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Vontae Davis gets Sean Smith, self in hot water

We all know Sean Smith is eager to test the free agent market. He's going to have suitors.

But none of the contact that will happen starting March 9 when pending free agents are allowed to speak with all clubs is supposed to be happening yet. If it is happening, it is tampering.

That, of course, happens all the time but is rarely proven.

Well, if you believe former Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, there is tampering afoot relative to Sean Smith.

"I seen my dude Sean Smith last night he said he talking to KC him & B Flowers will makes (sic) a good Duo," Davis tweeted in the last 20 minutes.


It suggests Smith is talking to an NFL team when he shouldn't be -- specifically the Kansas City Chiefs. It is coming from a close -- albeit ridiculously dumb -- friend of the Dolphins cornerback. And a storm could be on the way over the matter if the NFL chooses to pursue it.

For the record, I tweeted agent David Canter, who represents Smith, to see if the tampering allegation is true.

"Don’t believe everything players tell you Armando. Rule number 1 of football journalism," he replied.

Well, I think I'm pretty versed in journalism and that isn't Rule 1. Rule 1 is get it straight from the horse's mouth and get it on the record.

This comes from Davis's mouth as his account is verified. And I believe he simply slipped. That's neither here nor there. So I asked Canter if he is saying Davis is lying?

"I say clients haven’t ever spoken to teams prior to free agency so his statement isn’t true," Canter replied.

I believe Canter. I believe Sean Smith probably hasn't spoken to the Chiefs. But notice he didn't say he hadn't spoken to the Chiefs on Smith's behalf.

Here's an interesting twist: Moments after I retweeted Davis's tweet and sought out Canter, the former Dolphins cornerback tweeted that his account had been hacked.

"My Twitter was Hack I did not see Sean Smith last night!!" he wrote in his own inimitable style for the language.

That's possible. And it's also possible Davis is doing damage control because he was informed he'd just uncovered his good friend.

I will be seeking comment from the Dolphins on this matter. They probably will have none. They are, however, aware of the issue.

[Update: The Miami Dolphins have no comment.]

[Update: Smith denied on twitter he met with the Chiefs. "Whoa, no I didn't."  he tweeted. Then he added: "OK, this is getting out of hand. I've never talked to any other team besides the Miami Dolphins."]

[Update: Smith also said he did speak with former Dolphins coach now KC DB coach Al Harris recently and told Davis about that and that Davis misunderstood somehow that it meant Smith is talking to the Chiefs.]

[Update: The Chiefs have no comment.]

Again, the denials never mention whether Smith's agent talked to the Chiefs.

The NFL has no comment but it does, according to Herald beat reporter Adam Beasley, investigate allegations of tampering, regardless of whether the offended team files a complaint or not. The NFL does prefer a complaint be filled.

Meanwhile, Davis comes off as initially transparent but not necessarily intelligent relative to outing his friend and then his backtracking.

[Update: Smith now is basically conceding that Davis lied about having his account hacked. "He panicked ... Not the best idea but I appreciate it tho."]

[Update: And now Sean Smith has blocked me on twitter. These guys are brilliant.]

Canter has a spill he has to clean up.

And now we shall wait to see if Sean Smith signs eventually with the Kansas City Chiefs or perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles, with whom Canter met (for undisclosed reasons) during the Indianapolis combine.


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Nobe afraid, man. I know Led Zeppelin before the Beatles also.

You bring out 99 guitarists you'd put over Zappa or you shut your monkey ass up Coalition to Ban Ireland And Odin.

You bring out 99 guitarists you'd put over Zappa or you shut your monkey ass up Coalition to Ban Ireland And Odin.

Posted by: Ray Finkle | February 27, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Ha Ha! You tell him Ray!

Listen, Coalition, I've heard Zappa was a great guitar Player from different sources. They can't all be wrong.

This is nonsense, read a tweet, think it's tampering - go ahead and write it up hoss.

Keep at it like agent deepthroat updating your riveted audience on every noncomment and missed tweet?

Not the best look.

It's the off season, anything to write about is something to write about.

Sean Smith wants out of this cespool franchise.

Sean Smith will get his pay day from someone. Seeing as this was his contract year so to speak I can't say his body of work really locks up top ten corner money.

I wouldnt give that cheap SOB Ross another dime of my money. No more tickets for me. I hope no one buys any tickets for that owner. Evey time he opens his mouth he sticks his foot in it.

Sean Smith is not very good......dont know what all the fuss is about......the lame-o local media used to drool as they described him as "built like a stud", "looks the part", etc.......yeah, except the dude cant play!--can anyone remember a CB with worse hands?.....not much of a tackler......often looks lost in coverage (inconsistent at best).....then celebrates like a knucklehead when he breaks up a 7 yard slant pass, as if he just want the super bowl--mediocre, at best.

Listen, Coalition, I've heard Zappa was a great guitar Player from different sources. They can't all be wrong.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 27, 2013 at 10:37 PM

I wouldn't say he's like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton GREAT.

But I wouldn't doubt Frank Zappa on ANYTHING. I once saw an old TV show from the Sixties and Frank Zappa played an upside down bicycle with drum sticks. It was Freaking Awesome!(The Clip can be found on Youtube)He ROCKED it, with the wheels spinning and all.

I don't know that there is an instrument made that he can't create music on.

Could he have "Hung" with Dime Bag Darryl? Who knows, they're probably having a Jam Session somewhere RIGHT NOW!

Nope, you can't try an box Zappa in like that. When it came to making MUSIC, Zappa was GREAT and I don't care which instrument he hand in his hands.

PS: To tell the TRUTH, I suspect that he probably made beautiful Music when "Rubbing One Out".


relentless drivel here...

buddy dragged me to a Zappa concert years ago......I was laughing, wasting some time.....show was awesome, seriously.

Dashi writes:
Matt Moore Wasn't Even

Ireland Found An Acorn, Like He Found Devlin. Ireland Was Head Scout. During Those Drafts The Cowboys Had!! When Parcells Was Coach. Why Do You Think The Fins Traded J.Garrett For Ireland!! It Sure Wasn't For Soprano.
All that you mentioned avoids the point which is the performance of a guy who was the #12th rated passer in the NFL and is now considered better than a guy who was drafted in the first round Smith. Oh wasn't Smith drafted # ONE. What is the point about Parcells who was clearly one of the worst personnel executives ever. Good coach bad personnel executive.

Benz,Years ago?The mans been dead almost 20 years.

I bought my Led Zeppelin album at old Jeffersons, at Flager and 1st, circa 1964. As a very young man coming from Cuba, well versed in rock and roll, I was enthralled and frankly confused by that type of Music. I could admire that singers pitch and the fine stridence of the guitars. But nothing much more. Later , it got better.

Wow Oscar, Your old age(Alzhiamers) Is getting the best of you, Led Zep didnt start till 67 or 68, Maybe you were listening to Mozart, You were aroun back then were'nt you?


I thought you didn't follow Music, Coalition. Of course it was 1966. You must be careful of traps here. We know now, your approx age, that you might be odin also + others, and that you are a comemie-da.

You could either say there was only one true rock musician, or that there was only one musician that transcended the style of rock beyond all others.

Everyone playing guitar today, whether they realize it not, was influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Heralded as the most electric guitarist of his day, he was a remarkable sound engineer, the most imaginative lyricist of his generation and all that followed, and a truly inventive song writer.

Jimi sounded like Jimi, and nobody else. And all for the better.

In any case that was a fine piece of writing on My part. Good.

A broom is drearily sweeping
up the broken pieces of yesterdays life.
Somewhere a Queen is weeping
and somewhere a King has no wife.

Jimi Hendrix

After all the jacks are in their boxes
And the clowns have all gone to bed
You can hear happiness staggering on down the street
Footprints dressed in red

Jimi Hendrix

The Wind cries Mary...

I'll Take Jimmy Paige any day over Jimi Hendrix.JMHO, Though if Hendrix had Lived longer I might have taken Hendrix over Paige.
We'll never know.

Truly misunderstood Man.

Not saying he's the greatest but David Gilmour is my fav guitarist.

Never forget that runt, Dick Cavett saying to Jimi he didn't like his version of the National Anthem. - You didn't like it? I thought it was beautiful.

The Beatles were of their time. Jimi was beyond it. With the most rudimentary sound effects of the day, he engineered and blended sounds far better than the so called wizards of today with their high tech gear light years ahead of what Jimi had. He didn't just turn on an effect, he transitioned from one to the next with sheer taste and musicianship, as though his guitar was the natural sound of some supernatural being.

Jimi's anthem is more beautiful today than ever. Sheer emotion and control of his instrument. It was too much for people back then. Distortion and feedback were too abrasive for the uninitiated ear. But as time has passed, the ears of the population have caught up and hear what he was saying. Remarkable.

Hey Joe,...

Well I call that ending the night on a high note. No pun intended. Good night all.

Oak, True, I'll take Gilmour over Paige, Though the play of Paige is hard to duplicate where as Gilmour can be duplicated, Its a tough call, But I'll give Gilmour the nod if I needed a Guitar player and a singer.Again JMH.

Matt Moore Is Not A Starter
Not On The Dolphins
We Finally Have A Standard Again

March 9th The Countdown Begins


It's Your Candy A S S
Resigning Cornballs

Reggie Smith Clemons Fasano

We Will Have Problems BIG ONES.

Just ask Kyle
He Is Still Sore From Last Years Pounding
Take It Kyle

T-hill over threw recievers because he lacked accuracy, think of the times he threw short, and behind recievers as well. We have to get Wallace but would he feel comfortable going from Ben R to an unproven rookie qb who played way below average his rookie year. Wallace & he people do thier homework and will probably end up with a playoff team. (another reason Moore should’ve been qb last season)

It doesnt seem like Ireland has paid any attention to player intelligence. Egnew cant learn the playbook, Vontae is an idiot, Merling and Henne were idiots. Big mistake, Jeffy.

Gilmour was fantastic. The funny thing is, as great as he is, he's still underated.

That being said, Toe to Toe Jimmy Page beats him. It's not like Page blows him away. It's more like High Tide coming in. It just rolls in, you can't stop it and soon, it has completely engulfed you.

A good point too, in that Gilmour can be copied more easily. Page is more like Hendrix in that all you can do is TRY. You give it your best shot, knowing it'll never be very close.

Hendrix? He simply deserves his own separate category altogether. He rocks out with Fire and Cross Town Traffic and Purple Haze. He re-engineers ballads with the likes of Hey Joe and Castles Made of Sand. Beautiful ones like The Wind Cries Mary and Remember.

Then he creates his own planet with Red House and Angel.

If you ever tried to get the Hendrix Experience, put an emphasis on Angel. He wrote it about a Mother who abandoned him at an early age and then died tragically young.

I for one Thank God for the 27 years we did have Jimi Hendrix! Thank You God and Thank You Jimi!

More Respect For Ireland

The Leperchaun Has 10 Days
Actually 13

10 Days to Keep The Players That We Really Need

Long Starks
Maybe Hartline

He Then Has To Do His Job
And Upgrade The Team Thru Free Agency

Sign At Least 3 Top Of The Line Players

1 Wr 1 DB 1 TE

13 Days Ireland

1 FA CB or FS

Write it Down
Cut & Paste It

Put It On Your Favorite HARD DRIVE
And Hug it

Do Whatever You Feel

Hopefully Everyone Is Working Hard From The Combine And Comparing Them To Current Players

Do You Think
Philbin Has His Players Run Drills

40s Bench Press Long Jump Short Jump

And Compares Them To The Players From The Combine

The Giants Only Brought Coughlin To The Combine
Philbin brought an Army
While Belichek Was Sleepin
Philbin Was Shooting 5 Hour Energy Commercials

Sherman Watches Patton Before Going To Sleep Every Night

Trust Me
This Year
If The 3rd Rd Pick Is Wr Or TE
Ireland Will Go Wr

Ross is just not to be trusted. He says things but they are never true. Lets hope he sells the team to someone who cares about winning.

I think for sheer guitar playing craziness I like John McLaughlin. Don't get me wrong, total respect to The Jimmy's but if you've never heard McLaughlin check him out.

Derek Trucks is pretty awesome too.

Sounds like alot of people on here respect the axe players of the world.

Sean Smith is not worth the time - he's just as bad as Nolan Carroll (Buffalo's favorite CB)

As long as Ireland is the Gm we will never be better than average which is 8-8 the year we went 11-5 was the wildcat year which i give the coaching staff credit for, but we also had exceptional QB play that season, and this will probably not be the case for Tannehill this coming season but maybe in the future and perhaps Ross dumps Ireland after this season is over hopefully!!!

5 years is long enough he just can't do it period !!!!

Alex Smith has been pretty decent. He will be a good fit for the offense and will be a team leader. He won't be a super star but he'll be better than a caretaker. I think this is a good move for Kansas City. Andy Reid almost always gets the best play out of his quarterbacks.

YO CHIEF Godell needs to get into the mix using his eminent status as KING of the NFL or venture into kindoms he dosent rule like the federal court system where he is already one down recently.

Vontae Davis looks like one of those things ya put in the fish tank to suck the algea off the glass - seems just about as intelligent too.
Joe Bonamassa
Walter Trout
Al DiMiolla
Jeff Beck
Eddie VanHalen
Tommy Bolin
On & On...great debate of the 'greatest' players. I've seen almost every one of em' (including Jimmie), though I did not see Paige in his prime. Never saw Clapton & think he's vastly overrated but thats JMO (loved his early years - later, not so much). Bonamassa can go toe to toe (er, finger to finger)with anyone of em'. Trout's as fast but not quite as smooth/polished - raw.

Sean smith is a diva. 3 career ints??? he expects 8mil plus a season. haha. the guy gets burned at least 3 times a game. hes afraid to tackle. let this girl walk...I cant wait to see who wastes that kind of money for a below average corner. hes a child,let him play his twitter games. smith is another teams trash very soon. buhhh byeeee

Well, don't imagine theres any big mystery why the Dolphins are trading and have traded their "shut down"(love that phrase)corners? Mut and Jeff, pete and repete. Dumb and dumber, well you get the picture. The tweeting idiots. ROFLMAO.
Which college did they graduate from. I can see a new comedy show on NBC called
"The Tweeters" staring Dantae and Sean, see how in a matter of mins our two heroes set in motion an NFL tweeter investigation. ROFLMAOOO

Bottom Line is that Davis is another dumb kid that Ireland drafted. So all of what Ireland said in his pressor was BS.
The Dolphins have payed Ireland to basically learn how to be a GM. The problem is he still has no idea what he is doing.

This is why philbin released davis hes a child and a complete idiot. Good reporting its hilarious that he blocked you thats not a tell tale sign of a lie.

Let's hope that they continue to change their story and talk themselves (and the Chiefs) into an even deeper hole.

This case should be pretty easy to prove, really. You've got documenation in the form of Vontae's Twitter posts and his lies about being hacked. You have Smith on record admtting that he spoke to Harris, the DB coach for the Chiefs. If Harris is talking to one of our players that is tampering, plain and simple. If it was an innocent "congratulatory" call, why did the Flowers/Smith conversation come up and why the big rush to cover everything up?

We'll take a 2nd or 3rd-rounder please, Andy. You can keep "Five-picks" Smith, too. Nice doing business with you.

glad we dont have that complete moron on our team anymore...goood luck with that, Colts!

Who cares, I'm sure it happens all the time, we just are not privy to it. Plain fact of the matter is Sean Smith was a Terrible corner the last three years, on numerous occasions (frankly too many to bear), you saw a guy being schooled by the opposing wide receivers, giving up "chunk yardage" or interference penalties. Please Dolphin brass, say "adios" to this overpaid, less than average corner-back. I had hoped he would get better with time, that certainly has not happened... Goodbye, let someone else deal with him.

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