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What must happen for the Dolphins to be Super Bowl good?

The NFL season ends today with the crowning of the Super Bowl 47 champion.

Tomorrow we begin a new season. As I write here many fans and even some teams will study the Ravens and 49ers to see if they can find clues or reasons both those teams are Super and everyone else, well, isn't.

So I gave you my opinion. What's your's?

What must happen for the Dolphins to become a Super Bowl team? No, I don't believe the distance between them and the playoffs is that great. Three or four more wins and the Dolphins are a playoff team. But a Super Bowl team?

That gulf is wide, in my opinion.

Still, can the Dolphins bridge that gap in a couple of years, as the 49ers went from 6-10 in 2010 to the NFC championship game in 2011 and the Super Bowl today?

What must happen for that to happen?


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So does the elite QB superbowl thing work both ways?

2watt how great is Doug Williams? Dilfer?
Posted by: CommonSense | February 05, 2013 at 12:45 PM

They deserve credit for accomplishing the goal of the game. But their body of work isnt as good as the Brady's, Mannings, or Elways.


It wasnt like the defense was being completely blownout during the Marino years. Actually in those infamous Marino/Kelly playoff battles it was the offense that just couldnt score enough points.

Joe Montana didnt seem to have the problem scoring against the Bills defense that Marino had. Neither did Troy Aikman. Granted both had better defenses, they both dominated the Bills by these two qb's ability to put up far more points against the Bills defense than Marino could.

Simply put, Marino did what the most basic standard by which QB's are measured (put the ball in the endzone), better than ANY before him - or after...
Today's standards would have allowed Marino even more freedoms that he did not have the opportunity to devour. Every defense in the league knew exactly what was coming & could not stop it. He never had a running game or defense around him that the elite QB's historically do have - that which affords them the balance to compete for a SuperBowl.
Yes, the upper echelon teams could do enough to beat the Dolphins & Marino but NONE of those teams were so decidedly dependant on one player. I love Don Shula & his tenure as Dolphins Czar but he failed Dan Marino by not gathering necessary talent to surround him with.
There are a TON of extenuating circumstances that have to be taken into account when measuring who truely was the greatest of all time. That is not a black & white, laid out on paper statistically, issue - yet that IS how history judges. Dan Marino was the greatest QB to ever play the game. I'm as disappointed to hear these revelations of his promiscuity as any but with what he had to work with, and what was asked of him, he was BY FAR the greatest ever. JMO

No i remember Griese just fine. Unfortunately I remember mostly his past-prime years, but he was still pretty good even then.
he was the ultimate game manager. His team was based on over-powering the opponent with O-line, and amazing running backs. Even his Receivers were powerful. Griese was a master of taking advantage of the spot the defense was giving up to stop the run game, and was incredibly smart. great arm? Not really, but good enough, and was the perfect compliment for what his team as built to do.
In a way, so was Montana. Montana couldn't have flung the ball deep downfield 60 yards like even Flacco, but he didn't have to. Wasn't his system. Same with Brady.
No Griese is had greatness indeed at what he was hired to do. But was never a gunslinger, and wouldn't have been able to force his will like a Marino or Elway or Favre on defenses.
Just a different kind of QB.

Todays players are better in real terms. They are bigger, stronger, faster, healthier, and smarter.


YG makes a great point @ 12:51.....

Posted by: Warfield42 | February 05, 2013 at 12:52 PM

Yeah, all we get is one excuse after another for Marino. No matter what, if he's truly as great as many would like to consider him, he should have won at least 1 sb.

The 2000 Ravens didnt have an offense period. Yet they went out and won a championship with defense alone and a qb named Trent Dilfer.

Remember this Marino appologist when you wanna whine about what Dan did not have. If he was really that great, nothing should have stopped him from winning at least one sb championship.

We may can use those "EXCUSES" as grounds for not winning "MULTIPLE SB'S" but not for winning not even one.

Just to be fair, I'll throw Staubach's name in the top list, maybe Bart Starr. I'd even fit Jim Kelly up there somewhere. Not sure where Unitas fits, I never saw him play other than old film.
Bradshaw is a conundrum. Super Bowl winner to say the least, but how much was him? Really hard to say. But he did just fine when it counted, so who am I to say he wasn't great.
Heck for that matter, here's a name NOBODY talks about, but he changed the game for quarterbacks, and that's Dan Fouts. After Fouts, everybody thought QBs should throw it all the time, and viola', Marino and Elway came along and did just that.

DD, it's a debate full of what ifs and never was scenarios. You're right.

That's why I'm just content saying he was my favourite player and the reason I love the game. To me, that's enough.

Marino didnt have the mobility to be considered a complete QB. His mobility was non existent. He benefitted from the best pass blocking OL ever.

In today's NFL with the salary cap and free agency, the teams with top tier QBs have a better chance at sustained success because other teams can't accumulate and keep a team full of top players at all positions. Free agency and the cap tears it apart. but if you are built on your Qb, as long as he's healthy you have your lotto ticket. Wasn't really that way in the past. The Redskin teams that won multiple SBs and the Giants too. Never a top tier QB among them but got a chance to win more than once.


You are so wrong. Im old enough to remember Griese and those championship teams. Griese did force his will on defenses. He had the great Paul Warfield and his TE's Mandich and Marv Fleming to do this.

It was "pick your poison". If defenses cheated to stop the run, it was rainbow bombs to Paul Warfield or precision passes to the TE's or other wr's.

Try and stop the pass and ram tthe ball down your throats. Griese used his weapons and used them well. He didnt pass a whole lot back then, but when he did he was pretty damn accurate.

Especally when he needed to be accurate most. Griese would rise to the occassion when the team needed it most.

Shula, he also had some of the best pocket prescence ever. No, he couldn't run but that slide step made many a pass rusher whiff.

Let's get back on track.....My Offseason wish list, and it keeps changing..

Sign Hartline
Sign Clemons

Maybe we try something different, spend all FA Money on Offensive side of ball...Seems Rookie Defenders have more impact immediately then Offensive Rookies, aside from the QB and handfull of RB's.....So with that said let's get our boy some weapons

Free Agents:

WR Wallace or Jennings, Wallace is younger
RB: If Bush leaves we need a veteran back up, power runner
OL: Vollmer from PATS, move Martin to LT
TE: Keller and Davis, Yes both of them

How does that Offense look?, all of them are proven vets and not too old....Actually we can probably afford one D player in that scenario as well, I'd go with a CB...

Then in the Draft we use picks and go to the D and get our S, another young CB's and Pass Rushers........

Brett Favre didnt really dictate much ofanything to the defense. IMO, Brett Favre fits int the category of one of the greatest "broken play" qb's ever.

Favre had the gunslinger mentality. At times, he made almost as many mistakes as he did great plays operating soley from the pocket without it being a broken play.

But he truely was a great "improvisor at the qb position. Far more dangerous on broken plays than traditional plays.

jim kelly no luv huh?.

How sad is it that YG4L is on here for 24 Hours a day?
It's as sad as Odindouche was 2 months ago.
At least Odins liver started to fail and only posts for 12 hours a day
Very, Very sad.

YG4L, What's your new name gonna be?

Got nothing but Love for Griese. Favorite Dolphin roster by a long shot. There were no weaknesses on that team. Csonka is one my alltime faves - even though he was a bit overrated, I don't care. He was incredibly cool.
Even without Griese they would've been pretty darned good, but he made them Super-Bowl great.
His intelligence made him top level, but not his arm. Even he admits that. That's about the only thing keeping him out of the Mt. Rushmore of QBs. But he's certainly not taking back seat to many who have played the game. Wish we had someone like him right now.

They can't possibly have jobs. Or even a life for that matter. They are literally on this blog for countless hours EVERY SINGLE DAY.

JS, Who was the QB that took over for griese after week 4 in there underfeated season?
Czonka,Kicck And Warfield(Along with Eugee Morris) Was the reason wh the fins were 17 and 0 But it Was also the coach of coaches.., Thank god the Giants beat the Pats..., That team(1972) Was the greatest team... Bar none..

js, ask the lb's and db's that had 2 tackle csonk if he was overrated.
they asked defenders around the league back then who would u rather have run at u,csonk or campbell. they pixed campbell becuz he would run around u and csonk would run over u.

Sorry guys, On my Cell phone typing, Many mistakes, I dont have spell check on it..

True 2 Watt, "Zonk" would gain 3 yards and the D-Line would feel like it was 7 yards, The guy was a battering ram, After 2 Quarters(Esspecally in Miami in Sept or Oct)the team they were playing was sucking wind after half-time..it was easy pickings after that, And that defense, it was rock solid.. Again JMHO.

Didn't Csonka famously get a unecessary roughness penalty by hitting a defensive player when he was running the ball?

Mercury Morris was also famously strong by all reports. At 180lbs he bench pressed 420lbs - best on the team. That's some crazy power.

Ban All..
I believe you r referring to Morall. Played most of the undefeated season. Did a great job. Griese played the SB though, and also won another SB later.

Mark, I Think it was in the super bowl VS Washington, He draged a safety down to the ground with a stiff arm..Incredabe power.

How sad is it that Canadians are on here for 24 Hours a day? Its a Miami blog!!

Correct JS, Who was the San Diago player that did it???, No looking up on"GOOGLE"...

Why in the world would I want to dis Zonk? Like I said, he's one of my alltime faves. His legend is a little better than his reality, but both are very cool.
His stats were less then amazing, but his impact, as you pointed out, was huge. He was definitely a fear producing machine. Csonka, Kiick, Morris, Warfield. Physical bada$$es in the era of no-teeth grinders.

And btw, Cambell would run over more often than around you. one of the reasons he would be injured. he would spear you worse than any DB in the current game. i would choose neither thank you. Csonk would punch you, and run you over. Cambell would spear you and run you over. Different styles, but neither are tackler-friendly.

Ban all...
Sorry, I don't understand, did what?

And I don't Google to try to look smart. If I don't know, I'll Google, but I'll not claim that I hadn't.

JS, I rmember being a young lad watching Earl gain 200 yards against the fins in 1978 in Yhe Astro-dome.., Is that correct, I'am getting a lil old.., Can you help my memory??

On a Monday night game, none the less...

Oh yeah, GO PHINS..

Correction, I'm only here from 9-5!

ban all...
I can't recall specific yards, or games with Cambell, but I do remember the Oilers beating us up pretty good on numerous occasions (kinda a rival at the time), with Pastorini flinging it at QB, and Cambell busting up the gut. That SOB (Cambell) was a man I was very happy to see go, but now that I look back on it, he was a special thing to watch. Just sucked watching him beat up my team.
That, and that stupid "..Oilers #1" song that we claim is ours now. Ugh.


David Hyde wrote a solid article today outlining his thoughts on what Ireland should do this offseason.

I tend to agree with him. Basic summary of Ireland's mistakes and/or missed opportunities. I really hope Ireland reads the article, takes it to heart, and follows the blue print Hyde laid out.

I remember the Oilers beating us up with Pastorini and Cambell. I remember Fouts carving us up with Winslow.
And I remember the Jets playoff games like the mud-bowl where AJ Duhe looked like an all-world star.
I also remember the days of Griese, but most of my memories were with his glasses, and then the sinking feeling that i wasn't allowed to root for Csonka anymore because he was a Giant now. Trauma to a kid who just got his first real taste of what trades can do in sports.

Yeah, there are the unscheduled Poster like me here. Then, there are the ones that have to satisfy a schedule, for some reason. I'm the more dangerous 1 of all.

@ promichael from page one
If we sign a WR like jennings we need a DB in the first. Or a cornr that can start right away, very upset about them trading away vonte.....more holes

On the subject of off-season...
Ireland caved last year to presure about QB. Got a feeling he'll cave this year to the pressure of WR.
Not to say that should or should not be our rd1 pick, but he'll make it one regardless whether the right talent is there or not.
My feeling.
No facts to back it up.

Bring in Chris Ivory of the Saints for a look, if you want an absolute beast of a back that has low mileage and will shine. This guy would be a upgrade over anyone on the team.

Absolutely agree, Egreen13. Been saying that for a while. Glad someone else thinks so.

JS, Good to go down Memory lane...
My thoughts are that Ireland will pick thew wrong choice no matter what...
Oh well, I've lived for40 years without a Suber bowl, so if can live at least 10 more and if they dont , I'll be dead more then likely and a football team will the the least of my worries....

Csonka's penalty for unnecessary roughness came in a regular season game in the Orange Bowl versus the Cardinals---not in the Super Bowl.



...JS..Very interesting that you say Ireland caved when it came to Tannehill.. He so much as admmited to it on the Phinsiders. He said the club violated it's own draft principles when drafting Tannehill. The bar for the qb's is 30 collegiate starts. We all know Tannehill was far short of that. He went on to say that he was very high on Tannehill from the start. That Tannehill and the team are better today because of the pick.

Also..This may be a hint as far as Bush' future here.
Ireland was asked who he thought would have the biggest impact next year from the group of players that are "developmental guys"..Lamar Miller." I'm looking at Miller having a huge impact next year"

This may mean nothing, to me reading betwenn the lines tells me that Miller is going to be the guy next year. Ireland went on to mention Oliver Vernon, and Jon Martin as other players he expects to see great improvement from. It is a 14 minute interview if you want to check it out.

Thank you history, Check out his stiff arm in the super bowl(72) He was also flagged for a face-mask...
Only Czonka could get a flag for facemasking, The guy was a MANAMAL...JMHO.

Ban all...
have to unfortunately agree that ireland will likely choose the wrong guy, as he just doesn't have any talent for finding stars. Some starters, Acorns, and 2nd stringers, yes, but not stars.
But there's always the old fall back: Hope.
we'll see.

Thanks, "Knows..."
A good tidbit to know.

Cool DD thanks.
I don't put much stock in his predicition, as he's mentioning the very guys that his ass is riding on.
Intetresting that ol' Daniel Thomas is odd man out. Oops, huh?
No mention of others that he may claim like Odrick, or Misi, etc. Safer to go with the newer, less tested guys.

That entire offense was a battering ram, really, but obviously Csonka was te epitome of it.

As someone else mentioned, though Merc was ALSO a brutally physical runner. I think his speed and dexterity cause people to forget that part of his game.

And, of course, the OL was one of the best to ever play the game. Just outstanding talent across the board. When Norm Evans is your 'weak link' you're doing pretty good!

..JS..To be fair. In the context of the question. I thought he answered it well. The subject was Reshad Jones. He had mentioned how Jones develpment was coming along, as he was a junior out of college, to special teamer to a player who began to make his mark last year. The follow up was which one of the younger guys did he think could be similar in their growth, and contribution in the future.

Father O'Leary whispered to me in the Rectory this morning that I have 'child-bearing hips.' I honestly don't know what to make of this.

All good DD.
I just think the guy is a poor GM. Decent scout (for obscure talent), bad drafter, poison to FAs, and a yutz to the players on the roster.
But he's not apparently going anywhere, so here's hoping he gets it right this off-season.

Js, History, Eugene(Mercury) Morris is a Frequint visitor to my place of employment and though he's in his 60s you'ld swear he's in his 30s, He looks great for his age...I remember watching him as a kid, It just kils me that 95% of the people dont know who he is and when I say to one of my Severs"Hey you know who that is at table so and so, they look at me like "\WHOOO", Then I tell them they they still look at me like "WHO"????


Ross is the cheapest owner in sports!!

The Hereald posted the Sports Network's Mock on the sports page today, i don't know if you guys have seen it.

They have Millner going to the Titans at #10. It makes me wonder if he is good enough and the draft so thin at cb that we should pick him over a wr if he drops to 12? Or is he good enough to trade up a few spots to get him?

Irescum ALWAYS makes the wrong decisions. Its comical how pathetic he is. lol

..I have been tough on Ireland. Definitley a doubter. You can say that I am taking the bait. I'm Charlie Brown about to get the football pulled out from my foot again..Perhaps. One interview shouldn't be enough to sway an opinion one way or another. Especially one on the Phinsider where the questions are teed up, or tossed like a softball. I get it.

But what I like, what is impressive, and where I am hopefull. This was the second youngest team in the league. By design. We will have a ton of picks this year, this will also make us younger as hopefully a few of these guys can contribute. We also have some money to add a few veterans to the mix. But by design. The core of this team will be young players drafted by the team.

Now this will go one of two ways. Either these young players will prove to be contributors. Or the plan will fail. Naturally, it is in the best interest of everyone to see these guys succeed. Failure may confirm your doubts about Ireland and his ability to bild a team. But should the team succeed with it's plan, it will make most of us(me included look pretty foolish)

We look at the holes, or where we were deficient last year. These holes are easy fixes if the players Ireland drafted play to the potential he invisioned. These holes are patch jobs with a few more good decions this offseason. It is impossible to be perfect at every position. The 2 Super Bowl teams proved you can win with a flawed team. We may not be a contender for the cup next year. But with a blueprint to draft and develop young players into your system. To me, it will prove the right way should the system prove to be
the right one.

Rick, I wouldn't. I would just stand pat and pick the best available player that fits a need. Just looked at the mock but I don't believe Keenan Allen is that player they have mocked to us. I'd think Dion jordan would have a better chance being that pick. Or Patterson based on upside given that scenario.

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