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GM Salguero: Put Jared Odrick on the trade block

Watching from the sideline as NFL teams are beginning to divest of talent for salary cap reasons, I assume you know the  Dolphins don't have to cut any players for cap reasons but might want to do that with a couple of guys anyway.

I posted that potential Dolphins list right here a couple of weeks back.

But as this is a lead-the-pack blog not a catch-up blog we move forward to my next thought: And that is this is the time of year teams begin to inventory their talent and see how it fits and where it is lacking and how to make that which does not fit pay some sort of dividend.

And in pondering that, I look squarely at Jared Odrick.

Odrick is a Dolphins defensive end who just finished his third season with the team.

And he is interesting because he simply doesn't fit right now.

Although defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle defended Odrick during the season and made the point the kid is fine as a 4-3 defensive end, the truth is Odrick is not fine as a 4-3 defensive end. Odrick was drafted in 2010 by a team that ran a 3-4 defense to play five-technique. The five technique in the 3-4 is called the defensive end, but he's really more like a tackle.

The 3-4 defensive end has to be a great run-stopper and generally is a 300-pounder. If that player can rush the passer that's a huge plus, but it's not the end of the world if he's more of a run-stopper. And for that assignment Odrick is well-suited.

Odrick is a good run-stopper and has 11 sacks in 33 NFL games, which would be very good for a 3-4 DE.

But the Dolphins no longer run the 3-4. They are primarily a 4-3 team and the requirements for the defensive end in that alignment are different. A 4-3 DE must be a pass-rusher because that scheme doesn't employ linebackers to be the primary pass rushers. The ends are the primary pass rushers. And while the 4-3 DE should be solid against the run, that is not how they make their big money.

So to recap: A 4-3 DE must be a fine pass-rusher and run-stopping comes second. A 3-4 DE must primarily be an excellent run-stopper and pass rushing is secondary.

Everything about Jared Odrick screams 3-4 DE.

And having him out there as a 4-3 DE tells me the Dolphins don't have a legit 4-3 DE as a starter opposite Cameron Wake.

So what to do?

Well, the Dolphins will be looking to add a better fitting 4-3 DE somewhere in the draft. If they don't, something is wrong. And if that draftee becomes, well, a player then perhaps the Dolphins can toy with the idea of moving Odrick inside as a defensive tackle, where he's probably better suited.

But ...

If I were running the team or helping the general manager run the team, I'd be standing on the table suggesting the team trade Jared Odrick.


He's not a fit for the scheme. He was an investment for the last scheme and the last scheme is long gone. He's still got value around the NFL because a lot of NFL teams run 3-4 defenses. But his value is greater to those teams than the Dolphins. Remember that the St. Louis Rams paid $6 million per season to Kendall Langford to sign as a free agent 3-4 DE. If Randy Starks hits free agency, he'll be asking upwards of $8 million per season.

Odrick is going to cost $700,000 next year and only $765,000 in 2014. That's a long way from $6-$8 million.

It makes sense to put Odrick on the trade block because perhaps a team such as Denver or San Francisco might give up a very low first-rounder for him. Or a team like Oakland might give up a very high second or third rounder for him -- assuming it has that ammunition.

I cannot be certain this is true because he's not on the trade block right now. But you put him there to gauge interest. Let's see what happens. One cannot catch fish unless you dangle bait.

(And now the peanut gallery complains that Odrick is a former first-round pick and giving him up for anything less than a first rounder is bad value).

Look, it's not a great situation. But did you read the part where he's not a fit at DE for a 4-3 team? Remember that part? This is a huge year for linemen in the draft. Perhaps giving up some value to get a pick that will bring a legitimate 4-3 DE is better than using a shoehorn to try to make a 302-pound 3-4 end fit the 4-3.

The Dolphins can take the draft pick it gets for Odrick and use it or add it to other ammo they already have in the first couple of rounds of this coming draft to trade up for a better player.

And that player might actually be a fit for the schemes the Dolphins now run.


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Philbin, I believe, did a pretty good job here in his 1st year as HC. Most of the Time, we didn't beat ourselves and played with good effort. But, but, so did We in Sparano's first year and more, we won the Division. Never was I more enthused about the Team than at that time! So, at least I, will not submit myself to disappointment again and will only allow myself to get excited after the 2013 Season.

Ahmad Bradshaw and Titus Young could help the offense

Stupid idea, Mando.

Sporano had nothing to do with that team. That team was essentially coached by Pennington. Pennington made sporano look good as soon as he was gone we got what everyone else now sees today.

Gregg Jennings, Ed Reed would be great pick-ups, albeit temporarily.

I saw Bradshaw was released as well. He is good, but wants to get paid and has had some injuries. Probably better off drafting a RB than picking one up in FA. I think Miller will suprise some people.

Our front seven in the only real strength this team has so we shouldn't mess with it.

Lets not kid ourselves. Odrick is not talent.

This #33 on Acid? This early on? Goodness!

Oscar, I know you like Jennings. Have you seen the Sport Science clip? Watch him catch 2 balls simultaneously. (scroll down to the video mid-page)

y dont we sign these players then trade them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? doesnt that make more sense than just letting them walk?!?!?!?! think about it, sign jake long for whatever he wants.... trade him for a second rounder.... sign bush, trade him for a second rounder..... sign starks, trade him for a second rounder.... therefore, we get ROI












Don't get this post....sorry Armando. Re-signing Starks for the money's he's going to want makes no sense. For that reason you hang onto Odrick and move him inside and add a DE in the draft or FA. Odrick is a good player and has value inside, at a low price. I' don't believe a team would give up a first for him and why would we trade him for a third?

Scratching my head on this one, Armando.

I dont profess to be a Football Scientist, billcale,but I do have a good eye for Football talent. If he can do that, more Power to him.

Granted, if we could get a 3rd for Odrick we have to take it.

Not one of your strongest articles, Armando. If any team out there trades anything higher than a 5th round pick for Odrick, then I question that teams sanity. No way you get anywhere close to the 1st or 2nd round pick you are suggesting you try to get for him. Odrick is backup material on most good teams. He only starts for the Dolphins because we have nobody better and we are a bad team.

Rather then get a draft pick for him and hope you can find a player who may or may not become something for you. Why not trade Odrick and a good pick, perhaps the extra 3rd that Miami got for Marshall for Percy Harvin since the Viking seem to dislike his attitude and may not want to commit long term to him. Harvin is a playmaker in so many ways and would be a huge asset for Miami.

Armando, I was thinking the same thing. Odrick doesnt fit our defensive scheme anymore.

You really don't want to trade 2nd year Players with upside. Maybe in their 3rd year.

what 'bout his little ghey dance?

Man, if another Team don't like one of their Player's attitude, We don't like him either.

Yeah I don't get this 'back-up' crap people are spouting about Odrick. If he were on the Pats, he be EXACTLY the guy people would be talking about and want on this team. I just think people get too enamored only with stats. That's not the kind of player Odrick is.

We admit no gente de orilla, gutter-folks, sociopathic People in this Blog,,, sorry, this Team.

I also don't get this idea of continue to trade players for less than we paid for them. (Solia, Davis, Marshall and now apparently Odrick). Tell me how that's a winning recipe for anything? Is that how the Pats do things?

Armando, most of these fans dont understand the real difference between the 3-4 and the 4-3.

mando, really? Why pay Starks $8M for a player that does not really rush the passer all that well. No, Odrick is not dynamic as a 4-3 DE but as 4-3 DT, a player that stops the run well and adds 1 sack every 3 games (5-6 sacks a year) @ $800k salary cap hit - that is an incrediblly dynamic player for his position and you have $7M (Starks - Odrick) to invest in other positions. Really Mando, numbskull blog entry of the year. Go back to bed.


The idea makes NO sense. I think he's just put it together to create controversy and make us all go nuts over it. Worst idea I've read from Armando in a long time but I think that was his purpose.

As interesting and conversationally inspiring these "GM Salguero" posts are...I asure am glad you aren't calling the shots brother. I think this would be a terrible move. If they were to do anything along those lines it should be letting Starks walk and moving Odrick to the inside technique. Leaving more cap room for the thing everone is screaming for, playmakers. Why trade a good player that is currently making a small salary and resign a guy that will demand much more salary. Especially when those players are comarable and the youner of the two having more upside. Leave the decision making to the deciders.

Armando is not a beat reporter, he's a columnist(big deal).

The peanut gallery s surely out. A starting DT in a 4-3 that registers 5-6 sacks a year and is strong against the run is a backup??

Alexander, Monte, jay ... the three retards.

Unless Mando is saying Odrick isn't a good DT, just a good 3-4 DE.

The larger point for me is the organization is shooting itself in the foot (and hindering the GM's job) by constantly replacing coaching staffs that run different systems.

Mando, you need to help me with this, because I'm not following.

In 33 games as a Dolphin, Jared Odrick, brought in to play 3-4 DE, has 11 sacks. So, 0.333 sacks per game.

In 80 games as a Dolphin, Randy Starks, also brought in to play 3-4 DE, has 22 sacks. So, 0.275 sacks per game.

And you're advocating that the Dolphins trade Odrick, because he'll be playing out of position, instead of suggesting that the team let Starks, a lineman who'll 30 next year and wanting $7-8M a year, walk and moving Odrick inside to DT?

Help me out, Mando. What am I missing about Odrick's game that indicates that he can't make that transition?

We can use the draft pick from odrick to trade up and get dee milliner. Sign another cb and let smith walk. That would let us draft a safety later in the draft. Secondary would be set!pick up a TE, WR, and bolster the OL in free agency. All other draft picks will only supplement what is already on the field. What do y'all think!

Well, I have to stop making $ for you now. Later.

Craig, it is so over the top retarded that it has to be stupid by intent.

Who trades a 300lbs man who registers 5-6 sacks per year, makes less than $1m for the next two years, plays the run and shows enough flexibility and athleticism that he can play ok outside if you need him to and not say a word about it like he did this year??? And then pay a less dynamic player who is 5 years older and wore down badly as the season went on $8M???

I'd take Armando over Ireland as GM 7 days a week.


I've argued that point for a long time. There's nothing to be achieved by KEEP changing plans mid-stream. It's what this organization has done for years. And the laugher to me is that just about everyone wants a new GM too, who's going to come in with BRAND new plans. Yep, let's just keep changing things up every 3-4 years because we finish 7-9, instead of figuring out how to improve from 7-9. God knows it's what the REALLY good teams like Jacksonvill, Cleveland and Oakland do. Great blueprint for success right there.

Good point DC. Not to mention the exodus of players brought in by former coaches. If new staff that comes in would not be so proudful and feel they have to move 75% of the guys brought in by former staff we would be light years ahead of the game. 2 instances right off the top of my head are Ginn and Satele. I always hated we dealt Ginn. No, not a HUGE loss and he didn't and won't live up to 1st round status but the man SINGLE HANDEDLY beat the Jets one game. And to me, that in of itself is worthy of a long term contract. Satele would look very good at guard at the moment too.

... and trade him for a 3rd round pick?!?!?!? A pick who statistically 90% of the time can't even beceome 3 year starters....


If you think a team would give a up a second, let alone a first round pick for Odrick, my friend you don't know s*** about football.


I think that's the point. Things are a bit slow right now. But a column out there that gets a rise out of people. Mission accomplished....

bidniss, I too lament the day they traded Ginn. No, not a top flight WR but he had a year or two where he put up 800 yds and was always capable of a big play (like he did in the Super Bowl) - something everybody complains we don't have now. he would've been a decent role player for us.

Satele is still weak - he got ruined in the playoffs again - I felt like it was 2008 all over again watching that. But then again, maybe he would be better at G, I will defer judgement there - but he's a weak C.

Well, ya know these canadians dont understand the 3-4 or the 4-3 difference.

Craig, I think you overrate mando. if this was his intent, then why single out the 7-8th best player on the Dolphins or whatever? He would've singled out the Qb, or one of the highest paid players. I'm convinced this is a tequila induced brain fart.

Add I know that Phibin and Co. moved Marshall and Davis but I think they have done the best job out of the previous 3 regimes to not just clear the roster when they come in and bring in "their" guys. They kept it in tact for the most part I beleive to evaluate this year what they really had in their eyes and now the moves will come. But IMO at least they got a look at some folks rather than just swipe clean and start over.

Odrick has never performed like a 1st rd pick that Irescum gave for him. We could use a Dez Bryant right about now.

Home (Tradition), you're not allowed to post here....fawk off

But without Canada, you wouldn't have the best player on the team right now (Cam Wake). And several other Miami Dolphins played in the CFL before joining Miami like Marcus Thigpen, Mark Dixon, and Jake Scott.

You can continue being ignorant ... in fact I'm convinced you will be ... so again ... fawk off.

The "Pee-Wee Herman" alone is worth keeping Odrick around, simply OUTSTANDING!


You could well be right. All I know is if this team is to get better they need to do a better job of drafting and in FA and they to STOP trading higher picks for lower picks. Guaranteed to lead to FAILURE....

Not to pile on Mando but this is not going to happen. I really don't like the idea.

Can the Fins dangle him as trade bait? Sure.

Is there a chance they could trade him for a solid WR, TE or RB? Sure, I guess so.

But given his low cost he seems like a solid DT in the 4-3 scheme. He proved solid this year. With several sacks. I would beef him up in the offseason to 310-315. Let Starks go. Resign McDaniels. Solai, Odrick and McDaniel seems like a solid and cost effective DT rotation with some spelling from the younger guys already on the roster.

Freeing up that $ that you don't pay to resign Starks allows the Fins to keep Long and possibly Bush. Or it can be used to sign a Kruger or a solid CB or S.

Keep Odrick and move him to DT full time.

Glad your not the GM. Let Starks walk, slide Odrick inside. Then draft/FA compete with Vernon for the side opposite of Wake. Simple...cheaper, and better results!

This blog is as*inine. Starks is an impending FA. Starks could play 4-3 DT, 4-3 End as he did in Tennessee & a 3-4 End or DT.

Right now Starks is a 4-3 DT. Odric was a 4-3 DT at Penn State.

Why resign an older Starks for 6-8 mil, when you can slip Odrick into his natural position for less than a mil a year the next 2 years?

The only logical scenario, if the phins are looking to save $$$ is to slide Odrick inside to DT & let Starks walk. Not the other wa around!


Hey 'Fire Ireland',

Why don't you tell us what a 'first round pick should perform like'? Like there's some kind of guarantee that comes with this. Some kind of benchmark. Curious what the 28th pick in the draft 'should play like'.

Just a completely DMB and ignoratn comment man. Care to expand?

Odrick has always been below average. He is no part of a top team. Armando, great insight!

Donald Driver retired this week. I always thought this guy's story was a great one. Came from nothing, 7th round pick, worked his azzzzz off from day one and was a great team guy. Almost was taken aback when I heard he is the Packers all time leading receiver. He projects himself with suck class and humility that you'd think he would be almost embarrassed by that fact. I hope Philbin can find our very own Donald Driver ... not only in talent but drive and character.

Good luck and Godspeed the rest of the way, DD. All class .. deserves everything he got.

Craig M, don't bother. Guy makes the same stupid comments daily. Should be added to Marks trio he posted earlier...

This idea is beyond terrible and Odrick is undervalued.


Remember when we ALL hated Ordick.....

man...have the times changed....

I have to admit, Marcus Thigpen was a very good pickup. The guy was a beast in special teams.

To be honest....

Ireland got us a servicable piece....and while I wish he was findng servicable pieces in the 3rd and 4th rounds....we @ least have a player who doesn't hurt the team....

I still liked the days of calling Ordick..."Mr. Glass"....

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