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Offseason conditioning dates important for Jerry

After the Dolphins 2012 season, on the day the team's players left the lockerroom (some for the last time), coaches had a chance to speak with everyone individually. Think of it as an exit interview. Think of it as a counseling session.

And in his one-on-one with multiple coaches, including head coach Joe Philbin, guard John Jerry was told this:

You can be a good player if you apply yourself and get in shape and become more professional about your body as well as your body of work.

And also this:

If you come to the offseason conditioning program sloppy fat and out of shape like last year, you'll be in trouble.

"It’ll be interesting to see," Philbin said. "I know the big thing we said to him when he left is we want to see how much you weigh when you come back for the offseason program."

Pause one moment, please...

Look, NFL players are human. They are people and as such they are imperfect and deal with issues and circumstances. Some are troubled in ways you and I are troubled. Some have bigger problems. Some seem to have it more together than most folks.

And yes, some cannot control how much they eat and allow themselves to get fat.

And yes, some aren't in love with working out and staying in good condition and they find themselves out of shape soon after the offseason begins and no one is monitoring them.


Come on, man!

This is professional football. You're making a ton of money because God blessed you with physical gifts that very few people have.

And you're just going to take that body that was fearfully and wonderfully made and turn it into a food bin? You're just going to have zero discipline and eat anything you want whenever you want in quantities that normal people cannot fathom?

In short, you're going to act more like the Cookie Monster than an NFL player?

That is not professional. That is not acceptable.

(It's acceptable for a tax man to eat a lot and not work out because his thing is numbers and deductions. It's acceptable for a lawyer or judge to get floppy. It's acceptable for a journalist, ahem, because nobody is asking me him to be in great shape at work).

But an NFL player? A professional athlete?

It costs his team. It costs the player.

Jerry's inability to show multiple coaching staffs now that he can be trusted to be in shape is one reason the Dolphins feel they have a question mark at right guard. And that's probably the reason they added Lance Louis recently and still might add another guard in the draft.

The frustrating thing is Jerry can be a good player. When he stays on his feet and, you know, moves them, he is effective. Problem is he's carrying so much weight most of the time that becomes a chore.

"I do think he’s, the one thing he has to do a better job of is staying on his feet better, but he’s athletic enough to play guard," Philbin said. "There’s a lot of pictures of him showing very good quickness and explosiveness off the ball."

The coming offseason conditioning program is a big deal for the Dolphins.

Voluntary offseason workout programs are intended to provide training, teaching and physical conditioning for players.

As per Article 21 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each club’s official, voluntary nine-week offseason program is conducted in three phases:

Phase One consists of the first two weeks of the program with activities limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only.

Phase Two consists of the next three weeks of the program.  On-field workouts may include individual player instruction and drills as well as team practice conducted on a “separates” basis.  No live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted.

Phase Three consists of the next four weeks of the program.  Teams may conduct a total of 10 days of organized team practice activity, or "OTAs." No live contact is permitted, but 7-on-7, and 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills are permissible.

Article 22 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that clubs may hold one mandatory minicamp for veteran players.  This minicamp must occur during Phase Three of the offseason program.  Head coaches hired after the end of the 2012 season are also entitled to conduct an additional voluntary veteran minicamp. That does not apply to the Dolphins this year.

Each club may hold a rookie football development program for a period of seven weeks, which in 2013 may begin on May 13. During this period, no activities may be held on weekends, with the exception of one post-NFL Draft rookie minicamp, which may be conducted on either the first or second weekend following the draft. The dates of the post-draft rookie minicamps will be circulated at a later date.

So for the Dolphins the first day of the offseason conditioning program is April 15.

Miami's OTA sessions, as provided by the NFL are May 21-23, May 29-31 and June 3-6. The mandatory veteran minicamp is tentatively scheduled for June 11-13 for the Dolphins.

John Jerry, you're under the microscope.

Make sure you fit under it.


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They want a reason to move on from Jerry. Doesn't matter if it's his doing or through competition and upgrade.

Hope he's in shape because he'd be an early cut if not.

To all the negative people saying Ireland is a racist and no one wants to play for Miami:

Vikings apparently offered Wallace more money...

Parcells engineered a great turnaround for the Fins. Ross is the used car salesman.

Get Sense | March 29, 2013 at 10:46 AM


Lets see Parcells has noodle arm fall in his lap (perfect Q.B. for what we did Wild Cat included) and played a weak schedule were we would win a ton of close ones by F.G. before dispatching the Jets Week-17 in a game were Farve injured had all but packed his bags for Minneapolis.

By the way interesting that clause golfing buddy Wayne put in his contract about payment of 16 Mil. in full if team sold, you think Fats Tuna didn't have the skinny on imminent sale of club???

He put in a Season and a half of work leaving the team in FLAMES with rudderless F.O. tghat didn't get out from under his bloated spending till this Off-Season!!

fin4life | March 29, 2013 at 11:02 AM

It's also important to note we passed on T.E. J.Graham when we selected Jerry and an obvious need at T.E. I liked what I saw of him playing both RG/RT at Miss. Reason I was aware of him was we needed a DT and I liked Brother Peria Jerry when 1st saw monstrous Bro John. He's a head scratcher given he's big and fast but the lack of discipline is alarming!

Lets hope OL Coach Turner who made Jerry his pet project last Yr. can continue to progress with him like JJ did with Fla. A&M slacker Nate "the kitchen" Newton who he molded into a perennial Pro Bowler and was not the athlete J.Jerry is.

One things for sure he maybe the 1st guy cut if he shows up at 360 plus again and would hate for someone like Belichik to get him on the cheap molding the big guy into the player he can be.

lol Fatcells engineered a great turnaround for the Fins? one season when the Fins introduced an offense that hadnt been seen in quite sometime got them into the playoffs where they were dominated. howd the rest of his tenure go?
Why were the Fins in CAP trouble until this year? Why were we paying so much dead money for players to play for other teams or coach high school football? Fatcells..

There is absolutely no reason that a player should come anywhere near the facility out of shape for his position. There are a kazillion personal trainers out there for guys like this.

Get off your fat butt Jerry. The fans want to see you play at a very high level.

Great Point Mando.

Jerry Needs To Get In Shape. Or Else!!

Philbin Don't Play That!!

Cut The Fat Off The Team.

Jerry Should Have A Mini Lap Band Procedure. Once Jerry Drops To Playing Weight, 320lbs. Remove It. Like Mando Said, You Are A NFL Player!! Act Like One!!

But Jerry Looks Like He Balloons To 400+ In The Off Season. That Is Not Going To Work This Offseason. Philbin Will Already Have Competition In Stock This Year. And If Jerry Shows Up Sloppy!! Buh-Bye Fat boy!!

I think John Jerry will report out of shape and be cut.

From Last Blog

So You Calling The Biggest Dolphin Homer, A Jets Fan?

Then You Are Talking To Dashi Like You Know Dashi?

Never Seen That Name Before?

And Are You Confusing Odin For Dashi? (Odin Great Set Of Post By The Way)

Question Marks??

Dashi Uses "!!"

And To Dashi The Fins Only Have 2 Needs Left!!(Been Saying It For A While) OT and CB!! And If We Can't Get It In FA!! The Fins Will Get It Thru The Draft.



Great Post On The Stadium Referendum.

And On The GM's.

I Believe Though That We Should Grade Ireland 2 Ways. Before Philbin "C-", With Philbin "A" . Spo Had A lot To Do With It. Some People(not Saying You) Don't Understand The Importance Of Coaching. A Team Is The Personification Of The Coach!! Not The Other Way Around.

People See Lebron Win The Title And Think Coaching Is Over-Rated!! No, Spo Is Over-Rated! Basketball Is A Different Beast!! It Is The Only Game 1 Player Can Make The Difference. (Jordan)

Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer All Are Dependant On Good Coaching. You Have 24 Starters In Football. Punter And Kicker Incl'd. Coaches Are The Most Important Person On The Field!! (They Don't Play, But They Call The Plays)

A Great Coach Makes A GM's Job Easier. They Give You The Right Prototype Of Player They Want. Plus, They Are Also Great Talent Evaluators. They Are Suppose To know What A Football Player Looks Like.

This Has Been The 2 Best OffSeason For The Dolphins In Over 25 Years. Ireland Is Starting To Build Some Consistency In A Good Way.

I Read Somewhere Our New DT Trains With Pouncey in The Offseason. Good Thing To Hear.

Why Doesn't Jerry Join?

Someone like Jerry should have much higher weight-maintenance calorie needs than a normal person, therefore he problem is not how much he eats, but rather WHAT he eats and how much he works out on his own.

But Jerry Looks Like He Balloons To 400+ In The Off Season. That Is Not Going To Work This Offseason. Philbin Will Already Have Competition In Stock This Year. And If Jerry Shows Up Sloppy!! Buh-Bye Fat boy!!

Dashi | March 29, 2013 at 11:29 AM

I believe if he does this again this Off-Season then he will be the 1st guy cut off the team, if for no other reason to send the Locker Room clear message!

I liked what OL Coach Turner got out of him last Yr. your Mini-Lap band idea might be something for him to consider if he doesn't want to use a personal trainer. Overall a monumental waste of talent that hurts all the more when taking into account the players we passed when we took him.

Well if just taking care of yourself for your overall health and well being isn't reason enough to get in shape maybe money isn't either. But making millions you hire a personal chef and nutritionist and they portion you out awesome low calorie food. If I could afford thy it would be one of the first things I'd do.

This happened to Paul Solai, couple of years ago, and he turned into a Tagged player. Hopefully we find a solution to the Right side of the line for years to come.

After year 5 of Ireland regime, we are still fixing this OL.


Agreed, The OL Coach Turner Is The Real Thing. He Is Why I Believe The Fins Can Draft A OT In The 2nd and This Guy Can Develop Him Into A Starter.

A&M has 2 Linemen With First Round Grades That Were Developed By Our O-Line Coach and Sherman.


Do You Just Wake Up And Think!! Today I'm Going To Be A Ignorant Pain.

Yesterday You Were Doing Fine.

Today You're Acting Up Again.

Stop Acting Like A Bobby Bottleservice.

This Has Been The 2 Best OffSeason For The Dolphins In Over 25 Years. Ireland Is Starting To Build Some Consistency In A Good Way.

Dashi | March 29, 2013 at 11:18 AM

I'm beginning to think we held back last Off-Season to allow New Coaches to evaluate what we had on a team NO WERE near to contention while cutting excess of roster (CAP room) with the idea of getting aggressive this Yr.

I can admit when I'm wrong and agree that looking at the overall body of work between the last 2 Off-Seasons, Ireland seems to have had a plan and stuck with it patiently. If Tannehill can progress I suspect we will flirt with 10 win Season!

Easier said than done. One word: Cupcakes. Salted caramel. And if you asked me to weigh that versus a million-dollar salary, I dunno, it'd still be hard to take the money. But that's just me. And why I'm not a professional athlete.

NFL NETWORK is saying the Dolphins are looking trade up.

I've been saying, we can swap picks with Cleveland to get Milliner.


I'm glad that the offseason conditioning program begins on April 15. That way Philbin and Ireland can see what they've got before the draft. In shape probably saves the team a 5th round pick to use otherwise.

Trying to trade up ahead of char gers to get johnson for some reason

Johnson could easily be gone by Detroit at 5

Dark oak,

What You Said Is What Shaq Had To Do To Keep His Weight Down And It Worked.

Guys Get Paid Millions Of Dollars!! And They Can't Invest $10k In Themselves?

The Fins would do well to have a fit capable John Jerry playing on the OL.

Maybe...just maybe the kid heard the message and will report in shape. Lets not kill the guy before he reports.

If you listen to some of the players like Pouncey,Hartline, and Odrick, it's apparent the players are buying in to this new regime.

Theres beginning to be a buzz that this team is on the rise and it can become contagious.

It wouldn't surpise me if Jerry doesn't get on the bandwagon and come in ready to roll. If he does we'll have some serious competition at the guard spot. Thats the kind of thing that makes teams great.

I'm sure John Jerry knows he's got to get on the bus or he'll be left at the station.

Because of age, injury, and fa, an extremely few NFL olines are "set" from year to year. I believe you have to have at least 3 olinemen pretty much set in stone to be somewhat stabilized. Right now we seem set with Pouncey, and Martin. Adding a LT(Johnson or Albert) pretty much gets us there.

So then, it would only be the guard positions needing set before we would have a very high quality oline. I didn't include Cogs because I feel this could be his his last season in Miami.

Now, a very "COMMITTED" John Jerry, would be a very great "NEW" addition our 2013 football team. I say new because coming to camp "in shape" would be like getting a totally new player. A committed and new Jerry, could possibly be our pro bowl caliber John Jerry.

What I dont get is when Ireland drafted him, wasnt he a fat f u c k who was lazy??? If Ireland knew this why did we draft this fat b a s t a r d thinking his attitude was going to change? Jerry a fat f u c k and always will be, I dont expect him to make it out of camp.

Jerry came to camp at 390 last year!!! He does that this year and he'll be cut on the spot.

Maybe jerry doesnt realize no play equals no pay. He is living on a 3rd pick salary ,nothing to sneeze at for most but nothing compared to the contract he could get if he commited himself.

Guys The Difference Is I Think Even Jerry Knows This Year!! Come In Shape Or You Out!!

Philbin Is Not Sporano!! Philbin Cares About His Team First!! Players Second!!

Not Saying That He Doesn't Love His Players!! Just Saying #1 Priority For Philbin Is How The Team As A Whole Is Doing!! Personal Feelings Second.

Reason Dansby And Burnett Are Gone!!(#1 Cancer and The Infected)

Reason Reggie And Jake Are Gone!!(Both Demanded To Much, But They Played The Media Game Right!! To Try And Look Like A Victim)

Who Has Dansby Signed With? Exactly!! The Whole NFL!! Except 1 Fan Thinks Dansby Sucks!! All 32 Teams!!

The Best MLB In The NFL Is A Free Agent!! And Not Even Baltimore Is Calling!!

Its not a good sign that it seems the team doesn't what Jerry's condition is at the moment.

We know Tannehill is working out. I just read an article about him playing tennis with Bryant Mckinnie while taking a break from workouts.

We just read about Pouncey working out with Vaughn Martin. But what about Jerry...crickets. Not very encouraging.

Dashi @11:51,

I think Turner is the OL Coach The Fraud (Sparano) was billed as his work last Yr. with his group was one of the biggest bright spots for me. I saw on NFL Net. A.M. Show that there seems to be some chatter about us trading up to grab one of the OT's and really don't think and hope this isn't the case.

The other A&M Tackle is Jake Matthews who is 6'5"/305 Pds. scout report says feet a little heavy for speed rushers but best run blocker in draft and by the way is the son of NFL's HOF'er Bruce and cousin of Clay's and those bloodlines work for me!!


The Dolphins just signed Lance Louis to compete with John Jerry. In other words they are having a Jerry-Louis battle. They also signed Vaughn Martin. Now all they need is to sign Fred Dean from the retirement home and they could also have a Dean-Martin battle.


Don't forget about these scenario's either.

We could take a player like Matthews or for that matter the extremely athletic flying under the radar Kyle Long (Howie's boy and Chris Bro) It's said he could be given his athleticism an NFL OT but raw after only playing there briefly given he was a DE like rest of family switched at Univ. of Org. out of need.

Then there are guys like Menelik Watson out of FSU who I saw some this Yr. and that British Limey can play some Tackle and feel he's not rated higher because of limited time at Pos. as well, so yeah I feel like you we have options and would keep the 5 picks to add depth and potential.

There are other guys like Syracuse OT/G swingman Pugh and later Rd. gambles like UF's Xavier Nixon 6'6"/325 Pds. who has it all but is inconsistent. When the Gators played Georgia he made Jarvis Jones look like the next LT which he may very well be then Vs. FSU man handles Tank Carradine. I didn't see the game but supposedly shut down LSU speed rushers in their game only to get pushed around by Clowney when they played S.C. So an up-n-down guy who just maybe in need of some good Coaches and discipline.

Adding a OG like Tennessee's Dallas Thomas would also send a very loud and clear message to John Jerry that this season's all about shape up or ship out.

It would also send a two-fold message Incognito's 2014 replacement could be already be inhouse too. Because of age, I really don't see Incognito being resign in next year's fa. Age factor suggest Cogs has already played out his longterm nfl career. His longterm has now become short term.

Armando its more like " john jerry your under the telescope".

Reason Dansby And Burnett Are Gone!!(#1 Cancer and The Infected)

Reason Reggie And Jake Are Gone!!(Both Demanded To Much, But They Played The Media Game Right!! To Try And Look Like A Victim)

Who Has Dansby Signed With? Exactly!! The Whole NFL!! Except 1 Fan Thinks Dansby Sucks!! All 32 Teams!!

Dashi | March 29, 2013 at 12:33 PM

It hasn't escaped that the players who demanded the meeting with Philbin regarding Ocho-Stinko and some other matters are all elsewhere now! Goodbye!!

That whole,

"We represent the Locker room theme and you have to run it by us" rubbed me the wrong way as well!


Because The GM Scouts Players That Fit The Coaches System!!

The GM's Job Is To Scout Players For The Coach!! The Coach Decides Who They Want On Their Team!!

Everyone Knew Jerry Was A Soprano Pick. Remember Spo Fell In Love With Jerry At The Senior Bowl!!

This Should've Been The First Warning Flag!!

Spo Was An O-Line Coach!! And He Couldn't Evaluate A OG Who He Has Been Practicing For A Whole Week!!

We All Know Spo Didn't Want Pounce!! The Difference Is In 2011, Ireland Was Already Drafting For A Different Coach!! And Spo Had No Say Over Personnel Decisions.

Remember, Ireland Wanted To Get Rid Or Replace Henne A Year Earlier!! And Brought Matt Moore In To Compete With Henne!! Even Though Spo Was Going To Ride For His Boy!! Instead Of Looking Out For The Team!! While Marsha And Dansby Were Sabotaging The Season!!

Philbin Knew This. Reason First Thing Philbin Did Was To Get Rid Of The In subordinates!! He Couldn't Get Rid Of Dansby!! Because Of The Cap Situation!! Like F4L Said!!

But After Philbin's Evaluation Season!! Philbin Finished Trimming The Fat From The Roster!! Dansby!! S.Smith!! Bush!! And Even Jake!!

This Season Coming Up Is Our Rebuild Year!! And From The Looks Of It We Are Ahead Of Schedule.


If we get Lane Johnson or trade for Albert, I see Kyle Long nowhere on our draft radar. Long is a 3rd rd projection right now. If we went 3rd rd with a olineman, OG seems a much better fit(Dallas Thomas).

Even if Long moved up to 2nd rd, that's even higher price to pay if we already have Johnson or Albert. I see no great reason to draft Kyle Long. At least, not thru my eyes.


Great post man. There's a lot of Ireland haters that are having to eat crow this offseason and it looks GOOD on them. They're not even Dolphin fans....I don't give a f*ck what anyone says. If you're a fan you see SOME good in this team. These guys don't. It's just negative, negative, negative. Most of these guys could be wiped off the planet tomorrow and no one would miss them.

Dolfan Rick, some good posts also. Only thing I'd say about Jerry is, he's a big boy and needs to stand up on his own two feet. Philbin saying 'It'll be interesting to see where he's at', tells me he doesn't babysit players. Time for Jerry to be accountable to himself. Team has protected themselves if he does show up out of shape and they resigned Garner and signed Louis. I also expect they'll pick a guard in the draft. We also need to stat preparing for Cogs' replacement.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 29, 2013 at 12:39 PM

Good post and great point regarding Cogs.

Fin4life, I really like Kyle Long and think he will easily move up into the 2nd Rd in my opinion. I keep looking at Lane Johnson and Albert and am not sold on either. If we going to move up it needs to be for Joeckel or Fisher IMO.

YG, I have been a huge Incognito fan from day one. I think you are right though, this is probably his last year with the Fins which is a shame because he has played hard for us


I don't get whay you wouldn't be interested in trading up for Fisher or Johnson. To me LT is a gaping hole on this team right now. Not sure why we'd want to fill it with a question mark. Both of these guys woyuld be stalwarts for years on this team and would come at a fraction of the price of Long. It's clear that Ireland isn't sold on Martin at LT, otherwise they would have signed Winston to play RT. We have 11 picks in the draft. A lot of those guys won't make the team. Why would we not use picks to trade up for a guy we really want?

As I said in the last blog, I'd bet money that this ends up being Ireland's plan....and I'm all for it.

F4L @12:45,

Agreed. I Believe Philbin Didn't Like It also.

"Leadership Committee", That Was Full Of BS!!

They Tried To Play The "We Run The Team!!" By Philbin.

Philbin Kept His Mouth Shut, and Now All Of Them Are Gone To Better Situations. ;)

Long Is Protecting Bradford With No Wr's And Fisher As Coach.

Bush Is In Detroit, Where They Will Compare Him To Barry And He Will Never Live Up To The Hype!!

S.Smith Is In KC. Andy Reid Is All I Have To Say. Plus, S.Smith Sucks In Cold Weather Games!! He Really Gets Afraid To Hit In The Cold!! The Hits Sting A Little More.

Dansby Is Retired!! Just Like Crowder!!

And The Others Are Not Important Enough To Mention!!

thanks for lighten up my work day mando, good post.


Couldn't disagree with you more on Lane Johnson. I think he'll end up being the best LT in this draft. Great athlete! Totally worth the tradeup IMO. And I'm not sold on Kyle Long. Total project right now, IMO and if he wasn't then a lot of people would be talking about him as a first round, which they're not.


Agreed. You Need at Least 3 Good Solid Linemen To Build Off Of. Preferably, 1 C and 2 OT's.

All You People Crying Ireland Hasn't Built The O-Line In 5 Years!!

Seem To Forget We Run A Different Scheme Under Philbin That Requires More Athletic Linemen. People Forget, Philbin Had To Make A Line With Leftovers Last Year!! This Year! The Line Will Look More Like What Philbin Wants!!

Expect More Screens This Year!! Expect Our Guards To Pull More!! Expect A Faster Line!!

Dashi Has To Agree With Craig.

Losing Jake Created A Huge Need At LT!! And From What I've Been Reading And Watching. L.Johnson should Be The Pick. Now That Free Agency Has Slowed Down And We Can Concentrate On The Draft. I've Been Looking At The OT's More.

L.Johnson was A Qb Who Turned Into A LT!! His Overall Knowledge Of What offenses do Should Be Better Than Other Linemen. He Just Needs Experience at The Position. And He Played In A Zone Blocking Scheme That Usually Threw Out Of The Shotgun. Very Similar To What We Run. No Huddle And Everything.

Craig M, imo if you are going to trade up and use a pick then you go all the way and trade up for Joeckel or Fisher. I dont see value trading up for Lane

Even if we get this oline set this offseason. I believe the most important factor in pass protection who then become Lamar Miller. Miller, you ask? Yes Miller!

With this west coast offense an awful lots of balls get thrown. If teams cannot get to Tannehill with the traditional pass rush, lo and behold, here comes the blitz!

That's where Miller becomes most key. Will he be able to consistently recognize and pick up the correct blitzer? Right now, I do not know the answer to this. However, when he becomes our 16 game starter this season, he had damn well be the answer to this question that right now we know very little about.

If not, Tannehill could become a jersey white stain on green turf in key situations this season. We do know Miller's pass protection began to get better last season. What we don't currently know is how consistent will it be over a 16 game season? Hopefully he puts that question to rest.

Craig M, also want to add in many sites now have Long moving up the board, some say he may be a 1st round pick.

Wow, Armando in one post is sexist while promoting backward beliefs about religion:

"You're making a ton of money because God blessed you with physical gifts that very few people have."

Uh, no...I assume Jerry has worked extremely hard to get where is at today. Also, his genetics are pretty damn relevant, I am going to guess that either his mom or his pop are pretty big people...

Armando also writes:
"It's acceptable for a journalist, ahem, because nobody is asking him to be in great shape at work" Last I checked women can be journalists as well.




What I don't like about the reports of Long possibly moving up is some say its more because of pedigree(family ties) than real actualized ability. Its like some feel he should be very good almost by genetic mapping alone(Long family).

Not that Kyle Long cant be very good, but family reputation has played a major role in his accent up the draft board.

The two prospects who have jumped out to me as already looking like great Sunday players on film are Warmack (consistently) and Cordarelle (highlights) plus possibly Cooper. Tavon Austin looks like a great Friday night player on film, but so what? I think he's just a red herring being hyped by teams who want Cordarelle to drop to them... but, some fans are biting. And Cordarelle Patterson just sounds dumb to some people because of his uneducated South Carolina speaking... whereas Xavier Rhodes sounds dim period, and there are good corners to be had in the second. Lane Johnson, when playing on the left side his final year, seemed to have made a lot of progress from the year before, but I don't think he would be ready as a rookie. So I wouldn't trade up for him if it looked like Warmack or Patterson or even Cooper were going to be there at twelve.

YG @1:21

Disagree his 4.9/40 at 6'6"/315 Pds had alot to do with it.

I'll say this, if JJ walks in that facility overweight it will be a slap in the face to Turner, Philbin, and every player in that locker room. He will be walked to the door 10 minutes later! Bet on it!!

If you have internal push to be great at whatever you do in life then don't even bother!!


I don't get whay you wouldn't be interested in trading up for Fisher or Johnson. To me LT is a gaping hole on this team right now. Not sure why we'd want to fill it with a question mark. Both of these guys woyuld be stalwarts for years on this team and would come at a fraction of the price of Long. It's clear that Ireland isn't sold on Martin at LT, otherwise they would have signed Winston to play RT. We have 11 picks in the draft. A lot of those guys won't make the team. Why would we not use picks to trade up for a guy we really want?

As I said in the last blog, I'd bet money that this ends up being Ireland's plan....and I'm all for it.

Craig M | March 29, 2013 at 12:54 PM

I'm not saying the move would be a bad one just wondering about the price tag given NFL Net. reports we are one of a group looking to move up.

Let's say it costs us the additional 2 and 3 and then factor in the .500% rate of success the draft is and I'm not so sure were not better seved keeping those picks.

This draft is deep at OL,WR,DL and DB not with Franchise types but solid across the boards talent. Look at the vital stats on L.Johnson (this Yrs. draft warp speed climber) with the workout warrior show he put on. The go look at K.Long's who at nearly same size weight-height combo 6'6"/315 ran a very impressive 4.9/40 compared to L.J's off the charts 4.72 but ask K.C. how they feel about the Measurables after taking the DT last Season that blew up the combine.


You'll have to show me the sites that have Long as a first round pick, because I haven't seen them. There were a lot of people that had Martin as a first round pick last year and I just don't see this guy ever being a good LT.

And I'll disagree with you on Johnson and Joeckel and Fischer. I believe there's very little between them and to get Joeckel you're likely going to need to trade up to the top one or two picks, which is a waste, IMO.

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