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Vontae Davis gets Sean Smith, self in hot water

We all know Sean Smith is eager to test the free agent market. He's going to have suitors.

But none of the contact that will happen starting March 9 when pending free agents are allowed to speak with all clubs is supposed to be happening yet. If it is happening, it is tampering.

That, of course, happens all the time but is rarely proven.

Well, if you believe former Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, there is tampering afoot relative to Sean Smith.

"I seen my dude Sean Smith last night he said he talking to KC him & B Flowers will makes (sic) a good Duo," Davis tweeted in the last 20 minutes.


It suggests Smith is talking to an NFL team when he shouldn't be -- specifically the Kansas City Chiefs. It is coming from a close -- albeit ridiculously dumb -- friend of the Dolphins cornerback. And a storm could be on the way over the matter if the NFL chooses to pursue it.

For the record, I tweeted agent David Canter, who represents Smith, to see if the tampering allegation is true.

"Don’t believe everything players tell you Armando. Rule number 1 of football journalism," he replied.

Well, I think I'm pretty versed in journalism and that isn't Rule 1. Rule 1 is get it straight from the horse's mouth and get it on the record.

This comes from Davis's mouth as his account is verified. And I believe he simply slipped. That's neither here nor there. So I asked Canter if he is saying Davis is lying?

"I say clients haven’t ever spoken to teams prior to free agency so his statement isn’t true," Canter replied.

I believe Canter. I believe Sean Smith probably hasn't spoken to the Chiefs. But notice he didn't say he hadn't spoken to the Chiefs on Smith's behalf.

Here's an interesting twist: Moments after I retweeted Davis's tweet and sought out Canter, the former Dolphins cornerback tweeted that his account had been hacked.

"My Twitter was Hack I did not see Sean Smith last night!!" he wrote in his own inimitable style for the language.

That's possible. And it's also possible Davis is doing damage control because he was informed he'd just uncovered his good friend.

I will be seeking comment from the Dolphins on this matter. They probably will have none. They are, however, aware of the issue.

[Update: The Miami Dolphins have no comment.]

[Update: Smith denied on twitter he met with the Chiefs. "Whoa, no I didn't."  he tweeted. Then he added: "OK, this is getting out of hand. I've never talked to any other team besides the Miami Dolphins."]

[Update: Smith also said he did speak with former Dolphins coach now KC DB coach Al Harris recently and told Davis about that and that Davis misunderstood somehow that it meant Smith is talking to the Chiefs.]

[Update: The Chiefs have no comment.]

Again, the denials never mention whether Smith's agent talked to the Chiefs.

The NFL has no comment but it does, according to Herald beat reporter Adam Beasley, investigate allegations of tampering, regardless of whether the offended team files a complaint or not. The NFL does prefer a complaint be filled.

Meanwhile, Davis comes off as initially transparent but not necessarily intelligent relative to outing his friend and then his backtracking.

[Update: Smith now is basically conceding that Davis lied about having his account hacked. "He panicked ... Not the best idea but I appreciate it tho."]

[Update: And now Sean Smith has blocked me on twitter. These guys are brilliant.]

Canter has a spill he has to clean up.

And now we shall wait to see if Sean Smith signs eventually with the Kansas City Chiefs or perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles, with whom Canter met (for undisclosed reasons) during the Indianapolis combine.


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Posted by: ALoco | February 27, 2013 at 07:15 PM

Those DAMN industrial dishwashers, they broke down, Huh?



YG equates Rodgers playing behind the legendary Farve as the same thing as Stanzi being behind Brady Quinn!

What a silly fool. Anything to evade reality.

Did it ever dawn on anyone that the Dolphins would have made the playoffs last season if they had gone with Matt Moore, obtained weapons around him like a WR, TE from free agency and found a RT to replace Colombo. Just a thought! Now Moore is better than quarterbacks Smith or Cassell. Well he may have been a 7th round pick but so was Tom Brady. He may not be as good as Brady but he earned the right to lose his job on the regular season playing field with weapons to support him. Well Tannehill may be much better with some weapons but Moore was the 12th best passer in the NFL without many weapons. Tannehill is the Dolphins future after being drafted in the first round. It may be the best for the future but I'll bet Matt Moore thinks it sucks.

YG is some character, he can make the dumbest analogy possible and its ok, but someone else suggesting any little thing contrary to his opinion he threatens to change to a team with smarter bloggers. LOL

The game is long over.

Did it ever dawn on anyone that ....
Posted by: promichael | February 27, 2013 at 09:09 PM

Did it ever dawn on you that Mike Wallace led the entire NFL in dropped passes last season and you want to pay him like Megatron? LOL

Geo, Dont forg Flippers great post that after the fins get rid of sporono, He'll lead his next team to the super bowl.
Yg is clueless like Odin is a Homeless hippie.

odin, ALoco wouldn't even put the smallest of his handnails on the line. He believes that Life is so short. You should know that about him by now.

I can see us in game 16 needing a td to win and get into the playoffs with 30 seconds left and Mike Wallace wide open deep dropping a sure TD!

YG has had several chances to admit his comment about Sparano was perhaps the dumbest projection ever made in blog history, but he just avoids it by responding with attacks.

Well Fishy if it's ok to pay Hartline $6M, paying Wallace $11M to be a catalyst receiver in the offense will work also. Setting up the running game, screens and short passing game. Getting double teams to make other receivers look better. Hartline will benefit from a Wallace playing for the Dolphins.

YG is the worlds most belligerent infant.

Where is odinPlop to come running to the defense of one of his loverboys?

Your Vontae/Goodell post is probably your best ever. What makes it so funny is that it sounds so realistic about what Davis would probably say. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 27, 2013 at 07:40 PM

Had a busy day(DOCTORS OFFICE-Ugggh!)so I'm just catching up. Thanks YG, just trying to give back a Laugh!


I've been working on my SPEED on Guitar. I was a Bass Player Professionally and the transition to Guitar has ALOT to do with SPEED!

Having said that, I'm in the Mood to slow it down a little and Play the Most Bluesy Version Of Red House I can Muster.

Something about Emulating Jimi just works magic on me. It makes me feel like I transcend the Bonds of my Being. It's almosty like I get Possessed by Morrison, Joplin and Jimi all at the same time.

It's a Spiritual Uplifting Experience!

I'll be cranking up the Telecaster about Midnight! You know what they say: After Midnight!

If you like, I could Skype a Live Performance for you. You know the type of music I do. Put in your Requests now.


About! Is The Keyword! That Is A Very Big Word Number Wise!!

About To You Could Be Anywhere From 50% To 95% Of The Time?

About, Isn't Even Almost!!

Dashi, Is Right About 98% Of The Time; Almost Right 95% Of The Time!!

Put Again Don't Take Things Out Of Context.

Again, Stop Hiding!

Moving ON!!

You 2 Are Worst Than Sean Smith And Vontae!!

Good Thing Ireland Already Got 1 Replaced With Marsha 2.0 and Patty. For Half The Price. Plus, A 2nd Round Pick. To Dashi, Clemons Is A Bigger Priority For The Price.

Dashi Doesn't Believe Any Fin Fan! Wants To Resign 75% Of The Pending Free Agents. We Would All Like The Team To Keep 2-3 Players. Just Not The Same 2-3 Players.

How about some Zappa or John McLaughlin?

Jonathan Cyrien is the safety from Florida Intenational everyone's now talking about. Some are now rating him the 2nd best safety in the draft.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 27, 2013 at 07:50 PM

I've seen that happen before. It just means Armando forgot something or wanted to edit something.

It might be because this blog was running strong, so he's saving it for the Morning Rush.

I love big nipples

Huge brown nipples

Just wanted to throw that out there

If they took away your ambition for $ and Success, what would motivate you to keep on living? I'm not too sure either.

Huge nipples Oscar that's why I live

Maybe you are not a 'real' guitarist and just a pentatonic diddler.

Screw all this talk man lets get on with it already

Odinstank, Now my tax Dollars are paying your electric bills?
Please book a flight to Sweden, I'll pay.

I can empathize with that, Marc, and you are probably 95% right on that. See, I won't be able to sleep calmly tonight.

But the nipples, they no like you.

"My Twitter was Hack I did not see Sean Smith last night!!"

Shows how stupid he is. All he had to do was: "April Fools in Febuary"

Then everyone would have thought it was just a hoax.

By, Kyle YG;


Good One!!

Agreed. Vontae Wanted To Be First For Once. Since Last Year He Tried To Pull April Fool's In August!! And Philbin Cut Him!!

He Was Just Helping A Brotha Out!

While At The Same Time Helping The Man!! Ireland.

Vontae The Pick That Keeps On Giving.

Big nipples are truly a wonderful thing a true work of art that god gave us (is this what ray Lewis meant) I wonder !!!!!!!!!!!

Vontae is the dumbest ass of all he's not missed a total mutant

Just 56 more days , I already took off work to go to the draft I haven't told the wife yet should go over big with her

My new guy is xavor Rhodes he will be our pick

I see not mch has changed here, Odin stank still here,YG4L Still posting 24/7.
How do these losers pay there bills?
Oh Wait, Thats right, There what we call Welfare People.

A quick question. How come we dont have state sanction suicide, These two losers would be first to go.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Ireland And Odin | February 27, 2013 at 08:47 PM





Just cause you got yo Buttons Pushed last night-GuuuuuuFFaaaaaaaaW!!!!

Just kidding, you didn't get yo buttons pushed last night. You got BEAT DOWN like John Bonam's Bass Drum.


ROTFLMAO - Please don't start another battle of wits. A battle you'll LOSE before it even starts-Capitol Duh-LOL!

If Whooping Yo A ss was a Game Show, they'd cal it:

**Can you Whoop Up on a 3rd Grader-LOL!**

Speaking Psychologically and Intelligence-wise.........of course ;)

Not Tonight Sweet Cheeks, I'm bored with "Trashing" you like a Leftover Groupie Be-Atch-ROTFLMAO!

Right now, I'm hearing Wes Montgomey. He relaxes me(although not quite as stiff nipples do).


Matt Moore Wasn't Even Drafted!!

Ireland Found An Acorn, Like He Found Devlin. Ireland Was Head Scout. During Those Drafts The Cowboys Had!! When Parcells Was Coach. Why Do You Think The Fins Traded J.Garrett For Ireland!! It Sure Wasn't For Soprano!!

The Cowboys Find Any Acorns In The Last 5 Years?

Since Tuna Left Dallas With Ireland. Jerry Jones Hasn't Found Anything Past The 3rd Round!!

Tuna Should've Hired A Better Coach!!

I've Noticed That With Old NFL Guys!! They Only Hire People They Know!! Not The Most Talented Individual!!

Look At Holmgren That Did Him In!! It Did Pioli In!! Also Ended Polians Career!!

Loyalty! Is Not A Good Trait For An NFL Exec!! Or A GM!!

Mark, Will You Be Wearing Jet Green?

So the day for franchise tag is march 9th and our front office is as tight as a clam

You believe he can still be a good QB based on what exactly? Tea leaves? Tarot cards? Silly emotion? You have not seen him on the field, and KC refused to put him there under the most dire circumstances.

Get a clue.

Posted by: Geo | February 27, 2013 at 08:52 PM

Yeah, Duh, except I watched him play for 3 years at the collegiate level FvckTard.

Do you even THINK before you type?

Take your OWN advice and get a Clue......Especially before you post shyt this ignorant.....Puh-Lease.

That's a great Post at 9:52, Dashi

Dude I wouldn't be caught dead in jet green I bleed aqua and orange

2 NFL head coaches have said loud and clear than Stanzi doesn't have it, but odinShe who has never seen him take the field against NFL competition 'still believes' LOL.

Posted by: Geo | February 27, 2013 at 08:55 PM

Yeah, and in ALL reality, THE SAME TWO said the SAME THING about Tom Brady!

But Brady sucks too, just ask Geo.

For real man, you need to let last night go, you got beat like a drum. Just let it GOOOOOOOOOOO.........

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

What Was It Again? Blog Guru?

Don't Forget To Say GN, Oscar.

Buena Noches Pendeja.

Scum bag Ireland will draft a tackle with the 1st pick.
Bye, bye to your hopes and dteams.

Posted by: Geo | February 27, 2013 at 08:49 PM
Same idiot keeps saying Stanzi is 4th string. From nfl.com idiot:
KC qb depth chart
B. Quinn
M. Cassel
R. Stanzi
Have you learned to count yet?
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 27, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Nice Post YG!


How does it feel when you get SMACKED in the FACE with the FACTS?

Judging from his posts YG, I'd say FACTS are like a foreign language too him.

Or like English to ALoco.

Take your pick, it all adds up to one big: Duuuuuuuuh!!!!

Well we do need a tackle don't we?

Why do we care about stanzi?x

Why People get mad at me? I just say the Truth.

Having the Chiefs discard you as QB is equivalent to the fattest, ugliest girl saying no to you. LOL!

Posted by: Geo | February 27, 2013 at 09:02 PM

Thats better GEO, when you SPEAK from EXPERIENCE, you don't leave yourself open to a Smack Down-LOL.

Geo, When all is said and done, How much time have we wasted reading Odinstnk and Flip-Flopper (YG4L)Idiotic posts over the years?

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Ireland And Odin | February 27, 2013 at 09:03 PM

Said one TrollTard to the OTHER.

(Fish In A Barrell-LOL)

How about some Zappa or John McLaughlin?

Posted by: Geo | February 27, 2013 at 09:24 PM

SURE! And then I'll sing like Joe Cocker for an Encore-LOL!


I was a Professional Bass Player, NOT a Freaking Musical Genius!

Sorry Man, if I could be ONE TENTH the musiscian Zappa was, I would probably die from the THRILL!

Oinstank, Now's about the time you tell us that the police chiefs daughter is coming over., But yet you'll continue to post for the next 6 hours.
Stank, PLEASE seek employment ASAP.

I thought you played the skin flute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha couldn't resist

Jeffy rocks miami so does Odin long live Zappa

Maybe you are not a 'real' guitarist and just a pentatonic diddler.

Posted by: Geo | February 27, 2013 at 09:35 PM

I know what you mean and I was just that, for a time.

I've worked in 5 of the modes quite well and now I'm working in the Majors(ungggggh).

I've even developed my **GUITAR EAR** enough to "Break The Rules".

About 30 years ago I read an interview with Jimi Page. In it he said, "Rules Were Made To Be Broken". I knew he said it in regards to playing Guitar. But I never understood it.......Until I "Got There".

Yeah, I've heard Frank Zappa, beside his Mothers of Invention, was one of the greatest electric guitar Players of all Time.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. As True as they come.

LOL At The oldCoot Odinstank.
Dude PLEASE us a favor and just end your wrecthed life.

Hey, odin, what do you think of Jose Feliciano and his nylon chords. I used to have lots of fun hearing him when young.

Seriously though, how does this guy keep his job?

This is a completely manufactured, snipey, childish, nothing story.

Oscar, Do you know what your talking about?
Frank Zappa the greatest guitar player?
Dude,I know your about 80 years old but I would'nt even list Zappa in the top 100 guitarists.

Oinstank, Now's about the time you tell us that the police chiefs daughter is coming over., But yet you'll continue to post for the next 6 hours.
Stank, PLEASE seek employment ASAP.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Ireland And Odin | February 27, 2013 at 10:17 PM

See, thats your problem, that right there. That explains why your so pissed at the world. It's your own fault, because it due to your own ignorancwe.

You met one guy and fell in love. Then the wheels fell off and he left you bitter and lonely.

I dogged the State Troopers Daughter and kicked her to the curb so long ago, the ONLY reason I remember her is because you keep posting about her.

A bit of advice TrollTard, get over your long lost boyfriend and for God's Sake, get over the piece of a ss I had and discarded eons ago.

ALoco keeps telling you: Life Is Short. It's true and you're not doing yourself any favors pissing around and brooding over your X-Boyfriends.

Go get a SHINY NEW ONE and Get On Down With Yo Bad Self!

Cheers and a ValHalla!!!!

(ARMANDO, post that new blog we got a peek at. TrollTards are ruining this one. Thanks in Advance ;)

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