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What must happen for the Dolphins to be Super Bowl good?

The NFL season ends today with the crowning of the Super Bowl 47 champion.

Tomorrow we begin a new season. As I write here many fans and even some teams will study the Ravens and 49ers to see if they can find clues or reasons both those teams are Super and everyone else, well, isn't.

So I gave you my opinion. What's your's?

What must happen for the Dolphins to become a Super Bowl team? No, I don't believe the distance between them and the playoffs is that great. Three or four more wins and the Dolphins are a playoff team. But a Super Bowl team?

That gulf is wide, in my opinion.

Still, can the Dolphins bridge that gap in a couple of years, as the 49ers went from 6-10 in 2010 to the NFC championship game in 2011 and the Super Bowl today?

What must happen for that to happen?


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Last year another don't let a NE DB strip him as Flacco completed ANOTHER GAME WINNING TD pass.....

Flacco completed a TD pass last year (game winning)...and the recover was stripped by a NE DB....

Flacco has done his job...


Great timing for Flacco to play like this. He's going to hit the jackpot in FA.

We should talk in 2-3 years time and see if you still feel Flacco deserves to be paid what he gets. Stay tuned....

we probably will Craig M....

The Dolphin Fans are planning on flying another FIRE IRELAND sign plane over the stadium at the home opener. More info on FINSNATION.COM.

Flacco's not going to hit the market....

The owner says he's locking him up...as he should....

there goes my plan to lure Flacco away in FA......I was hoping Flacco was gonna have hurt feelings...but WINNING....and MONEY cures all.....

our only chance @ Flacco would have been if he lost the SB.....


I don't believe Flacco could have been an UFA. The Ravens had the right to franchise him at around $14mil, which would have meant teams would have had to give up two first round picks to get him. The talk now is that the team will put the 'exclusive' tag on him, which means he won't be going anywhere and will cost around $20mil. The team winning and Flacco winning the MVP likely cost the team a few extra million.

Flacco was tremendous against a great defense. He is now considered elite.

Sorta depressed watching the Super Bowl. I see the Dolphins in the playoffs but how do we get anywhere near teams built like San Fran or the Ravens? Watching Boldim last night, a receiver we could have easily picked up a few years ago, made me a little sick. Dolphins need to add talent on top of talent. Don't let guys like Bush walk this year. Lets see what happens


He may be 'elite' in YOUR eyes....don't speak for others.

Btw, SF defence was shyte when it mattered most. I don't want to hear this 'great defence' talk. The defence showed time and time again they are vulnerable and not just in this game.

cheat, only way phinz can get in armando.



All the announcers agreed that Flacco has reached elite status. So go argue with yourself.

All the announcers? Who's stock are you putting all your trust in Jay? Mr. Masters, 'welcome friends', Jim Nantz? Come on man.....think for yourself!

Craig M is for MORON

If I were Jeff Ireland, I would re-sign Hartline as a priority. As far as Long- he has to come at the right price. As far as Starks- he has to come at the right price. As far as Bush- he has to come at the right price. Long, Starks, and to a lesser extent Bush all have plenty of miles on their wheels. Lamar Miller is Bush's replacement and he flashes quickness and elusiveness in limited action. So at least there is someone in place if Bush doesnt re-sign. Martin can slide over to LT as that is his natural position, so they can find a RT in FA or the draft- RT is a less premium position than LT as we all know and at least we have a LT contingency plan in Martin. Odrick can be moved inside to Stark's spot and Vernon can play end. In the case of Bush, Long, and Starks, the Dolphins have it covered if they arent re-signed. I would like them all to re-sign, dont get me wrong, but at least we are covered if we lose all three. Hartline, to me is the essential re-sign due to the lack of playmakers at the wr position. Free agency money needs to be spent on a seam threat TE(Keller, Finley, etc.) and at least one big name productive WR (Jennings, Wallace).

I'm not even close to being a Ravens fan (in fact I detest them...maybe because they're one of the teams we have to battle for a playoff spot each year) but I have great respect for how they do things. I've thought for a long time that they're the model we have to pattern ourselves after. They just do so many things well and don't make a lot of mistakes.

Much respect this morning to the Ravens organization....

Draft Ted Ginn and his entire family.

Those rookie QBs are no mirage, pal(including ours). The Real Thing. You'll see.

Flacco is a HOFer barring injury. He has already won more road playoff games then any QB in history. Add in a SB win and MVP......

Craig, stick to ice fishin LOL

I felt the same about Flacco for years. Good but not enough. However, he has exploded this year with that arm. Probably due to Cameron's departure.


Not sure if you're still around or not. I'll through one other comment out there and you can respond to me when you get a chance.

I've seen you argue on here many times about what having Pro Bowlers on your team means. I say you rip Ireland because we only had one Pro Bowler start this year. You said something like 'it's an indictment on Ireland that only one guy made it'.

I know you're a Flacco fan. Did you know he's never been voted to the Pro Bowl in four seasons? Never. To me that says something right there. I'm no taking anything away from him. He's had a great playoffs, as have the Ravens and they deserved to win yesterday. I'm not ready to call him 'elite' (not that I hear you saying that).

Gotta go fellas....have a good one.

Now, now. You tell me, is or has there ever been a more snake-bitten Team than the Dolphins? Just consider this, we had those 2 Beauties as HCs IN A ROW for 5 years. UFFFFF! We is doing Great now, believe me.

oscar,they blow.


Classic line!! When you can't argue the FACTS you make some dumba** crack like that. Good one, bud...

Lets offer Flacco 20 mill/yr and jumpstart our team.

Tannehill can't make the throws that Flacco & Kap were making last night.
That Mando is the difference in a nut shell.

Tannehill is Henne.

still need a qb.

Kris, I agree Flacco has been consistent and consistently good (and I agree on those playoff game loses) I just didn't thing he was great. Good; which is good enough to get you there, but not great. I put Flacco in my top QBs behind: Manning x2, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees

Dalton looks like the next Flacco. Consistently good and a few pieces or a bit more experience until he gets to that next level

2 watt, Irescum ouldnt find a good QB if one sat in his lap! haha

Craig, you up for some ice fishin' tonight, eh?

Flacco is Tannehill without the experience and supporting cast. Watch the game with your eyes. He seldom makes a perfect throw but he has beast receivers that bail him out time and time again and one of the best o lines in the game.

I'm not going to take too much away from Flacco. he is obviously good enough to win with. But the Ravens will encounter problems as they now have to pay him top dollar. This guy is not Rodgers, brees, or Brady. he needs the help.

Tannehill can be as good as this guy if you give him some help.

NH, ur a good poster but tannehill can make all the throws - his problem will never be the ability to make throws. Anybody who watched even one game can't question the guy's physical talent - no way - no how.

Another high scoring Playoff game. Anyone want to chime in how defense wins Super Bowls? How about winding your watch and keeping kerosene around to light your lamps while you're at it?

We need a deep threat, I guess Wallace.

We need a solid buch of corners and hard hitting safties. Our safties are good, but no one feears them like the SF and balt safties.

TE, is a glaring weakness.

And I must say, Balt's o-line was incredible. Mckinney is available, :)

Mark, that was my assessment. Tannehill just needs what Flacco/Eli have, an ability (even just for a part of a Season) to put it together and make plays when it counts. And you're right, those QBs (well, pretty much all QBs) need enough playmakers around them to make that happen.

Tannehill lacks the accuracy,delivery, and footwork of an NFL QB. He was nothing in college ball either. It wont be long until he's moved to WR.


Come on man. Nobody's saying that you don't need an offence to win a Championship but did you notice that the Baltimore defence came up big when it mattered. FOUR stops at the end of the game from the FIVE to win the game. Do you think the New Orleans defence would have stopped the Niners like that? At some point you've got to be able to stop somebody.....


I'm all in for the ice fishing tonight. After all that's all we do up here, eh? I'll bring the OV....

TE, is a glaring weakness.

Posted by: Poizen | February 04, 2013 at 10:00 AM

EXACTLY Poizen. Bobbyd12, you were asking how we become one of those teams, you can start right there.

Interesting to hear out of NYG that the Giants are going to make signing Nicks the priority. He's not a FA until next year and Cruz is a FA THIS year. Do we have a Mike Wallace situation on oour hands again with the Giants?

Poizen, i pointed out McKinnie as a stopgap before too. You could defeinitely do worse (i.e. martin)

DC, yeah Flacco's offense is stacked. Smith is the best deep threat in the game (all due apologies to Mike Wallace). he and Boldin are just so violent on 50-50 balls. They aggressively attack everything. Pitta is an underrated TE. The line is solid all the way across. Even my boy Ed Dickson falshed in his limited opportiunty on the one scoring drive. Flacco is as erratic a winning Qb as I've ever seen. his passes are perfectly placed maybe once out of ten throws it seems.

Earlier there was talk Boldin would need to restructire but who in their right minds wouldn't pay that guy $6M - same as what Hartline would ask. You think Baltimore would trade him for Hartline straight up, haha???

Be interesting to see the Super Bowl played in the cold and outdoors, as I think they will be in 2014. It won't be the fast track and artifical conditions we saw yesterday. It'll also be interesting to see if we get such a high scoring game. Something tells me that defence is going to matter a whole lot more in 2014.

The Fins always play "casual" football. Sean Smith starts walking with hands on hips before the play is over. The Fins seem content being in the NFL, but do not seem to be hungry enough for anything beyond that.

Craig, if the Giants don't respect Cruz, there will be a riot in jersey. He is easily the most popular player on that team (which is kind of funny since they have a two time Super Bowl MVP qb). When I was up there, nobody stopped talking about that guy.

Get a better GM.

I'm still amazed that Flacco ended up being the MVP. No love for Jacoby Jones obviously. They guy was AMAZING and a big reason why Baltimore won the game. Obviously the voters are usually drunk by the time they vote and just give it to the QB. Must be the same guys who pick the Pro Bowl (Jeff Saturday).....LOL.

We need play makers, no doubt. That's what free agency and the draft are for every year. But what I see the Dolphins do year in and year out is lack a dynamic scheme on offense. -- Each year lately, the defense has to stop other teams to win games, and the offense spends a lot of time going 3-and-out. They also go up and down the field between the 20's, but that won't win games. Give them:

1. A front office and owner that believe;
2. running back, TE's, and WR's group that can catch the ball "when it matters";
3. a QB who knows the system, can execute and lead; and
4. a coaching staff that provides a dynamic game plan.

The last time the Dolphins won...Brady was hurt...but they also unveiled the wildcat offense. It didn't work all year - or in the playoffs - but it was new, different, and the offense executed a dynamic playbook.

For too many years the Dolphins change the look of the team player-wise, but not the playbook.

2013 will be different...


Cruz is a great player. Don't know the Giants cap position or reasons they wouldn't sign this guy long term. Maybe they do what the Steelers did with Wallace and franchise him for a year. Talk about a playmaker! Exactly what this offence needs.

Craig, so in a 34-31 game, you want to talk about the ONE stop at the end? THAT'S what won the game to you? If so, why did Flacco win the MVP?

Be wise dude. I say this as a friend. I'm not generalizing, of COURSE you need defense (throughout the year) to get you to the big game. Of COURSE you need a stop when it matters.

My point was that defense isn't AS important as it once was. And having the ABILITY to put up lots of points has become IMHO the best way to beating any opponent in today's NFL. San Fran was able to do it throughout the year, as was Baltimore. Teams like ours who have trouble scoring a lot of points seem not to be able to compete at the highest levels. You (or others) mentioned you can't "outscore" the Patriots, well, actually that's exactly how SF beat them earlier in the Season. Sure, their defense held them (to something like 34), but the offense was able to score 41 or whatever it was to win the game.

Just proves how important offense is the NFL in today's game. I don't really understand why anyone would dispute that fact (if you've been watching the direction of the league).

Craig, jacoby Jones saved that team's bacon all playoff long. People don't remember how Denver had them beat then Jones burns the Denver 2ndary on a play only a handful of players in this league could pull off.

Difference in yesterday's game was also Jones - scored almost half their points and did it in record breaking style. he had my non-existent vote.

But Flacco did his job all playoff long. 8tds and ZERO turnovers. Anytime you get zero turnovers from your qb, you have a chance. Turnover ratio is a huge factor. And Flacco made sure his team won that battle each week. Only Young and Montana had better td-int ratios during a playoff run. That's select company for sure.

DC, I think defense is important - extremely important and it was a deciding factor in yesterday's game. But not in the way most people think. I look at turnovers created. Baltimore's defense found two and it contributed determining points. On the other hand SF's defense came up with a timely turnover that helped them get into the game. TURNOVERS, TURNOVERS, TURNOVERS. Get me guys that create havoc. Right now we only have two of them in Jones and Wake. Give me two or three more on defense.


I'm not disputing your point. I expected a high scoring game and actually called the over in the game.

What I am disputing is this idea that you win ONLY with offence. Care to tell the Saints of this year that story?


I'll also give you the Detroit Lions of this year. Great offence but can't stop anyone. Care to answer why they went 4-12 this year?

It's not NEARLY as black and white an issue as you try to make it out to be.


Anyody else catch the two-handed shove of the official in the first half by Carey Williams? Inexcusable that there was no penalty on the play and that the got to continue in the game. I thought the officiating was very suspect all night.


Offense is more important than defense, but you cannot get anywhere without a serviceable defense unless you're a legendary Tom Brady Patsies offense (ie: once in a generation). To further look at how defenses are necessary, look at the Jests in Sanchize's first two years. Awesome defense with nice offensive talent but defense was > offense.

But overall you need a top-notch offense to get anywhere. We have the defense, not the offense, thus why we're a 7-9 team

Flacco not MVP. Boldin made catches very few receivers can and kept drives alive

I am not sold un Cruz personally. I think he is a product of Hakeen Nicks on the other side. when Nicks was hurt last year, and Cruz became the number 1. the top receivers for those games were Hixon, Rndall and ramses barden of al people. I think there is a good scheme in NY. Nicks has excelled at the number one, Cruz as number one has struggled.

Craig the blog dope,

I trust the words of Phil Simms, a HOF QB & almost every other QB who has talked about Flacco raisining his game to elite status.

Not some blog hogging dillweed who is always wrong. That person being you of course.

Like someone else told you, go argue with yourself over Flacco.


Ravens receiving corps has opposite talent of Dolphins receivers. Shameful...

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