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The official 40 times for the defensive backs

You saw what the unofficial times were for the defensive backs in the last post. Now for the official combine 40-yard dash times for the defensive backs:


Johnthan Banks, Miss. St. 4.61

Dee Milliner, Alabama      4.37

Brandon McGee, UM         4.40

Tyrann Mathieu, LSU       4.50

Terry Hawthorne, Ill.      4.44

Sanders Commings UGA   4.41

David Amerson, NC ST.    4.44

Robert Alford, So. La.     4.39

Johnny Adams, Mich. St. 4.48

Xavier Rhodes, FSU         4.43

Darius Slay, Miss. St.       4.36

Jamar Taylor, Boise St.   4.39

Desmond Trufant, Wash.  4.38

Steve Williams, Cal.        4.42


Matt Elam, UF               4.54

Eric Reid, LSU               4.53

Kenny Vaccaro, Tex.      4.63

Shamarko Thomas, Syr.  4.42

Earl Wolff, NC. St.         4.44

You'll notice the official times vary from the unofficial times. Indeed, the unofficial numbers were supplied to the NFL Network, which is inside the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, by former NFL GM Charley Casserly. Those are his hand times.

The official times are the ones that count. And the numbers above are the fastest a player posted.

Now, you are aware I'm not a huge fan of 40-yard dast times relative to a player's ability to actually play football. I want football players, not track stars.

But as defensive backs must show speed and quickness, these times are quite relevant to the job. Speed is one of the critical factors for a defensive back, as are ball skills, hands, durability, etc ...

That and the fact the Dolphins are likely to need a defensive back in the draft and need him relatively early enough so that he has a chance to start, I'm posting these players and their times whereas I didn't do that for other positions.

I'd say Vaccaro's time, and in fact his entire day, was something of a disappointment because he wasn't exactly smooth in other drills, either.

Rhodes didn't hurt himself. Banks didn't help himself and there are now questions about him. Both are still top of the second round type guys, in my opinion.

The guys that ran exceedingly fast or the ones that disappointed will cause teams to go back and re-study their tape. Banks is in that group, as are Slay, Vaccaro, Williams and Trufant -- for different reasons, of course.


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"Vaccaro is a playmaker, and a worthy addition to a team.
But against the kind of burners and big physical WRs in the NFL, I wouldn't say he's a #1 prospect. And apparently neither do other folks now.

So he drops a little. But he still is worth looking at later."


Interesting. Speaking of true playmakers--is therre any bigger one than Tyrann Mathieu in this draft??? He was BY FAR the best player on LSU's defense as a Sophomore & we're talking about a player who was a stand out in the best conference in the country!!!

Is he a risk??? No doubt about it but before his off the field stuff came to light & he got suspended--this kid was one of the best players in the country. If you're going to take a flyer on someone--this is the guy.

However Ireland would never draft him b/c of his size.

I did.
I also noticed last year that Tannehill plus Sherman plus Swope didn't produce wins against quality college opponents.

Curious how Tannehill, Sherman and Swope will do it versus the NFL.

Woodshed, considering who the Bills coach is, I would think Mr. Shemarko will be our opponent twice a year...

Nemo, exactly!

He is one of the best players in the draft. If by some chance Milliner drops to 8-10, are people REALLY trying to say he isn't worth trading a 3rd or 4th round pick to get? Laughable imo.

A 3rd or 4th rounder, who based on irelands track record, will be bagging groceries at your local supermarket before his contract even expires.

#1 CB's are not in rich supply, especially one you can potentially get for only a 3rd or 4th rounder.

Matthieu is a nickel/dime player, and will excel at being a free range ball hawk in a zone.

But specialty players don't usually go top rounds, so he'll be hanging around mid to late rounds for someone to nab.

But not a guy who can stay in the game fulltime. 3rd down guy, or hurry up time guy.

And special teams maybe.

WNP, I like Smith but the numbers I always thought he belonged with were 5-6M. I don't pay him top ten money - he's not a pro bowler ... yet.


Yet??? So all of a sudden, after four seasons the light is going to come on??? The guy's a former WR & he still can't catch.

Didn't we all think/hope the same thing for Jason Allen??? It's the consistency that was never there. Allen became a pretty good 3rd CB but he was never good enough to be a starter. I see the same thing happening with Smith.

..Mark I don't know what they are showing. I watched it live. Madrid doesn't tie it up until late(sorry if I blew it for you)..They got a goal against the run of play after absorbing a barrage of chances. They looked done, like Barca could have put up 3 no problem.

Player of the game(and I can't remember his name) but he played for Sergio Ramos. Scored the tying goal off a header, cleared a ball off the line, and made a huge tackle inside of the box taking the ball off the foot of Iniesta without fouling him..Incredible. I had never heard of him until today. Still can't recall his name.

Irescum fav Clyde Gates was a speedster....


Why are you covering CB's?

We are going to draft an O-Lineman first round.


Frank, I'm not doubting anything you say but the best coaches know how to mix things up and play to your opponents weaknesses. i saw idiot Wannstedt burn the most talented defense we had in our time by just doing the same shite time after time after time until he burnt that unit up and refused to scheme at all.

If Coyle is going to be a replay of that ... kick his arse out of town. I will give him a pass for last year because I know he didn't have the corners to match up.

And yes, Indy was SS's worst game but to judge his entire season on that one game would be unfair. he also did some good. Unfortunately in miami he is asked to be the #1 CB when he really doesn't have the skill set. I never said to pay him like one. But he is a good matchup player against the big WRs in the NFL. it's nce to have a guy you can trail the AJ Greens and Andre Johnsons of the world with. Not every man on your roster will make the pro bowl. but it doesn't mean they are useless. he's a vaulable role player. it will be a shame if they can't meet on a fair price point. But I won't blame the team if they let him walk because someone else decides to overpay him by 3-4 million a year.

This should be a lesson to Ireland .. for some reason he is slow to lock guys up to long term deals at fair rates before they gain leverage on the team.

The Draft Has Changed For Dashi after The Combine!

For The Better!

The Strongest Positions In This Draft Are Wr and CB!!

The O-Linemen Suck! The D-Linemen Are Worst!

The TE's Are Garbage!! And The LB's! Are Horrendous!!

Oh, And The Qb's! Only 1 Good Qb, G.Smith! Matt Barkley Is A 6th Rounder!!

T.Matthieu Shouldn't Get Drafted By the Fins!! Seriously! 4 Reps! Runs A 4.5! And Is 5'8"!! And That Is Before We Get Into His Inexperience and Immaturity!!

The Fins Need/Should Go After 2 Wr's and 2 Cb's In The Draft!

Dolphin Players That Came Out On Top At The Combine!


These Guys Are Valuable! And Aren't Easily Replaceable In The Draft!!



Are Easily Upgradeable This Year!!

Frank, if Coyle insists on playing off even with good talent at CB, you may as well fire him now because you can't win in the NFL that way unless you have a fierce pass rush.


Couldn't agree more. If you can't get to the QB the good ones will slice & dice you with the underneath stuff & if you're LB's aren't great tacklers you're in serious trouble.

WNP, SS is improving every year. No, he's not a #1 cb and I know he's everyone's whipping boy because he plays soft in zone. But let him get his hands on a WR and he chokes him out. If you have a CB combo of Rhodes and Smith and Coyle lets them play like Surtain and Madison (not comparing talent, only style -by playing hard at the LOS) then you'll see a better player. Heck, the decision isn't mine anyway so don;t get mad at me ...

DD, you were watching a replay. Madrid is up 1-0 in the Camp Nou in the 2nd leg. Get on the ball dude!!


From Your Previous Posts.

C.Patterson Is A Better Prospect Than J.Banks!

Seriously, No CB In The NFL Should Run A 4.6!! That Is Super slow!! For A CB!!

Guys That Play CB! And Run A 4.6!! Are The Reason Mike Wallace Is So Valuable!!

Even For A Safety!! 4.6 Is Slow!!

Remember, The Draft Is All About Potential!! You Want Guys That Haven't Reached Their Potential Yet!! Not Guys That Maxed Out In College!!

In Other Words!! Don't Draft Guys That Have Peaked!!

A CB That Runs A 4.6 In College! Has Peaked!! A WR Or CB Under 5'9" Has Peaked! Tim Tebow! R.Bush!! All Guys That Peaked In College!!

Reason Why People Love RG3, Instead Of Luck!!

Potential!! Meaning The Best Is Yet To Come!!

Reason Why, B.Weeden and M.Ingram Suck As Pro's!! They Peaked In College!!

This draft is strongest at DT,OT, OG, CB, WR.... In that order. Jake Long is easily replaceable IMO. The bigger question is whether Philbin believes Martin is a LT or RT. The answer to that question will influence what we do at #12 IMO.

does mayock ever shut UP

WNP, SS is improving every year. No, he's not a #1 cb and I know he's everyone's whipping boy because he plays soft in zone. But let him get his hands on a WR and he chokes him out. If you have a CB combo of Rhodes and Smith and Coyle lets them play like Surtain and Madison (not comparing talent, only style -by playing hard at the LOS) then you'll see a better player. Heck, the decision isn't mine anyway so don;t get mad at me ...


I hear you. The kid drives me nuts. Every time I think he's turned the corner...I'm asking if that was Smith who got beat.


Posted by: MIADOLFAN207 | February 26, 2013 at 02:38 PM

We play a form of Two-Deep. But when we do have a Free and Strong safety, Jones plays Free and Clemons plays Strong.

The beauty of Coyles defense is that our safeties can be interchangeable. But until we find someone better than Clemons, Reshad will continue to be the Free Safety.


Another Guy That Peaked!! His Best Football Is Behind Him!

Ogletree Also Has Peaked!

Hate To Say It!!

Keep Dansby 1 More Year!! (Still Going To Expose Him Though!)

The LB's Were Horrendous!! Seriously!! The Group That Disappointed Me The Most! I Thought Maybe 1 Or 2 Good LB's! This Draft Has ZERO LB's!!

I Knew The O-Line And D-Line Weren't That Good This Year!! But The LB's Were Slow And Weak!!


"I Knew The O-Line And D-Line Weren't That Good This Year!! But The LB's Were Slow And Weak!!"


What??? The O-line is the strongest position in the draft...

Dashi, how can you say OL is weak? There are 3 LT's that could go in the top 10, and 2 G's that could go top 20?

This is the most athletic group of O-linemen ever!

And with the #12 pick, We choose, a DE or a S. That where the most probabilities lie of obtaining a Game changer.

@ 4:10

Name Your D-Line And O-Line?

Seriously! Compare Them To Last Year! Or The Year Before!!

Forget Jake Long!! These Guys Aren't Even Better Than Khalil!!

The D-Line? Any N.Suh! In The Draft?

Can You Honestly Say Womack Grades Out Better Than D.DeCastro Or M.Ilutapi(The OG From The 49ers)

Judge The Prospect Against Their Peers!! And You Will See How Horrible They Really Are!!

Dashi and Odindouche show up at the same time? HILARIOUS!

Forget the Mayocks, the Kipers, & the McShays who have never been in the trenches....I only listen to the ex-GM's like Casserly or Bill Polian & the ex-scout Dan Jeremiah.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | February 26, 2013 at 03:23 PM

ROTFLMAO - I wish Kiper, Mayock and McShay could read your post ;)

I listen to ALL of them, but I put WAY more stock in Casserly and Polian.

Heck, I was even listening to Tannebaum.......and he's an IDIOT - LOL!

Bottom line. Gotta pay Jake Long.

If we determine who our Guy is, do we move up to get him? Hell yes.

DD, now 2-0. Two goals for Cristiano in Camp Nou. That must be frying some Catalonian onions this evening.

Ross should hire Mayock to do the Dolphin draft.


Mayock, Kiper, & McShay sound like buffoons when they're sitting next to former players & GM's. WTF do they know???


Need will always supercede BPA and we need a Difference-maker.

While I would love to get him in the 2nd round vs the 1st, I am REALLY hoping the Phins get WR Nuke Hopkins in this draft. 1600 yards and 18TD's last year. Lit up LSU in the Bowl game even though everyone in the building knew he was getting the ball. Low maintenance stud WR who will be a star for the next 10 years.


I Judge Players Against Other Players!

3 LT's! That If Drafted In The First Round We Will Still Have A Debate If He Should Play LT Over Martin!! Is Not A Great Prospect!!

That Is What Dashi Is Saying!!

The D-Line And O-Line Have Depth!! But I Wouldn't Touch 1 With A 1st Rd Pick!! Not Enough Athletic Talent!!


How Many OL Or DL, Lifted 225lbs Over 30+?

Compare That To The Jake Draft?

Or The Suh Draft?

Wr's And CB's Are Suppose To Burn The 40!!

Linemen On Any side!! Need To Lift That Bar! Like They Are Picking Up A Tooth Pick!!

Linemen Basically BPress On Every play!! Reason It Is So Important! To Have Strength!!

Now, If L.Jockel Lifted The Bar 35+ Times! He Could Be The #1 Overall!! But He Didn't And He Won't!!

Don't Just Judge The Talent Against 1 Other! Compare Them To Former Players! And See If They Test Out Similar!!

If he's really an OLB propect, then he just moved to tops on my OLB list.
Like Dion Jordan there too, but know less about him.

Posted by: JS_in_LA | February 26, 2013 at 03:44 PM


I think Ogletree will be a better OLB in the NFL than MLB. It's just my opinion, but I don't think he has the strength or ability to shed blocks and pursue at the next level.

Conversely, he looks like a natural fit playing outside. I think he can handle it in a 3-4 or 4-3 as well.

That's a new category they have, Difference maker, Game-changer. Somewhat undefined and much harder to pick than the other ones.

Anyone else notice how Texas A%M improved after Tannehill and Sherman left?

Posted by: Steve in Ottawa | February 26, 2013 at 03:45 PM

Yep, and they did it with ALL THE PLAYERS Sherman recruited and put together.

This tells me Sherman has an eye for talent and knows where to put people. So maybe he's not Head Coaching material, who cares. We got him as a coordinator!

If you were trying to cut on Sherman, like most things in your life, you've failed miserably. But hey, Thanks for stopping by!

Bottom line. Gotta pay Jake Long.

Posted by: dusty bottoms
The Dolphins do not have to pay Jake Long with the quantity of Offensive lineman in this years draft. The Dolphins will have a lot of room to find players in free agency by not signing Long, Bush or Smith. The Dolphins have Miller to replace Bush and the draft will provide an OT. Smith can be replaced by the draft or FA.


That Is What Dashi Is Saying!

This Draft Fits All The Fins Real Needs!! Wr and CB! With Some TE's! (Play makers)

Now, If You are Looking For A QB, RB, Or A Linemen!! Bad Draft For You!! Jets And Bills!



Favorite sports line ever!!!!

Here, we'll try to define what a Game-changer is a bit. A Player that can contribute 3-6 points to an O, more often than not.

It will really suck if we sign Jake Long and Eric Fisher is there at 12!!!

I would still draft him and trade Jake.

I do not undrestand what Amando has put there with the timed of the players it doesnt matter repetrd for sure only there football playing matter udren or not how they are fastests just run back d froth insted of on football feld!

Odin I agree on Sherman as well. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of Swopes as well. It will probably depend on how far he falls.

Luke lifted 27 times. That's not overly impressive but should be good enough for him to play at a high level.

FA will answer a lot questions about who we take early in this draft. I just can't see jumping up a few picks for anyone. We will see.


You Know Dashi is A LB Connoisseur. But After Watching The Combine! Even Ogle tree Fell In My Book!!

Ogletree was suppose to be the LB Version Of C.Patterson! An Athletic Freak At LB!!

I Posted A While Back! Saying Te'os' Stock Depended On His 40! As Well As Ogle tree!

4.4= Top 10
4.5= Top 15
4.6= Late 1st
4.7= 2nd Round Pick
4.8 Or Slower= Don't Draft

Now With 1 Of Our 2nd Round Picks! I Might Draft Ogletree!

Te'o Fell Out Of Favor With Dashi In December! Right Now! Dashi Is Actually A Bigger Dansby Fan! Not Saying Much! Except, That te'o Isn't Even On My Board!!

Dashi Actually Would Love The Jets Or The Bills To Draft Te'o!!

Just need to clarify something:

Rookie offensive tackles are better than paying a pro-bowl tackle big money - because his current team doesn't think he's worth the big payday.

And We'd rather have chase a veteran receiver who wants big money, and is leaving because his current team doesn't think he's worth the big payday.

Have I got it right?


Mayock, Kiper, & McShay sound like buffoons when they're sitting next to former players & GM's. WTF do they know???

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | February 26, 2013 at 04:25 PM

LOL - They sound like Buffoons no matter WHO they're sitting next too. Matter of fact, not only do they SOUND like buffons, I'm convinced they ARE BUffoons.

I know I ride them hard, but at least they do give us some basic information that helps us get our Arm-Chair GM-ing going.

But Damn, they are JackWads-lol.

Because E.Fisher Is/Was Such A Better Prospect!



E.Fisher Wasn't Even Considered A 3rd Rounder!! And He Didn't test Out That Good!



That Is All Dashi Is Saying!! These Guys Aren't Grading Out! Like Jake Or J.Thomas!!

They Are Good Prospects Not Great!! In A Weak Draft!!

- He no fukking Gamechanger, man. - Who, man. - That queer Indian guy, man. - He from the Islands, man. - What fukkin islands?

I know the 40 gets a lot of pub here but if you want to talk playmakers, Da'Rick Rogers came out flying in the cone, shuttle, broad jump, and vertical jump finishing in the top 10 in all players in each category.

In the 2nd round I don't care as much for character concerns - I would take a chance on this guy. Especially with his production .. 6'2, 217 lbs, superb athlete.

If I were a gm, I would go with flow of other wise gm's and only use 40 times to confirm what I see on tape from an upper echelon player. Still, I wouldnt neccesarily drop a grade on a guy like Vaccaro if he shows up on tape every game and every play.

Sometimes, real football players arent track guys or lab rats(combine). With a guy like Vaccaro, you may have to trust your tape more than the specimen labaratory.

After all, you can also have a guy run a 4.3 40 that doesnt jump out at you on film, and is far more track star than football player.

Dashi, I agree. You know I hope jake re-signs. I want to see this team progress and not continually draft players to play positions they drafted just two and three years ago.

DaRick and Corderelle were pretty close in my book.
Patterson was Rogers back-up before he got kicked off.

Patterson is faster, but they have similar skills after the speed.

And top end speed is used less frequently than "quickness" in and out of cuts, so your drill analysis is legit.

Rogers is probably a good choice if Patterson isn't there.
Still like Hopkins best, but his 40 does concern me a bit. maybe pro-day will improve it.

Also like Quinton Patton a lot, and he'd be a solid dangerous #2.

What makes you think that if we already have a 6'4". speedy TA&M WR, we will go for a white runt another TA&M receiver? uh?

Posted by: Dashi™ | February 26, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Dashi and Odindouche show up at the same time? HILARIOUS!

Posted by: We All Know | February 26, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Heck, I was even listening to Tannebaum.......and he's an IDIOT - LOL!

Posted by: odinseye | February 26, 2013 at 04:22 PM

You must like the taste of your feet, you keep sticking them in your mouth. My guess is you just like sticking things in your mouth, to each his own, as I always say.

Dashi and I posted at exactly the same time at 4:14. I was still copy/pasting from page 1.

Then above, 1 minute apart. Both times I was signed in blue and copy/pasty from page 1. And typing out lengthy replies-LOL.

You are such an idiot-ROTFLMAO! Who would put that much time and effort into using multiple names?

WAIT-LOL! Don't answer THAT! We ALL already know.

ROTFLMAO - Bu-oy, you SO Stoopid!

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