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Offseason conditioning dates important for Jerry

After the Dolphins 2012 season, on the day the team's players left the lockerroom (some for the last time), coaches had a chance to speak with everyone individually. Think of it as an exit interview. Think of it as a counseling session.

And in his one-on-one with multiple coaches, including head coach Joe Philbin, guard John Jerry was told this:

You can be a good player if you apply yourself and get in shape and become more professional about your body as well as your body of work.

And also this:

If you come to the offseason conditioning program sloppy fat and out of shape like last year, you'll be in trouble.

"It’ll be interesting to see," Philbin said. "I know the big thing we said to him when he left is we want to see how much you weigh when you come back for the offseason program."

Pause one moment, please...

Look, NFL players are human. They are people and as such they are imperfect and deal with issues and circumstances. Some are troubled in ways you and I are troubled. Some have bigger problems. Some seem to have it more together than most folks.

And yes, some cannot control how much they eat and allow themselves to get fat.

And yes, some aren't in love with working out and staying in good condition and they find themselves out of shape soon after the offseason begins and no one is monitoring them.


Come on, man!

This is professional football. You're making a ton of money because God blessed you with physical gifts that very few people have.

And you're just going to take that body that was fearfully and wonderfully made and turn it into a food bin? You're just going to have zero discipline and eat anything you want whenever you want in quantities that normal people cannot fathom?

In short, you're going to act more like the Cookie Monster than an NFL player?

That is not professional. That is not acceptable.

(It's acceptable for a tax man to eat a lot and not work out because his thing is numbers and deductions. It's acceptable for a lawyer or judge to get floppy. It's acceptable for a journalist, ahem, because nobody is asking me him to be in great shape at work).

But an NFL player? A professional athlete?

It costs his team. It costs the player.

Jerry's inability to show multiple coaching staffs now that he can be trusted to be in shape is one reason the Dolphins feel they have a question mark at right guard. And that's probably the reason they added Lance Louis recently and still might add another guard in the draft.

The frustrating thing is Jerry can be a good player. When he stays on his feet and, you know, moves them, he is effective. Problem is he's carrying so much weight most of the time that becomes a chore.

"I do think he’s, the one thing he has to do a better job of is staying on his feet better, but he’s athletic enough to play guard," Philbin said. "There’s a lot of pictures of him showing very good quickness and explosiveness off the ball."

The coming offseason conditioning program is a big deal for the Dolphins.

Voluntary offseason workout programs are intended to provide training, teaching and physical conditioning for players.

As per Article 21 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each club’s official, voluntary nine-week offseason program is conducted in three phases:

Phase One consists of the first two weeks of the program with activities limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only.

Phase Two consists of the next three weeks of the program.  On-field workouts may include individual player instruction and drills as well as team practice conducted on a “separates” basis.  No live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted.

Phase Three consists of the next four weeks of the program.  Teams may conduct a total of 10 days of organized team practice activity, or "OTAs." No live contact is permitted, but 7-on-7, and 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills are permissible.

Article 22 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that clubs may hold one mandatory minicamp for veteran players.  This minicamp must occur during Phase Three of the offseason program.  Head coaches hired after the end of the 2012 season are also entitled to conduct an additional voluntary veteran minicamp. That does not apply to the Dolphins this year.

Each club may hold a rookie football development program for a period of seven weeks, which in 2013 may begin on May 13. During this period, no activities may be held on weekends, with the exception of one post-NFL Draft rookie minicamp, which may be conducted on either the first or second weekend following the draft. The dates of the post-draft rookie minicamps will be circulated at a later date.

So for the Dolphins the first day of the offseason conditioning program is April 15.

Miami's OTA sessions, as provided by the NFL are May 21-23, May 29-31 and June 3-6. The mandatory veteran minicamp is tentatively scheduled for June 11-13 for the Dolphins.

John Jerry, you're under the microscope.

Make sure you fit under it.


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YG, you have a point but the word is Kyle is the best athlete in the family. Of he didn't get in trouble and played football for a solid 4 years, I believe we might be talking about him as the first overall pick. I also love him because of his pedigree, it could be a positive to!!

Some more thoughts for you Craig M,

We can add alot of depth/potential/talent in this draft while signing a B.McKinnie at around 5 Mil. for insurance (we offered Long 8 to stay) and grabbing a Football player from a Football family (eat breaths the game) Heck you can make a case for taking Matthews in RD-2 and Long in RD-3 if there and letting Turner get to work on the future of the team, by the way not one player on the greatest OL to ever play was a 1st RD pick for the 90's Cowboys.

Erik Williams RD-03, Larry Allen RD-02, Nate Newton UFA, Kevin Gogan RD-0, Mark Stepnoski RD-03, Mark Tuinei RD-12 ect....

I would go BA period end of story at 12 then go OL,DB and OL with four picks in top 100 given history tells us only 2 should pan and that's if your lucky and before you give me the importance of the Pos. I ask you what making J.Long the 3rd OT ever taken #1 overall got us.


After Lane Johnson there's a huge falloff of LT talent in this draft. I would dearly hate to see us not at least draft Johnson, fail to trade for Albert, then rely on drafting Kyle Long and expect 2013 to go smoothly.

So, I believe we see Johnson or Albert as LT, meaning then spending a 2nd or 3rd pick on Long would be pretty pointless. Therefore, I wouldn't hold my breath on Kyle Long becoming a Dolphin.


I wouldn't do it for the 2nd AND 3rd either. I agree with you there. Too much. But I would do it for our 2nd, 2nd round pick, which I've seen discussed. Means we miss out on a guy like Elam or Reid or maybe another corner, but I'd pay that price to get a guy like Johnson. He's very worth it, IMO. Martin's a question for us right now and I don't want us drafting another question mark at tackle. Johnson's or Fisher would be sure things as far as I'm concerned and that's what this team needs right now.

@ 1:26 There are plenty of educated South Carolinians actually. You shouldnt stereotype.

Also, what wasn't seen much, was how does Kyle Long hold up in pass protection in a more traditional pocket protection styled offense. Oregon's offense was far from traditional in any sense of the word.

There wasnt very much drop back passing in that offense. Everything was quick tempo. 5 and 7 step drops were not a thing of consistency. Olinemen have to hold their blocks a little longer in these drops.


I'm not that interested in McKinnie. There's a reason he's still out there. Guy played well for the Ravens last year but he's another stopgap. I'm not interested in stopgaps. I think we have an adequate guy in Martin but I think we need to get it right. I'm not sold on any of these other guys. Long is a question mark for me right now too. I'm not buying the hype. He might work out....he might not. Time to get it right, IMO. We've got 11 picks....use them.

Craig M,

The knock on this particular Long has to do with him off the field not on it as well as a project for his Pos. Coach.

In January 2009, Long left Florida State for academic reasons.[4] In 2010, Long enrolled at Saddleback College and returned to playing football. During his first year he played defensive end, recording 16 tackles and one sack. In 2011 he switched to the offensive line. On December 18, 2011, he committed to the University of Oregon.[5] In his first year at Oregon he played both offensive tackle and guard. He appealed for an extra year of eligibility, but it was denied.[6]

Craig M,

I was against trading up at first as well, especially for an O-lineman. I'm still not crazy about it but I do agree it does appear OT will be a huge need.

I assumed that since the Dolphins said they had a back up plan if Long didn't resign, that they were good with Martin at LT.

As we've seen most of the good fa RT's get signed elsewhere it's obvious now that moving Martin isn't high on their list of options.

If we didn't have a 2nd year qb playing in just the 2nd year of this offense I may be tempted to trade down for an OT like Fluker or take a flyer on a guy like Armstead in the 2nd rd. You make a good point though, why not get one of the best available.

And fin4life,

I'd argue that Jake Long in Miami hasn't been the problem the last five years. If we'd hit on more picks like Long we'd be in better shape, rather than all the Whites, Turners, Becks, Hennes. Jake Long was not the problem the last 5 years. 4 Pro Bowls is a testament to that. Yes he's been injured the last two years, but that can happen to any player. He was also part of the old CBA and making too much money. That was the system, not his fault. The time was right to move on from him but he was a warrior when he was here. We'd do well to get a guy who played as well as he did for 4 years. This time it will be for a fraction of the cost.

Dolfan Rick,

It's interesting that the team hasn't come out and said 'Martin is our LT this year'. If they'd signed Winston to play RT, it would be clear that would be the plan. They haven't. Ireland has said 'we're looking for core players'. I read that as 'we need to address the LT position'. I'd bet money that he's planning to trade up and the question is for who? Is it Fischer or Johnson? I don't know that right now but I think he'll trade above the Chargers to get his LT. It might be Cleveland. It might be the Titans. We'll have to see.


I'm not that interested in McKinnie. There's a reason he's still out there. Guy played well for the Ravens last year but he's another stopgap. I'm not interested in stopgaps. I think we have an adequate guy in Martin but I think we need to get it right. I'm not sold on any of these other guys. Long is a question mark for me right now too. I'm not buying the hype. He might work out....he might not. Time to get it right, IMO. We've got 11 picks....use them.

Craig M | March 29, 2013 at 01:45 PM

Don't misunderstand me, I don't think your wrong and if candid I feel were both partly right. I just see a deep group at OL,WR and DB were we can add 5 and hope 3 pan out at core Pos.'s

I hope we sign a LT so we don't have to draft one in the first round. I'm so sick of taking lineman in the first round. I really think if we can get a FA LT then we can wait and draft another one in the 2nd round. And hopefully we sign a CB

With the first round pick that leaves us wide open. We could actually take a skill position player. CB, WR, or RB. I realized we signed a few WR's but if you take one of those top 3 WR's you could end up with a guy that's better then all of them aside from Wallace with the ability to pass him in a year or so.

I'm not going to lie, I sure liked what I saw from Lamar Miller. But, he's still not proven. Daniel Thomas has been hurt a lot and kind of reminds me of Ronnie Brown. Has some solid skills but no breakaway speed or bust through the hole. Lamar has both but is he big enough to take the pounding?

I just hope we fill the CB and LT in FA so that we can pick more playmakers. I think if we do we can make our first 3 picks much more interesting


Sounds like we're saying the same thing. We'd both be fine with a tradeup but we draw the line at giving up a 2nd and a 3rd. We have lots of picks to get something done and my guess is Ireland will have a tradeup figured out with a couple of teams in order to get that tackle. It would be great if guys like Smith and Barkley move into the top ten and teams like Philly, Detroit and Arizona don't take a tackle.

I have no clue who the Titans covet but if it were me I would gladly take a 4th rd pick to move down 2 spots and get who I want.

The mocks are all over the place on the Titans. From guard to olb, to DT. I would think they have a good shot at either those at 12.

Btw it would cost 1800 points or a really high 1st rder or a combo of a 1st and 2nd to get high enough to get Joeckle. I would only do that for a QB or a beast DE.

I hate to say guys but its starting to look like paying Long 8.5 million a year may have been the way to go?? I hope he flops bigtime in St.Louis!

Best case scenario now is if Lane Johnson falls to us at 12.

Any chance the Chiefs need a DE and would be willing to trade Albert for Odrick and maybe a 4th??

Craig M, most sites have Long as a 2nd rounder, Walter Football has him anywhere from 1-3. Couple months ago he was rated as a 3rd or 4th. IMO he will be a 1st rd pick.
As far as Lane goes, I believe it was Mando that had a blog last month, I'm not 100% sure though, that said the Dolphins were not impressed with Lane as far as what they wanted in a LT. I think there is a big difference between Joeckel and Lane. If we draft him, so be it. I will be happy for our team BUT I would rather have someone else.

Posted by: Mike Price | March 29, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Hope we sign a ot so we don't have to draft one? Who do you suggest? Apparently, like another poster has stated, If the coaching staff had 100% faith in Martin as starting ot they already would have announced as much.

Winston is a patchwork rt at best. So, if the staff hasn't sent any signals theyre 100% comfortable with Martin starting lt, why sign Winston to start. They would probably feel more comfortable with Martin playing there.

Winston seems to be a 1yr stopgap where ever he goes, and that's playing rt. So why go with Martin at lt and Winston at rt? Seems disaster waiting to happen to me.

There for, the only two solid existing plans are, at least draft Lane, or trade for Albert. Unless Lane falls to #12, both involve a trade of draft pick or picks.

Fin4life, I really like Kyle Long and think he will easily move up into the 2nd Rd in my opinion. I keep looking at Lane Johnson and Albert and am not sold on either. If we going to move up it needs to be for Joeckel or Fisher IMO.

March 29, 2013 at 12:50 PM

I'm not dancing on a table with a lamp shade for a hat on those 2 either and agree if the idea is moving up then we have to go after the other 2 as you mentioned.

Winston is a patchwork rt at best. So, if the staff hasn't sent any signals theyre 100% comfortable with Martin starting lt, why sign Winston to start. They would probably feel more comfortable with Martin playing there.

Winston seems to be a 1yr stopgap where ever he goes, and that's playing rt. So why go with Martin at lt and Winston at rt? Seems disaster waiting to happen to me.

There for, the only two solid existing plans are, at least draft Lane, or trade for Albert. Unless Lane falls to #12, both involve a trade of draft pick or picks.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever

Yea, I'm just hoping he's enough of a stopgap to allow us to take a skilled guy and then hope to get a LT in the 2nd round :)


Because of the offense Oregon ran, I don't see a smart team spending a 1st rd pick on Long to play LT. The playoff teams at the back of the 1st rd all have established LT's. It would be difficult for them to be playoff teams without an established LT. Therefore, I see none of these teams spending a 1st on Long.

However, I could see a team spending a 2nd rd pick on Long and moving him to RT. That would be far less a risk. Especially coming from a freak show offense like Oregon's.

There for, the only two solid existing plans are, at least draft Lane, or trade for Albert. Unless Lane falls to #12, both involve a trade of draft pick or picks.

Publicado por: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 29, 2013 at 02:10 PM

I see the need as well but again read my post @2:13 cause I'm not so sold on the ones you mention and if a trade is imminent then we need to chase the other 2 but what would that cost?

I will be happy for our team BUT I would rather have someone else.

Bobbyd12 | March 29, 2013 at 02:08 PM

In reading your posts seems we agree about these OL.

Posted by: Mike Price | March 29, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Uh.... The best 2nd rd LT is projected as a nfl rt. His name is DJ Fluker, Alabama.

LT is the most important position of the entire oline. Its the one position you absolutely can not throw sht at the wall and hope that it sticks. He protects your star qb's "blindside". Meaning he could take a career ending injury that he "never saw coming".

If you don't think very highly of your qb position, then go ahead, throw the sht to wall and hope something sticks. Other skill positions don't matter when your qb doesn't have time to get them the football.


There aren't anymore 2013 options other than what I listed. Just the nature of this beast, like it or not.

It's trade up, trade for Albert, or Martin starts at LT and you sign a potential turnstile at RT, then hope Martin doesn't become a turnstile too.

One thing for sure, we cant just sit on our hands and not do anything at all.

We're in deep doo doo at the RB position.

You talking about LT as if that is the only position of need in the OL. Actually, aside from C,the LT guy is the most agreeable to the new Oline blocking Philbin wants to establish. BOTH our starting Guards do not fit the present scheme AND we have no RT. And, WE HAVE NO BENCH. How does that grab you?


We'll have a friendly bet on it. I say when it's all said and done, Long won't be a first round pick. We'll agree to disagree on this guy. I like his brother and his Father was an excellent player but the kids a question mark right now. We can't count on another question mark.

And I think I read that the Dolphins weren't sold on Johnson either. I'm not buying it. I think it's a smokescreen. I think they already know they want Fischer or Johnson. Just my opinion.

Jeff Ireland stated he already has a plan in place precluding the departure of Jake Long. I'm 1 million percent sure it doesn't include Martin starting LT and Winston starting RT.

If so, the plan had better also be drafting a qb 1st rd too.

John Jerry bye bye

One thing for sure, we cant just sit on our hands and not do anything at all.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 29, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Agreed but I just happened today of all days to be up at around 8:00 A.M. and saw the report of teams already in the hunt to move up on NFL Net A.M. and was not paying particularly close attention till they said we were one of the teams out of 5 mentioned which the post about the trade up somebody made failed to mention.

Then the ? is what would you give up to move up and if you trade then why not go all in for can't miss prospects like Joeckel and Fisher as opposed to a freakish workout warrior who essentially grew into the Pos. and haven't former T.E.'s like say a Ronnie Lee (who I know you remember) translated better to the strongside or RT??

Look at Costanzo who everybody was so high on a couple of Yrs. back at LT and the jury is still out given I thought he played poorly protecting Luck's blindside. Just cause a guy is a great athlete doesn't mean he has the mental make up to anchor the OL at LT and that risk rises when analyzing limited College starts when looking back at the ones who were LT's who couldn't make the jump to the NFL.

John Jerry bye bye
take Eggnew with you

Craig M. Sounds good!! Gonna be interesting in my point of view either way.

As for Jerry being overweight, I really don't understand why/how this is allowed to happen. I don't know about the new CBA but the old one provided fines for overweight players.

Is this a rule that is not enforced because 'we really need this guy on Sunday' or what?


John Jerry loves his pancakes.


Agreed. It's a fun time of year. Good news is we've already done a lot of the work and filled a lot of the holes. There's still work to be done but it actually plays out quite well for the team. Be great if we added a veteran corner at some point too and I think we will.

I'd love it if the team actually commit to building a zone blocking line and help in the secondary as top priorities in the draft.
I could easily get behind a draft like
! Cooper
2a Poyer
2b Armstead
3a Alford
3b Pugh.

I think at team like Arizona or Buffalo would be very interested in trading back with us. They both need QB's but probably realize they can get their guy later.
I say we give up a 2nd and get an elite talent LT instead of reaching for CB at 12. We can draft CB,S in the 2nd and 3rd rds.

Here is my mock with a trade up with Arizona.

1st rd pick 7- Lane Johnson (LT)

2nd rd- Johnthan Banks (CB)

3a) David Amerson (CB)
3b) Dallas Thomas (OG)

4) Sio Moore (OLB)

5a) Levine Toilolo (TE)
5b) Rodney Smith (WR)

Glad im not a cowboy fan $108 million for Romo wow

do not trade up, go get albert, take corner with first pick

lane johnson far from elite talent

Jerry could have chosen to be a Chef where he can eat all day long(the profits).However...he chose football cause it pays....oh.....let s say millions of dollars more???????OK.So he s not THAT foolish.....at least not yet.If he shows he s actually kind of dumb...then he deserves to be cut in this football-short career but well-paying vocation.No one will feel sorry for the guy if he screws this up.Stop coddling the guy and let another guy waiting in the wings to instead take the available money.In Pro football....EVERYONE knows it s a numbers game.He has a chance to get his............OR "NOT".

The question you guys need to ask is could you live with the OL by drafting an OLmen say 3,4,or 5round. Also could you buy a stop gap cheaper. better than going into the season with our current D backfield.

To me Our CB situation is pretty bleak at this moment. Trading up to get Millner makes a lot of sense to me. But it makes you question why you would give up Vonte for two seconds then spend a first and second for his replacement.

Now is Millner a better CB right now than Vonte?? You cant really question the Smith situation because I think they really wanted him back.

So the sound bite everyone loves to throw around is this is a passing league. So if your think is that then you better be able to defend the pass. So realistically you should move up for Millner from Alabama some say he is the best in this years class.

Maybe you move up for DE and buy two CB in FA and draft someone late. I have not looked at the FA CB's in a while but their are still a few old names out their.

I think CB has to be our early pick in our current situation though. Grimes really does not change that much either because of injury.

Go Dolphins!! Still hopping this logo is a joke. :(

dusty, the PBP has Egnew getting cut just like I told you.

Grimes will be ok just watched some of his post injury workouts he looks good heard from a surgeon his type of injury takes 5 or 6 months to fully heal

there is nother bleaker then our RB situation

We wasted enough time and money on M Egnew, and D Thomas


Some Good Valid Points.

I Like F4L's Idea Of Matthews In The 2nd Long In The 3rd. Maybe Move Long To Guard.


Yes, Patterson (Or Rhodes) At #12. Get A Guy That Plays A Core Position. Can Make An Impact On The Field. And We Need A Big Wr. CP has all The Tools.

Matthews Played RT At A&M(Similar System). And Martin Was A LT In College. Drafting Long Adds Depth, And Moving Him To OG To Develop As Incognito Replacement Is Thinking Ahead and Going For Value. Plus, Long Is Huge For A OG. 6'6" 310+lbs.

An O-Line Of

LT-J.Martin, Yeatman, And Garner
LG-Incognito, K.Long
C--Pouncey, Samunda
RG-Louis, Jerry
RT-J.Matthews, Garner

If It Wasn't For Incognito The Whole Line Will Cost Less Than Jake Long's Deal For The Next 2-3 Years. Plus, You Would Have A Good Group Of Young Players That Can Develop And Get Better As A Unit For The Next 2-3 Years Minimum.

As predicted........as fated...........FA has devolved into an utter debacle.

A Leopard does not change his spots, and Ireland does not know how to put a team together.

Need a quality----QUALITY=Above-Average------LT.

Martin's a joke at LT; Winston is a RT & has never pretended otherwise.

Where are Fanboyz from the first week of FA.

Still a Joke Franchise.


So You Was With Dashi Saying Jake Was #1 Priority!!?

Don't Remember You On The Keep Jake Long Bandwagon.

Am I missing something here? Jake Matthews is staying at AandM this year.

I Also Like Woodsheds Scenario It's Just I Don't Like To Trade Picks Away. Would Like To See The Fins Use all 11 Picks!! Or Trade Down To Get A Future #1 Pick.

@5:46, That Would Make Sense. LT Get Drafted Higher Than RT.

My Bad.

Scenario Still Works Draft The Highest Rated RT In The 2nd.

This is a good Draft to trade down for mediocre to poor Teams. There are NO elite Players there, repeat, NO elite Players.

Armando says:

Come on, man!

This is professional football.

- - - - - - - - -

Me says:

Come on, man!

Armando is 'supposed to be' a professional writer. He can't even proof read his own sloppy work.



This Draft Is Not Spectacular.

Trade Back And Get Another First Next Year.

Next Years Draft Is Stocked With Superstar Potential!! We Already Know Who The #1 Overall Will Be. And The Wr's Are Way Better. Main Reason Ireland Went The FA Route This Year.

Trade Back To The Mid-20"s And Draft Vaccarro. Or A CB. Plus Get A 2014 First Round Pick.

Fix The O-Line In The 2nd And 3rd.


This is the worst draft class in a number of years.

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