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Vontae Davis gets Sean Smith, self in hot water

We all know Sean Smith is eager to test the free agent market. He's going to have suitors.

But none of the contact that will happen starting March 9 when pending free agents are allowed to speak with all clubs is supposed to be happening yet. If it is happening, it is tampering.

That, of course, happens all the time but is rarely proven.

Well, if you believe former Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, there is tampering afoot relative to Sean Smith.

"I seen my dude Sean Smith last night he said he talking to KC him & B Flowers will makes (sic) a good Duo," Davis tweeted in the last 20 minutes.


It suggests Smith is talking to an NFL team when he shouldn't be -- specifically the Kansas City Chiefs. It is coming from a close -- albeit ridiculously dumb -- friend of the Dolphins cornerback. And a storm could be on the way over the matter if the NFL chooses to pursue it.

For the record, I tweeted agent David Canter, who represents Smith, to see if the tampering allegation is true.

"Don’t believe everything players tell you Armando. Rule number 1 of football journalism," he replied.

Well, I think I'm pretty versed in journalism and that isn't Rule 1. Rule 1 is get it straight from the horse's mouth and get it on the record.

This comes from Davis's mouth as his account is verified. And I believe he simply slipped. That's neither here nor there. So I asked Canter if he is saying Davis is lying?

"I say clients haven’t ever spoken to teams prior to free agency so his statement isn’t true," Canter replied.

I believe Canter. I believe Sean Smith probably hasn't spoken to the Chiefs. But notice he didn't say he hadn't spoken to the Chiefs on Smith's behalf.

Here's an interesting twist: Moments after I retweeted Davis's tweet and sought out Canter, the former Dolphins cornerback tweeted that his account had been hacked.

"My Twitter was Hack I did not see Sean Smith last night!!" he wrote in his own inimitable style for the language.

That's possible. And it's also possible Davis is doing damage control because he was informed he'd just uncovered his good friend.

I will be seeking comment from the Dolphins on this matter. They probably will have none. They are, however, aware of the issue.

[Update: The Miami Dolphins have no comment.]

[Update: Smith denied on twitter he met with the Chiefs. "Whoa, no I didn't."  he tweeted. Then he added: "OK, this is getting out of hand. I've never talked to any other team besides the Miami Dolphins."]

[Update: Smith also said he did speak with former Dolphins coach now KC DB coach Al Harris recently and told Davis about that and that Davis misunderstood somehow that it meant Smith is talking to the Chiefs.]

[Update: The Chiefs have no comment.]

Again, the denials never mention whether Smith's agent talked to the Chiefs.

The NFL has no comment but it does, according to Herald beat reporter Adam Beasley, investigate allegations of tampering, regardless of whether the offended team files a complaint or not. The NFL does prefer a complaint be filled.

Meanwhile, Davis comes off as initially transparent but not necessarily intelligent relative to outing his friend and then his backtracking.

[Update: Smith now is basically conceding that Davis lied about having his account hacked. "He panicked ... Not the best idea but I appreciate it tho."]

[Update: And now Sean Smith has blocked me on twitter. These guys are brilliant.]

Canter has a spill he has to clean up.

And now we shall wait to see if Sean Smith signs eventually with the Kansas City Chiefs or perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles, with whom Canter met (for undisclosed reasons) during the Indianapolis combine.


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Man, Vontae is dumb as fukk

My point was the trade for Smith could turn into TWO second round picks. That's a lot to give up for the guy. This isn't the SF 49ers he's going to. This is the KC Chiefs. They have a LOT of holes. The OL in KC is nothing like what he's had in SF, despite the fact they are about to add a tackle.
Honestly, I don't rate this guy much better than Cassell. Yeah, I'm being serious here. Take a look at their CAREER numbers....they're almost identical. And Smith has had the luxury of playing with that team in SF for the last couple of years. I think you need to go back and look at him before Harbaugh got there. I'm saying rather than trade two picks for Smith and give him all that money, they would have been better to have signed Moore in FA. KC fans aren't liking this move....I wonder why.
Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 02:10 PM

Vontae is a snitch. Maybe sean should give him the brandon marshall practice special ( a punch to the dome).

I'm not surprised. David was an idiot when he was here and he CONTINUES to be an idiot even while somewhere else. Can we expect to see more 'I can't believe we traded this shutdown corner' BS posts for the forseeable future on here. Haven't missed this guy for a second since he's been gone.

And how the Hell does KC propose to come up with all this money? What am I missing here?

Mark (from the last blog),

I like Hunter too but I've seen numerous mocks where he's going in the 45-55 range. I believe he will be there for us in the second. Is he the answer? Not necessarily. I believe there are a number of guys that could help us in the 2nd or 3rd and you've done a good job listing some of them.

Craig, Hunter to me is a perfect WR in the 2nd. Played at a big school, is a big boy, productive, explosive, fast. I think if we get him with the 1st pick of the 2nd round, that's a gift. The only hang up on him is injury history. But apparently he's got a clean character so that's important for these guys too. He is a first round talent, injury hitory knocks him down a bit. I'd certainly take him over any TE in this draft and certainly wouldn't wait until the 2nd pick of the 2nd round.

But you're right Craig, some good fallbacks in Wheaton and Rogers with Wheaton being the more likely selection for Philbin I think.

WNPs (from the last blog),

Come on, man.....are you telling me Pioli did a good job in KC? I'll take Ireland's work the last few years over what Pioli had done....hands down.

Let's see:

Traded a second for Cassell and gave him a big contract. Brilliant move!

Wasted the third pick in the draft on Glen Dorsey

F8cked up the cap situation so they had to let Brandon Carr go.

Wasted a high pick on Jackson

Drafted a mediocre possession receiver in Baldwin, in the first round.

Screwed their cap situation to the point that their not able to keep Albert.

Alienated the fans and media well beyond anything Ireland has done here in Miami.

Made bad HCing choices back to back.

Oh yeah....led his tema to a 2-14 season.

Do I need to go on?

Vontae Davis is a really stupid human being.


I think Rob in OC has been a big fan of Wheaton. Don't know much about him....just what I've read.

We''ll disagree on Hunter. I don't think he's 'must draft'. I like the idea of getting the TE first and then sseeing what's there at WR. There will be some good ones. I know you're not big on Eiffert or Ertz but I'd love to see one of them in this offence.

I see the NFL is unhappy with TE Nick Kasa being asked 'if he likes girls' at the Combine. It couldn't be Ireland again, could it? Please no......

Meanwhile, how is Brady Quinn doing? You know, the backup to the backup in KC after that trade.

You'd think the way all you 'experts' here went ballistic when Miami didn't pick him you'd hear more about the guy.

Well, I'm sure you weren't wrong about it. Quinn will no doubt embark on that Hall of Fame careeer any decade now.

YG (from the last blog),

So you've got KC going to the playoffs next year after the Smith trade? OK, I'll file that one away.

And since when does having the first pick in the draft mean that the guy is going to the Pro Bowl? I'm missing that one.

Gotta check out for a while fellas.....be good!

Vontae' grandmother hacked his account. Good riddance Sean Smith....

I see Ted Ginn had a chance to chime in on this blog @ 2:30.

You're right Craig, you know I think both of those top TEs can go sukk a cokkk for all I care. My interest is in the next tier of TEs.

Didn't know Rob was a big fan of Wheaton but I can see why ( and he gets to see him a lot out there). The only knock on this guy is size 5'11, 190lbs. Extrememly productive, 4.4 speed, 20 reps (2nd among WRs), performed extremely well in all his athletic/agility tests. I bet this guy becomes five times the WR Robert "Pedestrian" Woods does out of USC.

craig i keep telling u they have plenty of cash

Lol!! That's why players are drafted on their football skills instead of their brains. Vonte messed up big time

Just read Banks' mock draft: has us taking Ansah. I'd rather take Werner. Also, for next round I'd target Ertz if he's still on the board. Next two picks take best WR available and S/CB.

Another Reason!! Why Getting rid Of Vontae Is A Good Idea!!

We Can Only Hope!! S.Smith Getting Paid By KC.

Would Rather Go After Talib or Asomagua(think I Got It Right?)

i feel bad for KC if they're actually thinking about getting smith.

Vontae might be one of the dumbest players we have ever had in Miami, the guy is about as smart as a houseplant.

I wonder of after he saw Smith he called his Grandmother.

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2013 at 02:35 PM

WOW, Vonte, Im sorry, I mean CraigM. See how you get false crap started?

I said that I wouldnt be surprised if the Chiefs made the playoffs, not that they definitely will make the playoffs? File that one away Einstein.

PS: Yu wouldnt happen to be related to Vonte would you?

boulder they will have to beat out many other teams, eagles want him badly. still think ireland may panick and franchise him

most of radio here today in kc is pissed off fans, pissed they gave up early 2nd rd pick and wanted to draft a qb. they love gino here

Posted by: Sam | February 27, 2013 at 02:55 PM

Why insult housepaint like that? Painting the house is usually always a "smart" idea. LOL...

I agree due to the better support that QB Smith had in SF there is very little difference between him and QB Cassell.

Moreover I understand getting the most one can (CB Sean Smith) and going to KC but the truth is that Sean Smith is just not that good. He would have made a better Safety with his skill set.

i think smith matches up well with the afc west wrs. course he cant catch to save his life

Who really cares if he leaves for KC? Like Vontae - a ton of talent and no head or desire to be great. I like Patterson and wonder what they saw in Marshall but he was beating out VD in camp. Draft DB and pick up a safety in FA. Couple good ones possibly out there. I say draft D and go O in FA.

Im sure the Indianapolis Colts are loving that they traded for Vonte Davis right now. Once the entire nfl learns of this no one will ever want to touch Vonte Davis with a 10 feet pole.

The guy's stupid beyond stupid!

IF there is all of this interest in Sean Smith.. Why not tag him and trade him ???
I realize theres a risk that no one would trade but atleast get something out of him.

yeah yesterday that was a genius trade by ireland

good point matty, unless they want to use tag on starks. im betting ireland franchises smith though and keeps him

The red flag tag on Vontea Davis coming out of the NCAA was that he was "Immature, lazy minded and didn't have a leadership bone in his body"..... Sounds like the grinders had his number.
I believe if Sean Smith would apply himself, he could be one of the elite corners in the NFL. But I doubt very seriously he ever will. The moment he gets a serious pay check and some guaranteed cash... He'll fold like a cheap lawn chair.
It is a pity really, because Parcells and Ireland gave those two a shot at being an elite duo. They had/have all the ability and athleticism they need. But they ended up with an empty egg carton for brains. Now Smith is going to have to sit down and answer for this. What a fool...

And people wondered why we traded Vontae??? The kid's an idiot. The question is--why did we draft him in the first place??? Same with Eggnog. The season is over & Eggnog still doesn't know the plays...

A person's known by the company they keep. Sean Smith's still best friends with Vonte Davis.

Folks, Sean Smith's career is definitely over in Miami. After learning of this fiasco, Im sure there isnt a dolfan in Miami that wants Smith back.

Ireland would be wise to do the same. Release Smith now, so he can be free to begin talking with whomever he likes.

lol cant release a free agent

"I say clients haven’t ever spoken to teams prior to free agency so his statement isn’t true," Canter replied.

I believe Canter. I believe Sean Smith probably hasn't spoken to the Chiefs. But notice he didn't say he hadn't spoken to the Chiefs on Smith's behalf.


I say Canter is an agent that represents NFL players which by definition means he's a liar & a dirtbag.

Sometimes the offseason can be just as entertaining as the regular season. Thanks Vontae!

havent seen much of goldson from san fran. they wont franchise him, how good is this guy

Yeah I could see the tag on Starks as it is more friendly but if tag and KEEP Smith, that would tip me over to the fire Ireland band wagon...
KC just traded for Smith.. I dont know the details but go ahead and tag Smith, since he and KC talked and trade him over there already.

Posted by: mattybfromnc | February 27, 2013 at 03:05 PM

What gm in thier right mind wants to trade for Smith and pay him at the franchise tag price, even if for only 1 year?

Not to mention, we'll be stuck with him, and dolfans will hate him after learning about today. Not many dolfans wanted to resign Smith anyway. Imagine how they all feel right now.

Smith is done in Miami.

"My Twitter was Hack I did not see Sean Smith last night!!" he wrote in his own inimitable style for the language.

OMG...Hilarious!!! Bad SO sad that we drafted Vontae!!! Great athlete but Parcells & Ireland had to wonder if this kid could remember what to do in certain looks...

lol cant release a free agent
Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 27, 2013 at 03:11 PM

Yes we can, we can remove any offer presently on the table, and make no other offer. Thats just as effective as a release. LOL...

The point of the tag would be to trade him and then KC or whomever else would work out a deal...
IF I were Ireland Id get on the phone right now and ask KC how much he is worth to you?

who cares if they talked, sure many teams have talked to all of them.

Also, remember how there were rumors about us trading for Bowe.. he was on the tag and the rumored plan was to trade for the kid and work out a deal.. That does happen..

I think you meant to say *Armando* and *journalism* but i might be wrong.. Have a good one guys, lunch break is over.

Posted by: mattybfromnc | February 27, 2013 at 03:18 PM

Smith's tag number is $11 million. No one's paying that for Smith and have to give up draft picks too. Nice thought, but aint happening.

yesterday it could happen if team worked out an ext with him

It was not that long ago that Votae Davis called himself and Sean Smith the best CB duo in the NFL. Well they are the most delusional duo in the NFL.

Come on, man.....are you telling me Pioli did a good job in KC? I'll take Ireland's work the last few years over what Pioli had done....hands down.


Regardless of how much Ireland pays you on, I can't think of a worse GM who's working in the NFL right now. If you fire Pioli who has a track record of success in NE & did draft some VERY good players then how does Ireland still keep his job??? Ireland has no track record as GM & his drafts & FA's have produced lackluster results so far.

yesterday it could happen if team worked out an ext with him
Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 27, 2013 at 03:26 PM


This I can agree with.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 27, 2013 at 03:26 PM

If tampering can be proved, wouldnt KC will be penalized ny the nfl. Here's what the Niners were penalized in tampering charges were levied against them in the Lance Briggs case:

The NFL came down hard on the 49ers on Monday as commissioner Roger Goodell ruled that San Francisco is guilty of tampering with linebacker Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears and the team must forfeit a fifth-round selection in the upcoming draft and swap picks with the Bears in the third round.

Hell, we get more from KC if tampering chargers are proven, than they would actually give us in trade for Sean Smith. LOL...

NOBODY in the League is going to pay $11 mill for SS. Relax. Maybe 7 mill. hehehe

It was not that long ago that Votae Davis called himself and Sean Smith the best CB duo in the NFL. Well they are the most delusional duo in the NFL.


Speaking of delusional....Have you listened to what Ireland said in late January;

1) "Jerry has a big arrow up on his future."
2) On Egnew "I have a high regard for him. He's gonna have a good season this year, I feel real confident about it."
3) Daniel Thomas will be a "fine player."


Teams are only interested in Smith "at the right price" Same as the Dolphins really. Though I get the feeling some team will pay him slightly more to go there than the fins will offer. Maybe not. I think the Dolphins are better off signing other FA CBs (Grimes) than dealing with Smith.

Man, glad Davis is gone. Didn't have much of an impact for the Colts either. Waste of talent really. Anyone remember the game where he injured himself celebrating? (stomping). Was hilarious.


If tampering can be proven before the draft, we come out smelling like a rose, if Goddell gives us the same exact thing he gave the Bears.

Bears recieved a 5th rd'er, we presently dont have a 5th rd pick. The 3rd pick recieved for Marshall can become the first pick of the 3rd rd. LOL...

Armando, I just hope this article now doesn't elevate Smith to celebrity "sought after" status. The guy sucks on the field. He can't catch, gets burned by good receivers, and when was the last time he made a game changing play? Both Vontae davis and him were draft busts picked by Mr. knowsitall Ireland. Think of the players we could've had that were drafted after them. LET HIM WALK!

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