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UF's Josh Evans has ties inside the Dolphins

I made the point in the last post that the Dolphins should know the kids coming out of the University of Miami and Florida International University better than any other team because of the proximity of those two schools. Well, throw in the University of Florida and Florida State, too.

Years ago, the Patriots had a great in at Florida because New England coach Bill Belichick and Gators coach Urban Meyer (now at Ohio St.) are great friends.

But the Dolphins are not without ties to the UF program and players. One player in particular to watch is safety Josh Evans.

He wrote an eloquent combine diary for onlygators.com and I suggest you check out the entire piece.

Basically, Evans met with the entire Dolphins coaching staff at the combine. (He also met with Washington, San Francisco, Tampa and Dallas among others.)

What stood out about Miami's meet is that Evans has a great connection with Dolphins assistant DB coach Blue Adams. Adams recruited Evans out of high school for Purdue.

"It was funny to meet up again because we had a great relationship when I was in high school," Evans tells onlygators.com. "When I was coming up, he showed me a lot of love, and now to see him on the professional level there is a sort of comfort to know this guy actually knows who I am. He knows my character, knows I’m not a problem child and knows I’m someone who is striving to be successful in life."

That's excellent news as one hopes Adams will expand on his relationship when discussing him within the Dolphins facility.

Evans was something of a disappointment in the 40 at the combine, running 4.58. But he has a reason: He tweaked a hamstring prior to the run. He'll get another chance at the Florida Pro Day.

If you are wondering why all the coverage of safeties lately, you should understand that is an area of need for Miami. Chris Clemons is an unrestricted free agent. If he doesn't that is a hole for Miami. But even if he does, which I expect, the Dolphins have no real depth at the position.

They had to sign Tyrone Culver late last season to be the backup when they really had no plans of bringing him back when training camp closed and he was cut.

The need doesn't rise to the first-round status, but it will be a discussion later on. Evans might be a fit. And by the way, Evans is training in Boca. That's really close to the Dolphins' training facility.


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Posted by: superPHIN | February 28, 2013 at 05:16 PM

Thanks. I didn't see anything on it anywhere. I'm not sure which would be worse. The Jets keeping him or them getting a bunch of picks for him.




as long as the Jets have Sanchez at QB...I wouldnt be too worried about it, just sayin!!!


You can't be serious with that 1st rd pick..


You know that I usually ignore name changing trolls. Every now and then, I get the urge to totally annihialate them. LOL...


Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 28, 2013 at 05:25 PM

I actually think Barkley would be nice value at our #12 pick if we werent tied to Tannehill with the #8 overall pick just a year earlier.

My overall view on Barkley is that it will be crucial to his development which team he goes to. A real qb guru and he's great. If not, the latest USC bust.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 28, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Its ANNIHILATE you Moron.

since you so like to correct me and my errors
Grandmaster Ape!!!


Barkley would've gone 2nd last year....ahead of RG3. He's a steal at #12 because of injury....and would beat out Tanny easily.

Posted by: Monte | February 28, 2013 at 05:33 PM

Well, if Ireland pulled the draft shocker of the entire 2013 nfl draft, and take Barkley. It would server grave notice their true evaluation of Tannehill.

Just sayin.......

If Ireland drafted Barkley #12, it would rank somewhere near the fall of Sodom and Gomora and parting of the Red Sea. LOL...

In no feasable way do we draft a QB at 12, Irefiend might as well hand in his resignation papers on the spot if that happens...which isnt a terrible thing to do, just sayin!!*lmao*

My overall view on Barkley is that it will be crucial to his development which team he goes to. A real qb guru and he's great. If not, the latest USC bust.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 28, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Fair enough but we did draft Tannehill and i don't really see where we have the luxury of using another 1st rd draft pick on a qb when there are other holes to fill. At least I wouldn't think Ireland would think he has that luxury.

The focus should be on getting Tannehill to the next level and the team in the playoff hunt.

If Ireland doesn't do that then he won't back for another season. Then we'll have a new GM and probably another new coach who can pick his own qb.

U are nuttier than squirrel turds if you believe Barkley is anything more than Leinhart or Clausen 2.0! A weak armed guy surrounded by talent, not a standout.
Nothing there to see, move along!

Oh No,

Jets are reportedly working out David Garrard at QB.....could it be that garrard gets the gig, shouldnt be that hard to do considering whats already there....

"I didnt say it was your fault, i said i was blaming You"

"When I grow up, I want to be just like Scotch On Rocks"

You learn the difference between past tense and passive grammatical errors yet you idiot?

Hmmm...Greg Cote thinks the Dolphins should at least explore a trade for Revis.

Although you rarely see trades of this magnitude inside of a division one thing is for sure, better spending big money on a healthy Revis than on Sean Smith. Even if it cost us one our 2nd rders.

Either way it would be a major shocker.

Monte, guess Bill Polian was wrong when he said on NFL live that Tannehill would be the 1st QB picked in this year's draft, and that Barkley's a late 1st early 2nd pick. There's concern about arm strength.

Dolfan Rick, post of the day, you're absolutely right.

I guess Mike Tannebaum was wrong also.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!, why do you have this hate of Tannehill, I just don't get it.

The dolphins will win the afc east in 2013

The world is our oyster at number 12 , we can go so many ways this should be interesting

We can go wr,de,cb,ot it's a free for all

Those posts from Armando Salguero are very good, young still undrafted players from schools in south Florida who may be are off the radar of the dolphins, and can contribute to the next level, is very useful to the organization. Congratulations, I would like more of this.

The deal is that Tannehill is their guy rather we like it or not unless I missed a story saying otherwise.

There going to win lose or draw with him and seem fairly confident that it will be winning.

I really don't get the negativity on Tannehill either. He gets more positive grades from the analyst and pundits than negative ones. While the so called experts aren't right all the time, they do get paid to study these things and the good ones are right most of the time.

Gotta love your enthusiam Marc and I hope theres more of it to come for all of us.

Enthusiasm and Dolphins are two words that haven't went together in awhile. Except maybe at Sea World.

I like xavor Rhodes at 12 overall or maybe Mingo or maybe dion Jordan or maybe keenan Allen or Cordadelle Patterson or dez truphant see what I mean

Man and to think mike Wallace might be ours gives me a woody

Ross is way too cheap to pay Revis.

Right now our scouts must be drooling from every Orpheus of their bodies

Are there fools still biting on this Harmel poster? You can't see he is just having fun with you?

Some of you are so naive it is really incredible, you take the bait every time.

Are you careful with your money harmel you my friend are a bigett what is your problem dude ,you should go root for the cowboys

I wont give that cheap SOB Ross another dime. No more tickets for me.

We have 47 million to spend WOWWWW

Line em up start right now

Screw revis and screw the jets oh ya they did it to themselves

Well for those who want to blog football and not debate BS How about going after Dustin Keller instead of Wallace. He would be cheaper and is certainly an inseam down the field TE. The Dolphns could then @ #12 get an OT, then in the second round get a rookie receiver with speed, then a DB. This would leave some room to pick up another CB in FA. Then there are two picks in the third round to address more dire needs.

The Jets have cap issues and have to make some tough decisions!


How about signing both , we can do it Wallace , Keller , plus a cb


I think I read in your comments today that you think Barkley throws the ball better than Tannehill. Honestly? I really think you need to go back and look at tape of Barkley. His arm is NOTHING like Tannehills. That's the knock on this guy.

You talked about the hype surrounding Barkley. Respectfully, I think you've already bought into it.


Posted by: HEAT WORLD CHAMPS | February 28, 2013 at 07:27 PM

Who would have thunk it?? I don't know if i've ever been more excited about watching a college basketball game.


Greg Cote saying Fins should explore giving Jets PICKS for Revis. Think Cote needs to be drug tested.

I agree with marc on getting both but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

If we had to choose between the 2, I would go with Wallace.

If Moore doesnt sign I like the Barkley idea. Or Geno Smith is a local kid. If Tannehill stinks it up like last year he's gotta be yanked.

Keller hasn't been able to stay healthy for some time. What don't you get? Keller on the bench or IR is worse than your grandmother.

Barkley will never be as good as RT is right now.

Matt Barfley is something does just before its ok to drink again. In some circles its simply referred to as:


Dustin Keller?


He was only great playing against our non-cryptonic linebacker corps. However, it does mean he'll always look great in practice. LOL...

Henne > Tannehill


I agree. Where's the druf testing for that guy? That's just a dumb idea all around. I honestly wonder how sports writers keep their jobs sometimes. The beauty of it is there's no accountability for some of their comments. Just NONSENSE!

Dustin Keller?

We've been so terrible covering TE's, Rue Paul publically called us out.

Dustin Keller will win "Comeback Practice Player Of the year" going against our linebackers in practice.

Sorry, but, thats about it folks. LOL...

To those that think Keller has not been able to stay healthy, what about Long. It's the nature of the NFL beast. Inuries happen but I would call Keller a solid pick up at a position that the Dolphins have never accepted as a position of dire need. All the good offensive teams have a very good TE that can get open and excel catching the football.

Dolfans clamoring for Dustn Keller based only what he did to our LB corps.

Have you forgotten? At one time or another, every TE in the league has looked like a hofer playing against our LB's corp. LOL...

Who Blogs 24/7 And has broken every non-stop blogging record know to mankind and lives in a goverment funded trailer?"

No doubt this team lacks stars but I'd rather see a star on offense then acquiring Revis. I think a lot of fans and media are understandably desperate for any star power on the team but offense is where they are anemic.

What happens is people get a name in their head, like Keller, and lose all objectivity. They forever think someone else's cast off will be a star here. That very rarely happens, percentage-wise it's a very poor gamble. On top of that, who in their right mind could expect Keller to stay healthy here when he couldn't with the Jets?

Those that bash Ireland the most are those that for sure would do the absolute dumbest things given the chance! LOL

Well to use mike's format...

Keller> Egnew

Btw Mike,

I hear the Jags need season ticket holders. Just sayin.

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