aware. But then again, I'm used to you talking like you're an expert on several topics when you don't partake in anything. You just talk. You're here 24-7.

You're actually a professional poster. You can take solace in that.

if you were to compare wallace and jennings side by side on those accounts, it seems pretty clear which way they're leaning in terms of FA WRs...just sayin

Posted by: superPHIN | February 20, 2013 at 04:23 PM

Which way?

Ok, just kidding. I wouldn't argue with you, you're probably right.

I'm just saying what I would be doing were I in Ireland/Philbin's shoes. Admittedly, I don't know crap, I'm just throwing it out there.

I like the idea of both these guys. For different reasons too. Thats what makes it so interesting in my opinion. Wallace is the more long term proposition. Jennings would be temporary and almost CERTAINLY coupled with a high pick or picks used on WR.

This is from the Packers Stats on Jennings for the 2011 season.
"Despite missing three games, finished No. 2 on the team in all three major receiving categories with 67 receptions for 949 yards (14.2 avg.) and nine TDs, trailing only Jordy Nelson (68-1,263-15)…Fell just 51 yards shy of his fourth straight 1,000-yard season…Through Week 13, was tied for No. 4 in the league in TD catches and was tied for No. 10 in receptions…"
True , I too am concerned with his health but then again last year I was glad to see Chad 85 signed. After he was released and watching the season go by I am convinced philbin knew that 85 was not the answer to the system. I say Jennings because I believe in Philbin and he knows the ability of Jennings.


I believe Welker WILL in fact be out there. Which means Jennings could be a candidate to go to NE. I believe under the circumstances Jennings WILL in fact have to settle for being second choice and posibly even THIRD choice if Bowe hits FA.

Got to go fellas....nice chatting....


State taxes are automatically deducted fool. You get a return to fill out every year to determine if you'll recieve anything back fool. LOL...


You Are The Exception To Dumb American! You Sir Are Retarded With Down Syndrome! And Mildly Autistic!!

You Ignorant! F U C K!! Only A Jackass Like You!! Will Travel To A Different County! For 1/2 A Penny! Every Dollar!!

YG, YOU ARE THE TYPE OF CLOWN!! THAT DRIVES AROUND FOR HOURS!! LOOKING FOR GAS THAT IS 2¢ Cheaper Than Everywhere Else!! Not Realizing The 50¢ You Saved For The $50 Dollars You Just Spent!! Doesn't Add Up To The 2 Gallons You Just Wasted Driving Around!!

There is no race, Wallace goes to whoever gives him the most $$$$.

Be that team, and he will sign.


You Seriously Can Not Be So Dumb!!

Just Running Your Mouth All Day!! Without Taking A Break To Learn Something!! By Listening Or Reading!! Surely Shows!! That You Have Stopped Progressing!! Mentally!!

In Other Words!! You Are A Retard!!

So Listen Up Retard!!

Sales Tax! Can Increase And Decrease By State, And County!! (Jurisdiction)

The Gov't Has A Set Sales Tax!!


Don't Take My Word For It!! Look It Up!!

And Sales Tax!! And State "Income" Tax!! Are 2 Different Things!!


Click The Links And Learn!! You Dumbfuck!!!

Posted by: Opti/Pessi Mist | February 20, 2013 at 04:37 PM

Bengals learned early on of Ocho-cinco's "learning disability". That's why they allowed him to "frelance" and adopt to him.

In New England, Bellichik was probably shocked and horrified he had sugned a guy who couldnt "learn the offense". That's why Cinco couldnt get on the field in in Pat land.

Hell, there were no guarantees he was going to learn Philbin's offense in Miami either. Who's to say Miami didnt spot Cinco was seeming to be a little slow picking up the offense and that also played in the final decision to release him.

Do you think they would announce Cinco was also to dumb as being a reason being incorporated into releasing him? The Dolphins may have found Cinco being arrested a blessing in disquise because he wasnt showing the mental acuity to learn the offense the way they expected.

Cinco hasnt played for another team right? Maybe just that the "learning disability to learn an nfl offense" skeleton had also fallen from the closet.

Notice ignorant and YG often appear in the same sentence. Can't be conincidence.

My Bad!!

Cut And Paste! The Link!!

We All Know You Know How To Cut & Paste!!


Retard and YG also appear often in the same sentence. Surely not conincidence.


Retard And YG!! Appears More!!

Do you guys REALLY believe Bill Parcell's most prized pupil is going to go out and sign any of the top tier WR's?

Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming!

I'll tell you one thing, there's no doubt in mind, if Ireland signs one of these top WR's, it means Philbin is really in charge. We've seen a few glimpses of it on Hard Knocks. We saw a few more indicators during the season.

If this really happens, rest assured, Philbin is the REAL power behind the Throne!

Posted by: Dumb American Still Handily Intellectually (Superior To Canadians)™ | February 20, 2013 at 04:39 PM

When I need some good advice, I'll pay someone. Guess that definitely leaves out you. LOL.....

Hey Hey! No you guys just chill out!

YG was simply confusing State Income Tax with Sale Tax.

It could happen to ANYONE - NOT! ROTFLMAO!


When I want to learn what a retard is I'll Google:

retardomongul @ marcia in toronto or dashi.

Im sure to pull up both your photos. LOL....

But of course you could Google dashi and Odin or "hotties" could come up too. LOL....

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