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UF's Josh Evans has ties inside the Dolphins

I made the point in the last post that the Dolphins should know the kids coming out of the University of Miami and Florida International University better than any other team because of the proximity of those two schools. Well, throw in the University of Florida and Florida State, too.

Years ago, the Patriots had a great in at Florida because New England coach Bill Belichick and Gators coach Urban Meyer (now at Ohio St.) are great friends.

But the Dolphins are not without ties to the UF program and players. One player in particular to watch is safety Josh Evans.

He wrote an eloquent combine diary for onlygators.com and I suggest you check out the entire piece.

Basically, Evans met with the entire Dolphins coaching staff at the combine. (He also met with Washington, San Francisco, Tampa and Dallas among others.)

What stood out about Miami's meet is that Evans has a great connection with Dolphins assistant DB coach Blue Adams. Adams recruited Evans out of high school for Purdue.

"It was funny to meet up again because we had a great relationship when I was in high school," Evans tells onlygators.com. "When I was coming up, he showed me a lot of love, and now to see him on the professional level there is a sort of comfort to know this guy actually knows who I am. He knows my character, knows I’m not a problem child and knows I’m someone who is striving to be successful in life."

That's excellent news as one hopes Adams will expand on his relationship when discussing him within the Dolphins facility.

Evans was something of a disappointment in the 40 at the combine, running 4.58. But he has a reason: He tweaked a hamstring prior to the run. He'll get another chance at the Florida Pro Day.

If you are wondering why all the coverage of safeties lately, you should understand that is an area of need for Miami. Chris Clemons is an unrestricted free agent. If he doesn't that is a hole for Miami. But even if he does, which I expect, the Dolphins have no real depth at the position.

They had to sign Tyrone Culver late last season to be the backup when they really had no plans of bringing him back when training camp closed and he was cut.

The need doesn't rise to the first-round status, but it will be a discussion later on. Evans might be a fit. And by the way, Evans is training in Boca. That's really close to the Dolphins' training facility.


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Alex, The question is OdinStank.

Yesterday's Gone, why is it that no player is good enough for the very average Dolphins. That potential player to be drafted or recruited in FA has something wrong. Well fortune favors the brave and making a bold move instead of being cynical over every player in the NFL is just dumb.

Clive, everyone bashes Ireland except the Jet fans.

Go to: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/8807/career

Read Keller's career stats. Also keep in mind that at least 30% of his seasonal stats were built in the 2 games a year that he played against our lose end TE defense.

If Keller could have played 16 games a year over his entire career against us. He would already be ranked greatest TE in nfl history. LOL...

The fins need season ticket holders more



Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 28, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Saying Keller is better than Egnew is like saying hotshit stinks louder than warmshit. Who the f u c k really cares, s h i t still stinks. LOL...

Posted by: ALoco | February 28, 2013 at 08:10 PM

By a vowel ALoco. LOL...

Only a few short hours ago you "claimed" that you were off to work. LOL...

I can't argue with that mike. Except maybe its a tie.

Nonsense Yesterday's Gone,

Staying healthy involves working out in the offseason like Tony Gonzalez does. The Dolphins could draft the top two TE's in the draft and they both could get injured. Sometimes it's genetics but most often it involves players who do not work out during the offseason.

Steve Ross save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Posted by: Alex Tribek. | February 28, 2013 at 08:08 PM

Is this the same guy who sits in mommy's basement and watches Gilligan's Island reruns all day?

Are you still very crossed that MaryAnn and Ginger are prettier than you? LOL...

Posted by: promichael | February 28, 2013 at 08:14 PM

Actually Keller isnt injury prone. In 5 seasons, he's played all 16 gms in 4 of those. 2012 was the first season that he ever missed a game.

He played in only 8 games in 2012. Still, he only looked great playing against the Miami Dolphins, as did all "scrub TE's".

Holy cow, dipshits here cal for acquiring players and are too damn lazy to even research what theyre calling for.

Yet endlessly blast Ireland year after year. Geez... LOL...

Well fortune favors the brave and making a bold move instead of being cynical over every player in the NFL is just dumb.

Posted by: promichael | February 28, 2013 at 08:05 PM

Let's not confuse bold with plain stupid.

Dustin Keller would probably already be out of the league by now. If he didnt have the benefit of playing against the Dolphins defense twice a year.

Still his overall numbers arent that much greater than Fasano's except for only one season. Even that year he nearly put up career like numbers in only 1 game against our d that year. LOL...

Correct aloco.
The board is yours..

If Anthony Fasano could have played against our defense twice a year. The nutzoids here would be calling for signing Fasano right now. LOL...


I believe you would argue with a snapping turtle.

The only reason some of you think Keller is something special is because you are used to him catching passes against us. Nowhere else is Dustin Keller remotely newsworthy...just another average player when healthy.


So you were wrong Keller is not injury prone, he's just a scrub. Then if the Dolphins had a scrub as TE they would be a much better team. I guess Heath Miller and Jason Witten are scrubs that the Dolphins just don't have. Dude forget it.....

Well comparing Witten to Keller is sheer desperation. It would be easier to just admit you had a lapse in judgement.

Mando sounds like you are liking acorns! I thought the fins were trying to get away from that.

We are taught that it is bad to be wrong, even though all of us are wrong more than we are right.

Ah........no disrespect Mando, but where did **YOU** go to School? South Florida by chance?

Anywhoo......I saw this post earlier on the last Blog and it got deleted. I just HAD to repost it ;)

Doesn't happen, you say?

Let me share a couple of names:

Jimmy Graham.

T.Y. Hilton.

Sam Shields.

-Armando Salguero-

Try and stay with me on this Kiddie Kats. A "Couple" = "TWO" and a "Few" = "THREE".

Jimmy Graham - Ah....One Football Player.

T.Y. Hilton - Ah....TWO Football Players.

Sam Shields - Ah....*THREE*...*FOOTBALL*...*PLAYERS*.

Posted by: Count Von Count | February 28, 2013 at 09:35 AM

Now at's sum funny stuff, at right thar!

Some of us admit it more easily than others.

If my name were ProClive, I would probably have a harder time admitting when I was wrong. LOL.

Aloco takes "Loveboys" Gang for a hundred
The Answer is..
"He was a Member of the Gang of Acorns and a founding member of "The gang of Defeat"

If my name was Genius Genus, I would have a very very hard time admitting when I was wrong!


Jason Witten is a much better TE than Keller. The point was finding fault with every TE available is just dumb. Weather It's Jason, Heath or Keller, they are much better TE's than the Dolphins currently have.

The Hurricanes will get a chance to wrap up the ACC's regular-season title on Saturday night - but to get it done this weekend, they will have to beat the third-ranked Blue Devils at raucous and rowdy Cameron Indoor Stadium, where the home team has won 92 of its last 97 games according to STATS LLC.

Jason Witten is a much better TE than Keller. The point was finding fault with every TE available is just dumb. Weather It's Jason, Heath or Keller, they are much better TE's than the Dolphins currently have.

Posted by: promichael | February 28, 2013 at 08:38 PM

The 3rd stage of denial, squirm. LOL

The idea is to UPGRADE, not make a level move. Keller, when healthy might be a slightly better receiver than Fasano, but Fasano does have good hands, and is a better blocker. It's a wash.

Clive, just because you are wrong more then you are right doesnt mean everyone else is.


Clive, just because you are wrong more then you are right doesnt mean everyone else is.

Posted by: You Get That | February 28, 2013 at 08:42 PM

Do you get that you are a chicken sheet pooswah name changer with no ballllls? Hehe. Man are you a woos. Neem mommmy to put your condoms on for you?

I'll take a wild wild guess and say it is promichelle trolling me haha.

Folks, you got something to say, speak up...no need to hide behind daffodils!

And " Clive" isnt a name change?? HYPOCRITE!! LMFAO!!

Posted by: Shula 73 | February 28, 2013 at 08:39 PM

So many of you goddamn Shulas here it hard not to get you all confused. Dammit, Ive even seen a Shula Steakhouse here. LOL...

The answer is...
"He said "Tony Sporono" Will be the most sought ater coach in the NFL after the Phins Fired him"

Posted by: Clive | February 28, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Condom? His mommy has unprotected sex too. LOL...

Oh bruddah...LMFAO?....yeah...killer response. Does your mommy take off your condom and wash you when your are done too?

How chic.

Does your mommy sneak in a suckle for her baby when wiping you clean? Or is that just your fantasy?

Sick puppy indeed!

Is there a remote possibilty of a trade for Finley? Or does Philbin have the same opinion of his attitude as Mccarthy does?

Clearly "Clive" thinks everyone is as dumb as him. LMFAO!

Most people are in general too lazy to do the slightest research, so any name that they think rings in the media, they worship. They are brainwashed without realizing it. Keller upgrades nothing.

finley will end up being cut

You Get That = promichelle

With a little kush, this blog can be a very enjoyable place. LOL...

pro mikey, you should hook up with kris...he wanted donovan mcnabb.


Why dont we just boycott the boycott until Ireland's fired. We get the message guy. LOL...

seahawks trying to deal flynn now, poor kid

finley will end up being cut

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 28, 2013 at 08:56 PM

Well then I guess we may find out what Philbin thinks of him.

Heck, Donovan NcNabb's better then any QB we've had.

I see Dolfan Rick has matured a bit and no longer worships YG DB LOL as the blog grandpappy!


Offer Tanny and Pouncey for Matt Flynn?

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