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GM Salguero: Put Jared Odrick on the trade block

Watching from the sideline as NFL teams are beginning to divest of talent for salary cap reasons, I assume you know the  Dolphins don't have to cut any players for cap reasons but might want to do that with a couple of guys anyway.

I posted that potential Dolphins list right here a couple of weeks back.

But as this is a lead-the-pack blog not a catch-up blog we move forward to my next thought: And that is this is the time of year teams begin to inventory their talent and see how it fits and where it is lacking and how to make that which does not fit pay some sort of dividend.

And in pondering that, I look squarely at Jared Odrick.

Odrick is a Dolphins defensive end who just finished his third season with the team.

And he is interesting because he simply doesn't fit right now.

Although defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle defended Odrick during the season and made the point the kid is fine as a 4-3 defensive end, the truth is Odrick is not fine as a 4-3 defensive end. Odrick was drafted in 2010 by a team that ran a 3-4 defense to play five-technique. The five technique in the 3-4 is called the defensive end, but he's really more like a tackle.

The 3-4 defensive end has to be a great run-stopper and generally is a 300-pounder. If that player can rush the passer that's a huge plus, but it's not the end of the world if he's more of a run-stopper. And for that assignment Odrick is well-suited.

Odrick is a good run-stopper and has 11 sacks in 33 NFL games, which would be very good for a 3-4 DE.

But the Dolphins no longer run the 3-4. They are primarily a 4-3 team and the requirements for the defensive end in that alignment are different. A 4-3 DE must be a pass-rusher because that scheme doesn't employ linebackers to be the primary pass rushers. The ends are the primary pass rushers. And while the 4-3 DE should be solid against the run, that is not how they make their big money.

So to recap: A 4-3 DE must be a fine pass-rusher and run-stopping comes second. A 3-4 DE must primarily be an excellent run-stopper and pass rushing is secondary.

Everything about Jared Odrick screams 3-4 DE.

And having him out there as a 4-3 DE tells me the Dolphins don't have a legit 4-3 DE as a starter opposite Cameron Wake.

So what to do?

Well, the Dolphins will be looking to add a better fitting 4-3 DE somewhere in the draft. If they don't, something is wrong. And if that draftee becomes, well, a player then perhaps the Dolphins can toy with the idea of moving Odrick inside as a defensive tackle, where he's probably better suited.

But ...

If I were running the team or helping the general manager run the team, I'd be standing on the table suggesting the team trade Jared Odrick.


He's not a fit for the scheme. He was an investment for the last scheme and the last scheme is long gone. He's still got value around the NFL because a lot of NFL teams run 3-4 defenses. But his value is greater to those teams than the Dolphins. Remember that the St. Louis Rams paid $6 million per season to Kendall Langford to sign as a free agent 3-4 DE. If Randy Starks hits free agency, he'll be asking upwards of $8 million per season.

Odrick is going to cost $700,000 next year and only $765,000 in 2014. That's a long way from $6-$8 million.

It makes sense to put Odrick on the trade block because perhaps a team such as Denver or San Francisco might give up a very low first-rounder for him. Or a team like Oakland might give up a very high second or third rounder for him -- assuming it has that ammunition.

I cannot be certain this is true because he's not on the trade block right now. But you put him there to gauge interest. Let's see what happens. One cannot catch fish unless you dangle bait.

(And now the peanut gallery complains that Odrick is a former first-round pick and giving him up for anything less than a first rounder is bad value).

Look, it's not a great situation. But did you read the part where he's not a fit at DE for a 4-3 team? Remember that part? This is a huge year for linemen in the draft. Perhaps giving up some value to get a pick that will bring a legitimate 4-3 DE is better than using a shoehorn to try to make a 302-pound 3-4 end fit the 4-3.

The Dolphins can take the draft pick it gets for Odrick and use it or add it to other ammo they already have in the first couple of rounds of this coming draft to trade up for a better player.

And that player might actually be a fit for the schemes the Dolphins now run.


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Do you remember all the 'the guy's a bust' comments because he got hurt his rookie season. Where did all those guys go? Pretty sure Armando was hard on the kid right out of the gate too. How we erred not drafting Bryant etc....now we're trading him for a first round pick? I thought he was a bust?

Oh Mando, there you go again! Trying to purge talent off our roster.

Odrick is a cheap and effective cog on that D-Line and trading him will disrupt the cohesion that has this unit in the top 10 of the league.

Keep Odrick!

Kris, still think the plan to pick him in the 1st that year and the approach of that entire 2010 draft was the worst of the Ireland/Parcells five drafts. But what's done is done. And there still is great use for Odrick - especially for the next two years ...

Yeah Thigpen has a lot of upside. Forgot about him, that actually made me optimistic...

I hope they resign McDaniels. Also worth noting the Giants released Canty. Don't know if they had a good reason or just $. Guy is good.

Craig, please tell us how you feel about everything. We wait with baited breath over your next useless post. We really care about what you have to say...


M for moron.... apparently you do.


Canty's an interesting guy. I'd have to study him a bit more but he could be a good bookend for Wake. It would depend on health and how much he wants. I think he was making $6.5 mil a year.

CommonNONsense, if I wanted to talk to an as&hole, i'd fart.

Be gone peasant.

Yes yes yes

Odrick is a two down DE then in some passing situations he moves inside. So he play DT part time right now. He's younger and in better shape than Starks right now. He could easily be in the rotation at DT. He also has the frame to add weight if you need him to. He's more valuable than the pick we would get for him, late 2nd is a pie in the sky thought and he's better than that pick!! GM armundo makes Ireland look like an in him prime polian. Your thinking we could get a late 1st round is as delusional as some of the more nuttier bloggers on here have suggested in the past with unrealistic trades!!

Oh no I got told... you're pathetic.

Odrick jusf a mediocre lineman at best CraigM, as far as this roster goes Philbin knows this team SUCKS !!! You ignorant Dolphins fans better thank-god you have a guy like Philbin in the organization !! This team have only 4 good players Carpenter Fields Wake Tannehill and 1 great player in Pouncey !! The rest of this team is sorry at best !! Don't give me bums like Dansby Fasano Dansby S.Smith Solai Hartline these guys will rip off other organizations not Coach Philbin !! J.Ireland said he and coach shared a suite in mobile, yet when it came to evaluate the talent at senior bowl Philbin didn't wanna be nowhere near that moron g.m. Ireland. Basically telling Ireland the way I see talent in a championship organization like the Packers, and the way you evaluated the talent here in Miami is the main reason why I'm here to clean up this mess you and fata** Parcells created !!

Trading odrick is not a good idea. His low salary make him good value at whatever position the dolphins choose to play him along the D-line. Resigning Starks should be a priority. he has played very well for us and still has good years left. a rotation of starks and soliai and odrick would keep us strong inside.
There are other players who are mush more expendable, like patterson if we need cap space. Truth of the matter is that we have plenty of room to sign our productive players as well as two or three free agents.

This does depend on how Vernon does as well. Which he showed some promise last year. Made a few big plays.

his pee wee herman ghey dance should move him up the trade round board.
which other fan base wuldn't want to c that .5 x's a game.

I'd trade Tannehill too before he becomes just as worthless as Henne.

Oh no I got told... you're pathetic.

Posted by: CommonSense | February 07, 2013 at 10:22 AM

In essence I did tell you you're pathetic. Glad you are capable of putting 2+2 together.

guys some of you slagging off the last couple of draft picks are IMO being critical way too early. What I also didn't know until recently was that a good number of them came into the draft after their junior year. Which for me showsthey are still very young in their football development.Now with a couple of years the likes of Rashad jones is being moulded into what hopefully will be a very good player for us. Our problem is we now need some solid vets in the right positions and good coaching to help bring these guys on.

Did this mace taggart dude actually say Soliai sucks?

Get real...guys a gamer and one of the top run stuffing NT's in the league.
You have no street cred if you say Soliai sucks.

Did you know?

That 90% of canadiens own their own bowling shoes.

Craig M,

We'd like to personally thank you for your business. We hope you enjoyed your manicure, pedicure & feet scrapping last week. Please come back when your transgender surgery is complete for a free makover.


mace taggart (there's a name we've NEVER seen before....big surprise!!),

I guess Jones doesn't deserve to be on the list too? You'd be in the minority if you said no.

How is it you have a play by play of what went down in the suite with Ireland and Philbin? Were you sharing the suite too?

I think Mando is right on this one, and odrick It makes no sense to keep trying to mold a player into something he's not, and occupy that position instead of doing it right and going out and drafting/signing the correct kind of player for that position.
Odrick isn't inept (not a top talent either) so he would have some value, but here I'll disagree with Mando and say that I doubt he'd bring much more than a low round pick from anyone.
If Mando is hearing rumors that he's not sharing that teams are inquiring about Odrick, then so-be-it. But certainly the #s and overall play can't be causing other teams to drool and want to give up high round picks?
Anyway, I'm perfectly OK with shopping him for whatever they can get, if they do. And I'm even more OK with replacing him with our first or second pick in this year's draft. I don't have much faith in Vernon either.

I doubt waterboy Ireland knows the different requirements of a 3-4 DE from a 4-3 DE.

Unfortunately, let Starks walk, bump Pee Wee Herman inside, and steal Osi Umenyiora from the Giants. He's still got gas in the tank, i don't think he'd want too big of a contract as he's 32, and a tandem of Osi + Wake would make Golden Boy Brady quake in his cleats...

am I hearing you guys correctly...that our D-Line needs help?

WTF? we stopped the run better than most team last season and ranked as a top 10 defensive unit...the only thing holding us back from a top 5 unit was our secondary.

There really is only one thing our D-line needs and that's someone with speed opposite Wake to create a double threat on the edge.

Does this mean we kick Odrick to the curb in favor of yet another acorn? If it ain't broke don't fix it and IMO this D-line ain't broke!


Mold Odrick into something he's not? He'd move inside and be a 4-3 DT, just like he was at Penn State. How would that be molding him into something he isn't?

It makes no sense to trade him & then be forced to resign an older Starks w/10 years of NFL wear & tear on him for 6-8 mil. Especially when you can slide Odrick inside, where he should be, for less than a mill over 2 years.

Odrick is mediocre. He will not command anything more than a 3rd rounder so for that cost it's best to just keep him & play him where he should be.

sounds like you are taking the minority position as everyone thinks we should bump him to his natural college position as a 4-3 dt. If he played well as a 3-4 de, makes sense to bump him in. I think only reason he wasnt bumped this year is because we only had a rookie behind him


What are you proposing they do with Starks?

Odrick is a solid DE- we don't know how good he'd be as an "every-down" DT. Starks is the better player today, but he's near his peak. Besides, DTs don't win games.

I like Starks, but we can't afford to pay him AND Soliai a combined $12m-$14m a year when we have Odrick ($700k) waiting to slide over. In a year or two, Odrick might be just as good as Starks. Even if we don't draft a rush specialist (we will), Olivier Vernon can pick up Odrick's reps at DE with very little dropoff , if any.

As much as it hurts, we need to let Starks go and see what the younger, cheaper Odrick can do. I was arguing to keep Starks a few weeks ago but I have come to realize that we have to spend our money elsewhere - a pass-rushing OLB/DE, WR, CB, or TE would offer more bang for the buck.

The league has changed - a stout run defense doesn't mean as much as it used to anyway.

No,,don't trade Ordick. Its another gamble and Jeffery is maybe hit and miss in the draft. We might end up with another Egnew,,,

" This is a huge year for linemen in the draft. Perhaps giving up some value to get a pick that will bring a legitimate 4-3 DE is better than using a shoehorn to try to make a 302-pound 3-4 end fit the 4-3."

Sounds like a better argument not to trade a high pick if you need a DL if the draft is deep.

You should have given more than a few words about him moving to dt in the 4-3, like we all want to see.

The "Pee-Wee Herman" alone is worth keeping Odrick around, simply OUTSTANDING!

Posted by: bidniss | February 07, 2013 at 09:54 AM

Post ofthe day so far.

LOL, and Craig,
I don't recall how much praise Odrick got when he played tackle for the Fins, but I believe he did get some time there, didn't he? If Starks is on his way out, then maybe Odrick is a fair backup, but at the moment DT is one of our strongest positions. I'm not proposing we DO anything, I'm just saying I'm perfectly Ok with them shopping him.
Yes, he played DT at PSU, but college positions don't always translate straight into NFL.

And I already agreed he wouldn't be worth a lot. But I also don't have any idea what actual rumors are circulating. Just my opinion that he's not in high demand aroudn the league.

Trade Odrick and sign Starks? I don't think that makes much since considering Odrick is a fine dt next to Solai and will cost much less. Why not move him inside and draft someone to challenge Vernon or just take the job outright? I'm not seeing the point on this, no one is giving up an early pick for a dlinemen in a draft stocked with them.

I agree with Armando that Odrick doesnt fit our system but can we rely on Irescum to replace him?

How about we let Starks walk in FA, move Ordick to the DT position next to Paul Soliai, ct Karlos Dansby and sign Paul Kruger from Baltimore. With Ordick replacing Starks, I think the run game can hold its "Elite" status as one of the best in the league. Kruger brings an instant improvement in being able to get to the QB, and cutting Dansby gives us a bit MORE $$$ to sign either Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe in FA.

That leaves us with some flexibility at #12 to weigh out and draft either a WR, pass rushing DE, or Safety, whichever person available is BEST VALUE. We could still use either position.

This all ASSUMING we already have Hartling locked up, which is the first MUST.

"How we erred not drafting Bryant etc....now we're trading him for a first round pick? I thought he was a bust?

No way. We should have drafted Earl Thomas. Dez Bryant would have been cut or traded by now. Do you not remember all the issues hes had almost every year since being in Dallas? Id put him right behind Marshal in the drama meter, of their fault or others bringing the drama.

Philbin would have traded Dez

AND we do this while NOT giving up any draft picks. Lord knows we apparently need a lot of picks to "Get it right on players".

If this draft class is 'loaded' with DE talent then draft someone and see how the do in camp. If Ireland got lucky and actually drafted someone with hidden talent it will come out during camp and the best man will start.

It's amazing how often Dolphin fans are willing to give up the best players on their roster every year to save money. You guys think like people who are trying to build a strong IRA portfolio and that's great if saving money is always your number one goal. If we want to build a winner we can't continue to rebuild the same positions every year. Randy Starks is above average(A pro bowler). Pay the guy and add some more pro bowlers. We don't need to get crazy with spending money but the Dolphins shouldn't become a farm team that developes players for championship teams.

Considering the depth of the position in the draft, it furthers lessens demand for him. That makes it all the more worthwhile to keep him around.

I don't understand your comment about how the position he played at PSU wouldn't necassarily translate to the NFL. It's the exact same position.

It's not like he's going from DE to OLB like Wake or Misi. He's playing the exact same position as he did in College.

Craig M...

I was pretty sure Ordick wasgonna be an inkury prone (Mr. Glass...never play a full 16 game season for the FINS...

I'm glad I was wrong....Ordick does a job...and he does it fairly well...I remeber on draft day...my first thought when I heard his name was WTF....my 2nd was WHO.....and my 3rd though was...he looks like a football player....but in hindsight...why shoudn't he....he was a Parcells prototype....

@ the end of the day...I'm glad he's on our team...Ordick has EARNED his roster spot..imo..


Yeah but we HAVE to something. Starks in a FA. What are you suggesting we do to replace him or are you suggesting we sign him to big contract?

Btw, I like Starks but if you like at the stats of Odrick and Starks they are very similar. Difference is one guy is 8 years older and wants to be paid $6-8 mil a year. So I don't see Odrick as a back-up. I'm also not completely sold on Vernon. HE looks like a back-up to me.

Clearly, Dez Bryant would've been a much better pick then Odick.

LOL, it's not worth arguing over, but history is littered with guys from college who play a position, maybe even to an elite level, and then can't play that same position in the NFL. Its a long list.
I honestly don't know how good of an NFL DT Odrick is. My guess is that if he was top notch, he'd be playing there now.
And I'm fine with him shifting over if he can hold it down. But I don't consider him to be even our starter at DE, so replacing him there is key for me. What he does afterwards, is whatevs. If he's a solid DT, then great, keep him around. If not, get some value and move on.

but jay, the phans and fo r happy with 0 t'ds + fg's in the last game.

but history is littered with guys from college who play a position, maybe even to an elite level, and then can't play that same position in the NFL. Its a long list.

u have a qb who turns to wr and back to qb,
and it was only cuz' the starta' got hurt sooooooooooooooo.
8 o/all 4 a 2nd string qb.


It's NOT about saving $$$$, it's all about spending it on players who SCORE TOUCHDOWNS, for a change....No Pun intended!!!! We need to put some $$$$ into some TOUCHDOWN MAKERS!!!!

JS, understood.

Bottom line for me, I'd rather play Odrick at DT(size is adequate for the position) & pay him on the cheap.

Try to replace Odrick at DE with a FA or draft pick. I simply did not see anything from Vernon on D to suggest he's a long term solution. He had 3 sacks as a reserve which is Ok but, I remember those sacks. 2 vs the Rams btw. 1 he was untouched. The other 2 Wake flushed to QB into Vernon.

He screams back up DE or ST starter to me.

Craig, I have no clue about Starks, and haven't said anything about him, other than acknowledge someone's point that he may be on his last legs.
But Starks, Solai, and McDaniel have been formidable so far in the middle. Rhandall looks decent. (am I wrong in remembering Starks as DT far less than DE?)

Either Shelby or Vernon deserves a shot at being the DE until we have our star DE from the draft. I'm not holding my breathe that either of those guys lights it up though.
And I'm not proposing any sort of trades - just saying I'm Ok if they do. All I want is a top tier upgrade at DE .. not really bothered how it gets done, or if some on-the-fence starters get pushed aside.
Just leave Wake where he is ...

Can we please trade Mando for a real sports writer?!?!

I'd trade Craig to the sentinel blog for a pair sweaty socks.

wth hell no keep odrick move him to DT. let Randy starks go bc odrick played better than him at times. sign mike wallace get jarvis jones in the first round of the draft so that we can we generate an extreme pass rush from both sides and then select the best tight end available in the second round and also in the second rounf select a cornerback (leon mcfadden) my favorite by far. the 3rd round get a wide reciver and a ofenseive linemen that can play both the guard and tackle positions so that he can battle it out with john jerry. can somoene please give me an honest opinion on how well icognito and john jerry did this season? just give a rating out of 10

thank you


I think you're missing the point on Starks. He's a FA. What do you suggest? You haven't answered that question yet. Doesn't what we do with Starks influence what we do with Odrick? Would people REALLY advocate letting Starks go AND trading Odrick? That make ANY sense to anyone?

Odrick will be dt starks is gone miami drafts de and olivier vernon takes de spot

Anybody remember Ohio's website....I would like to leave him a note...whish him and his newborn well....

It's too early to write the book on Vernon too. He should've still been in school last year. I think he played well enough to at least eat snaps at DE next year. Jarvis Jones or Dion Jordan may be more effective as pss rushers from the OLB spot anyway like Von Miller. So there could be a significant role for Vernon next year even if we choose a pass rusher at 12.

I like the idea of trading Odrick for a pick. It would be genius.

These canadiens are so clueless. lol

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