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Will stadium vote cause the Dolphins to have more urgency this offseason to impress fans, voters?

This morning the Dolphins will make official what the Miami Herald confirmed on Saturday, namely that the team's attempt to secure hotel bed tax dollars and other tax breaks to help finance half of a $400 million upgrade to Sun Life Stadium would be put before the voters of Miami-Dade County in the next few months.

It's a gutsy move by the team. It's also something of a Hail Mary because even though local taxpayers are not generally having to fork over the money themselves, asking voters to  approve any tax increase of any kind (even when it's on tourists) is often not a winning proposition.

And it doesn't help that the county's elected officials did such a horrible job vetting the Marlins and dealing with that rogue organization as they negotiated a deal for the new Marlins Park. Public monies beyond bed taxes were used in that deal because the Marlins were losing money and promised to field a great lineup in exchange for their deal.

Except it was eventually learned the Marlins were making money. And the politicians never got the team to open its books before or after that fact came to light. And after one season of upgrading the roster, the club conducted a fire sale and will field a glorified Triple A team lineup this coming season to save money.

So the Marlins and the politicians that voted on their behalf screwed Miami-Dade.

And the fallout from that bomb threatens the Dolphins in this upcoming vote.

But ...

This vote also offers the Dolphins a grand, awesome opportunity. And, if embraced by the club, it can mend the recent narrow but apparent fissure between the team and its fans.

As you know, Dolphins' fans have not been thrilled with the recent direction of the team. The last four years of 7-9, 7-9, 6-10 and 7-9 were not great, but this break was coming well before that with Nick Saban lying and Bill Parcells splitting and Cam Cameron stinking.

So the love affair has been a little rocky and the historically low attendance last season was proof.

But, as I mentioned, this offseason, this vote, this time in team history is a grand and golden opportunity. Think of it, if the team reaches for greatness and that lights a fire under the fan base to turn out to the polls, we could go to August with:

1. A better team filled with promise and some actual proven stars.

2. A team whose house will be modernized.

3. A team that actually seems exciting to its fans.

4. A team that will remain in South Florida for a long, long time.

5. A team whose fans backed it at the polls.

And all this without winning a game. Indeed, all this without even playing a game.

So how does this happen?

Remember right after the season when I suggested the Dolphins handle this offseason in the fashion the Miami Heat handled the offseason in which they got Dwyane Wade re-signed, and added Chris Bosh, and LeBron James and Mike Miller?

Remember the offseason the Heat went big?

That's what the Dolphins have a chance to do this offseason with $46 million or so in salary cap space and five draft picks in the first three rounds.

And so that is the opportunity. The Dolphins can tilt the offseason, the roster, the fan base and the vote in their direction if they simply have the, um, fortitude to go big this offseason as the Heat did three years ago.

Get a bigtime playmaker or two in free agency. In other words, win in free agency. Then add talent in the draft that doesn't suggest you're going to be the same team you've been for a decade. Get that seam-threatening tight end. Get a promising safety to team with Reshad Jones. Get us some corners that knows how to do this thing recently foreign in Miami, what's it called? Oh yes, intercept the football.

Add a running back if you have to.

Hey, how about checking out the trade market, too. Percy Harvin might be out there. Explore, it! (I'm not ready to push for that move per se. But at least explore. Don't sit in a dark film room studying tape of the right guard from New Mexico, when freaking Percy Harvin is dangling out there.)

Dare to be great. And let your fans know as much.

Now, all this sounds like fanciful sportswriter mumbo jumbo, right? It's just a columnist with a vivid imagination sitting at his computer, eating twinkies and filling space.

Well, it would be that if I was lazy.

I'm not lazy.

I texted several of my Dolphins sources about this very subject Sunday. I asked if the team welcoming a vote would cause greater urgency to do something exciting?

The resulting answers were mixed.

First, the topic has not been discussed internally. Remember, the announcement is today. So there has been no grand strategy session within the organization to see if football operations can be helpful to the business side.

This, by the way, has to fall at the feet of owner Stephen Ross. He knows the business side has agreed to take the issue to the voting booth. He had to approve such a move. So once he got done with that conversation, why didn't he pick up another phone (my understanding is billionaires often have multiple phones) and call the football side and say, "Hey, general manager Jeff Ireland, we're doing this presser on Monday. We've got $200 million on the line here. The vote will likely be in May. I want to hear what you're going to do to help. And, you better help!"

That's the owner's job. He has business interests that represent $200 million dangling on a vote, it should automatically dawn on him to rally every asset within the organization to make sure the team does what most professional sports teams are in business to do: Win.

Win the offseason.

Win the fans over.

Win the vote.

(Peanut gallery speaking: "But, Mando, we want a team that wins during the season, not the offseason.")

Shaddup, ya foofs.

There are no games available to be played now, okay? And to win in the regular season, you have to build a team successfully in the offseason.

Anyway, I call on Ross, the head of the Dolphins organization, to get his business side hand and football side hand to speak to each other -- one hand working with the other -- and come up with a strategy that willl make the entire organization emerge from this victorious.

Is the business side into the idea?

Heck yes. In talking to a couple of people on that side, they completely agree that if football operations makes some significant advances or moves that convince fans the team is clearly going to be better, they are more likely to win the election.

"This would seem to be the time to make a statement," one source texted me.

That same source asked if signing a particular player would get fans fired up. I cannot divulge the name of the player used because my job is not to get sources in trouble for tampering. But suffice to say the player is a looming unrestricted free agent who makes plays.

I told the source it would help. But I believe it will take more than one player to light the excitement flames for Miami fans. Also, and more importantly, it's going to take adding more than one player to make the Dolphins much, much better. That's the beauty of all this. The business side would love signing several talented players because it helps them. The football side should love the idea of adding gobs of talent because it helps them.


So the business side would be pleased if this was the approach.

But, and here comes the newsy part of this post, the football side doesn't seem too excited with the idea at this point. I texted a couple of folks on that side, too.

I asked if the vote would bring greater urgency to get bigger name players.

"Nope," was one response I got.

"Doubtful," was another response. "We make football moves for the longterm well-being of the franchise, not to please fans."

Alrightie, then.

So, the football side is not on board at this time. It is going about things like this is another offseason that brings opportunities to improve. But it is not approaching this like it's make-or-break and $200 million and the long-term viability of the team in South Florida are at stake.

Do I agree with this?

Yes. And no.

I agree that winning rather than pleasing fans should be the goal. Always. But some people act like winning and adding bigtime players are mutually exclusive. BREAKING NEWS: Adding great players is what brings winning.

Also, if you're telling me that despite the need to please fans with a big name addition you would, as a hypothetical example here, refuse to pay Mike Wallace $15 million per year, I agree with you.

But, on the other hand, if you're saying you'd refuse to go to $10 million per year because you want to also add the $4 million per year guard, I'd think you're a certifiable dunce.

Deep threat. Imperative.

Guard. A grunt that isn't going to win you games.

(Peanut gallery speaking: "But Mando, you need good interior players too to win big in the NFL.")

Shaddup, ya twits.

You can't name the four guards that started in the Super Bowl and even if you could, you can't name one occassion when a guard scored in the NFL this season. And teams must score points to win. Also, the Dolphins have guards on the team already.

So where does this all leave us?

We have one side of the organization hoping the other side gets on board while the owner is in the middle having not yet broached the topic with either.

Let's hope this changes. There is still time before free agency. There is still time before the draft. There is still time before the NFL trade period opens. There is still time before the Miami-Dade County vote.

Most importantly, there is still time for the Dolphins to become a synchronized organization with all sides harmonizing toward a common goal. 



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You might be right. I just can't see the Ravens giving this guy a huge $100+ contract. I think it's something they will regret for a very long time and I think Newsome is smarter than that. Looks like they're going to lose a few pieces this year and I expect Cinci to be the team that steps up in the division. Ravens will be fighting for a Wild Card spot with the likes of Indy, Steelers and US. and I dont like their chances. Mark it down.....


It was metaphorical on the STRICTEST sense of the word.....

Harvin might be had for a 3rd round pick. IMO it's at least worth exploring the possibility.


As Ive been screaming from the depths of wr morgutory.

"Dont only sign a top fa wr, replace Hartline and Bess in the draft too."

Do not look to only make an upgrade, make it one of the league's top for "YEARS TO COME." Mr. Ireland, You are expecting Mr. Tannehill to be one of the league's top qb's for years to come, right?

Go after Levitre, draft Fluker. Draft a top tier TE. Draft a sleeper r like Stephon Jefferson mid rd, a guy some are touting as 2013's Alfred Morris.

Roll the dice on "the honeu badger", draft Daqvid Amerson, draft Matt Elam, and your secondary is fixed.

Kris, glad to hear it, haha

Bobby, always happy to see your posts. if you can get harvin for a 3rd, I do it in a second. he instantly replaces Bush as far as a dynamic gadget player goes. Younger and faster and none of that "I want to be a feature back" controversy.

Interesting to note there are 7 decent tackles possibly avaialble in FA this year:

Jake Long
Andre Smith
Ryan Clady
Sebastian Volmer
Brandon Albert
Sam Baker
Jermon Bushrod

Now not all these guys will make it to FA but I don't see any chance in Hell that Jake Long gets paid $10 mil a year, based on health and what else is available. I mentioned on the weekend that the 'Phins are on the hook for $1.6 mil a year next of his contract, reagrdless of what they do. Would he be worth let's say another $4-5 mil a year? Maybe.

Draft Matt Barkley at #12. He is the Andrew Luck of 2013.

No welfare for carpet bagging New Yawk BILLIONAIRES!

I totally dont understand the hard on for Harvin. He;s a good player "when healthy". TYhe same could be said of him at UF, "when healthy".

Seems the book on Harvins is almost always, "WHEN HEALTHY".

This is actually a very funny story. Are you telling me people in the Miami area are so stupid they will vote no for a new stadium if the Dolphins don't sign big name free agents?!

I believe it, you sold me. People in Miami are SO stupid they will vote against the future economic growth of the very place they live in because their FOOTBALL team doesn't have the players they like?!!!!!
"It's a gutsy move by the team. It's also something of a Hail Mary because even though local taxpayers are not generally having to fork over the money themselves, asking voters to approve any tax increase of any kind (even when it's on tourists) is often not a winning proposition.
AND, ANNNDDDD, they're so stupid they don't even realize the tax money, that will help build a viable stadium, therefore insuring their team stays put and their town makes more money, ISN'T COMING OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how bad it is down there? They will vote against this deal out of spite? LMAO!

Mr. Ireland, please stop bringing in acorns. Bring the squirrel dammit!

Hey Mark in Toronto, this is the year for this team, cap space, picks and the opportunity to get it done. We have a 2nd tier receiving core, we can give Tanny some great weapons this year, including a TE. Lets see if they can do it right

Ross has a lot of nerve ignoring the public on Ireland and then asking the public for a handout. He certainly doesnt deserve any handouts for burying our once proud Dolphin team. No one even goes to the games anymore. Many games barely drew 20.000 in actual attendance.


I'd be interested in Harvin for a third too. Only that makes me pause is his healthy and the money he's making. But when this guys healthy he's a good player. I think if we were to trade for him, and sign Jennings, it would be goodbye Hartline....and I'd be Ok with that.

Why renovate an empty stadium?

Mike Dee says it makes good business sense to rape the tax payer and not have a carpet Mike Dee says it makes good business sense to rape the tax payer and not have a carpet bagging New Yawk BILLIONAIRE spend HIS money for his benefit. Unphcuking believable. Vote this in at your own peril taxpayers.

Posted by: Neil'sGhost | February 11, 2013 at 09:03 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/02/this-morning-the-dolphins-will-make-official-what-the-miami-herald-confirmed-on-saturday-namely-that-the-teams-attempt-to-se.html#storylink=cpyUnphcuking believable. Vote this in at your own peril taxpayers.

Posted by: Neil'sGhost | February 11, 2013 at 09:03 AM

PERFECT! Perfect example of exactly what I was talking about.

First of all "vote this at your own peril tax payers."

We can't vote. When you say tax payers you must be talking about people from all over the country, NOT people in Dade. The tax money will not be coming from their pockets and they are the ones who have to vote. The tax money is one dollar and ten freaking cents extra on hotel rooms and if you live in the area YOU DON'T NEED TO STAY IN A HOTEL SO WHY DO YOU CARE!?


Shula73, tell that to all the business owners who will lose out if Miami loses the Super Bowl. Local business = local money

I was very disappointed not to see any nip slips last night at the Grammy's, Very disappointed!

I should have clarified my statement on Harvin. I believe he has one more year before he's a FA. That makes me nervous. This team has given up too many picks for guys that have played for a year or two. Mark, you used Marshall as an example this morning. 'We would have been smarter to use the picks on WRs and TEs in the draft'.

I'd be cautious on this one with Harvin. I like the guy but I'd need to know the kind of money he's looking for as a FA. If it's going to be $8-10 mil, then forget it. Go spend the money on Jennings or Wallace and keep the third round pick. This team had been KILLED by mortgaging future picks. No more.

Mike Dee says it makes good business sense to rape the tax payer and not have a carpet bagging New Yawk BILLIONAIRE spend HIS money for his benefit.

Posted by: Neil'sGhost | February 11, 2013 at 09:03 AM

So you don't want a New Yorker charging New Yorker's who fly down to stay in FLA. an extra dollar ten? Thanks for your concern guy but I will pay the money, don't worry, I got you.

And the fact that you don't see this as a benefit for your entire area just shows you haven't looked into this at all. You do not see the big picture, much like the morons I live with in NY. You're just like them. Lets just stop progress for political reasons. Don't worry that it is a good project that will employ thousands and help the county to start making more money so your TAXES DON'T HAVE TO GO UP IN THE FUTURE!

Nope, screw him, bitter and spiteful is a great way to build a future.

A long-term compromise based on team performance would be a nice retribution for public cooperation with the stadium deal.

Anyway I hope we get Mike Wallace from UFA. We still have a limited number of picks in the draft so every player we get from UFA will enhance our chances of succeeding there.

If we can get at least Wallace and a decent OT to replace Long from UFA, my mock will look something like this:

1> Trade down for an additional 3rd rounder and Zack Ertz or Tyler Eifert (TE)
2> Robert Alford (CB)
2> Chris Harper (WR)
3> Brian Winters (OG)
3> Cornellius Carradine (DE)
3> Tony Jefferson (S)
4> Kyle Juszczyk (FB/TE)
5> Dustin Hopkins (K)

Trading down in the first round makes sense since we have a lot of needs to satisfy and should expect very limited help from FA (according to Ross himself).

Any criticism would be apreciated!

Yeah, let's take a page from the old Dan Snyder playbook and just go on wild spending sprees because, well, um, just because! And it really gets the fans excited!!

No matter that it's an approach that NEVER works. Ignore the fact that EVERY solid organization in the NFL is judicious about spending cap money and relies heavily on the draft.

No. we can't have that! This is no time for reason and sensibility.

Mr. Ross, please put aside all facts and decades of proven hostory and SPEND WILDLY this offseason!!

The same billionaires like Ross, who refused Obama's call to pay higher taxes and help the less fortunate are now asking for help from the same people THEY REFUSED to help?? WTF ROSS? How greedy are you?

I don't see a lot of pushback down here in Dade right now. Ross is kicking in his own money, the business people know how much money the Superbowl brings and it's a hotel tax, which doesn't effect the locals. I see this as a close vote but passable

Ross doesnt deserve a SB. He's a terrible owner.

Craig M, in the long run it ends up being we end up with Harvin for that Vonte pick, I have no big problem with that

bobbyd12, not after the Marlins disaster. Ross can do the renovations by himself anyway .

I propose the Dolphins spend every cent of that cap money and also ensure the top FA's sign with them by offering exorbitant guaranteed contracts that will handcuff them financially for years to come.

After that, I propose bundling those extra picks together so that we can pick in the top 5. Or even better, trading them away (and possibly future picks, too) for some fading star from another team.

This is the PROVEN recipe for success in the NFL. You better listen to us, Mr. Ross!!

Steven Ross grew up in Miami Beach and had Dolphins season-tickets for decades before buying the team.

But don't ket facts confuse you.

Shula 73. So here we go, you are going to screw local businesses cause of what that jack Loria did when it will not cost you one cent. That's not smart thinking. Not smart at all



Say you sign Mike Wallace, traded down for an extra 2nd rd pick and draft Tyler Seiffert, Deandre Hopkins, Stedman Bailey.

With two 3rds you have a chance to get David Amerson and DJ Fluker, which address the tackle and corner spots. Who would you not wanna have Fluker or Amerson because you traded one of your 3rd rd picks for Percy Harvin?

Also, if you signed Wallace, drafted Seiffert, Hopkins and Bailey, would that not be enough firepower for you?

Correct o matic 100% CORRECT

I hope you people vote against this, I really do.

I can't wait to sit back and watch sun life stadium become so bad it will rival Nassau Coliseum in Nassau County, NY. Same thing happened here and the voters said no.

Now the Islanders are moving to Barclay's center and instead of the county creating thousands of jobs and keeping a cash cow in town they are going to be staring at an old dilapidated building that they can't sell. They went from a surplus of 4 million a year that could be used on roads,schools, etc. to now having a deficit of 2 million a year. They are now scrambling to find anyone interested in taking over the stadium and you guessed it, no one is interested. Oh and guess what? The tax increase the citizens didn't want to pay three years ago? It was .11 cents a year. Now with the Islanders moving their taxes are going up $1.67 a year to cover the loss.

Please, do not cut off your nose to spite your face. I implore people in the area to study the numbers, think about the future of the county. Understand that this is not only going to benefit the owner but the entire area. It is YOUR stadium. Ross owns it but CAN NOT pick it up and move. It will be there for a very long time and the better it is the more the citizens of the county benefit. Sure Ross benefits but that's besides the point. He's a billionaire, his money makes money, his bank account goes up when he's sleeping.

You are not hurting Stephen Ross by voting no, you are only hurting your own future.



Also Im sick of building disjointed teams in Miami. Everytime we see certain players, as fans we automatically want to throw them on our team without a "true plan" for rebuilding.

Let's just keep throwing s h i t at the wall and keep whatever sticks. Good luck with ever seeing another championship football team in Miami. The U will become dominant again before that happens.

Mike Wallace's name does not sell season tickets. Percy Harvin does not sell season tickets. Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers sell season tickets. And, WINNING.

Yesterday, there is all different types of scenarios, I certainly not saying that's the only one with Harvin that I like. Fact is the kid is 24 with tremendous potential. I won't just dismiss him without looking at the possibilities.

Well, I certainly hope the "U" will have a Championship team soon

bobbytd12 that's good to hear but also worries me. The vote was close up here and in the end people against the renovations spent thousands on a smear campaign that pushed the ignorant few over to the other side.

And the funniest thing is they will now be paying an even higher tax increase then they would have had they agreed to the deal. Truly insane.

..Percy Harvin is a better player then any of the recievers we have right now.. He is the perfect guy for all you we have to sign "cheap" players. God help us if we spend more then I am comfortable on a player sort of guy. And to those who think he is injury prone...Myth. He was last year. 15,14,16 games the prior 3 years...so put that to bed.


I like your scenario a lot better. Tired of this team throwing picks away on guys they have for a year or two. NO MORE. It's not how you build a championship team.

Harvin I like a lot. But no more picks given away. Just dumb!

Stephen Ross can, should, and will do the renovations by himself. Public handouts should not even be considered.


If you told me 30yrs agao that the Miami Hurricanes will be competing for or winning a college basketball national championship before I would even come close to seeing the Dolphins win another sb. I would have laughed you into oblivion.

But right now, we do sit at the cusp of that dont we my friend? So lets just keep throwing s h i t at the wall and keep whatever sticks. Who the hell needs a "real plan"?

Percy Harvin, come on down, youre the next contestant on:

"We hope your s h i t will stick!"


We dont need scenarios, we need "concrete plan". We've had scenarios for over 30yrs now.

Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results is called, INSANITY!

We havent had a real plan for building a team in Miami since Joe Thomas/Bobby Bethard.

Misconceptions about percy harvin

#1 - perpetually injured. he's missed three games over the last three years. No, not a perfect attendance record but far from a brittle player. He's played in 94% of Minny's games over the last three years.

#2 - He is a true WR. No he's not. he is very fast but he works underneath and out fo the abckfield. he is not Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings. You work this guy underneath like you would with a Reggie Bush out of the backfield. In fact his best year, he caught 87 balls for an 11.1 avg. he moves the chains, he scores TDs, but he's not a flanker. So signing him does not solve your WR problems but does an interesting dynamic to the team and sever matchup problems for the opposition.

Now as far as compensation. Mentioned a 3rd pick. That is not a premium pick. Only 10% of those players drafted in the third round have a shot of becoming 3 year starters - statistically proven. If you get a bona fide NFL starter for a 3rd round pick - you make that trade every time.

Stephen Ross can, should, and will do the renovations by himself. Public handouts should not even be considered.

Posted by: Vazman | February 11, 2013 at 11:33 AM

BPOTD!!!!!! AGREED 100%


What I would do is, I would trade Brian Hartline for Percy Harvin strait up right now. He scores far more tds.

However, why trade a 3rd rd pick for him when this is a very good wr crop. We can get younger, cheaper, and draft a wr as good. There are guys like Bailey, Patton, and a couple others we could draft with a 3rd rd pick if going that direction.

A couple of these guys have as much upside as Harvin or slightly more.

...So if we could get Percy Harvin for a 5th round pick..We shouldn't do it?????? Ok

Also..Time to buck up. Look we all want the same things. Some of us see different paths as to how we get there. But this is the season to take some risks. Look you cannot win bif unless you get your money in the pot at the right time..Think about this as a poker game, and we have waited and waited to put our cash in with the nuts..This is the time.

What is everyone afraid of? It doesn't work? We still stink. This idea that this general manager, this owner know how to build a team the"right way" is a freekin joke. Let them do what they do. Ireland has set himself up to have a bounty of loot, and draft choices. By design..In my opinion. You can't do it anymore right. So show us something. Build a team. don't worry about failure. You can't fail anymore then you already have. Anything at this point will be seen as signs trending in the positive. Your mingons here will get to tell us all we told you so.

But if this is another scared offseason, another conservative effort. Forget it, for what? So next year we have cap space, so we have the a bunch of picks for tommorow. I get it if you are a franchise that has won..you get to do this. It is seen a smart. We do not have that luxury. We do not get to operate in this manner. In fact you will be long gone if this is another offseason of who the F^%& is that? Show some spine.

..Yg.. I was thinking more along the lines of a 5th round pick.. That is what I read.. Sure trade him for Hartline..That is actually a nice idea.

Now as far as compensation. Mentioned a 3rd pick. That is not a premium pick. Only 10% of those players drafted in the third round have a shot of becoming 3 year starters

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 11, 2013 at 11:41 AM


You're right...

For us, it's like giving up an Egnew.

Mark In Tornto does have a point. Percy Harvin's best season was 87 catches 967 yds 6tds.

That season he only averaged 11.1 yards per catch. Real deepthreat homerun hitter huh?

I like the idea of Mike Wallace turning it on for a 50 yd scoring play. I also like the idea of Lamar Miller torching a defense for a 50 yd scoring play. Same excitement and we need an o-line for both to happen. We can get that o-line for Miller but probably not for Wallace. Miller won't wreck the salary cap but Wallace might. Why take the chance.

Vote NO on the Wallace amendment #17.

You always have to try to stay ahead of your better Division rivals. What does NE needs now, WRs? Coincidentally, we do too. So, We Draft or sign the best 2 of those available. And so on...

"Stephen Ross can, should, and will do the renovations by himself."

False. This is what people in New York were banking on as well. In the end the owner had enough. He had already spent millions and wasn't interested in spending more.

Stephen Ross will not own the team forever, at some point he will have to sell. That means he is basically leasing the property for now. Why would he spend over 400 million of his own money on a stadium he might not even own in ten years? He won't be able to add that 400 million to the sale price, that's not how it works in the NFL. It's not like renovating your home bathroom and asking for more money on the sale. A lot more goes into figuring out fair value on a professional sports team.

Also Ross was basically ripped off when buying the Dolphins. He signed the papers, his fault. But the cost was based off of past success. The team was run into the ground for 10 years before he bought it. Now he's being blamed for all of the problems even though he has had only 2 years to fix it. Decades of mismanagement and now it's his fault the team isn't a juggernaut in two years time?

Any proponents out there actually have something of substance to add? Are there any true reasons not to vote yes? So far all I've heard is a bunch of whining about billionaire handouts. The proponents so far have said in their own way, 'We don't want to vote yes because Ross is rich and we don't want the rich getting richer'.

Wonderful. Can you answer to any of the points I have made? Can you debate even one fact or opinion I have presented in an intelligent manner?


I would hate to trade away my 5th rd pick and then see Minnesota draft Tyrann Matthieu with the pick and he immediately became defensive rookie of the year. Actually with my gm mock I go after the "honey badger" with the 5th rd pick. LOL...


You might be right. I just can't see the Ravens giving this guy a huge $100+ contract. I think it's something they will regret for a very long time and I think Newsome is smarter than that. Looks like they're going to lose a few pieces this year and I expect Cinci to be the team that steps up in the division. Ravens will be fighting for a Wild Card spot with the likes of Indy, Steelers and US. and I dont like their chances. Mark it down.....

Posted by: Craig M | February 11, 2013 at 10:44 AM

We will and we'll have hot sauce on hand for you to wash your crow down with.

How you like dem apples Sir Babbles Allot?

Harvin is on the trading block for a reason: he has mixed it up with 2 different NFL coaches. Hardly a good fit in Miami.

Call me "dumb homer" but I believe Tyrann Matthieu will have an instant impact his rookie season.

Goodness gracious, he was like a man that stood amongst boys in the SEC. If you can stand out in the SEC, you can have immediate success in the nfl.

I have a feeling many teams will regret passing on Matthieu. Sort of like Moss when he first entered the league.

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