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The back and forth on Jennings, Finley in Green Bay

Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.


As free agency inches closer by the day, as the NFL combine winds down this week, as a negotiating window between free agents and teams opens March 9, the back and forth on what previously seemed certain gets more convoluted.

This applies specifically to the situation in Green Bay surrounding wide receiver Greg Jennings and tight end Jermichael Finley.

Let me address Finley first:

Remember that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal reported in mid December the Packers had decided to part ways with Finley after the season. The reason for this divorce was said to be Finley's dropped passes, inconsistent production and a little bit of an attitude toward his work and place on the team.

Well, over the weekend the same newspaper, indeed the same reporter, reported  the certainty of December has become muddled in February. Yes. No. Yes. No.

Apparently, the team is "torn" whether or not to get rid of Finley -- most likely by simply cutting him.

So that, by definition means he might stay. So that, by definition means we will have wasted many minutes, words and brain cells on this topic. For nothing.

Bottom line here is Finley might remain with his team even as many Dolphins fans considered him a possibility for their team.

(You remember the post I put up a few days ago about how fans and media often react faster than the teams relative to rumors of players becoming available? Now you see why teams take a more systematic approach.)

So Finley might not be available.

The Packers, meanwhile, are not denying the rumor that Greg Jennings, a couple of weeks from hitting free agency and an almost certain target of the Dolphins, might be franchised.

That rumor was floated over the weekend by The NFL Network.

And Green Bay GM Ted Thompson, who once interviewed to be Miami's GM although he didn't get the gig, didn't dispel the rumor in any way.

"We think it’s a good way to manage the NFL if you’re able to retain your own players," Thompson said at the NFL combine, "We’d very much like to do that, and that includes Greg."

So the player who was certain to hit free agency now might be franchised. Yes. No. Yes. No.

Of course, this begs the question: Why?

The Packers clearly are not in a cap position to invest the approximate $10.4 million cap hit on Jennings it would cost. They have talent at wide receiver. Jennings is coming off an injury-filled season. And he's going to be 30 years old.

So he's the franchise tag target?

Well, there's this theory from yours truly:

Perhaps the Packers are fully aware there will be interest in Jennings, including from the Dolphins and want to somehow work in a way to get something in return for the player. The only way to do that is to tag him and then let another team work out a trade for the player and sign him to a new deal.

Why is this possible?

Well, the Packers might want to get, say, a fifth-round pick out of the deal. And a team that knows it will be chasing Jennings might not mind giving up such a pick in exchange for the certainty of getting the player in trade rather than fishing for him in unrestricted free agency.

That alone might convince the Packers to tag Jennings, if only temporarily.

There's also the possibility the Packers simply don't want to lose a good player but also don't want to commit to him long-term because of his age and recent injury history. So a one-year franchise tag keeps him in Green Bay but doesn't commit the team to the major guaranteed money Jennings is seeking.

Both are possible.

By the way, the same newspaper and again the same reporter that reported the back and forth on Finley today tweeted that Joe Philbin isn't a huge fan of Jennings. I buy that. But that's because I don't think Philbin is a "huge fan" of many players. He's frankly a cup of coffee short of a coma. The guy doesn't get too high about anyone. And he doesn't get too low about anyone.

He simply is ... steady.

He's not jumping on tables for anybody.

The Dolphins plan to talk to Jennings at this point. That has not changed.

Now, you want my opinion on this Jennings matter? If not, you are finished. Go to the comments section. If so, read on.


I don't think the Packers are going to tag Jennings because 1. They can't spare that kind of cap space. 2. They don't usually play games like that. 3. Having Jennings at over $10 million in 2013 would mean he's making more than quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is scheduled to make $9.25 million, and that is not good for your cap structure.

Remember we had this very discussion last year with Matt Flynn. Would the Packers tag Flynn to get something, anything for him before he hit free agency? Ultimately, the team didn't tag Flynn.

Jennings may obviously be a different case. But I don't see Thompson as being a different person. Just a guess.

I suppose the point of all this is we don't have certainty on Jennings or Finley. Two months ago Finley was off the Packers. Now, he's possibly on the Packers. A month ago, Jennings was done in Green Bay. Now, he might get tagged.

Yes. No. Yes. No. 


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So it's not posting if done on a smart phone.

I'll have to make a note of that.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 25, 2013 at 06:23 PM

Wouldn't mind 2 1/2 Giselle's either

Well I guess time will tell we have 58 more days of this

Anybody that posts anything on Internet, under any name, must know that they are exposing their Self to Others. There are no Secrets anymore.

It's posting Carl Dung but we could be on a treadmill while were doing it. We're multitaskers.

Just seems Wisc rb's are great in college then disappear in the nfl. Wisc also seems to be oline U when it comes to "run blocking" olinemen. But because Wisc runs so often, those olinemen arent usually great nfl pass protectors either.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 25, 2013 at 06:02 PM

I hadn't given it any thought but you make a good point especially about their run blocking with G.Carimi being the latest example in Chicago, wouldn't be surprised to see him move in at Guard because he was getting Cutler killed at Tackle last Yr. playing 1st at LT then at RT.

Good points on Wisc. YG4E!

It's kind of the same thing that scares me about looking at West Virginia for a playmaker. I think Tavon Austin will be the exception though this year. He looks very legit!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 25, 2013 at 06:23 PM

Wouldn't mind 2 1/2 Giselle's either

Posted by: Arturo | February 25, 2013 at 06:25 PM

Two Giselle's........OK!

I hate to think of what you'd do with that last half...

Posted by: odinseye | February 25, 2013 at 07:26 PM

Only you, Mr Hottie, wouldnt know what to do with half a Gisselle. It all depends on which half youre getting son. LOL...

In all fairness, Odin has never defined what he means by Hottie. It could mean something entirely different than what we think, which would explain he is always blogging another six hours after he says his hottie just arrived.'

Maybe it means he pooped in his pants?

Damontrae Moore is now a mid to late 1st that's what I'm talking about guys

I would hate to use the 12th pick on Patterson.

But I would also hate to miss out on what he might become. You never know with WR's, but for one season Patterson looked like a Man among Boys! And that's the kind of guy I'd like to take a chance on.

We have to get a WR in FA. If not, then we start thinking about reaching or trading down in the first round.

Knowing that we most likely won't get a WR in round one, we have to get one with our first pick in the 2nd. Then, depending on whose still available, we should consider another WR with one of our next 3 picks.

That would give us a FA WR and possibly two more plucked from the first 3 rounds. Thank God and Jeffy for the extra picks we have this year.

My main **FANTASY** scenario as of late has us getting Wallace or Jennings. Then trading down in the first round to get Patterson and an ADDITIONAL 2nd rounder!

I could live with a WR Line-Up of Wallace, Patterson, Hartline, Bess and whichever one we could pull out of the 2nd round. Maybe one of the 4.3 smurfs with return skills.

Any kind of upgrade at Tight End with this group and we should BE THERE!

The patriots cheating again. No Wallace

Poster at 7:30.........Eeewwwwwww!!!!

Poster at 7:39........."DOUBLE" Eeewwwwwww!!!!

Empty at 7:39, the ONLY Hotties you get are Rosie and her Five Sisters.

Just remember: Wear protection........on BOTH Hands!

Bottom's Up!!!!

In Empty's case of course, it would be "Palms Up", but you get the picture.

Depends how far you trade back if Patternson is still available. Walter Camp mock has the Rams taking Patterson at #16.

So chances are, if we didnt take Patterson at #12, there's great chance the Rams take him at #16. So there isnt much trade down wiggle room to trade down, if still looking to grab Patterson 1st rd.

Not enough wiggle room to trade down to #15(just ahead of the Rams) and get a 2nd rd pick from it. Im not sure if anyone would give a 2nd rd pick to only move up 3 slots.

Im not sure if anyone would give a 2nd rd pick to only move up 3 slots.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 25, 2013 at 07:59 PM

Probably not, especially considering there's not many(if any)can't miss, blue chippers to trade UP for.

Like I said, it's a fantasy. But a damn fine fantasy if I do say so myself!

And since I'm fantasizing, I also want Paul Warfield, Fred Blitnekof and Kellen Winslow Sr. in Free Agency!

Then, HOPEFULLY, Tannehill can throw more TD's than Int's.

Craiest thing about our draft istnt it's so fa dependant. Whether signing our own or other team fa's.

Everything's so dependant on our fa signings. Especially at wr, because who we sign in fa at wr, dictates which wr were looking to draft.

Wr position alone can take on 4-5 different scenarios, depending on what happens in fa.

How many of you would run Ireland into the ground for signing Wallace(or Jennings)and drafting Patterson at 12?

We could still add a CB, TE, Safety and O-Lineman in rounds 2 and 3.

"Craziest thing about our draft is that its so"

YG, look at the two "8:08" Time Stamps above.

See, it's not me. It's the resident troll. I did remind him of your SpOrano comment yesterday, but he's the one that picked it up and ran with it.

I was just saying that none of us can be right 100% of the time. But he has some kind of "Anti-YG" vandetta.

I'm not buying any of the BS from either team on Jennings so there. We'll see as the whole situation is far from over. Not going to be swayed by smokescreens very common this time of year when there is much to be gained and lost by both teams.

Corrdarrelle Patterson makes the most sense after signing Wallace. We already would have the blazing speed outside guy. Patterson would add the physical and YAC element to our wr corps.

With Jennings, I would hope we would be looking to add "blow the top off of defenses" speed to the other side. Perhaps look long and had about drafting Austin, perhaps in a trade down scenario.

Odin, c'mon...we be smarter than that! Trying to hide your guilt with the old double post routine!

The trolls dont have an "anti-anyone vendetta". There just "anti-having the blog run smoothly". LOL...

Aw, look at ody luvin up to yestergiggles.

Posted by: how cute | February 25, 2013 at 08:18 PM

I was just cutting him a little slack. I thought he was joining a "Gang" the way so many people were Beating Him Down the other day.

Hey YG, what Gang did you join? Are you one of them thar "Bloods" or are you a "Trips"

What? Oh yeah, yeah........I meant "Crips"........I KNEW that!

If we sign Wallace, I would focus on DE or CB with the first pick. I would love to get Zach Ertz and finally have a TE that will be a scoring threat, but I do realize there is more value on a defensive player.

Cutting YGiggles slack is just inviting him to throw you back under the table the first chance he gets...and you know it.

I guess sick pups like to be friends:)


The Poyer kid from Oregon's pretty good and should be available 2nd rd. Here's something I pulled from md.com:

"Milliner, Banks and Trufant appear among the top four prospects, along with Xavier Rhodes from Florida State, on most of the lists currently out there. Oregon State’s Jordan Poyer is not far behind, projected as a late first-round or early second-round pick after picking off seven passes, breaking up another 14 and registering two sacks and 51 tackles (34 solo) as a senior. He measured in at 6-0, 191 and his experience as a kick returner should benefit him today when he runs his 40-yard dash, 60-yard shuttle and 3-cone drill.

Football smarts is one area that Poyer hopes will set him apart from the rest of the cornerbacks because he considers his ball skills and his instincts to be his primary strengths. Going against teammate Markus Wheaton, who ran a 4.45 in his 40-yard dash, in practice certainly helped Poyer, but he likes to compare himself St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan, known more for his physical play. Finnegan’s scrappy style, while entertaining, also has been exposed by the league’s faster receivers so Poyer knows he’ll have to adjust, especially when playing press coverage.

“If you miss, they’re gone, especially if you’re pressing a guy like Markus, Tavon Austin or (Texas’) Marquise Goodwin,” he said. “You’ve got to really understand your strength and understand what their strength is and understand the situation. … I kind of got a little taste of (the different rules) at the Senior Bowl and I think I’ll be able to handle it. It’s not going to be anything that’s too difficult to handle because playing corner is about a lot more than just being athletic and covering somebody. You’ve got to play smart, you’ve got to play physical and you’ve got to understand the game.”

So it's game on with Poyer too. LOL...

Hell, Jordan Poyer already sounds smarter than Sean Smith. LOL...

Wassup Fin Pholk?

If it was up to me I would not battle too hard to land Finley. I feel there are other tight end options that will be better long term. Finley has always had potential but if you can't reach it in GB's offense then that's tough.

Until FA's get signed back with their original teams they can be targeted.

I would love to see TE Jared Cook become a Fin. Word on the street is that Tenn is of course trying lock Cook down. My second choice would be TE Fred Davis as he also has athletic gifts. Yes he is coming off injury but so were Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles.

If they can't get either they need to pan for gold in the draft. I for one won't be a broken fan if they don't go after and get either Ertz or Eiffert and use their early round pick(s). In Ertz and Eiffert I see two really good players but neither jumps out as a must have to me.

I would let those 2 TE's get drafted early and get Fauria or Toilolo or Escobar later in the draft. That's just me.


Bellichick has his eyes on Jordan Poyer:

With Aqib Talib potentially leaving through free agency and Alfonzo Dennard facing possible legal ramifications, the Patriots could be in the market for cornerbacks during April’s draft and met with Poyer at the Senior Bowl.

The 6-foot Poyer possesses solid coverage skills, can play press man and calls his instincts his greatest strength, something that is verified by scouts who have seen him play. That combination of skills allowed him to intercept seven passes last season.

So what kind of player could the Patriots expect if they decide to take Poyer.

“I go against him every day,” teammate Markus Wheaton said. “He’s a hog.”

I tell ya, and it just keeps swirling around my head like a turd in the punchbowl... If Andy Reid doesn't tag Dwayne Bowe... I would not be the slightest bit surprised Miami goes after him.
I'm not lobbying the cause, but based on age, durability and versatility, Bowe is the better receiver. Wallace stretches the field... That is what he does. Jennings is crafty, but someone try and tell me every time he gets whacked a good one you'll not be expecting him to be out for a month. Bowe drops passes. But he goes over the middle, is deadly on the sidelines and would offer a big target in the Red Zone.
I would like to see Miami getting our FA signed. Then, start adding from a list of guys like Swope, Hunter, Austin and Allen at WR and Ertz, Eifert, McDonald and Reed at TE in the draft... ... and Miami can seriously improve with young guns who will learn and grow together with they're QB. Several of you said it.... we'll see..... But TRUE LONG TERM GREATNESS will be built in the draft.


Believe it or not, we all know how to read and get around to all the sites.

We don't need you to selectively spoon feed us what you want us to here. It's old and boring and not even your LOL can help it.

After Sparano's disastrous run as possibly the worst HC in NFL history, YesterGiggle proclaimed he would be the most in demand HC in the NFL the following season. This was his opinion well after the entire NFL audience saw him as a a mumbling, incompetent fool.

Why he would think even a dying gold fish would have any regard for his opinion is beyond me, yet he comes here spouting off completely oblivious to his own idiocy.

Fortunately there was a wise blogger here on Sunday to correct YesterGiggles totally distorted and inaccurate memory about moments during the fins dynasty.

I know a few of you suck up to him like he is grandpappy, but you are just being swayed by his pompous arrogance, he his more like grandpoopy if you pay attention and remember what he says from one week to the next.

G'nite now.

Posted by: Reader | February 25, 2013 at 09:33 PM

Thank goodness for "pappy's" coming into their kids bedrooms to tell them:

"It's a school ight son, time turn the computer off now. Youre not going to wan to get up in the morning."

ROTFLMAO! Get him pappy! LOL...


Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o (YG's Previous flavor of the week!!!) has refused to blame his poor performance during the BCS national title game on the stress resulting from the knowledge that, inevitably, the story of his fake dead girlfriend would be exposed.

On Monday, Te’o blamed his poor performance during the 40-yard dash on the overall stress of the Scouting Combine.


It sure does seem! Like YG DOESN'T realize when the ship has SUNK!!! Until AFTER he starts breathing bubbles!!!

Apparantely Wallace led the league in dropped passes last year.

With so many speedsters available in the draft, isn't it likely a couple of them are just as fast as Wallace and with better hands?

Why pay way up for Wallace then? I don't get it.

It is a buyer's market so we're in a good position with our cap room.

If they want Wallace then I see no reason why they can't have him. Same with anyone else they covet. It's a desirable situation here and the Dansby signing showed me that they can get it done for the right player.

No reason why a deal can't be had for an OL and with the flexibility of moving Jerry outside and Incognito to the other side it leaves us with the ability to target a larger group to address just one spot. That's obviously the case in Long goes.

No doubt to me a deal will be found at RB.

WR is going to be rough on the cap.

Starks should get the tag and Smith isn't a concern of mine because the CB market is another that presents opportunity to find a deal.

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!!

The Dullfin ship sunk the day Irescum joined the team. What a bunch of scrubs he's acquired!

Posted by: Senso | February 25, 2013 at 10:05 PM

Because we cant have it both ways. If we dont sign any major fa's, and end up with about $10 to $15 million in cap room going into the season.

Then the idiot birds here now chirping, "Ross is cheap", will then begin growling like ravenous guard dogs, the same thing. But, only 1,000's of times louder.

They'll actually accuse Ross of "personally pocketing the money" just like they do now. LOL...

I won't believe for a second the fans actually have any impact on what the FO does. It seems to me the timing is just right, we have extra picks and there are a few speedsters to be had in the draft.

Maybe I am missing something, I just don't see under the circumstances why we would pay up for Wallace, he is not an elite #1 type.

Margus Hunt!

I like Patterson to develop into a true #1, then take one of the speedy guys in round 2, take the one with the best hands.

Steve Ross,

Thanks for being the biggest laughingstock in S Florida and taking the spotlight off us. Hope you can get 20,000 at a game next year.

Then I keep Hartline over Bess. He is more versatile and I think he would be better in the slot than Bess. Tannehill already has a good chemistry with him.

Try to handle the oline in FA. Use your top ammunition offense, WR, TE...then DE and CB...you've got 9 picks to get 4 players.

Tannehill is a bigger bust then Henne was. Henne was NEVER ranked 30th like Tannehill was.

My guess is anything less than at least a wildcard win will put Ireland and Philbin in jeopardy, but I think with the Jets and Buffalo going backwards it is realistic.

Ok, that is my two cents for the week.

Checkin out.

Manti Teo played some lights out Football from High School on. Like Jimmy Johnson always says, look at the PRODUCTION!

There were some good conversations earlier and it made me realize that I was being a bit JADED in evaluating him.

So he blew chunks in the Championship Game. Darryl, Craig and some others pointed out that it was just one game. It was against The Best O-Line in College Ball. It was against the best Running Back in the draft. And Teo's supporting cast, particularly the Defensive Tackles, weren't doing him(or themselves)any favors.

And.......Like WNP said, you never know until they suit up on Sundays. That made me think about how Teo would look playing behind The Ravens Excellent Tackles. How would he look behind Solia and Starks?

I think Bama schemed for Teo and the rest was history. DC's at the NFL level won't be able to put quite the singular emphasis on Teo. ND's defense had too many weaknesses. So all Bama really had to do was take out Teo.

It is what it is, Teo has slipped on most everyones board(or so they say). I wouldn't even consider using the 12th pick on him. I felt this way BEFORE all the drama and the Bama game. But if he slides off the charts(which I highly doubt)I would be interested in possibly using my first 2nd round pick on him. If not, and he was still around, I would definitely use my second-2nd round pick on him.

I'd be willing to try Teo in the middle with Burnett and Dansby outside. As good as Dansby is, I think it's obvious he's better outside. Thats been his history. We also wouldn't have to watch guys like Kapernick completely psyche out Trusnik and easily run around Misi.

Sign Wallace or Jennings, draft a DE at 12, and if Teo slides far enough, draft him too.

Tannehill is a bigger bust then Henne was. Henne was NEVER ranked 30th like Tannehill was.

Posted by: Scotty | February 25, 2013 at 10:37 PM

C'Mon Lil Smalls! I'm not going to sit here and defend Tannehill. But SERIOUSLY?

Lets see.......ah.......Henne's stats his rookie season: 0 for 0 with no nothings and NOTHING in between - SHEESH MAN!

Henne couldn't even get on the field as a rookie. He couldn't even beat out the broken down, beaten down Noodle Arm Pennington.

Do you have some kind of genetic brain..........ah........issues in your family tree? Actually, I'm only asking to be polite, rhetorical you know, don't answer.

Let me try an simplify: No Comparison My Friend!

you've got 9 picks to get 4 players.
Posted by: Senso | February 25, 2013 at 10:34 PM

Irescum needs 90 picks to get 1 player. He has never in his life drafted a good playmaker.

He has never in his life drafted a good playmaker.

Posted by: Fire Ireland Now | February 25, 2013 at 11:09 PM

This must be Lil Smalls Twin Brother. Genetic issues and all.

Ireland Drafted Reshad Jones and he's turn into a Good Playmaker.

Stick Around Son, you just might learn something(NOT - ROTFLMAO).

If you play your probabilities right, People will take you for a Wizard, when you are not.


I thought John Harbaugh whose looking to replace Lewis made an interesting observation about Te'o. He said he was looking for his speed to increase after about 20 yards in the 40 which is when most players are at there fastest and Te'o never hit that gear doesn't seem to have it which is worrisome when considering he will be chasing plays from behind in the NFL and wont have the necessary last gear to get there.

I was a big fan of this kid and think he can be a player regardless but can also see him like Mauluga from USC a couple of Yrs. back dropping into RD-2 at this point given he really didn't do anything to stand out athletically at the combine. JJ did say something to the effect you mention and the production was there but it really looks like this kid may fall into RD-2.

Watch this clip regarding what the Ravens thought of Te'o's workout.


That's just Media fodder. Notre Dame is just NOT a top flight Program since the days of Ara Parseghian.

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