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What must happen for the Dolphins to be Super Bowl good?

The NFL season ends today with the crowning of the Super Bowl 47 champion.

Tomorrow we begin a new season. As I write here many fans and even some teams will study the Ravens and 49ers to see if they can find clues or reasons both those teams are Super and everyone else, well, isn't.

So I gave you my opinion. What's your's?

What must happen for the Dolphins to become a Super Bowl team? No, I don't believe the distance between them and the playoffs is that great. Three or four more wins and the Dolphins are a playoff team. But a Super Bowl team?

That gulf is wide, in my opinion.

Still, can the Dolphins bridge that gap in a couple of years, as the 49ers went from 6-10 in 2010 to the NFC championship game in 2011 and the Super Bowl today?

What must happen for that to happen?


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..YG..Great post @ 1:50. All of these free agent reciever sort of scare. Me. Of course we can find a ton of reasons as to why we should avoid paying any of them. The hard part is looking at what each individual does well, and how will that apply here.

The Jennings, Cruz', Wallaces of the world have so much better surrounding casts. they have superior quarterbacks throwing them the ball. Better offensive scheme(although I have to question what the Steelers did last year)Bringing them here where there is little if no talent around them. With a quarterback that has a ton of question marks as whether or not he can play the position. Should be a cause for concern when it comes to shelling out a big contract..

Can we expect better production from any of these guys? Take a step further, and can we even expect the same production? Or is the question that should be asked. What is the reasonable baramoter as far as what a high profile free agent should contribute? If he raise the game of the reciever corps as a whole, while putting up pedestrian numbers. is that good enough?

I'm not saying we should try. We have to do something to add some legitimacy to this offense. right now we have the firepower of a sunken Russian Submarine.


Its insanity for "this team" to spend a #1 draft pick and excess of $50 million to sign a wr. We're much better off with Wallace, Bowe, or Jennings. At least they dont cost us a #1 pick to boot.

Pure insanity, I dont see why you guys cannot see this. Cruz nees to average 13-15 tds a year to make this even close to worth that gamble.

This franchise is absolutely in no position to give a 1st rd pick for anyone unless they are doing the drafting. Just dont understand why you guys dont see the "pure insanity" of this. Victor Cruz is far from "Jerry Rice".

YG I understand your point but Cruz is a tremendous athlete, catches everything, and constantly gets 3 to 5 steps on his coverage. Hartline is inconsistent at getting open and jumps like a legless toad.

I'm just sayin, seeing those two names side by side TO ME, shouldn't even happen. If Cruz is a #2 at best then Hartline is a #3. Cruz affects the outcome of games, Hartline, not so much.

Yesterdays Gone,

You have to remember Nicks was injured most of last year and when he did play he wasnt 100%. The reason I offered the Cruz theory, was because NYG are more concerned about resigning a player who isnt even a free agent, while their other top WR is a free agent and hasnt even complained about getting a new contract, which is kind of rude. But to say he went undrafted as a reason not to trade for him, is kind of apples to oranges. I just think he is a star with broad appeal to Miami, i dont typically subsrcribe to the Rick Spielman method of trading picks. But our teams needs to make a ballsy move, and this could be worth the risk. Does anyone think the Giants can afford to pay 2 receivers 8-10 million a year?

"Yes, I admit he's very good. But if we spent our own 1st rd pick to draft a wr. At least we get a very good wr, at pennies on the dollar for what it takes to sign Cruz, let alone giveaway a 1st rd pick for him. Plus the drafted wr, we probably get at least 4 more years out of him than what we would get from Cruz,whose entering his 4th-5th season."


My point is that you don't know what you're getting in this draft at WR. It's not a deep class & there are no slam dunks like Larry Fitzgerald or Clavin Johnson or AJ Green.

With a few more weapons and protection, Tanne will be in top half of QBs this year, and top 10 next year. That's where Flacco is and the Ravens are Super Bowl champs. We don't need him to be great, just very good and not stupid with the ball. I think that's very possible.

Craig @ 1:57 exactly. I know Cruz is a special player but you either draft a guy or find him in free agency. You don't spend free agent dollars AND the draft pick on one player. That's cheating yourself out of a 1st pick. I would concur there is no top flight WR in this draft process to appear thus far but that doesn't mean you pull a trade like that. learn from the ravens and Boldin. They needed a WR just as bad as we did. They gave up a 4th for Boldin who was older and deemed not as good as Marshall. We gave up 2 2nds and a free agent type contract and one of those two held up the VL trophy yesterday. And it wasn't the more heralded player. (Although personally I take Boldin and the $4m cap savings over marshall every day of the week and twice on Sundays.)


From earlier, you were asking the difference between the Wildcat and the Pistol. Difference is you can run your whole offense out of the Pistol (not the Wildcat because your RB isn't a passer).

But like Kris said, the way to defend it is rush a guy directly at the QB no matter what (he needs to hit the QB even if he hands off). That's what Suggs was doing if you noticed. He just hit Kaepernick every time, and someone else worried about the run/pass. Pretty effective. Of course, if the other defenders overcommit, and the QB can beat the rushing defender, then he can score (like he did on that one TD run).

But with the right personnel, the Pistol can be pretty effective (not too many teams have all the pieces though).

YG I pointed out to Craig that I hadn't considered the salary ramifications. So yeah, obviously if Cruz were to want 10 to 12 million it doesn't make sense to give up a pick as well.

But clear up your thinking for me here. You say Cruz is a #2 but then say he's going to command 10 to 12 million? Is that your estimate on cost? (5 year 10 mil per?)

If so do a lot of #2's command that kind of money? I'm not being a wise a#$, I just don't know what the going rate for wr's is.


Respectfully, Cruz wasn't even drafted. So there were 32 GMs who didn't even think there was a talent like that in the draft the year he was available and they passed on him SEVEN times.....and they get paid big money to do this full time. So the reality is NONE of us have a clue what this draft will be like for WR talent. Yeah we can have opinion on it but it's not cut and dry.

Cruz is an AWFULLY good player, I'm not sure anyone would question that. I just don't know that's how you build and run a team.

DD, I have no doubt that Tannehill can get the production out of a WR. if there is one aspect of his game you shouldn't doubt - that's it. I mean, he was going to get twin 1,000 yard receiving seasons out of hartline and Bess. .... BRIAN HARTLINE AND DAVONNE BESS.

Of course bess injury ruined that. Say what you want about the guy but he does use his WRs effectively. And if someone wants to argue, anyone can get 1,000 yard receiving seasons if they are starting ... well sicne Marino retired we had two WRs get 1000 yards before this year ... Marshall and Chambers barely eclipsed it one year. That is since what .. 1998??? Tannehill has the arm to use WRs. Sign better talent and watch the #s grow. Where Tannehill needs progress is in having the game slow down for him at times. But using WRs effectively ... forget about it. he's made.


I posted yesterday that a few Niner fans have told me that Walker is the real deal. He's a converted WR but they tell me he's a good blocker too. He's under utilized in SF because of Davis and others. I'm in favour of looking hard at this guy but I'd also like us to draft a guy in the draft too.

"I'm chiming in on the cruz for a first conversation. Great player....no question. But when it comes to gving up picks for players and then spending $8-12 mil on them, it just doesn't make any sense. We did this with Marshall, we did this with Ricky Williams. It didn't make us any better."

Ricky didn't make us better??? What happened to the team after Ricky decided he didn't want to play football anymore??? How did that season work out???

In the long run it was a TERRIBLE trade b/c Ricky's heart wasn't into football & he chose to trash a decent portion of his career but you can't say he didn't make the team better when he was playing. That's just not true.

Look...It's not going to happen but you can't compare Cruz to either of those guys who have significant issues.

DC I noticed that too but if I was the defensive coordinator I would take it a step further. And I would start training my guys this off season, for every running qb.

I would tell them forget that shoving and pushing the qb after he hands off and fakes that he still has it. If he takes steps after the hand off he is eligible to be tackled. I start telling my guys to tackle him, HARD, every time they get a chance in that situation.

The rules are set up for the defense to do this legally. I didn't understand why they were just chucking him instead of full out tackling the kid. Make them pay for their little trick plays.


I believe we saw "top end" from Hartline last season. Hartline was in his 4th season. Usually by a player's 4th year, what you see is what you got.

A move the chains wr, sometimes inconsistent, and wont score very many td's. To be exact, only 1 td last year. Hell, the city of Miami should throw a ticker tape parade if Hartline ever gets 5 tds in a single season.

Yet some strongly advocate resigning Hartline. Even if we signed a fa wr, defenses will double him and force Hartline to beat them. Can Hartline have "statiscal great games"? Yes. But, dont expect "TDS" to be a great number in those statistics.

Anyone who does, will only be kidding themselves. Therefore, I believe, adding "1 great to very good wr" is not the answer. This entire recieving corps needs "OVERHAULING" and anyone not seeing this most likely suffers from "BLIND HOMERISM".

Giving up a 1st rd pick for a wr like Cruz only hampers the great overhaul truly needed. DC's will only game plan him away most of the time and Hartline has fully proven he can not handle the scoring load.

So, say Cruz costs a #1 draft pick and $60 million to resign, then Hartline costs $30 million. We'll have at least 85'90 million invested in only 2 wr's alone, yet still havent "GREATLY" increased our ability to score. Though the signing of Cruz would definitely "slightly" increase it.

That's a helluva price to pay to only slightly increase our ability to score.

Sure DC, you have to lay your licks on your qb but watch the Ravens in that goaline stand. On the first three plays, they basically squatted and maintained their lanes. If you maintain lane discipline, then you take away the huge Qb runs. As far as throwing out of that formation. kaep is still at a stage where he only reads one WR in a route. he doesn't scan the field. He throws at Crabtree and sometimes Davis. Once in a blue moon he looks at moss. So, until he proves he can scan the field like Russell can, I don't even blitz the guy. Wannstedt and the late 90s Defense would've eaten this guy alive with the way they played.

...I can't do this anymore today. The program for this site that deletes posts, or censors them has reached the tipping point for me.

"I posted yesterday that a few Niner fans have told me that Walker is the real deal."

I see these statements and I go into the fetal position and start shaking. Why? Because I am traumatized by the same exact thing happening almost ten years ago.

It was a bright sunny day and the Dolphins were in talks to trade for AJ Feely. I talked to three different Eagles fans from my area, all of whom told me Feely was the real deal and we were going to be psyched if we signed him. I BELIEVED THEM. The rest is history.

I no longer listen to fans about up and coming players. Like you said Craig! lol We have GMS who do this for a living and none of us really have a clue.

YG you said the entire wr corp? You think Bess isn't a good slot guy?

So according to you I guess I'm suffering from blind homerism because I believe Bess is one of the top players at his position, (the slot). ;p

Darryl D.!

Are you sure it's not the stupid verification code you're running into?

Sometimes when you post they will ask for a verification but it pops up at the bottom and you can't see it. It's really tricky, you have to scroll down after you press the post button. If you press post then immediately press the post another comment button you will miss the verification part and your post will not be pasted.

Posted by: Phins78 | February 04, 2013 at 02:10 PM

Economics 101: "SUPPLY AND DEMAND".

A teaqm as desperate as we are for wr help with definitely have to "OVERPAY".

Sometimes other teams will "INTENTIONALLY" drive up signing prices, just to make the team eventually signing that player overpay.

However, in Cruz's case, I see no team signing him to a big contyract and giving up a #1 draft pick. When a player is an restricted fa, it only means he'll become an "UNRESTRICTED FA" the following season.

If the Giants dont get Cruz resigned this year, Im sure most teams are willing to wait until next year to sign him as an unrestricted fa, and save their upper round draft pick.

So forget about Cruz going anywhere this season anyway, unless one of the top 5 teams in the league sees him as the missing peice to their sb puzzle. It would make far more sense for Bellichik to give up a high draft pick for Cruz, than for the Miami Dolphins to do it.


There's NOBODY who was bigger Ricky Williams fan than me. There's NOBODY who didn't love watching this guy more play for the Dolphins than me. I was devastated when I hear he was suspended. Mark, you'll relate to this. I was on my way to Toronto to do a promo for the FAN radio station before a Jays game (got to interview Tom Cheek and John Cerutti and a few others) and a friend told me about the news right before I was to start my first interviews.

Yes he helped the team WNPs, but it wasn't reflected in our Won/loss record and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

Got to go, I'll check back later.

Why do people just assume the WR draft class this year is weak just because there's no Fitzgerald,Megatron or A.J Green? How the hell does anyone know this,without the combine starting and pro days months away?

And just for the record,what has Fitz,Megatron or Green ever won?

People need to realise,the Dolphins can't have the very best players at EVERY position. There's no doubt we need help on the offense,but just saying there's no point picking a WR in the 1st because no WR is as good as Fitz etc is just dumb.

Tannehill needs all the help he can get,so if we pick Hunter,Patterson or any other WR in the 1st,i'd be all for it...

"I posted yesterday that a few Niner fans have told me that Walker is the real deal. He's a converted WR but they tell me he's a good blocker too. He's under utilized in SF because of Davis and others. I'm in favour of looking hard at this guy but I'd also like us to draft a guy in the draft too."


Our team is too soft & we need to become more physical on offense if we're ever going to be anything. That includes the FB position, the TE position, our Tackles, & our RG. Pouncey & Incongito are very good players but we need more maulers. I'm really not sure if Martin was the right pick b/c he's more of a finesse player & clearly not a RT.

We need a LOT of things in this draft but I don't know of a FB/TE in this draft that hits like him. Walker is 240 pounds & runs a sub 4.5.

Mark I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting it from all of the analysts. Everyone is saying the wr's are weak. I read a long article that pointed out all of their weakness' and they said there was only one wr coming out of the draft that is NFL ready.

Why I'm listening to analysts who are rarely correct is a question (that is baffling even to me) for another time.

What must happen for the Dolphins to be Super Bowl good?

We'd have to trade our FO for a good one and wait 3 years.


Picture yourself as an nfl dc. Would Bess strike even nominal fear into you as a gm? Bess nor Hartline score tds. Both magically disappear in the redzone.

If I could even upgrade Bess, I would do it in a heartbeat. Sure, Bess is a nice story, making the team as a udfa, and being a very good contributor. But "nice stories" dont get you to the sb. His story would need to be a "GREAT STORY", not a "NICE STORY".

I dont understand some dolfans at times. We want a "GREAT TEAM" yet we get "OVERLY ATTACHED" to some of our "BlANDLY PLAIN" talent that we have on the roster.

I would replace Bess for a "Bailey or Swoop" in a heartbeat if available 3rd.

Is Flacco the new Manning?


I believe Walker is a FA. I don't believe he should be our number option at TE but I do believe he could help us.


Very good points. I remember all that talk about what a 'sure thing' Braylon Edwards was going to be. Fast forward 5-6 years and he's a guy most teams couldn't care less about. We've seen time and time again WRs taken in the top ten (Detroit), Heyward-Bey, who didn't pan out, just as we've seen WRs taken in the 4th round a lower who went on to great things (Marshall, Welker, Colston, Cruz). the 'experts' don't know, just like we don't knows. Hell GMs get it wrong a lot of the time too.

Posted by: Phins78 | February 04, 2013 at 02:34 PM

WTH do "tv analysts" know? I would lean more to what great talent evaluators say. No Im not talking Kipers.

For the most part, "tv analysts" are mainly former jocks. If their past teams saw any great talent evaluator abilities in any of them. They would be working in their former teams personnel departments, not spewing their "meaningles" opinions about.

They just do so many things well and don't make a lot of mistakes.

Much respect this morning to the Ravens organization....

Craig M | February 04, 2013 at 09:22 AM

It starts with the players that have executed countless schemes both on O and on D. How many DC have the Ravens had?? Semms to be the best spring board to being an NFL H.C. in all of Football only to watch a bunch fall flat. I can recall of the top of my head the following Coaches having held the DC Pos. in Baltimore since 96, Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan ,Rex, Pagano, Dean Peas and God knows who I left out.

My point is if Peyton is the modern day player/Coach then R.Lewis has been every bit his equal on the other side of the ball when considering the different styles the Coaches mentioned employ from the 4/3 to the 3/4 to a sub 46 package, yet always thrive with Lewis the glue that keeps everything on the field together even when not happy with the scheme like when the Ravens 1st went 3/4 under Nolan.

It just happens to be our luck that after Jerry said anybody could Coach Dallas in 94 and alot of speculation that JJ had done it with his core Florida group that Johnson decides to ignore no-brainer pick R.Lewis in the 96 draft and took Baylor DT D.Gardner. He gets the pass because he finds Zach RD-5 that draft but while Thomas was a very good player Lewis is the G.O.A.T. at MLB and with all do respect when taking leadership along with ability into account Zach couldn't carry Ray's jock.

His BFF Wannstedt would pass on Brees for in his words the need for a Nickle back taking Jamar Fletcher. The Ricky trade hurt terribly given in 02 we could have drafted Ed Reed RD-1 while taking Clinton Portis RD-2. I know the could've should've stuff means nothing in hindsight but these were players in our backyard that for whatever reasons were ignored and would've made an enormous difference in our teams fortunes over the last decade and a half and I still haven't gotten into passing on FSU's Anquan Boldin RD-2 taking LB Eddie Moore who would NEVER start a down for us.

This is what haunted me about the game last night given the connections both Wannstedt (UM DC under JJ) and JJ had to the U and Fl. talent in general. I understand some of you don't live in Fl. but those that do understand my frustration at the Dolphins F.O.'s over the Yr. ignoring their backyard talent in some no-brainer picks. Coaches make a difference as the inexperience of Jim Harbaugh on that last goal line stand proved calling some God awful plays but we could have had the talent to make better runs and consistently pass on the in-State talent which always seems on display come the S.B. Calais Campbell of Arz. for Merling and even F.Gore are other examples in a parade of them.

Flacco was cool as a cucumber yesterday while Kapernick had that deer in headlighs look at least in the 1st half.

Tom Cheek ... touch em all Joe, you'll never hit a bigger home run in your life!

RIP - Tom Cheek is as much a part of my childhood and upbringing as anyone. The thought of his voice just brings back so many great memories of a simpler time (i.e. when I could just freeload off my parents). Good times.

Posted by: TGH | February 04, 2013 at 02:37 PM

What many of you dont really understand is that Flacco doesnt have to be elite. He only needs to be consistently very good.

He has very good rb's, wr's, and TE's. He's more than demostrated what can happen when you surround a very good qb with very good skill position talent.


Do you need more?

An elite qb is one who "at times" can make up for deficiencies of talent on either side of the ball. And I do stree, "AT TIMES".

"There's NOBODY who was bigger Ricky Williams fan than me. There's NOBODY who didn't love watching this guy more play for the Dolphins than me. I was devastated when I hear he was suspended. Mark, you'll relate to this. I was on my way to Toronto to do a promo for the FAN radio station before a Jays game (got to interview Tom Cheek and John Cerutti and a few others) and a friend told me about the news right before I was to start my first interviews.

Yes he helped the team WNPs, but it wasn't reflected in our Won/loss record and that's all that matters at the end of the day."


B/c Wannstadt is an idiot not b/c of Ricky. How can you put it on one player??? That makes no sense. Ricky ran for over 3000 yards in two seasons before he first walked away & if you can't make the playoffs with a RB like that you're either a terrible coach or the rest of your team is not very good.

These were the 'Wannyball' years & he practically ran the ball every down & then continued to put pressure on the defense until they'd eventually break. Blame the coach, blame the defense, but don't blame Ricky.

"Hell GMs get it wrong a lot of the time too."


Absolutely but not as much as ours does.

Matt Ryan is an exact replica of Dan Marino. He's got the same quick release, isnt very mobile, wins a ton of games, but cant win the big games despite having top receivers. Ryan doesnt have much of a defense either. The more I think about the more similarities I see.

One thing for sure, this offseason we'll find what Philbin really thinks of Hartline. If Hartline walks, best believe it was "glowingly endorsed" by Philbin.

It'll all be because Philbin feels Hartline doesnt have the needed ability to be great scoring threat in "his offense".

Noway can you have both Bess and Hartline as 2/3's of your wr corps. Neither produce tds. Its plain and simple insanity! LOL...

Heck, a blind monkey throwing darts at a dartboard would get more right then Irescum! LOL


I remember when The Cardinals traded Boldin for a 4th round pick. At that time Boldin was having some problems staying healthy. What a trade by the Ravens b/c he's the player that people should be talking about as being elite. He came up big in EVERY game down the stretch & made a ton of those 50/50 balls.

Trust me--Tannehill would look better with Boldin bailing him out too. Always loved Boldin & when healthy he's practically unstoppable.

Marshall > Boldin

These were the 'Wannyball' years & he practically ran the ball every down & then continued to put pressure on the defense until they'd eventually break. Blame the coach, blame the defense, but don't blame Ricky.

We Need Playmakers | February 04, 2013 at 02:48 PM

I blame an inept F.O. and was making your very point on my 2:44 rant regarding among other things ignoring the FL. talent in the draft

Anquan Boldin 2 Super Bowls

Brandon Marshall ZERO playoff games and 4 fired coaches.


We Need Playmakers,

I have said this repeat many times to others! That all can be well in the football teams that we see but sudden you need the EXPLOSONS OF OFFENSE that come like lighted up dynomite very sudden! This is accomplish by work toil yes! but also on the golden days in the Fall when you have the quarterback and he throws rainbow pass far far down and THERE IT IS CAUGHT! AND THJERE HE HAS SCORED A TOUCH DOWN! and there is not this player now with Miami but I prediction it will be VERY VERY soon even if you had a crystal ball to the near future you would already see him for Miami in their new uniform and logo, so I am sure of this!!

3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!!!!!!!!! LOL

I remember when The Cardinals traded Boldin for a 4th round pick.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | February 04, 2013 at 02:57 PM

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

I never thought I'd miss the Wanny days until recently.

Anquan Boldin is a very strong argument for drafting Patterson. Like Patterson, Boldin wasnt exactly "blowing up" anyone's draft board on draft day either.

In today's nfl, you need these big, strong, fast wr types. They can be open even when they arent open, and they make reliable redzone targets, while also having ability(speed) to take it to the house.

Still I advocate adding two wr's this year, draft or not. Like I posted earlier, 2/3 of our wr corps having Hartline and Bess, just isnt going to quite cut it.

I blame an inept F.O. and was making your very point on my 2:44 rant regarding among other things ignoring the FL. talent in the draft


You're right. If we just drafted guys from the U & from the FL. area through the years we'd have a heck of a team. And the one time we drafted a guy from the U we took Carey instead of Wilfork....Pathetic!!!

I find it odd that Ireland FINALLY acknowledged this by drafting Olivier Vernon & Miller this year. I guess it's better late than never....

Posted by: AtlFin | February 04, 2013 at 03:07 PM

Fine example of how now many dolfans are comparing mediocrity to mediocrity. Neither eras have been worth a f u c k! LOL...

I guess Mark thinks Trent Dilfer was better then Dan Marino too. YIKES!!

Like sand through the hourglass, such are the Days of Our Lives.

All is vanity.

The bottom line is,nobody really knows how these players entering the draft will pan out. No 'Expert Analysts' or GM'S or even us passionate supporter know.All we can do is watch tape and give opinions.

I for one,have a man crush on WR Justin Hunter from Tennessee and really hope Ireland pulls the trigger on him at #12.

That doesn't mean i'm about to guarantee he'll be the next Jerry Rice,it's just me making a statement saying i think he'll be great and he would help Tannehill considerably in the future and would love to see him in a Dolphins uniform next year.

Whatever happens,i cant wait till the Draft...;)

Ireland missed the boat. UM doesnt have nearly the quality players they used to.

I never thought I'd miss the Wanny days until recently.

I can't understand how we didn't build a dynasty when we had HC's like Wanny, Cameron, & Sparano. These guys have all been fired in their subsequent jobs.

Really not sure why Ross is more hated than Huzienga in the Miami area. Not that I'm a fan of Ross but Huzienga methodically drove this franchise straight into the ground.

Ireland is always too late. He's playing checkers when all the other GM's are playing chess.

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