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What must happen for the Dolphins to be Super Bowl good?

The NFL season ends today with the crowning of the Super Bowl 47 champion.

Tomorrow we begin a new season. As I write here many fans and even some teams will study the Ravens and 49ers to see if they can find clues or reasons both those teams are Super and everyone else, well, isn't.

So I gave you my opinion. What's your's?

What must happen for the Dolphins to become a Super Bowl team? No, I don't believe the distance between them and the playoffs is that great. Three or four more wins and the Dolphins are a playoff team. But a Super Bowl team?

That gulf is wide, in my opinion.

Still, can the Dolphins bridge that gap in a couple of years, as the 49ers went from 6-10 in 2010 to the NFC championship game in 2011 and the Super Bowl today?

What must happen for that to happen?


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Shula coached a number of great QBs, Unitas, Grease, and Marino. Why would he dis any over another? It's like saying, I love all my kids, but my youngest son is the best.
Anyway, everyone has their own beliefs and favorites. For me, I've never seen a better Qb than Marino. Seen plenty of great ones, and I'm not saying he's the absolute best of all time, but he's among them.

Devon Hester is begging to play for the Dolphin and we desperately need a receiver to blow the top off the defense. Ireland better not F this up. We are not getting Wallace and Jennings both. That's crazy talk.

Many Times, when you want to Imodium most People's verbal diarrhea, you lay the Truth on them(Which has no arguments). They will immediately change their tune, but you made an enemy for Life.

Daryl D.....

I know it's blasphemy on this blog....but you're right....if/when we step back and look @ history with an objective eye....Marino has his place in history....its just not @ the top.....


good post....Can Hester catch the ball consistently tho.....

Kris, DD,

I don't have a problem with people arguing his place in the pantheon of NFL qbs. But terms choker, and loser have no part in his make-up

I don't think there is a market for Ginn jr.....I think he most likely stays with the 9ers if they will have him......I don't believe he has expanded his role much beyond a kick/punt returner......

great #1 pick Cam.....

Hester is just another player who can't play up to his contract. He's a crap receiver too. Pass.

Kris, and DD,
choose whatever you like to be your significant factor in your all-time QBs, but for me it's performance on the field. Before his tendon snapped, he was the main reason we won games - period.
As for his "attitude" or "alpha-male" syndrome - name me an alltime best QB who didn't rule his team? You think Brady is a Yes-Man who never butts head with Belichik? Peyton Manning role over for coaches? Montana played nice with coaches and teammates? Elway was always agreeable? Favre did whatever he was told?
Come on guys. These men are the best in their profession, and they are the ultimate alphas. Confidence, cockiness etc go with the territory. they wouldn't be worth much if they weren't.

Mark, agre about Hester. Dangerous guy WITH the ball, but for some reason can't play regular receiver. Maybe separation, or route running, who knows. But not an elite receiver. Elite returner though.

mark, then what do u say about his 1-10 rd. p/o?


Marino is no loser.....there is no debating that....

There's no such beast as an "ALL TIME" QB. How can you really compare over era? Eras change and so does the style of play on both sides of the ball. That usnt even to mention players are bigger, faster, stronger over these "TOTALLY DIFFERENT" eras.

Tryung to pick a greatest ever is a "fool's game. Done by those wuth far too much time on thier hands and should be doing something far more productive. Like taking out the garbage for example.

just in rd. p/o's and when he played the bills.

Shula knows exactly what makes up a great QB. He should, he had a few of them. Let's ask him before he passes away.

If I were going into a Super Bowl Marino wouldnt be in the top 25 of QB's I'd want. He was a local hero but across the country has that choker reputation for a valid reason.

..Mark. JS_in_LA(good to hear from you bro)...Like I said. It is the great barbershop debate. It is ok if that is how you feel. If you want to say he was the greatest you have ever seen..I'm fine with it. I disagree. But we each have an opinion. I can't comment on the greats from the 40's 50's 60's. They come into play, but I would be talking out of my backside if I tried to include them into this debate. Marino IMO would be the number 4 on my list. I would put Montana, Elway, and Brady all above Marino. Farve, and Manning would follow. Joe Montana, and this is going to drive Phin fans nuts..was the best I have ever seen.

Marino = The curse of the #13

I will admit he's probably the "greatest dicktease ever" translated into football terms. No qb in nfl history has had more expect and less delivered than your "Great Dan Marino".


you sound like an @ss....

far more talented people than yourself have ALREADY picked an ALL-TIME QB....and his name is JOE MONTANA....

If you want to join the conversation then just "jump in"....if you don't want to join in then STAY OUT....

but we have done fine debating without insulting...and the only person to show themselves a FOOL so far is you and you're post....

2 watt, Peyton Manning also has a disgusting January playoff record. Is he a choker too?? Actually if there is anyone who's career path most clearly reflects nowadays, it's Peyton. peyton got one more kick at the can because of league parity that didn't exist back in marino's pre free agency and cap days. Conjecture on my part but I think it's a good chance Marino's career would be different if he played today.

Both were not Mr/ Olympia's in the gym and couldn't run a lick. Both missed a season due to severe injury. Both were the bulk of their team's chances for success. And both have provided many highlights in the regular season and playoffs. And in addition have also shown serious flaws in the playoffs.

I don't think either is a loser by any stretch of the imagination. 2 watt, i know you lie being an instigator but really. When discussing marino or peyton, you discuss NFL royalty.

Marino continues to fall into relative obscurity. His records have fallen and so has his sqeaky clean persona.

10yrs from now, a new generation of dolfans will hold the name Marino in no higher esteem than than hearing the Name "David Woodley". 10yrs from, a new generation of dolfan will hold the name Griese in far higher esteem.

There are 2 sb championship associated with Bob Griese, where with Marino there are none. In your golden years you'll sound like babling fools trying to convince the grands of Marino's greatness. When all of the records have fallen and so has his shame.

No, I'm a John Elway guy.

pm has the choker label mark.

And am I the only one here who has never stopped thinking about that SD - Miami playoff game when Marino leads the Dolphins into field goal range with an AFC title game on the line and Stoyanovich has the absolute worst shank ona very makeable field goal I've ever seen?

This is the one game that bothered me most amongst any I've ever seen.

I mean the niners probably blow us away in the Super Bowl but AFC title game, Steelers, Dolphins, Marino homecoming. Shame ...

Marino has his place in the top tier of QB's...but he cannot claim the top spot because he never won a championship.
There are leaders and there are winners...for some reason Marino could never lead his team to victory during the playoffs...this will forever haunt his legacy.


This was actually discussed yesterday on Lavar's radio show. They were talking about elite qb's, and saying you don't have to win a SB to be elite. And guess who the first name was that they mentioned? That's right, Dan Marino (they also said Jim Kelly). Also, anecdotally, whenever I talk to my friends or other football lovers about elite QBs, Dan Marino's name ALWAYS gets mentioned.

Not scientific, not meaningful in any other way than to say that LOTS and LOTS of fans consider Dan Marino to have been an elite QB. Even if he didn't win a SB. And like I said yesterday, we have to all agree on the definition of "elite" before we talk about this. To me, winning a SB isn't part of the definition of an elite player in a team game. Winning a SB makes you successful, makes you historic, makes you a champion, but to me just because you can't use that to determine talent (since it takes 53 players to win a SB, not 1).

Another conversation on the radio was about Randy Moss, who said he was the best WR ever. Pretty much everyone said no, it was Jerry Rice. But people said Moss was #2 all-time (though some disputed that, pretty much everyone said Top 5). Obviously EVERYONE said he was elite. But he never won a SB, so how can that be? Easy, talent-wise, he compared favorably to almost every other player at his position.

IMO, you won't find 9 other QBs who will rank above Dan Marino all-time. He may not be #1, maybe not even #2, but I don't see him ever falling out of the Top 10. That sounds pretty elite to me.

Peyton Manning has a SB. And he won it with NO defense.


You sound like an a s s to buy into all of that bable. How in the hell can there be a greatest f all time when time hasnt ended yet? Did the game suddenly stop?

I'll buy into the term "ONE OF THE GREATS", but to say greatest means there was a conclusion or end to something and a final tabulation's been done.

Last I checked, there should be a 2013 season, so nothing's ended and no final tabulation can be done to say who's really the greatest at anything.


I agree....Manning was heading down the Marino path...than GOD he got that ring....

2 watt, not even Peyton is a good enough QB for you?

I guess to you there are only four Qbs in the last 30 years that are good enough to start an NFL game. Montana, Young, Aikman, Rothliesberger, or Brady. Nobody else has multiple super bowl viotories.

So sorry Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers. You aren't good qbs.

In any case, you might want to be forgetting all those great QBs of the past. Pretty soon, they will all be blowing in the Wind. The SuperAthletes, My God, the SuperAthletes!

Oh, and Eli also passes the 2 watt test.


stats r 4 losers = marino

Whine-whine, Marino never won the big game. He gave us all false hopes of many more to come, but in the end he was one and done.

Only sad sack dolfans are still riding Marino's long sice crashed balls. Get over it, Marino's a loser. Filling up the record boks he won nothing but personal accolades. The name of the game is to win championships while winning personal accolades on the way.

And Elway. Hard to believe I forgot jack's boy.


Lavar's voice sounds like NAILS on a chalkboard to me......I listen to as little of that man as possible....which for me is sad....because I love player perspective....

Marino cant be classified in the top 10. As the team leader he never accomplished the goal of the game.

YG, I wonder if you would say the same about Barry Sanders? He never won anything. However, in my lifetime, besides maybe Walter Payton and Eric Dickerson, how come Barry Sanders is always the guy I remember? Not Emmitt Smith. Not even Marshall Faulk. And I'm not saying these guys aren't great. But the guy who's runs I remember, are Barry Sanders'.

I don't take anything away from the Elway's, Montana's, etc. But the QB I remember from that era was Dan Marino (I mean as a football fan and not a Dolphins fan). So yes, I will be that old guy who says, "yeah, (this or that QB) is good, but you should have seen Dan Marino throw in his day."

Marino is a loser???

Wow, I guess when you compare marino's achievements to your ability to soak the state taxpayers for handouts and your ability to blog for weeks on end with no break... yeah, that the committment level only champions show.

All good.
And your list isn't at all nuts.
Montana and Brady were very similar. Nothing special arm wise, but deadly accurate, and knew exactly how to beat you at every little moment, even when being rushed and hurried. Unflappable and virtually perfect. No problem with your analysis there.

Favre and Manning have places in the top list, but yeah, definitely below Marino. Favre was the ultimate gambler, and DID on occasion cost his team games because of it.
Elway was great, but streaky (I watched him a lot too in the olden days) and played great for SOME of the game, but not usually the entire game (hence his rep for great comebacks). Also a big gambler. He's the only name I'd disagree on from your list, but his penchant for dramatic wins builds his legend bigger every year he's been out. In my opinion Marino was more consistent. Elway did have the added dimension of scambling though.
Elway also had the same disease Marino did when it came to surrounding talent. He didn't win SBs until he wasn't even the 5th best player on his own roster. By then he was just a good vet, smart enough to let his talent win for him.

In any case, you might want to be forgetting all those great QBs of the past. Pretty soon, they will all be blowing in the Wind. The SuperAthletes, My God, the SuperAthletes!

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 05, 2013 at 12:25 PM

Exactly oscar, eras change, the game changes, and so do the athletes playing the position. A player can only truly be juged by the era in which he played.

Then most of all, great players are judged by championship ring. The rest are just regular season kings.

Also the other dude...Dukes.....

He is extremely rude to his callers who disagree with him....and I have also heard him publicly go of on interns when technical glitches happen.....not professional @ all...imo.....

to me these guys are a bad combination for a drive home radio talk show....but I guess Lavar's name still pack in the listeners....

Mark, his best of all time must be Terry Bradshaw. Yet you never hardly EVER hear his name up near the top.

This is a team sport, it's much easier to win when you have a team that dominates an era. Is it because of you, or someone else, or the combination. That will always be the question.

..DC. Good post.. That is my point. I'm not taking anything away from Marino. Being top 10 of all time is quite an achievement. Marino, Phin fans should be proud. But, IMO championships do matter. This is where the debate gets interesting, because to some..It shouldn't.

Now I'm not saying that championships are the only thing. In that case it would bring into play lesser quarterbacks. I'm just saying when you are debating the best of all time. The tiebreaker if you will has to be championships. This is where Marinos record falls short of the Elite, of the Elite.


Barry Sanders wasnt a qb. He had no chance to effect a ame the way a qb does. If you wanna call a qb the greatest, he had better have ability to raise he play of all those around him and also single handidly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when all of the marbles are on the line.

Marino never did jack squat when all of the marbles were on the line. Marino was a very good qb, he wasnt true greatness.

Kris, I hate Chad Dukes too (for the same reason). Almost like being with Lavar gives him credibility to sh*t on others. I called up once and kept calling him Cakes (from the Junkies). He HATED IT and hung up on me and ranted on his producer for bringing up lousy calls. I loved every minute of it.


I think RB as well as other positions are judged differently....its some type of unwritten...I agree with the rule.....

Sanders was the best imo....and he doesn't need a ring to prove it....

QBs....well thats a different story.....

Marino one of the 10 greatest of all time? That's highly laughable. Only homer dolfans would actually believe that. Marino usnt even the greatest Miami Doplphins qb ever. That accolade easily goes to Bob Griese in a landslide. ROTFLMAO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My top 3 QB's


in that order

Any ways, the best statistical tool we have now for meausuring a QBs efficiency is that QB rating they mention often(it encompasses several variables). I wonder if they have them for the Old QBs? Anybody here knows?

DD, I can respect that. But that's what I mean. Some people put stock in SB's, some don't (or at least as much stock).

YG just said a QB needs to raise the play of all those around him. ON OFFENSE YG. What if you don't have a defense? Is that on the QB too?


you got me cracking up on that one......I can imagine dukes going on for 2 or 3 minutes after that.....that guy is a d^k.....and he deserved it.....lol.....

Griese was better then Marino. Some of the kids on here probably dont even remember him.

Oscar....great question @ 12:41.....it would be nice if somebody would go back....watch all these plays....and plug in the numbers into the equations.....

i'd watch the reveal show....

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | February 05, 2013 at 12:34 PM


You actually have a great point mentioning "LESSER QB'S" winning championship. The lends even greatr weught to why a so called top 10 qb needs to have "WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP" added to thje criteria.

If a lesser qb's have championship rings. Then calling a guy the greatest or one of the greatest qb's of all time. Having a championship should be mandatory.

So does the elite QB superbowl thing work both ways?

2watt how great is Doug Williams? Dilfer?

Also, it's not really fair ranking best of ALL-TIME. I mean, Otto Graham? Sammy Baugh? Comparing guys of that era to the 80's, and even to today? When the game has changed so much it's not even comparable? There's hardly a scientific way to do that.


I think that QBs like Brees, Manning P.,,,,Rodgers....and Brady have the clout to demand plays from the defense.....

I'm sure Marino did too.....but what ever he said never worked....cause From John Offerdahl....right up to Zack Thomas and Jason Taylor.....they never seemed able to come up with that 4th quarter...or 3rd down stop.....

..DC..@ 12:46. Right..That is why I say this debate is so subjective. None of us are right, everyone has their own quailifiers, and nobody here has seen the guys from back in the day to include them in the discussion. It is a fun debate, but an incomplete one at best.

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