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What must happen for the Dolphins to be Super Bowl good?

The NFL season ends today with the crowning of the Super Bowl 47 champion.

Tomorrow we begin a new season. As I write here many fans and even some teams will study the Ravens and 49ers to see if they can find clues or reasons both those teams are Super and everyone else, well, isn't.

So I gave you my opinion. What's your's?

What must happen for the Dolphins to become a Super Bowl team? No, I don't believe the distance between them and the playoffs is that great. Three or four more wins and the Dolphins are a playoff team. But a Super Bowl team?

That gulf is wide, in my opinion.

Still, can the Dolphins bridge that gap in a couple of years, as the 49ers went from 6-10 in 2010 to the NFC championship game in 2011 and the Super Bowl today?

What must happen for that to happen?


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odinseye | February 04, 2013 at 06:28 PM

Nice call on yesterdays game regarding the Ravens ability to stuff the 49ers running game. I felt the 49ers imposing OL would eventually wear the older Ravens front 7 out and did but the deficit and escape ability of Flacco (WHAT!) extending plays was in the end to much to overcome.

I will however tell you that nobody seems to bring up the fact that the Ravens countered the 49ers up in the trenches by putting N'gata and Terrance Cody in there together plugging it up, what's that over 700 Pds of humanity?? They also went with some 4/3 were they really managed to get there bigger better package on the field together and that C.Upshaw quietly had a nice game out of the formation.

But KUDOS Bro! You called it pretty dead on

Yeah, this is the Country of Immigrants. But the only ones of those that arrived here that were worth most and have caused no loss to this Country, were the Jewish immigrants from Europe of the beginning of WWII fleeing from Hitler and which were highly Educated and pudient(look it up in Spanish) and Us Cubans that arrived here in the early 60's, who were also highly Educated and developed fleeeing from Communism. That is the reason why we are the Co-Owners of this Country and of most of the World.




If the Dolphins can get good FA deals done & have a good draft this year, they can go from a 7 - 9 non-playoff team to a 10 - 6 playoff team this year. Miami has the draft picks & salary cap space to make major improvements, but it's up to Philbin & Ireland to match are good players with some elite players.


We sign on in FA **AND** draft one no later than the 2nd round.

odinseye | February 04, 2013 at 06:44 PM

Agreeeeeed! and would be shocked if it unfolded differently.

Guys we were 7-9 last year and lost a ton of close games. 2 or 3 we should have won.

We are not the far away we just need to add a few playmakers.

The FO seems determined to do so, the only thing I worry about is our 5 unsigned starters. We obviuosly won't bring them all back, some we can upgrade. We just have to get the mix right and find a couple of starters in the draft as well.

Like Don Shula once said, its time to stand up and be counted for. Actually thats an understatement. Its way overdue.

foregoing signing a wr. We can draft 2 wr's.
We also need "powerback" in our rb rotation whether we resign Bush or not.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gones 4Ever! | February 04, 2013 at 06:19 PM

And this clinches the deal. Checkmate!

So, YG would have us let Hartline walk and **NOT** sign a Free Agent receiver either.

Knowing this is a weak WR draft as far as immediate starters go, YG would have us starting Bess and Rishard Matthews on the outside next year, with who........Marlon Moore in the slot?

Maybe Moore and Matthews outside and keep Bess in the slot?

By your own post above YG, I just don't get the logic............LOL.

I told you, Man, I told you, the best way to attenuate Racism(and NOT eliminate) is the intermarriage among all the Races in the World. That's why I worry about the Jewish People, they don't sexually mix with other People because of their Religion and not because of their Race. I believe the Jews, if they persit in their ways, are rapidly aproaching extinction.

The Cubans were highly educated in the 60's before coming here? How exactly does one receive a proper education in a place run by a dictator who was murdering his own people?

Educate me because I'm very interested in this oscar.

What have the Cubans ever invented?

Tell us about the Cuban techology, the Cuban vaccines, the Cuban Space program.

What have the Cubans contributed to society besides black beans and fried plaintains?

We do know Miami was a cleaner, prettier town before the Cuban invasion in the 60's, now Miami is mostly a run down ugly dirty crime ridden city with the exception of just a couple of neighborhoods.



Oscar were you one of the pedro pan kids are are you older than that? Younger? Forgive my ignorance on the subject. I read that only the wealthiest Cubans were able to get a proper education, and they were the ones who sent their children (the pedro pans) to America before they were able to get out.

But before Castro what was the education system like in the 50s? Is that when you received your education or did you go to school here?

But KUDOS Bro! You called it pretty dead on

Posted by: fin4life | February 04, 2013 at 06:49 PM

Thanks Fin4 and you were right too. The 49ers DID wear down the Ravens D. It reminded me of the Tortoise and the Hare-lol!

On that last drive I thought Ray Lewis and his cohorts were just going to Fall Over and surrender.

It was an Ugly, Strange Game, but it kept me glued to the tube! I thought it was a pretty good and entertaining Super Bowl for the most part.

Some With $, Phins 78. I remember my Father paid $130(dollars) in Belen, one of the best a d most exclusive Schools which I attended in BC Cuba. We had lots of dough. Others, through Public Education. The same Teachers that taught Us rich Kids in exclusive Schools, worked for far less in Public Schools. You can imagine our Level.

I could care less that Kapernick couldn't get it done at the end. He GETS IT DONE in the hot body department! God, he's beautiful.

You didn't semm to read my post well, 78. The SAME Teachers that taught Us privileged at our Schools taught at the SAME level at Public Schools. Entendistes ahora? If not, I could start giving you samples of our Knowledge in the Days to come. Our Purpose is to Teach.

Sonny, Miami was a racist, divided, outdated town until Cubans and African Americans moved in. Then the Dolphins came and put them on the map. But make no mistake as to who helped you guys turn southern FLA. into the colorful and exciting place it is today. Hard to keep a place clean with so many people.

New York city was the dirtiest city in the country back in the day of the five points. It was also 98% white.

I could care less that Kapernick couldn't get it done at the end. He GETS IT DONE in the hot body department! God, he's beautiful.

Posted by: Reverend Gordon Lambert | February 04, 2013 at 07:14 PM

You GO boy........er.........I mean Monkey Boy!

I still don't get the fake names when you make posts like this. It's 2013 Bro, jump on that door and swing on out of that closet!

Let Hartline walk and it turns out our drafted WR doesn't contribute right away and suddenly YOU'RE counting on a FA vet and Bess on the outside!

Posted by: odinseye | February 04, 2013 at 06:44 PM

I have zero dislike for Hartline or any other Dolphin player. My love is wha's best fr the "TEAM", id ont fall in love with individuals.

Even if we drafted a #1 and #2 wr and the #2 wr didnt set the world on fire right away. If he scored only 1 td in 2013 he's equaled Hartline's 2012 td pro duction. If he scores 3 tds he's equaled Hartline's career Dolphin high in td.

On the other hand, if Hartline scores 3 tds equalling his career high, we'll still be talking about he wasnt worth the $7 mollion it took to get him signed. Hell, we can get that type of td production far cheaper from a rookie.

Scared of what would happen if a rookie wr didnt set the league afire his 1st season? Wtf? We all should be more afraid what happens when signing Hartline to $7 million and he gives us "3 MEANINGLESS TD'S" or less. LOL...

Cuba wasn't any more of a democracy under Batista than it was under Castro. That's Miami's dirty little secret that many of the original old-timers don;t like to talk about.


Castro was bad for Cuba in my opinion. But the guy before him, Batista, he was even worse. He was corrupt, didn't care about the Cuban People and LIVED for Kick Backs from the Italian Gangsters.

PS: You can thank the Dulles Brothers(secretary of state and head of the CIA), mostly the CIA for the plight of the Cubans and the Cuban Invasion.

Oscar, lol, I just read it ya knucklehead! Why did you think I didn't understand it, I didn't even comment on it! ;)

Very interesting. So the best teachers took side jobs at public schools to make more money? I guess those public school kids lucked out! Thank you for placating me oscar, it was very interesting.

Lets see:

Hartline only had 1 more recieving td than Miachael Egnew. Not a singl pass was thrown Egnew's way even when he did finally get activate for the last two games.

Egnew 0 tds
Hartline 1 td

Cant believe some here think we would actually miss Hartline. If I were Ireland I would offer hom less than what his "ROOKIE CONTRACT" was worth. Hoping he would walk!

Have to go gents, 4 weeks to go. Hey odinseye, new countdown!

We all should be more afraid what happens when signing Hartline to $7 million and he gives us "3 MEANINGLESS TD'S" or less. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gones 4Ever! | February 04, 2013 at 07:21 PM

I'll cut this short for you YG and get right to the point!

Hartline? 7 Million?

Don't let him walk! RUN his A ss out to the parking lot! Despite what he or his agent MIGHT think, Hartline will not command that kind of money period.

Ray Lewis is my inspiration

Err, count the # of Cuban-Americans and descendants of Cubans that are Senators in the Country. Perhaps that should give you an idea of our Power. But there's still much More. Much that you and Most have not the vaguest Idea of, 78. It will be revealed in due Time.

Randy Moss has been in the league 15yrs and "washed upped". Yet he still had 3 tds recieving in 2012. Hartline, supposedly entering his prime, only had 1 td recieving.

As far as talent, I would take Randy Moss over Brian Hartline right now. LOL..........................

Phins, you obviously didn't know Miami back in the day. You had the chic Fountain Bleu, movie stars, it was a high class tourist area and not racially divided because it was predominately white people. The blacks didn't come, and couldn't come until the Cubans drove the neighborhoods downhill.

Also, Miami is no colorful exiting place. That is just what the mass stupid media feeds you. There is very little culture in Miami, the fine arts, fine cuisine, fine exhibitions, variety in quality music, does not exist in Miami compared to most major cities. Even the supermarkets and drug stores are inferior. Less options, less choices.

People talk about Miami just don't know any better. The maybe compare it to there home in Alabama. They act like Miami is the only town with bars and strip joints, big deal. Rich athletes come here because of the Pro Sports connections....the rich classy people go elsewhere.Carribean, Austrailia, Cancun, South Pacific.
There is no reason to come to Miami when for the same price there are far better options.

I knew South Beach before anyone called it South Beach. Now it is just a silly little overpriced yuppieville, but very shallow.

Miami sucks.

You talking bout a different Cuban People, Sonny. Not Us, right?

$3 million is too much for Hartline when you can bring in an undrafted rookie free agent to get his td production for 2012, which is 1.

Bess is a former undrafted rookie free agent ande he had 1 td recieving last year too. No way do I want to see two guys on the same wr unit who both struggle to score tds. Bess is cheaper so he's the keeper.

Time to move on with Hartline.


Have you ever been to the dollar stores in Miami? Funny because theyre the only ones Ive evr been to that alerts the employee staff youre entering.

I guess they think that everyone who enters the Dollar store is looking to steal something. If I wanted to steal something, it would be a store of much higher quality than a "Dollar store". LOL...

Miami peaked in the early 60's. It's gone steadily downhill ever since. Proof is the vast majority of the middle and upper class in Miami moved north to Broward and Palm Beach counties years ago, to places like Weston, Boca Raton. Nobody wants to live in Miami now.

As far as talent, I would take Randy Moss over Brian Hartline right now. LOL..........................

Posted by: Yesterday's Gones 4Ever! | February 04, 2013 at 07:31 PM

Unfortunately we can't choose between Moss or Hartline. As it stands now, our choices are Hartline, Rishard Matthews or Marlon Moore.

Hartline only had 1 td playing with a rookie QB that did manage to not even see wide open receivers(Hartline inc.)almost routinely. Still, the two did hook up for 74 catches and over a 1000 yards.

I wouldn't give Hartline anywhere near 7 million. But thanks to Jeff Ireland, we're probably going to have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Overall, Hartline and his production shouldn't be hard to replace. But looking at the Dolphin's Big Picture, theres just too many holes to plug as usual.

I would still prefer keeping Hartline at a reasonable rate. Then sign and draft what hopefully will be our next two pieces. I just don't have alot of confidence in this years WR draft class and/or Ireland's ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

There will always exist differences in Social Classes of People in the World. Not everybody has the same degree of Abilities. Great Education for All, might attenuate(and NOT eliminate) those inequalities.

Yesterday G

Call up about an apartment to rent in Miami and their first questions are do you have a job, do you use drugs, ever had a criminal conviction, and there demeanor is that they don't believe you, they are very suspicious.

I notice along Federal Highway the State Patrol often has electronic billboard signs on the median...lock your doors, take your valuables...

Haha, yeah, classy place.

Oscar I love your sandwiches the Cuban sandwich is tops in my book and black beans forget about it......

The first time I was in the Dollar Store was about a month ago. I asked how much something was, she looked at me stupid, she said one dollar, everything in the store is one dollar. I had no idea! I thought that was like 50 years ago, like Motel 6 hasn't been 6 bucks for 50 years!

The Dollar Store is a very busy place in South Florida..classy town...haha.

Parcells was dead on correct about one thing:

"If they dont bite as pups, they wont bite".

After 4 seasons in Miami Hartline has proved to be a "NIBBLER" at best.

So what's left to see in Hartline? Full confirmation he's a nibbler? LOL...

I like everyone who is honest and respectful. I'm just commenting how things have changed. It is what it is.

Miami is a great place to visit but I prefer having four seasons

Our dolphins will be back

Miami has four seasons,

Mosquito season
Hurricane season
Cockroach season
and Summer.

They can't afford it. Sonny. Most of Us influential Ones live in Coco Plum, Gables by the Sea and similar.

Man what a great superbowl I love to see the 49s loose


The 1 TD sucks, but you're overlooking another important stat of Hartlines. Besides leading the team in catches and yards, he also led the team in 1st down coversions.

We all know Hartline ain't "All That". But he did help with Tannehill's development by being his "Security Blanket" and he also did the most in keeping drives alive.

That doesn't equal 10 TD's on the season, but he was an integral part of the offense. And at the right price, I could see him contributing and improving his numbers playing beside A Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings as opposed to Matthews or Moore.

BTW - It's nice having this convo with you, surprisingly enough. I thought you were just going to start calling me names....lol.

Miami has Cuban sandwiches

Gables is still very nice. There are a few nice neighborhoods, I did mention that.

Hartline is valuable to us no doubt

I notice along Federal Highway the State Patrol often has electronic billboard signs on the median...lock your doors, take your valuables...

Haha, yeah, classy place.

Posted by: Sonny | February 04, 2013 at 07:45 PM

Too bad you cant take your vehicle into stores with you because there's good chance when you come back out it'll be gone too.

I've had friends with steel security gates and fences come out in the morning and find their cars gone. I have a father and uncle still in Miami that have Canera surveillance systems palced along the entire perimeters of the house and property. Plus, guard dogs. LOL....

I can't wait till free agency

Miami is one of the only places that I know where you better make sure that your front door's locked before going out into the backyard. LOL...

Gables is 1 thing and Gables by the Sea is another. Like the difference between Miami and the rich part of WPB.

In Miami there's a saying that there are only two kinds of people:

Those that are getting and those that are being gotten. LOL...

Also, in Miami, they say only two types of people come out after dark. The robbers and those looking to get robbed. LOL...

But True, YG, lots of ignorance in Miami. Not Us, of course, right, DB?

For those of you who don't know, if you were transported to Miami blindfolded and then took off the blind fold, there is a pretty good chance you wouldn't believe you were in the USA with the exception of a few areas. Your guesses might be Cuba, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Caracas, or Hell.

People who talk about getting fans in the stadium need to realize, there is probably no other football town with a smaller percentage of football fans. 80% of the fans that are here are from the Northeast and hate the fins. Miami could win 5 SB's in a row and still have an empty stadium!

South Florida is a great place one of the best in the whole country you should be proud to live there


R U kidding?

If someone dropped you off blindfolded in the middle of Miami. Once you removed the blindfold you would find its still very dark.

Once you removed the blind fold, you would find youre blinded, because someone done stolen your eyeballs and sold them to the nearest eye bank. LOL...

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