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Bowe deal helps set wide receiver market quite high

The wide receiver market is apparently set.

It happened Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs signed Dwayne Bowe to a contract that profootballtalk.com reports is worth $56 million over five years. That's an $11.2 million per season average and that includes $26 million in guaranteed money.

That's now the starting point for a top 5 receiver considered to be a team's No. 1 pass option.

It is also happening at the Dolphins practice facility and South Florida as the agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Dolphins are negotiating a new deal for wide receiver Brian Hartline. Hartline wants to stay in Miami. General manager Jeff Ireland holds him in high regard and wants to keep him.

And as I wrote Monday on this blog, the price point is $6 million per year on average. That's apparently what a good No. 2 wide receiver will cost in this market.

And so the market is set.

Why is this important?

Well, because if you've been paying attention you understand the Dolphins aren't done shopping. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. Here, let me say it one more time as I've been saying it since January, the Dolphins will chase Mike Wallace in free agency.

His agent will argue that Bowe's deal was something of a hometown discount done with one team and no other suitors. Wallace will have multiple suitors.

So Mike Wallace will cost more than what Dwayne Bowe cost the Chiefs. He considers himself a top 5 wide receiver in the NFL and because so many teams need a guy with his skill set, somebody is bound to agree with that assessment.

That means the Dolphins must be prepared to climb the money mountain well past the $11.2 million per year plateau to get Wallace. And they must be prepared to not only make him one of the NFL's highest-paid receivers, but also the club's highest paid player.

Obviously this deal won't reach the top of the mountain set by Calvin Johnson ($18 million per year) or Larry Fitzgerald ($16 million per year) but Wallace's deal will conservatively come in around $12-$13 million per year when this is all done.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, that's too expensive for the Dolphins. They only have $36-$38 million in salary cap space and about $5 million of that must be held in reserve for the draft.)

Thank you, gallery. But the Dolphins have plenty of cap space to afford Wallace.

To understand that you have to look at the breakdown of Bowe's contract. His salary cap cost for 2013, for example, will be $4 million. His cap cost for 2014 will be $12 million. His cap cost for 2015 will be $14 million and his cap cost the final two years of his deal will come in at $13 million unless the team does something different.

Looking at this example, you see that a contract similar to Bowe's would easily fit within the Miami cap structure in 2013. A $4 million cap hit is nothing. Dimitri Patterson is slated to cost the Dolphins $4.6 million against the cap in 2013 and he is unproven in Miami. Karlos Dansby and Randy Starks will cost the Dolphins twice that amount against the cap and I assure you they will not score 6-10 TDs per season as Wallace might.

So the first-year cost is not only acceptable but inviting.

Obviously, the real hit comes after the first year. Wallace would be Miami's most costly player against the cap. But again, comparing to Miami's cap structure, it fits because the quarterback is still cheap, the $12 million hit you accepted for carrying Jake Long is no longer on the books, and Starks won't be carrying that $8.45 million cap charge from the franchise tag next year.

I will say this: Assuming the talks yield a deal with Hartline as the present arc of negotiations are heading, the Dolphins are likely to add only one more expensive wide receiver. The idea of re-signing Hartline and adding both Wallace and Greg Jennings (who will fall somewhere between Hartline and Wallace on a per season basis) is likely out of the question.

The Dolphins are expected to speak to Jennings, but he would be a fallback position if the Dolphins cannot land Wallace. He wouldn't come in addition to Wallace and Hartline unless the Dolphins are willing to go on the cheap for everything else.

Back to the point: The issue of adding Mike Wallace this year is moot if you're worried whether the Dolphins have enough cap space. They have more than enough with plenty left over to do other business.

But it will get expensive down the road. That apparently is the price of doing business in free agency.


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Get Wallace and re-sign Hartline! Throw in a TE and that would be a great start to free agency.


Getting Wallace will increase our TD passing in the red zone production by freeing up everyone else. Wallace can get his average of 8 td's and Hartline can DOUBLE his yearly production from 1 to 2 td's. That's a 100% increase in production for Hartline LOL. He is lucky to have that contract. He would be a No 3 on some teams.

..Now this is real number one receiver type cash. I understand that..This doesn't mean Hartlines reported deal was a good one..

Anyway..I suppose this is the market. I think Hartlines deal is bad...This much for Dewane Bowe??????? Really? There is too much money in NFL contracts. Good for the players. Seriously. They should get whatever they can. But wow. It is proof that the NFL is Americas Crack Rock when there is enough revenue to pay players like Dewane Bowe this kind of money..

Just sign Wallac & back end the Contract & cut him after a year or so, let Loria handle the contract

It's all about marketability. I don't blame Wallace one bit. We would all do the same thing. Strike while the iron is hot. I don't advocate a lot of free agent activity. Much more prefer us building through the draft but if we have the cap room we have and can fill 3-4 needs then let's go.

Just looked at Steelers depth chart. Surprisingly to me Wallace is listed as a #1 wr.

Maybe Ireland's hoping his 2013 wr corps looks something like this:

#1 Mike Wallace
#2 Brian Hartline
#3 Ryan Swope(slot)
#4 Devone Bess

I must admit, Wallace, Hartline, Swope(4.37) is a helluva lotta speed on the field in 3 wr sets. It also really opens up the underneath for Bess in a 4 wr set.

I was liking Swope too but per Omar Kelly he has a serious medical history. Didn't look into it but if that is the case we won't draft him.

Pay him what he wants, bring in a TE that's a seem threat, and draft a Jennings type receiver in the first 3 rounds. Get. This. Done.

We "could" also draft Tavon Austis but personally I am leaning toward a pass rusher No 1.

Tavon Austin...sorry.

Not only does Miami need Wallace, they also need a top notch TE & CB. Without them, this team is the same 7 win or less type club.

Most phin fans like myself had hoped Miami would rebuild the roster with other players. Not the same kind of players who have contributed to 4 straight losing seasons.

Hartline I think is a good guy to bring back simply because he was realtively productive with Tanne & you want your young QB to have a comfort level with at least 1 WR.

Don't feel the same way about Starks. I'm sure ireland will make a push to bring Jake back. If that happens, this team will be almost identical to the one that flopped last year except it will have a bunch of untested & unproven rookies.

Ross needs to get with the times. Good players are getting 8-10 mill. Great players are getting around 20 mill.


Did you see my 1:11 pm post?

Hartline, Bess, Swope would give Tannehill 3 wr's he already has chemistry with. Wallace, Hartline, Swope is lots of speed on the field in 3 wr sets.

IMO, signing Wallace and resigning Hartline, just maybe setting us up to target Swope in the draft. Both Tannehille and Mike Sherman are well familir with him.

If we sign Wallace, we probably target Swope with 2nd 2nd rd pick. No way Austin lasts that long.

If Wallace is signed and Hartline resigned. It seems Swope has Miami Dolphins written all over him.

..Where have we heard these words before?? This is like twilight zone in here. Go back and read the comments before we signed Brandon Marshall...Bloggers were saying the same things..WR A will open up the redzone for players B, and C. WR A will open up the field for recievers b, and C to do this and accomplish that. WR A will open up the seem for the tight ends, and take pressure off the run box..All good points. And I am not saying that a reciever like wallace won't help accomlish these things. I am just saying there is an earily similar tone to the offseason of 2010

So who on our team is worth 20 mill/yr? Are there any Joe Flacco's on our team?

"It's all about marketability. I don't blame Wallace one bit. We would all do the same thing. Strike while the iron is hot. I don't advocate a lot of free agent activity. Much more prefer us building through the draft but if we have the cap room we have and can fill 3-4 needs then let's go."

I'd rather win then be the highest paid player on the Browns. I'm not saying that I wouldn't want to get paid but I'd be willing to take a LITTLE less to win & play for an organization & live in a city that I like. Losing sucks & being a Brown or a Jaguar MUST be torture.

No one ever mentions that winning SB's ultimately gets you more exposure & endorsement deals. Not just while you're playing but after you retire too.

Yes that is what I was responding to.

I am intrigued w/ Swope too and yes I know where he played. On YouTube as a matter of fact many of Swopes highlights have a familiar No 17 at QB. I understand. What I was saying is that we won't draft players with injury red flags and apparently Swope has a medical red flag.

Dump Marshall and sign Wallace?

Oscar from last Blog,

I Look at The Film. But I Didn't Watch Cowboy Play. I Saw About 4 UF Games. So My Eyes Have Seen More Of Elam.

You Know, If Dashi Hasn't seen The Player ... I Will Not Vouch For Them. That Is How You Put your foot In Your Mouth.

I'm Not Saying Vaccero Sucks. Just That I Would Take Elam Over Him Because I've Seen Elam Play.

Great Post Mando,


Sounds Good To Me. Veteran Wr's Make A More Immediate Impact Than Rookie Wr's!!

2 FA WR's! And Fix The Other Problems Thru The Draft!!


And Add 1 Rookie Wr. C.Patterson?

T-Hill Will Have Some Real Weapons!! Can't Wait!!

Not Surprised Hartline got $6m. i quoted that number a while ago. it's what good #2s cost.


Strange that Ireland's sitting down with Hartline 1st instead of Long. Seems to me it will be a "take it or leave it" negotiations session with Jake Long.

Seems Ireland believes he has great negotiations leverage with Martin's 2012 play when Long was hurt. Seems Ireland believes he would be fine with Martin at LT going forward. DJ Fluker could be on Irelands draft radar at RT too.

jennings has mixxed 11 games the last few seasons btw.

I would have rather seen Hartline walk for this stupid amount of money. if Hartline walks then bring in Jennings, Wallace and Delanie Walker! I like Cook but I heard his ability to get plays is lacking. either way Hartline's agent is taking us to the cleaners. Agent should be tossed to a deserted island.

Whats in Swope's medical jacket guys?

I think KC overpaid for Bowe. He's not as good as V-Jax.


If we're going to break the bank for Wallace I think our coaching staff needs to determine IF he's really that good & not just the best WR who is available. Wallace's speed can't be denied but what kind of player is he going to be after he gets PAID??? What kind locker room guy is he??? The fans are as giddy as you are when it comes to him but we don't have to work with him. Ireland & Phibin certainly didn't trade Brandon Marshall to wind up overpaying for another coach killer...

In the end--I don't see it happening. Same goes for Jennings. I don't think Philbin in his 2nd season feels as desperate as our fan base does.


Apparently Swope has had MULTIPLE concussions so I suggest that people slow their roll when it comes to this kid...

..YG..1:11 time signature. Weird..I was born 11/11 I keep telling my girlfried I'm not weird but I always see elevens..Not like ghosts or white people. But on clocks, everywhere..Anyway. Wallace, Hartline and anyone is already an upgrade..

Ryan Swope. I started watching You tube videos of the recievers I like for the Phins. Swope I haven't just because I assume that the team is familair with him, and nothing I say is going to bring to light anything(as if it matters anyway, my point being that there is no point to even check him out..)The guy that pops out to me..And who I think is the the reciever we can get in round 2, is Deandre Hopkins Clemson.

He makes catches in traffic, he catches ball in the middle of the field, on the boundary. He plays in the slot, he lays on the outside. The guy is freekin superman..Seriously. He is the guy that I would like to see in a him uniform.

Swope, makes too much sense right? He and Tanny used to share shakes, Sherman tucked them both in at night in college. Christmases together at home in College Station.. I just think if you throw familiarity out the window. Who is the better prospect Swope? or Hopkins?

Ryan Swope:


The guy that pops out to me..And who I think is the the reciever we can get in round 2, is Deandre Hopkins Clemson.


Hopkins??? Ya think??? I've been saying that for months!!! I love this kid.

I have no idea where the scouts & GM's have him rated but he could easily be gone before we're up to select in the 2nd.

Armando, you are seriously the most insecure pro sports writer of all time. "As I wrote on THIS date", etc. Are you trying to convince us, yourself, or the bigwigs at the Herald who force you to keep your job with duties outside the realm of writing (and I use that term lossely with you as the subject)that you are so credible? Is it POSSIBLE to just write the facts instead of constantly reminding folks that you wrote some obvious reference to the subject earlier? Damn, we have the WORST writers covering our beloved Dolphins.


4-5 Wr Sets. No TE's, Agreed.

Harder To Cover 4 Legit Wr's!! Than 2 Wr's And 2 TE's.

You Can Count The Teams With 2-3 Cb's!

NO TEAM HAS 4 CB's!! Specially The Pats!!

Teams Will Have To Play Dime All The Time Against Miami and It's High Paced Offense!!

Yesterday, I don't think it's strange. I think it's telling & fitting. That has to be a blow to his ego but thats where he is as a player. I have been outspoken that the team has to move on without Jake.

With Clady & Alberts tagged, he will be in demand. BUT, other teams will have to wonder why Miami would let him walk. Not even a tag. If he was that valuable, why would we let him walk?

That may keep Longs contract offers low enough for Ireland to make a play. Hopefully he doesn't bite under any circumstances.

#1 Mike Wallace
#2 Brian Hartline
#3 Ryan Swope(slot)
#4 Devone Bess

like this!!! good post...

i would offer Wallace 7 years 80-84 MIL, no FL tax, no way he turns that down.

He makes catches in traffic, he catches ball in the middle of the field, on the boundary. He plays in the slot, he lays on the outside. The guy is freekin superman..Seriously. He is the guy that I would like to see in a him uniform.


To me he's a more athletic Stevie Johnson. I've seen a lot of Hopkins & I remember what Johnson was like at Kentucky. Both didn't have the super speed but both were technicians--excellent hands & both ran very good routes.

medicals on swopes shouldn't matter, they will be playing 2 hand touch soon.....

Swope=Daniel Thomas

Here is how I see our WR core looking next year:

1. Hartline
2. Rookie WR
3. Bess
4. Matthews


1. Fasano
2. Rookie

..Dashi. What teams run 4-5 reciever sets on the reg?
No TE's??? The best formation for this team is to be able to run the most plays out of would be the 2 tight end set. It is the best formation in Pro Football(IMO) Gives you the most flexibility as far as options. And helps our quarterbcak the most..5 reciever sets..Are you kidding? Do you know how much pressure that puts on our line? Do you realize how much pressure it puts on the quarterback?

2 tight end sets..Minimal reads for the quarterback. Easy matchup wins for us. Running backs in routes, and in pass pro. With a speed guy deep threat off play action. The options are endless.. 5wr sets??? You limit your options out of this formation. Sure for certain times in the game. Spreading them out in 4 and 5 wide is a nice option. But it is a bad idea if you are suggesting this should be the meat and potatoes of this offense.

stop pretending to know a guy has a good first step or runs good routes. you watch the game, thats it.

stop pretending to be talent scouts & stick to what you know. which by reading most posts here isn't much.


I say Swope ony because Hartline is being paid #2 wr money. So if we sign Wallace(#1 wr), I see no way Ireland would be looking to draft in the top 5 wr's(1st-2nd rd). Maybe the 2nd pick of the 2nd rd.

Now, if Hopkins were still available at that time, then Ireland may take him instead of Swope. The great thing about Swope is that he can play rightaway becuase he already knows Sherman's playbook.

Plus I think Swope automatically pushes Bess to 4th wr. Swope with that great speed should be a virtual mismatch for nfl nickel corners.

Good number 2 wideouts put the ball in the endzone. Hartline got the new #2 wideout money but doesn't produce like one.

Interesting take on the Dolphins free agents here:

Wallace would be a difference maker. I will not complain one bit if he is signed.


4 Wr's And 1 RB.

That Is All I'm Saying.

That was The Meat And Potatoes Last Year. With No Wr's

It Will Be Our Meat And Potatoes This Year. With Wr's

The Fins Threw Out Of The Shotgun More Than Any Other Formation. By A Wide Margin. Plus, The Fins Use All The Shotgun Formations.

On The O-Line?

That Is Why Dashi Has Said All Along Resign Jake!!

To Run A Spread. You Need A Good O-Line.

Resigning Hartline(Wallace) seems to point towards a olineman and defensive player being our 1st 2 picks. Especially if Long walks.

Resigning Long(Hartline/Wallace) could lead to 2 defensive players with the first 2 picks. And no wr earlier than our 2nd rd pick #2.

"Good number 2 wideouts put the ball in the endzone. Hartline got the new #2 wideout money but doesn't produce like one."


He did??? The deal's not done yet...

And Fasano had more TD's than Jared Cook last year--does that mean Fasano's a better pass catching TE than Cook??? No. It doesn't.

..Yg..Perhaps. But I think the opposite. I think that with Hartline, and say Wallace. We still do not have a redzone threat. Now we could draft a tight end in the second round to attempt to fix this. But IMO we could really make WR a position of strength if we had a reciever that could catch the ball in the Redzone. A tough as nails go after the ball guy. Hopkins fill this void to me. Have you seen some of the plays he made last year? Some of those catches over corners are incredible.

You may be right. Ireland may not select one of the top 5 guys(should we sign Wallace, signing Jennings) I just like the idea of say Wallace, Hartline, Hopkins, Bess..and the guy who I think we should sign FA Ramses Barden(if he gets cut so what..Big bodied guy)

If Swope falls from favor (because, as is obvious, concussions are a huge deal now) we could use that conditional 6th round pick we got in the Davis trade to.....oh wait......

That Is Why Dashi Has Said All Along Resign Jake!!

To Run A Spread. You Need A Good O-Line.


I just don't get it...Why should anyone sign this guy??? Did you see Jake Long play last year??? Everyone around the league KNOWS this guy is not the same player he once was.

Prediction--He'll struggle & miss time due to an injury in 2013.


The Only Reason I Can See Ireland Taking A Wr High. Is If He Feels That Guy Is BPA. And Drafting A Guy High That Can Be a Future #1, Is Better Than Drafting A Guy Who Can Be A Good #3.

I Don't Like Swipe Because he is a Body Catcher. Reminds Me On Nanee or Ginn. Wr's are suppose To Use Their Hands To Catch The Ball!!

Wasn't Swope One Of Those Wr's That Dropped 60+ Passes For T-Hill His Senior Year?

I Would Rather Go After T.Austin Or S.Bailey!! Instead Of Swope. And You Know How I Feel About S.Bailey.

Prediction--He'll struggle & miss time due to an injury in 2013.
Posted by: We Need Playmakers | March 05, 2013 at 02:10 PM

Prediction?....You mean fact?

YG4, that sorta looks the way we are heading with #12. If Lane is there we might have to. Personally I would like to see Vacarro. At least for right now

Forget Wallace. Forget Jennings. Sign Jared Cook at TE and then go to the draft for WR help.

You may be right. Ireland may not select one of the top 5 guys(should we sign Wallace, signing Jennings) I just like the idea of say Wallace, Hartline, Hopkins, Bess..and the guy who I think we should sign FA Ramses Barden(if he gets cut so what..Big bodied guy)


Barden??? Sure he's 6'6" but guess how many TD's he had in 4 seasons??? Zero. Plus the guy can't stay healthy. There's WAY more upside right now with Matthews.

still think 6 million to hartline is way too much for him....but i guess it is what it is...either way, people better pray that his production in TDS go up next year cuz thats all they can really do at this point because thus far he has been a non factor in his whole career in terms of scoring!!!!

..Dashi..We did not have the personel to run 2 tight end sets last year. Do you think there was a reason we struggled in pass pro? Because we suck at blocking And although spreading the field does put you in an advantage as far as matchups(idealy..you still have to get open..We couldn't do that either)It puts a ton of pressure on the line, and a ton of pressure on the quarterback to make the right decision. also it requires percise route runners which even with Wallace we arent getting. So we are forcing a square peg into a round hole.

With 2 te sets. The reads are simpler. The backs and the tight ends both get matched on either safties, or linebackers(which against linebackers our tight ends shouls be able to win) We have the option of vertical routes, and intermediete routes. Both can be run off playaction which is more believeable in this formation.

We could not do this last year because 1 Fasano struggled to win V linebackers. 2 we had no complimentary te to Fasano that made the formation believeable. Ooh Charles Clay is in what are they doing? Or Jarus Mastrud is in..Hmm run perhaps? Add to the mix Egnew played 2-3 snaps all year..No way did we have the personel for the set..


You're Right.

I Should've Said Jake Or Player Of Equal Value.

To Me Jake Is Finally Healthy. Spo Made Jake Play Hurt!! Way To Many Times.

Look At What Happened To RG3 For Playing Hurt. You Play Hurt, Your Chances Of Getting Seriously Injured Go Way Up!!

Philbin Takes Care of His Players. Jake Would've Kept Playing Last Year, If Spo Was Coach. And Gotten Hurt This Year.

Resign Jake, Or Player Of Equal Value.

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