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Chase for Wallace begins in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Combine begins today. General Manager Jeff Ireland will speak to the media Thursday per the schedule. And so let me tell you what's about to happen:

As I reported Feb. 12 the Dolphins will get about the business of talking to Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings. As Indianapolis is the site where team personnel and agents gather, I expect the Dolphins will touch base with the representatives for both players in the coming days.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins will sign both players. It doesn't mean they'll sign either because, well, stuff happens. As I said, they'll work it with both. But it means they have a plan and both players are part of that plan. The plan has Wallace as the priority but also includes Jennings -- perhaps as a fallback position, perhaps in addition to Wallace.

It is not possible to know exactly what Ireland has in mind with Wallace and Jennings because he doesn't share that with anyone in the media. But it is certain the Dolphins will chase Wallace first. He is the priority. Then Jennings will come soon afterward.

And that brings us to this:

The story is not whether the Dolphins want or are interested in or will speak with top target Mike Wallace or his agent.

The story is whether the Dolphins can actually land Mike Wallace.

Wallace, you see, is the second biggest free agent name this Dolphins administration has chased. The biggest was last year and his name is Peyton Manning. But as the Dolphins haven't exactly been nails landing the guys they want, it is fair to wonder if they can be successful this time.

(A note here: If you're thinking back to last year and say the Dolphins chased and failed to land quarterbacks Matt Flynn or Alex Smith, I reject that idea. The team placed no "must-have" priority on either of those players. The contract offered to Flynn was only borderline starter money, more than suggesting Miami could take or leave Flynn. So Flynn took the more sure thing in Seattle. As for Smith, I'm not even sure the Dolphins offered him a contract and if they did, it definitely was not for the $8 million per year he was seeking. So again, the team wasn't all in on getting Smith. I don't see that as failures of any sort. Indeed, hindsight has shown Ireland was wise to steer clear of both.)

Now, the Dolphins did fail on Manning. They not only didn't land the biggest free agent they'e ever chased, they even failed to be among his finalists. Yes, the club managed a meeting with Manning but if you remember they had to fly to see him. Manning, meanwhile, went to Denver and other places he was truly interested in to speak with those teams. The Dolphins were in the hunt, but they were the hound way back in the pack gasping for breath and watching the lead dogs tree the game and get the big pat on the head.

(Where the heck did I come up with that analogy?)

Miami has also failed in other free agent attempts, to be sure, but one that should worry is the failed effort to land Ryan Clark. You remember Clark? He came to South Florida via Pittsburgh, apparently ready to sign a deal that would take him away from the Steelers.

He never signed. He returned to Pittsburgh.

Clark's story is that the Dolphins offended him. They told him how he was flawed and not worth a ton of money and made him feel unwanted, etc ...

The Dolphins have a different version but that version does not matter now.

The Clark version matters because he is Mike Wallace's teammate in Pittsburgh and if the wide receiver asks, that's the version he's going to hear. Facts be damned, Wallace will likely hear the Dolphins painted in a negative light. And so Miami could be swimming against that tide to convince Wallace this is the team for him.

There's also this little matter of competition. I seriously doubt the Dolphins will be the only team chasing Mike Wallace. Although his asking price will likely start around $11-$12 million, as I first reported on January 25, Wallace is likely to have other suitors.

His agent's job the next week will be to drum up interest in his client so that Wallace can have teams bid against each other. I have no idea what teams will target Wallace aside from the Dolphins. The Dolphins are projected to have the third-most salary cap space in the NFL when the league year opens March 12.

So they can afford Wallace.

But there have been rumors Cleveland and even Cincinnati might also have interest. And they happen to be the two teams with more cap space than Miami.

It must be said the Dolphins have not been inept at landing their man. In 2010, Karlos Dansby was considered the prize defensive player in free agency and the Dolphins got him straight away.

They got Jason Taylor away from the New York Jets in 2011.

(Yes, they lost Calvin Pace to the Jets in 2008 but thank God!)

So there have been hits and misses once the Dolphins have identified their targets. They identifed Wallace weeks ago.

The chase begins now.


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Dashi Was Thinking The Same Thing Mark!!

What Dashi Loves About YG!! Is How Adamant He Feels About What He Says Is True!!


That He Will Never Admit That He Is Wrong!!

Dashi Is Right About 95% Of The Time!! ("About" Being The Keyword!)

YG, Is Right 100% Of The Time!! He Will Never Admit To Being Wrong!! NEVER!! EVER!!

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Is this the bird watching blog page ?


When Dashi Wants To Learn What Corny Is!! Dashi Just Has To Read One Of Your Corny Post!! (F'k Google)

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But of course you could Google dashi and Odin or "hotties" could come up too. LOL....

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 20, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Hey YG, leave me out of bullshyt, OK fella?

I had to blast you for your State Income tax vs. Sales Tax Gaffe. You have to admit it now, it WAS funny ;)

I'm not Dashi(we differ on alot of things), but I do like his Style-LOL! He reminds me of........well.......of me!

Hello this is about football , American football


Im out, time handle finacial business. Oh wait, I pay someone to handle that for me, and his name definitely isnt retardomongul @marcia in toronto cpa. LOL....

odin, so what you're saying is YG is definitely a retard or is it ignorant - or an ignorant retard??

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 20, 2013 at 04:58 PM

I'm not going to argue either way Mark. Hell......take your pick ;)


Ignorant Retard Sounds Nice!! YG Should Be On The IR List!! Makes Perfect Sense!!


Thanks For The Compliment!! Everyone Here Knows We Are 2 Different People With Very Different Opinions On The Dolphins!! YG, Is Just Mad We Know His Secret!!


How Long? Before We Get Your Best Dashi/Odin!! I Hate You Guys!! Tirade!! 3...2...1.

Philbin says the most important thing in a receiver is hands, they must have excellent hands and catch the ball. Doesn't that rule out Stone Hands Wallace?


Dashi and Mark just went all Gangster on YG.

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What the hell are you guys talking about??, YESTERDAYS GONE4EVER is always indeed right and Dead on the money!!

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Who are you to call ignorant? You are nothing but a childish, inexperienced punk, with an IQ of a raccoon.

Philbin says the most important thing in a receiver is hands, they must have excellent hands and catch the ball. Doesn't that rule out Stone Hands Wallace?

Posted by: Lee | February 20, 2013 at 05:12 PM

Yeah, but he said it right after watching Brandon Marshall's "Highlight" reel from the year before.

AS always Armando got some of info incorrect, Miami is not allow to even talk to Wallaces agent until after the beginning of next month, after the combines. So needs to check his info first to be correct..

to Mika-Donna Wallace!

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 20, 2013 at 05:05 PM

What Happened Champ?




Good Decision Though! Actually Great Decision!! Know Your Role B'tch!!

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Posted by: tony | February 20, 2013 at 05:17 PM

ut it is the perfect time or gm's to begin making nice with agents of fa's they may be pursuing. LOL...

It seems all mike Wallace does is score touchdowns

Jason Taylor just said on espn, he feels the dolphins need to get Wallace signed, then still draft a wr very high.

Seems Taylor isnt that high on Hartline either. LOL...

According to a report by Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Wallace is Miami's top target. The paper reports the Dolphins are not only preparing to go after Wallace, but they are looking to make Wallace one of the NFL's highest-paid receivers in the range of $60 million overall and $12 million per season.

If the SS or the Herald is reporting on what the team will do, you can be certain they took the bait and are dead wrong.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PAY THAT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not A CPA!

But Paying Sales Tax Every Quarter And Doing My Taxes Once A Year!! Definitely Showed Me The Difference!!

Plus, Common Sense! I Even Hinted To The Keyword! "INCOME"

Just Because The Word Is Sales Tax!! Doesn't Mean It Is Your "Personal Income" Tax!!

Business And Personal!! 2 Different Entities!!

One thing for sure, if Miami signs Wallace for that amount of money, no way Hartline gets $7 million a year. That would be saying Miami believes a wr that only had 1 td recieving last year is the answer to pair with Wallace going forward.

I see how no one can come that conclusion except for idiot posters here. Even Jason Taylor is pushing sign Wallace and draft a wr high(1st-2nd rd) in this year's draft. He just said it on espn.

If Wallace comes, bye-bye Hartline, unless Ireland is intentionally trying to sabotouge his job in 2013. LOL...

Hey guys news flash Jennings is pretty good too

Enough with taxes already we get our ARSSES taxed off up here

I'm paying 18000 a year in property tax

That's why I talk football


Dashi Is Not Jason Taylor!(Even Though I Slept At A Holiday Inn)

But Didn't Dashi Just Say The Same Thing And Got Blasted For It??

#1, #2, #3! Priority!! Sign Wallace!! And Draft 1 Impact Wr High!!

Now, I Bet They Ask JT! A Pass Rusher!! Does He Feel The Fins Need Another Pass Rusher!! Bet He Will Say NO!! They Need A Better MLB!!

JT!! Knows!! MLB's!! Are The Heart Of A Defense!! and As Long As Dansby Is The MLB!! The Fins Have No Heart!!

The Fins Can Get To The Qb!! They Just Can't Outsmart The Qb!! Like they Use To!!

Zero Shutouts Since Zach Retired!!

I can't decide between Jennings and Wallace I think Jennings is more polished

We had 49 sacks dude that's alot

Since the Jets dont have the money to keep Revis. Trade Sean Smith and maybne one of the 2nd or 3rd rd picks for him straight up trade?

Im game for it! LOL...

Our secondary sucked we need corners

Sean is a free agent, next

I would pring in Tracy porter

Lets shoot heroine until the draft


Ive been saying forever, that even if we signed one of the top 3 fa wr's, we still need to draft a wr at least 2nd rd.

You know that Ive been talking sign a top fa wr and drafting 2 wr's. You know that I want Bailey if he's available with our 1st 3rd rd pick. Bailey's a td maker who would replace Bess in the slot.

My opening wr corps would look like this:

1. Top fa(Wallace or Jennings)
2. Patterson or Hopkins(Hopkons more well rounded right now)

3. Stedman Bailey(slot)

Baseball games start saturday

In Between CC and R.Jones They Combined For Almost 200 Tackles!!

Unheard OF!! Name 2 Safeties At Least 30-40 Tackles Close!!

1 Safety With Almost 100 Tackles Is Amazing!! 2 Close To 100!! The LB's Must Be Missing A lot Of Tackles!! And R.Jones And CC! Aren't Even Playing The Run Game!! We Play Cover 2!! With Our Safeties!!

Now Why Are Opponents Not Scared To Go Across The Middle!! The Soft Hitting LB's!!


I love steadman he will become an outstanding player good post man

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 20, 2013 at 05:41 PM

Forgot to say sign and trade. Sean Smith would still be more cap friendly for the Jets than Revis.

Between the money we save by not resigning hHartline and not having to pay Smith. There's more than enough available to pay Revis.

I know it would be a intra-divisional trade which teams hate to do, but there arent many teams with the cap room to take on Revis and the Jets have painted themselves into a huge bind.

I think we are gonna load up with free agents , proven players with good track records

POST OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets shoot heroine until the draft

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 20, 2013 at 05:43 PM


They would never ever let us have revis

i dont marc. lets just hope we least sign 2 solid guys in free agency

Dig it bro,,,,,,,,,now back to free base

Dusty I here ya , we also will retain a few of our own,,,,but we need a couple of big name guys

agree on big names part. guessing wallace will go elsewhere. i would love to get amendola

Jason Taylor was also pissed they didn't select Brady Quinn,

Now because he works for ESPN some of you air heads think he suddenly has a clue?

Man are you people gullible fools!

If Stedman Baile runs at least a 4.5 forty at the combine, I believe he sneaks into at least bottom 2nd rd.

If he runs under 4.5, say a 4.45 forty, I believe he moves into bottom 1st rd consideration. If he runs less than a 4.45 forty, Stedman Bailey is definitely top 15 draft stock.


Your safety comment is on the MONEY!

No safeties should be getting that many tackles. Zach wouldn't allow that many plays to get by him. Dansby should be playing outside, but I doubt that changes anytime soon, if EVER!

Also, on the safties, I don't know how you feel about Clemons, but I think he needs to go or be our backup. I don't get why the FO is apparently trying to sign him first. Unless they're trying to get signed to a Low-Ball deal.

How the heck can Clemons be a prority? I hope Coyle hasn't fallen in love. I think I'd take Jarvis Williams over Clemons. **SCRATCH THAT**

I KNOW I'd take Jarvis Williams over Clemons!

Yesterday is just as big of an idiot gullible fool as all the gullible fools he laughs at! He just is loaded with more methane gas!

I don't see how Wallace in Cincy makes sense.....

Posted by: Orzo | February 20, 2013 at 06:08 PM

The difference is that I never liked Brady Quinn. I would have puked had we drafted him.

Only 2 qb's worth a s h i t ever came out of Notre Dame. That's Joe Thiesman whom we drafted and never would have played as long as Bob Griese was our starting qb. So we traded him to the Redskins.

The other was Joe Montana and he was a 2rd draft pick. So no one actually saw a hof'er coming.

2012 Season

Wallace 64 836 13.1
Fitzgerald 71 798 11.2
Hartline 74 1083 14.6

Lets shoot heroine until the draft

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 20, 2013 at 05:43 PM

You want to shoot Amelia Earhart?

What do you have against Women?

Posted by: Kris | February 20, 2013 at 06:12 PM


Wallace to Cincy may not make "SENSE" to you, But it sure could make "CINCY" for them should they sign him. LOL...

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